snakes and ladders

for loads:
Power Clean - take it up to a heavy and confident but not a PB single
rest 5 min
for time;
1-10 ladder - clean and push press - 70% BWT
(1 rep, bar rests on floor, 2 reps touch and go/no stopping, bar rests on floor after 2 reps, 3 reps touch and go/no 10, you cannot rest bar at any position once you have started the reps)
rest 5 min
skill work:
10 snake extensions @ 4040; 4 sets; rest 90 sec b/t sets - check out for steamy video on this one

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/10g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/30g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/50g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30 g prot/10 g carb
12-14% - 30 g prot/30 g carb
below 12% - 30 g prot/50 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


jordan said...

Quick question and hopefully not a stupid one. what do you mean by @4040 or @2020 ? just wanted to know, thanks.

Sweeney said...

Anyone going to OPT tomorrow morning? If so, what time?

Gord said...

I'll be there at 8am

Anonymous said...

Bwt = body weight.....right?

David X said...

Haha. I'm familiar with that vid. Shari keener!

rwcorson said...

4040=4 second eccentric (lowering), 0 second rest @ bottom, 4 second concentric (raising), 0 second rest @ top.

Garage Crossfitter said...

power clean @ 225(tied pr) easy this time...good for 240

1-10 ladder using squat cleans with thruster push press @125= 12:40 all unbroken, that smoked grip was the biggest factor...

snakes, these were a mess, did a 2020 tempo as my hams are still destroyed from other day and my breathing was still toast from metcon...i doubt i looked as good as the chick in the vid...

Headed up to the adirondacks for 2 wod tomorrow as we are hiking all day but tues PM i'll be back


Garage Crossfitter said...

Ohh yea, sold my motorcycle yesterday :( but now I can afford to go to the Level 1 Cert in Toronto and Greg Glassmans free Crossfit 101 lecture in NJ in Nov. Pumped!

Sweeney said...

Power Clean: 186lbs

Ladder: 16:55*

Failed round 9 three times then dropped at the 8th rep on the 4th attempt. Picked the bar up and finished the round. Several re-grips during the 10th round.

Grip was shot.

Snake Ext: Nice change. Lower back was burning on the final reps.

Gord said...

PC - up to 186#

Ladder..10:31 - did all power cleans on the ladder. Grip was fried

extension were tough.

Worked yesterday on OHS goal of BWT x 15 -worked up to 115 X 10. Felt stong.

Nice work Garage CF --amazing time

Jefff said...

Power Clean - 195#

Ladder - 24:02 (Was going great until round #8, and then the wheels came off or should I say forearms). HUGE rest between rounds 8-9, and 9-10. All reps squat clean/push press until rounds 9, 10. Changed to squat clean/thruster to attempt saving grip. Nasty!

OPT - AFT once mentioned to me that unless WODs state power clean, it is assumed to be squat clean. Can you clarify for me? Thanks.

Jefff said...

Bwt - 170#
Ladder - 120#

Laura said...

Power Clean-115#

Ladder: power clean 80#; rounds 1-5 touch and go, rounds 6-10 drop and go--not off bounce though! Need to find a way to lower the weight without shoulder/neck pain
Time: 9:49

"Snakes"--hamstring/butt still sore from running down the hill last week!

Wes said...

Garage Crossfitter I am moving to seneca falls in the fall for Chiropractor school. It looks like I am only an hour from you. We should get some of these WOD's in together on the weekends.

PTS said...

I'm out for today, as we have the league final for soccer tonight and I want to be fresh for that. Possible double tomorrow or Tuesday.

My schedule the next six weeks is going to be all over the place and many workouts will be done on the road at Cayuaga Lake with no access to heavy weight or pull-up bar.

Wes, if you are going to the Chiropratic School in Seneca Falls, I have a summer place about 15 mins from there on Cayuaga Lake and am pretty familiar with the area. If you have questions about the area, shoot me an email at and maybe I can help.

Pfeifdog said...

Warmup: ran 800, dynamic stretching, roll out, and multiple power clean sets at various weights.

