OH 2

5 rounds for time;
5 shoulder press - 95#/65#
10 push press - 95#/65#
15 push jerk - 95#/65#
rest 15 min
skill work:
dead hang to inverted on rings - 50 reps

post time for met con and notes of inversions to comments

straight up and down and bottom and top for inversion, no kip allowed, allow to lats and shoulders to do all the work

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/40g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/60g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30 g prot/15 g carb
12-14% - 30 g prot/30 g carb
below 12% - 30 g prot/45 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


unit said...

there's ur training 4 ur quest to own the f#&k out of K2E's!...

glad i did extra shoulder work today!...


David X said...

Coach can you explain that movement a little more? Thanks.

Garage Crossfitter said...


Chad Action Brandt said...

Hey Brent and other dawgs wanting some Warm-up exercises.
Check out my blog for a warm-up video:


Garage Crossfitter said...

metcon- 18:18
I am making good improvements with shoulder metcons, the more wods we do, the more I am greasing the groove and the movements feel much more efficient.

inverted hangs- 13:45
Huge improvement from last time we did these, felt much stronger, lats smoked.

Geoff Aucoin said...

12:57. Pacing off for 1st 2 rounds (round 1 under a minute, didn't finish round 2 until minute 4). Got the hang of it by round 3 but the damage was done. Arms and wrist are cooked, right shoulder got pissed off partway through the jerks of round 3 but didn't act up.

At the firehall so didn't do the hangs, but I've got my rings in the car so I might try to find a place to hang them.

CDunkin said...

13:42 Got much more efficient in rounds 3 and 4. Too much arms in first two rounds. rested 5 min: bubkas felt good went 20/15/5/5/5.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Press medley: 17:06'
Feel the left shoulder lagging a little once fatigued.
Pull to inverted: 9:13'
Over a 3 min. improvement from when I did this in April.

PWO: tuna, dates, BCAA. 40p/60c

Mobility and light gymnastic work later today.

Anonymous said...

Hi James....Metcon= 19:19....actually got better as I went along...

wasn't sure how to do the invert rings...I will try to pick this up this pm..


Gord said...

right shoulder started acting up in round 3.

skill work was fun

Ali Jansen said...

No Kidding Unit....now I just need to get me a set of rings. I'm trying to find a way to get them on our wedding registry ;o)

As for today's workout.......JUNK with a capital J!
I realized VERY quickly that I hurt my wrists/thumbs more than I thought during my failed attempt on the OHS workout Friday. I struggled through 1 round and then dropped to 55# but the pain wasn't any better so I threw in the towel and spent nearly 40 minutes rolling and stretching.
Here's to hoping tomorrow is full of body weight lower body exercises ;o)

funinthesun said...

25:01 slow but as rxed hard for me by second set of shoulder presses.

Inverts....first time fun. People at LaJolla Cossfit thought it was pretty interesting.

Rory Hanlin said...

High Hang Squat Snatch 4x3
Worked on getting under the load as quickly as possible.

Weighted Muscle Up 20lbs 1-1-1-1

Straddle Back Lever- 1-1-1
I am now consistently sticking the straddle BL.

Straddle Front Lever 1-1-1
Just brought it through ROM as slow as possible

Time 9:33

Like everyone else, I muscled my way through the first two rounds, then suffered for it. Got a good rhythm by rd 3.

Brian Maier said...

Metcon: 14:48
Too much pacing rounds 2-4. Should have and could have gone harder. But, first time doing this workout and not sure how I would hold up.

didn't have time to do inversions. will try to fit that in this evening.

Surrey Sterling 39/5'10"/174 said...

Shoulder work - 13:22

Had Rumble across from me. We kept each other moving on this one.

Ring work felt great after that assault. Broke up the reps as needed into 5's and one set of 2 sets of 10.

YoungManRumble said...


That was a good hit...

Hooked up with Sterling / Bowser and Jenika at the box and ripped it up...

13:15 and it was hot as &*%&!

Rings were all good

Just chowed down on a turkey and buffalo burger / sweet potato and a "fruit to go"

I have been paying real close attention to my post WOD meals and it paying off.

OPT said...

