the most interesting man in the world

"i am not afraid of the iron"
"committment my friends, that is the lesson"

for loads:
Power Snatch split catch - 7 sets of 4 reps; rest 180 sec b/t sets
(alternate leading foot per rep, i.e. 2/side per set)
3 rounds for time;
10 power snatch - split catch (95#/65#)

post loads and time for met con to comments

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/10g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/20g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/30g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30 g prot/10 g carb
12-14% - 30 g prot/20 g carb
below 12% - 30 g prot/30 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


Geoff Aucoin said...

Um, can we get Alvaro in to demo the split catch?

To the 8000 people who don't get that, you had to be there...

rwcorson said...

I get it. HaHa. Good one Paperboy!

Gord said...

That's funny stuff!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Paperboy? What does that make you, Bagboy?

Alvaro said...

Anytime my friends.
It is getting better and better. I only do it in big competitions!
I am not afraid of the iron. Commitment my friends, that is the lesson.

Geoff Aucoin said...


I can feel his accent through the internet.

OPT said...

pfeifalife, keep the post WO food the same along with the end wod's...if your intensity on the end wods are for technique...use them as active recovery wods...therefore...maintaining a 4-5x fat content and realtively low carb will still get you where you need to for is largely depending on where you are gettign it from...if it is from food sources might need less then "recommended" per lean body mass or weight...if you're using shakes and dairy based might need more overall in the count in the well, the more trained you are overall, the less protein you actually it varies

OPT said...

scotty hagnas...your question a while back on the chest to the bar...might be a few things:
1. video yourself and see if your body is completely straight at top of movement with chest close to bar...if not, you need to use your hips more at top to fully extend
2. test yourt close grip bench press 1RM, take 10% of this weight and you should be able to do 8-10 reps of a sidelying db straight arm raise with a 4010 tempo for those reps per arm...if you cannot, there is the problem, rhomboid strength...this will lead to "old" elbows over time if you don't have this strength
3. get active release on the pec minor and upper research shows the latter stabilizes the neck...if you are "tight" in the neck, the pec minor works too much b/c of the upper trap being overused...this causes forward shoulders and an inability to bring chest to bar..

let me know..

Jefff said...

Are we supposed to lay down under the barbell prior to the lift, or after the receive of the barbell?

OPT said...

refl9x, if you're doing 2 per the AM one, get a quick liquid based meal in right after, then another one 60 min later,,,then a small snack 90 min before last one as if this one is "less intense" b/c its bodybuilding with CF'll be OK to have some food in the gut for this one...ensure they are mainly aminos so the brain is ready...not so much carbs...only enough post 1st wodf to keep the glycogen levels high enough

OPT said...

congrats..for those on here who have experienced this already...your life has changed for the is truly an experience that is one of lifes miracles...welcome Aubrey...i'm sending good chi your way for growth and enlightenment!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Worked up to 108 for 4 reps, probably could have done more but I really didn't want to.

3 rounds in 5:48, if someone can do touch-and-go reps they'll easily go under 5 min. This felt painfully slow which makes me think I'm not fully recovered.

Grant said...

To be fair to Alvaro (which I don't recommend)...I have only seen him do the split clean. The only person I have ever seen do a split snatch is Josh Everett in San Diego @ the O-Lift cert. Good times! Thanks for the grins today James

adam said...

45, 55, 65, 75, 85, 95, 105
Form was falling apart. This is a very hard lift for me. Needs lots of work.

9:31 for the met con.

Kinda on the lines of what Geoff said, I still think I am a little sore from the snakes and ladders workout.

Stretched real good after this one.

Gord said...

Worked up to 108# for 4. Had a hard time with the switching of feet.
Met con... 4:19

Laura - worked up to 75
Met con time 18:35
Did the 1 set of hspu as rx'd
Round 2 and 3 did HSPU to a small end of the ab mat

Sterling said...

Worked up to 101 on the 4 split Snatch. Felt ok but something I need to practice like everything else.



Brian Maier said...

I've been following this site very closely for over 6 months now but today is my first official post. I met a lot of you at the games and it was awesome meeting everyone and matching faces with names. For everyone that competed, it was extremely motivating and inspiring to see you all grind it out. Tremendous job!

I am grateful everyday that my brother turned me on to Crossfit a couple years ago. It's been a great journey. Crossfit is at the same time rewarding and maddening. The level of fitness and nutrition that the crossfit community has, specifically the "Big Dawgs", is second to none. Crossfit is without a doubt the greatest test of one's overall fitness level ever invented and that is what keeps us coming back for more.

I tweaked my knee running hills on Sunday so I took Monday off. I did the paper route this AM.