I got 265 on power cleans;
Time on the ladder was 12:26 @ 175 and my extensions were done @2020 pace because my lower back was tight.

The ladder was a humbling experience, after round 4 the reps where broken as shit. I was just pushing to get through it.

post wod fuel: 45 grams of Isopure protein and half of an apple.

SteveC said...

BW: 183

PC: 215
For some reason, I can't get over this number. I can easily throw it and catch it without needing to squat. But whenever I put more weight, I have this mental barrier.

Ladder: 10:28 at 130 the 7th round and on were hard

Geoff Aucoin said...

Worked up to 206 on the PC.

9:56 on the 1-10 ladder with power cleans and push press. No squats cleans for this guy as this is my 1st WOD back and I didn't want to be at this for 15 minutes.

Flemming; if I don't see the word 'squat' in front of the words 'clean' or 'snatch' then I'm going with the power version unless I decide it's a day where I should really work on the squat version. Power is just faster and easier on the body!

Snake extensions hurt, felt my left ham grabbing a bit.

Good to be back, OWUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

Brent Maier said...


PC: 110kg (242#)

Ladder Time: 10:17 as rx'd @ 62kg (137#)
Rounds 1-8: 5:15 9: 2:14 10: 2:47

Snake Extensions: Unbroken and painfully felt good.

Notes: Had to rest bar on thighs on rounds 8-10 although bar never touched ground. Didn't think I was going to be able to finish last 3 reps of 10. Mentally I didn't quit and finished them up. Ouuuu. Tough freaking workout.

Joel B. said...

Trying to use the ideas presented in rest day post yesterday for WU and PWO fueling.

Warm up: 1 min row, droms, circuit of squat, pull up, push up, sit up, back ext. X5 reps X3 rounds. 3 pos clean + pp w/bar, 95#', then power cleans 115X2, 135X2.

Worked up to 175 for PC. Never done a 1rm on this oddly enough.

Ladder: BW=160...ladder done at 115 squat cleans, pp for time of 16:54. Rounds of 9 and 10 were broken. Earlier rounds there were a few short pauses at the front rack position too.

Snake ext. burned hammies which are still sore from last cycle.

Paul said...

33,185lbs, 6'2"

This is my first full OPT cycle.

Warm up; Row 500M, DROM, Burgener warm up.

195lbs on the power clean

130lbs for the ladder in 20.11 (all squat cleans). Sets 8, 9, and 10 I had to adjust grip a few times and the last few reps I couldn't possibly touch and go. Killer.

Post fuel: 6oz of turkey lunch meat and 2 cups of blueberries.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Going to sit today out, though I'll try to mix some of it into tomorrow. We had a 5 hour Parkour workshop here yesterday, and that was a pretty thorough ass kicking for a rest day! Hammies still a bit wrecked from Friday, too. Lots of DROM today, and going for a hike with the fam!

Grant- I had no idea that the kelp noodles were so hard to find..... hopefully, they will become more widely available in the future.

JonathanT said...

power clean up to 190lbs (pr is 195, but I was sticking to the plan)

ladder - 16:27 @ 115lbs
squat cleans, rounds 1-6 unbroken
7 - 4,3
8 - 5,3
9 - 5,4
10 - 5,5
probably could have pushed time a little lower, but was trying to keep each round as unbroken as possible. my push presses crapped out before my grip did, actually.

barbell good mornings w/55lbs as sub

Surrey Sterling said...

Power Clean stopped at 205. 225 is my PR on the PC.

WOD at BW of 175#
Working Weight was 125#

Just clued in that should have been squat cleans I did Power Cleans. I hate it when I miss read a wod.

1-7 unbroken
8 one break
9 one break
10 one break


Did hip and back extentions. Shari looked like a snake in the hip and back extention video. Couldn't find anything refering to a snake extention exactly.

Chad Action Brandt said...

Had no energy going into today's workouts and decided to go the Power Clean route with more weight added to bar.
BWT = 183lbs X .70= 128 I used 131 instead. Still sweat my butt off and the last two sets of 9 & 10 were killer and the grip.
TIME: 15:56

EvanJ said...