dudes/dudettes, my take on fats post workout is based on years of playing with it personally AND not just reading the research but giving different options to lotsa folks...i prelude this so you can understand its not out of my ass...i have consulted 4-8 people a day on nutrition for the past 10 years...lots has change, but this remains the same...here's some things i have noticed:
1. your BF remains the #1 cue to what you have post workout, the leaner you are, the better absorption you have with carbs and protein alone...fact - lean mass gain is NOT seen as well in folks who contain fats in post workout - for lean folks in the beginning
2. fat post workout is OK for those who are lean but may suffer from blood sugar imbalances for a number of other reasons like poor adrenal status...i.e. the more stressed you are, the worse your pancreas and acids in the gut work - fact!
3. for fitness enthusiasts and not heavy hitters, the lifestyle matters more, so having post workout fats is OK as it might stabilize blood sugar to enable you to do simple things like
a. shoot someone
b. perform surgery
c. drive fast vehicles
d. save another's life, etc...
4. if you have time on your hands and are lean, pound the sugars in post wod, nap for 30 min, then get up and eat...its a nice package for lean mass gain...done this in the summer numerous times with athletes
5. fatter older men (i.e. those that cycle to work and think they are athletes) tend to do best on aminos alone post wod no matter what the work
6. heavier older women - tend to do better with fats post workout along with low GI carbs and solid proteins
7. young punks - poor some sugar on me post wod, then eat every 2-3 hours on a PFC profile with high volume training is a recipe for a bad ass
8. the better the gut, the more varied you can get in the post wod meal...i.e. shake one day, food another, cheat meal post wod as another...the worse your gut is, you're better off using foods as post wod and base the fat usage on your current BF% level and the way you "feel" with and without carbs...

i tend to personally feel better with high carbs post wod and then fats alone 30 min after this meal...example - 4 scoops refuel post wod (84C/32P)..then 30-40 cashews 30 min later...then a regular meal PFC style 45 min after this...i followed this tight 18 months ago..and did Angie in 9:54, Jackie in 5:44, Karen in 4:45, Linda in 13 minutes and Back Squat 365 in a period of 2 weeks after Robb Wolf and i discussed how the fat might be used...sidenote

hope that does NOT answer questions but DOES give some insight

Geoff Aucoin said...

Now James post a link on the side of your blog so people can go back to this quote again and again because you KNOW when the next crop of newbies come in they can go straight to it.

I'm trying more whole foods post-WOD for a while now to reduce my dairy intake but I like the fat idea 30 minutes later - which is when I'd start crashing if I took that much Refuel after a workout.

Bowser said...

Ok, this one kicked my ass Big Time. Did this with Surrey, Rumble and Jenika at the box and I quickly went into survival mode and "Don't give up". Grinded it out in 23 mins and change and struggled big time.

Pre-WOD my gut told me to scale the weight, and I should have listened. Oh well, still a great time and thanks James for the great nutrition insight. I enjoyed your comment!

Bowser said...

Oh, one more thing, half way through round 2 my press turned into PP. Rounds 3,4,5 were simply 15 PP, 15 PJ. Strict Press is by far my weakest link. Gotta work on it!

Chad Action Brandt said...

OH WOD = 13:44

Inverted Ring hangs: (warmed up with some Skin the Cats)
Love these!
I am lucky because I get taught these cool moves by Katrina at gymnastics.
The more I practice this movement the more I can control firing specific muscles.

CDunkin said...

"those that cycle to work and think they are athletes"........you cut me deep there, James, real deep.

rwcorson said...

1st WOD back & we started with 3 of my weakest movements.
Inverts were in 2 & 3.
I'm going to be sore tomorrow!

Leighanne said...

sub'd 55#(overhead not the best for me).
press in singles by round 3
push press in 5's
jerk in 5,3,2's
wrists/shoulders smoked!

sub'd inversion tucks... did 25'ish in warm up to try to get the inversions...then got 25 in 10 min and felt major motion sickness, called it a day. (indirectly did 50).

post fuel: 2 scoops of REFUEL

SteveC said...

WOD: 15:49

Started off really well... but didn't paste properly in the middle. I can get a better time on this one

Garage Crossfitter said...

awesome stuff James, awesome...
I have been experimenting with the similar strategy as James. I eat my post wod for the 8-12% bf ( I am lower but that works for me). Then 30 min later I eat 2oz of meat and 1/4 cup of nuts. Then 45 min after that I eat a balanced PFC meal. I have had some days this summer where I was able to incorporate the sleep after a workout and that feels great....you wake up refreshed, hungrey and you feel healed from earlier....weird...but it works.

Todd Dyer said...

press complex time = 16:20
tryed to keep the form nice

Rory Hanlin said...


I'll go further than Geoff and say you should make a Frequently Asked Questions post to clear everything up for newbs.

deejay said...

metcon - 10:55
inverted hangs- didn't time, just worked on keeping the movement slow and controlled - felt good

Paul said...

17.12, my shoulders are completely destroyed. My hat is off to the beasts doing this thing in under 15minutes! Truly outstanding.

Skill work:
I had to start from dead hang with knees bent as I don't have the ceiling height to fully dead hang. Otherwise it was a good time, and it seemed to help loosen up my screaming shoulders.

Joel B. said...

metcon: 17:10

hot hot hot in the Pacific NW. Better than the sub freezing days of winter for us garage gym people though.

inversions felt good. Only one unintentional skin the cat. I have only done 1-2 at a time for funsies on these before. 50 at a time really burned the shoulders/traps. I went pretty slow and tried to feel the movement after the early accidental skin the cat and a couple other really wobbly ones.

Brent Maier said...