A: Complete - 52s
B: Complete - 40s
c: Complete - 44s
D: Complete - 60s
E: Complete - 46s
F: Complete - 15.5 ave
G: Incomplete - 33 reps in 3:00

Notes: A-F felt great... plowed right through. However, G was rough. Didn't have another 30 minutes to get additional k2e's in. Had to get to work. I did the d/u's in my driveway and forgot to tie my shorts so ended up doing most of them in my underwear. The cars driving by just have no idea that "Every Second Counts". For w/u, I did 400m run, 1000m row and 5 min of jump rope.

Have a tremendous day and if anyone ever comes to Las Vegas, look me up.

Young Man Rumble said...

The last thing I want to see come out of the hopper is the SNATCH...

I worked up to 101 probably could have done a touch more but I was more focused on the proper technique...

WOD 12:59

Post WOD meal........HUMBLE PIE! Looks like I will be eating alot of that with these WODS...

Surrey Sterling said...

I'm with your Mr. Rumble, Plenty O Humble Pie to be had here!

Post WOD Fuel 1/4 cup steelcut oats with a scoop of dynamatize P-powder.
3 Now fish oil 1000mg caps.

Bowser said...

Also worked up to 101 focusing on technique. Man it's such a technical lift and so many things to think about.

WOD 10:29 *2 AbMats on the HSPU, still not strong on this but am getting better.

Post Wod Meal: Sockeye Salmon and Apple

Ali Jansen said...

Oh Alvaro... :)
Thanks for the pics James, great way to start my day at work.

Worked up to 75#
Met con: 7:02 (HSPUS done to 1 sit fit disc, I did 3 full ROM HSPUs in a row at CFC last Saturday but couldn't, for the life of me, get my head to touch the ground today)

Garage Crossfitter said...


wod=5:49, crappy effort, should be sub 5.

5 min later decided to make up some of yesterdays wod and make up for my crap effort a few min ago..

22 PUB to 9ft target = :56 sec
1 min rest
tabata situps=14 low score
1 min rest
squats, 45 reps in 45 sec
1 min rest
knees to elbows 50 reps in 2:35


Rob Ottesen said...

Hey great 2nd day back at it still missing my partner
Rory is home with his baby girl.
Sets 1-3. 155
Sets 4-7. 165

Metcon felt unstoppable as Rx 3:00

I'm writing this as I recover I will finish today with
5k row. Keep them coming OPT. Till tomorrow

SteveC said...

Last 4 sets at 125... foot work needs to be better

metcon 4:41

Chad Action Brandt said...

Power Split Snatch "alt feet"
Form is getting better. I have been working the split snatch for about 1 month now and love it!

WOD: 6:38
HSPU got me again :-<

Alvaro keep up the hard work buddy! Try not to make any more Alvaro Hamburgers between the floor and bar :-)

Leighanne said...

84#, felt pretty light but really need to work on technique (pulling too far from body); felt so foreign switching legs

9:43 (sub'd parallette push up's - still baby'ing frigged wrist/split snatch as rx'd)

JonathanT said...

a little awkward with these at first, but started to get the hang of it in the later sets

metcon - 8:00...hspu head to ground, but still kipping up.

PTS said...

Split PS- 95,95,115,135,135,115,125
At 135 the reps were being completed but they were a little sloppy so I dropped it down and the reps were much cleaner the last 2 sets.

metcon- 11:32. All the PS were touch and go, the HSPU's just awful.

Leighanne said...

darn, added wrong... only got 71# for first part (split snatch x 4).
oh well!

Chad Action Brandt said...

Hey Calgary Big Dawgs I will be up in Cow Town this weekend with Katrina as she is helping tucker coach the Gymnastic Cert. Was wondering if anyone wanted to meet at OPT for a WOD Saturday Morning at 9:30am? I will be in Calgary late Friday afternoon and might head up to OPT or CFC to get the Friday WOD done as well: any takers?

Sweeney said...

Felt good today...except my thumbs >:o{

Split PS: worked up to 118lbs. had some left but worked on balance and depth (thanks for the tip James)

Metcon: 4:06

Scotty Hagnas said...

Power Snatch split catch: 75x4;95x4;105x4;110x4x4x4x4
Opposite leg felt odd.

Couplet: 6:04' as Rxed.
HSPU very fast 1st round, but they fell apart more than expected in the last 2 rounds.

James: Thanks for your detailed response. I checked my form, my hips weren't opening fully, but pretty close. I did a close grip bench test just a few months ago (bi-acromial width) at 40X0 tempo, got 230lbs so I decided to go with that number. I knew I was in trouble when warming up with 10lbs took about all I had. I tried a rep with 20lbs, couldn't complete a rep on either side..... looks like I have some work to do!