Worked all day and helping out with a hockey camp tonight so going to incoporate the ladder into either tomorrow or tuesday. Great times though. Geoff, congrats to you and the CFC team. Scotty, great to see you on here too! Im probably going to be in Portland the end of August/ early September and will definitely have to come by your gym!

David X said...

Power clean: worked up to 180.

Metcon: 21:18. Grip wasn't a problem as much as shoulder fatigue was. I repeated a couple reps during the 8-10th rds that really gassed me hard.

Snake exts sucked.

Grant said...


nice lifting Brent!

Jeff F., you are bang on with the full squat assumption if it is not specified

PC PB is 215# but got to 195# today as Rx'd

Ladder @ 120# as Rx'd but far from easy.

ran out of time for snakes
Thanks Trevor

Todd Dyer said...

power clean = 190 lb not a lot of juice, probably because I started with 30 muscle ups for times as a warm up time 7:15 not too wise but wanted to get some gymnastics in before the cert.
ladder done with power cleans bdy wt. 172lb used 125lb Time 15:30 honestly don't think I could have squat cleaned this without a break- probably shows that I need work on these.
could not find the snake extension video, took my best guess these were manageable but far from easy.

Wes said...

Gym closed today. Did Crossfit footballs WOD from two days ago

Pull-ups on the minute increasing each minute until failure.
15 rounds + 13 (chest-to-bar)
on the minute for 12 minutes 1/2 gasser

Had some grip issues with the pull-up bar at the playground. No matter how much chalk used couldn't get a good grip going. Gassers easy

unit said...

whoops... thought i was supposed 2 do pc's for the cleans...

pc - 255... felt eplosive

ladder - 8:34... did pc's / pp w/ 135 [bwt 191].
wouldn't mind some constructive criticism/critiques on things 2 work on...

snakes - took ~100sec per set... felt awesome!...


p.s... congrats Rory on being a new daddy!...

Michelle said...

power clean - worked up to 127.5#.

ladder - realized when i was done that I used 80#, but I meant to use 84# (bwt=120#). Mistakenly put 2.5's on the bar instead of 5's!!!!

Time was 13:18. Did squat cleans. No broken sets. For last 2 rounds used a very painful lowering technique of slamming bar into top of legs before going to the floor, otherwise would have dropped it.

extensions - these were harder than I expected.

Surrey Sterling said...


Solid performance brother! I'm no expert in f-all but you locked out every rep at the top and your form in the mirror looks great. Your one strong dude! You made that look easy! Nice job man!

Kathleen said...

PC: worked up to 110 [105 X 3 no problem and then needed 3 attempts to get the 110]

Clean/Push Press Ladder: 92#
Did Squat clean.
Did rd 2 twice.
Could not touch and go but left
hands on the bar and completed 7 rounds. Then finished off:
8 = 4/4
9 = 3/3/2/1
10 = 1's
Don't recall the exact time ~ 32 mins.

Not sure for this WOD if it is better to complete the ladder at a lighter weight OR do what I did and go as far as I can with the prescribed bwt until you can't go any further and then break up the ladder? Any comments?

Ran out of time for the snakes.

Leighanne said...

PC - 124#
ladder, used 50% bw, 70# 9:45
skill: 2 sets, felt really sick after ladder!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Unit what's the funky thing on your left arm? Is that like a skins sleeve?

unit said...

geoff... yep, it's a sleeve... i noticed them at the games and tried it... I tend 2 brush my forearm on my shorts/knee/thigh on deadlifts and cleans... moreso w the left... found in the short period of time that I get less of a burn/abrasion w the sleeve on... I'm sure there is a form flaw I need 2 correct however... I'll keep workin on it...

PTS said...

PC - got to 215lbs (5lb PR) and was defintely capable of 225. My form and lifts have gotten much better in the time following this blog.

ladder- BWT=185 used 70%- 130lbs
10:20 PC and push press., actually gamed this WOD well after watching unit's wod. Was pleased with this time.

snake extensions suck.

bout 3 hour break and will prolly hit up the paper boy wod.

adam said...