PressMet: 16:46 (1:09/2:55/3:53/4:14/4:31)

Notes: Last time we static pressed, my press strength was down. I was hoping for a sub 15 today but it didn't happen. Great workout none the less, I gave it all I had today. Had to rest a little too much on the singles in order to build the static strength to push it up and lock it out without using the legs.

It's a sad day... I'll be out of the dawg house for about a week because I'm taking the family to Orlando for 7 day vacation. See you all when I get back!

Lauren said...


inverted hang started with my feet on the ground, mainly cause the rings weren't high enough with room for me to hang. I used the ground a bit to get up but was controlled upside down.

N.H said...

BW: 184

Metcon: 14:38

Inverted: 7:27

PW: 7-6-0

Pfeifdog said...

metcon - 9:15

Really tried to used my leg for push press and push jerk. Felt like it payed off. But by round 4 my shoulder where still feeling it.

Inverted hangs - 10:35
after the first 10 I was stringing together set of 3. Shoulders felt numb from the metcon

Great WOD really enjoyed this one.

dontpanic356 said...

Metcon: 11:17

It seems I made the same mistake as other, blasting through the first round and most of the next, only to be cashed out at the start of 3.

Did not time the Ring Inversions. Did about 5 - 8 at a time.

Post workout: Venison Steak and some guacamole.

dontpanic356 said...

Forgot to mention. Ran 2 miles and trained the new guys in defensive tactics. Pretty sore from the ground fighting.

Prior to Metcon: 4 sets of 3 for Squat clean. best weight was 255

Sam Edwards said...

21:34 need a whole lot of improvement on press. definitely one of my weakest lifts

Evan said...

felt form slipping on 4th round, refocused on 5th and took a lot longer. Even gave myself some fails...

Nowhere for rings today, hope to find somewhere tomorrow. Decided to run a 5k instead, 23:50. Wanted in the 22s but couldnt find that extra gear.

unit said...

metcon - 7:19
would have filmed but didn't have a camera stand... sorry... wod felt awesome... tried 2 go hard from the beginning and hold on...

got 2 the gym w 15 min left b4 close... will have 2 get ring work in elsewhere...


Evan J said...

Shoulder started up in round 2 with that all too familiar pinch im trying to recoup from for a while now. Tried to fight through but felt it would be best long term if I turned off the clock, lightened up and worked on form. Worked on rings tonight at CFC. Disspointed but focused on fixing this issue.

Mack said...


dan said...

Metcon Modified.
Worked out at the hotel gym...only had dumbells.
Heaviest weight on hand was 40#.
(2:22-80#/3:45-70#/3:28-60#/3:10-60#/4:23-60#/70#). Should have stayed with heavier weight...

Nowhere for rings...119deg outside kept me from jumping on a junglegym for a modified invert.

Jefff said...

Metcon - 17:58

Inversions - Had to start from seated position on floor rather than dead hang.

Grant said...

SP/PP/PJ = 16:20
50 inversions as rx'd
could have had the rings abit higher for ease of dead hang but subbed with K & she needed a bit lower.

Pfeifalife said...

metcon - 12:26

focused way too much on form and setting up each rep for the first 2 rounds, wasn't mentally ramped up at the beginning. Rounds 3-5 started ripping through reps. tried to and felt like I got good hip drive throughout the entire wod. shoulders still smoked though. Loved this wod, first time doing it so prolly paced too much the first couple rounds but found a fast stride the last 3, can def improve big time the next time this comes up.

Inverted hangs - 7:35
I'm good at skin the cats so these weren't as bad as I thought they might be. didn't try to burn through these, but still held a fast tempo. Focused more on the movement. backs of my shoulders and tricepts were burning achy big time.

post wod: rolled, stretched
40g isopure protein, 1 apple

sleep has only been 5-6 hrs the last couple days and I can really feel it in my mental focus and lack of psychological preparation prior to this weeks wods. really gonna focus on sleep and food. Should see a good result

This programming kicks ass!

Kathleen said...

5 rds = 16:20
Inversions, not sure if I did them 100% proper; always a dead hang, but ended up pulling with the biceps, then knees to chest, then rotation to inversion and roll out - best effort.

Michelle said...

metcon - 15:29
didn't do the inversions. Need to get better at getting warmed up and getting on with things as I should have had time to do the second part of the WOD. Did this at CFC. Thanks Mack, once again, for your coaching!

depaul said...

Gm2 (unit) absolutely tore this up. I had the privilege of holding the stopwatch for his 7:19....All reps were legit - full lockout, elbows behind ears, no excessive layback on the presses. Look out, Miko! : )

Robi Lyons said...

Met-Con: 12:00 rx'd

*Had to perform singles last round on the strict press.

Inversions tommorrow...

Lisa M said...

Am totally embarrassed by my metcon time of 20:32 but damn that was hard the presses killed me the pp and pj were ok but i struggled with the presses.

no time for inversions will attempt that tonight after the kids go to bed, the dog is walked, dinner is ate etc ... life is always a juggling act.