PWO: chicken and yams, 2g taurine, 300mg magnesium

unit said...

brian... welcome bro!... nice to meet u at the games!
i look 4ward 2 following ur wods...

Paul said...

Burgener warm up plus multiple warm up snatch attempts.

105, 115, 115, 120, 120, 120, 120 (all lbs)My oly lifts are weak.

Three rounds in 5.40

Good times.

CDunkin said...

Unit- checked out your vid for the ladder and was wondering about your warm-up. looked to me as though your set of 5 was very grooved, and the previous sets were more segmented. was thinking a bit more warm-up might get you some more speed in the early rounds. this would fall under CNS prep. what do you think? very impressive performance btw.

Gord said...

Hey Brian glad you decided to join us. Great to meet you at the games. The more Maiers the better.

Chad Action I am in for Saturday @ 9:30. See you then.

Brent Maier said...


SJ's x4: 40/45/50/50/55/60/65kg (143#)
Metcon Time: 5:10

SJ) Felt good at lower weight. The last set at 143# started playing with my balance. The higher weight amplified balance issues and feet not hitting at the same time. I may learn to like split jerk but need to see how they feel with higher loads with single reps.

Metcon) Well now, I thought this was going to be an easy one today for some reason. HSPU's from round two on started to drag me down. SJ's for the first two rounds were touch and go. Last round was performed in sets of 2's.

Welcome Brian and congratulations Rory to the new addition. Gord and Sweeney, great job, you guys ripped it up today.

Jefff said...

Power Snatch Split Catch

The last 2 reps on the 130# were ugly. Did not receive barbell locked out, and needed a press to get locked out. After reading Sweeney's post, I think I should have been getting more depth to get these last reps.

Metcon - 5:53. Last set of HSPUs killed the time. Also, having to stand up straight after each split catch seemed to slow the time that much more. I think a lot slower than a regular power snatch????? Not a lot of experience with these yet.

David X said...


This lift felt odd at the start, but thanks to a little instruction from Garage CF'er I started nailing them.

Met Con sucked ass. First rd strong then arms went to puddy.


Todd Dyer said...

I have never done these before, but I really like them, at least in my regular split stance, other leg felt awkward.
loads= 1. 65lb, 2. 75lb, 3. 95lb, 4. 105lb, 5. 115lb
6. 125lb, 7. 135lb last one very shakey on off leg
couplet time= 4:54 longest part was readjusting the grip on each rep.
Finished by working on the Gord and todd Challenge
which is 15 reps of body weight overhead squat
Worked up to 10 reps with 165lb my bdy wt. is about 172lb.
Anyone interested in participating?
We haven't set a finish date yet.

Todd Dyer said...

I think Alvaro's saying is awesome!
we should put it on a t-shirt

Joel B. said...

Split Power Snatch: 95, 100, 105, 110, 115, 120, 125

First time on these, but they felt pretty good. For some reason my right leg felt faster/more natural landing in front than my left. Usually when I split jerk, I use my left. Weird.

Metcon: 7:00

HSPU killed my time rounds 2 and 3. Still, miles better than I would have been at this a few months ago when I named HSPU as a serious weakness to be addressed. A long, long list those weaknesses.

Pfeifdog said...

Warmup: Dynamic stretching, ran 800, warm up set of power split snatches
Split Power Snatch: 135,135,145,145,150,155,160(last rep shakey)

Time:7:18 handstand pushups where suspect after round one (I'm with Joel on this HSPU are something I need to work on)

Post wod: 40 grams isopure protien

Mack said...

Worked up to 135lb. Felt good. Pretty busy at CFC so I quit there.

Metcon: 2:44

This is the first one in some time I have been able to do as Rx'd!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Jesus H, Mack, that time is rediculous! Now start doing some WODs you aren't super-human at.

Nice to see there's another freakishly strong member coming out of the Rory/Unit crowd. Welcome Rob, some amazing numbers today man.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Great video, be prepared to feel Mike's pain at 3:52.

unit said...

gord, sweeny, rob, mack... flippin sweet job on the metcon 2day!... jebus-tits!...

cdunkin... thanks for the input... i would agree... didn't do usual sprint drills [cns/esplosive/quick intent] and warmed up w/ 500mrow/400mjog... nothing was very ballistic... i appreciate it...

wu - jog 1/4mile... OHsquat 135x10, DU x100, 5 x ring MUs, OH press [worked my way up to 245 on a smith machine]...

split snatch... first time attempting this, and i actually liked it quite a bit...
45 / 95 / 115 / 135 / 155 / 165 / 165
again... could REALLY use some coaching here...

metcon: ~4:43... HSPUs really held me back 2day

Modified Fran...
21/15/9 of
Thrusters @ 135lb
Pullups - no kipping allowed [all reg hang]
time ~ 7:14


Leighanne said...

hey Chad,
I will be working out around 1 pm on Saturday, come then or trainers will be around from 8-11 am and will probably workout after that.