Power cleans with weight gives me problems not sure why, Need to still work on my form.

Bwt - 165

Power clean - 160

Ladder - 10:54 @ 115#

Extensions were good.

Anonymous said...

Power cleans - stopped at 185...

ladder BWT=240 used 65%ish 155lbs...push press was the tough part...shoulders were done!

snake extensions hammys felt like they were going to through first set unbroken ..all the rest broken afterwards 7 and 3's


Pfeifalife said...

few minutes of rowing at a medium pace
dynamic stretching and joint mobility
foam roller and powercleans alternating
135x3, 185x3, 225x2, 235x2, 245x1

PC: 275 (felt strong today on this part of the wod. Form felt good and 2nd and 3rd pull felt fast. Wish I could say the same about the second half of the wod)

(wedding and reception last night certainly did not help me on this. Running on bud light and taco bell from night prior, coupled with little sleep and food in the tank. I was asking for the ensuing asskicking I got)

ladder: bw-220, used 155. Did pc and pp. 1-5 were easy enough. At this point I still thought I was going to crush this wod, at which point god must have heard this and having been disturbed on his day of rest he forcefully smighted thee hence forth. 8-9 were brutal. Breathing wasn't too bad but my grip was shot, didn't know if I could finish. Had to start resting bar on thighs. All sets were unbroken touch n go. 3 minutes elapsed btwn 9 & 10 as I was trying to get my grip back, it just kept getting worse and worse and wasn't sure if I could finish. But I survived, couldn't make a fist or open my hands all the way for close to 30 mins, were stuck in a claw like masterbatory shape for a while.
14:06 unbroken

snake ext: unbroken, adheared to movement cadence and rest. Buring something feirce.

Rolled out and did mild stretching.
Jumped into sisters pool (70 F) for about 15 mins

protien shake and half an apple

Brent Maier said...

Unit, you sure that isn't some new bionic arm gear your wearing? Good job.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Playing catch up today.

PC: up to 173 lbs. Felt pretty good on these.
Ring routine: muscleup to 15 sec 1/2 press, 2" front lever, MU, 15 sec 1/2 press, 2" back lever. Twice thru this, 4 min rest. Hard on my still healing hands..
Clean + PP ladder: Decided to just do odd numbered rungs, as legs still torched from Saturday's Parkour workshop. 1-3-5-7-9: 6:06', w/121 lbs. Felt like crap, think I'm starting to feel the lack of any down time.
Snake ext: did 3 sets of 10.
PWO: pomegranate juice + whey, 40p/50c

I was going to try to do today's WOD tonight to catch up, but after the way this one went, I think I'll wait and try tomorrow.

robin lyons said...

Power Clean 175lb

Completed straight sets of 'touch and go' ladder till I hit 6's...then the broken sets started...

Took me 14:45sec with 105lbs

Snaky's were awsome hammy burners!

CDunkin said...

PC's: up to 245

Ladder: 22:50 broke up sets 9 and 10 (5/4, 6/4)

bwt:210, used 155. All reps clean/thruster, and paused once in round 8 in hang position, and once in round 10 during the set of 6.

Totally underestimated this wod. The heavy power cleans felt good. I have a very difficult time doing any metcon after heavy lifts. What's odd to me is that I perform well on metcon w/ very heavy lifts included.

warmup: 2 sets, 1min each row/rope/run. droms (James, don't know how you do every joint in 1min) light cleans.

pwo: 40p/30c whey/strawberries

CrossFit HR said...

PC: 210lb

Ladder: 11:55 at 75% BWT (125lb for WOD) Broke the 10th set at rep close

Snakes: felt good till about rep 7 on each set, then FIRE!

Warmup: Dynamic Joint, taught 1 hour of split jerk (did plenty of PC getting people's weights back on the rack)

PWO: Grassfed steak (5.8oz appx 40gP), Sweet Potato with some cherries (about 40g C). First WOD on an empty stomach after 15 hour IF. Felt OK.