I think Sunday is rest day, but i can open up shop for you, just let me know.


Gord said...

Mack attack is back. Nice work today

Michelle said...

Worked up to 82 for the 7th set of 4, then did 2 @ 87, but stopped there. Found it difficult and awkward to get the non-dominant leg forward.

Met-con: 9:10
Seem to need something on the floor to lower to at CFC (lack confidence to drop to the hard floor, miss the carpet at OPT), so put 2 magazines down. Expected to switch to something thicker after round 1, but didn't. Most success I've had with HSPU's at CFC so I'm pleased. Thanks so much to Mack for the coaching!!! Great to do part 1 with you Kathleen! Awesome energy at CFC tonight!

Not sure I'll stick with Big Dawgs during the kids' summer break. If not, I may try again in the fall.

EvanJ said...

Warm up:
kb swings
pass throughs
split snatch practice with light bar
GHD raises
pull ups
really wanted to focus on hip explosion for the snatches.

Worked up to 125 for 4 reps. Felt good and with some more time I think I could have pushed it a little bit harder.

Metcon 9:12

The snatches felt good but the handstand push ups were a struggle on rounds 2 and 3. Really need to work on those.

Pfeifalife said...

"barbell 2, Matt 0"

Warmup: run 800m, dynamic stretching, explosive box jumps, warm up with pvc/bar/then lighter weight.

Power snatch split catch: 155/155/165/165(*3)/165(**3)/165/170
Note: *trying to keep the bar close as I fatigued, so I ended up blasting my head on the 3rd rep, still made that one but it made me miss my second. Was bleeding from my head. Def felt the bar hit but it didn't really hurt.
**fatigue and head made me miss the last one.

Then had about a 40 min break to train my nieces and nephew, which resulted in cooling off and not being primed for the second half. tried to do a quick warmup but def wasn't ramped up well for it.

7:28 (1st round was ok, from then on HSPU's killed me. Def a weak point but I have still probably improved in these in the past month. Snatches were killing my shoulders. All HSPU's except for maybe a few at the end of the 3rd round were head to deck, only in sets of 2 and 1 at this point. Then in on rep 6 of my last round on split snatches [form sucked bad at this point] I smacked my head with the bar again at eyebrow level. This one dropped me to my knee, but I only had 4 reps left so I got up and finished after a moment. For some reason I was literally lowering my head to push through the end. Head was not into this as well as I would have liked it after the first blow, then the break didn't help. Can't really blame anything but my lacking form on this particular movement. Never had this problem before.

rolled out, light streching

40g isopure protein, 10 mini snyder pretzels (on target for 10g carbs but still shit I know. Won't happen again, all that was available at the time)

I think my forehead beats torn hands any day. Could this be the torn hands?...Cool thing is that I def can't hide this at work and by Thursday I should have some sweet ass black eyes to show for it. I literally look like a klingon right now with my forehead.

Need this rest to mentally regroup, otherwise feeling tiptop.

Grant said...

Funny thing is Mack could go faster on the HSPU

CFC was crazy busy tonight. Good to see but tough for finding space.

worked up to 115# on the PS-SC

Hopper; 6:05

Brian, great to see you joinging in. Nice to meet you in CA

Todd, Great idea. I'll buy that t-shirt!

Kathleen said...

PS split catch:
Hard to trigger the non-dominant leg under load.

Couplet using 2 blue bands from high bar at CFC: 9:08
Tried to alt leg on the splits

Great working in with you Michelle your technique was bang on tonight.

dan said...

I have a long way to go...but im ready for the challenge.

Worked out with Brian this morning in Vegas. Did yesterday's wod as well...

A: Incomplete - 20 burpees
B: Complete - 56s
c: Complete - 60s
D: Incomplete
E: Complete - 55s
F: Complete - 15 ave
G: Incomplete - 20 reps in 3:00

#2 finisher at the games is from SLC...I've signed up at his gym. so between the 3 weeks/month on the road, this site, and tommy, I'm on track to get my ass officially kicked.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn from the best!

Rob Ottesen said...

Geoff/Unit... thanks for the welcome been following you guys for 3 weeks now. i have a great mentor in Rory he is helping me out alot. I really want to get to the games next year. We are using his set back as motivation for 2010 games. i have follow a few different sites but nothing compares to this one. OPT you are a great man. keep them coming..

Hixy said...

Unit, here's a few tips on the split snatches (although I found them to be near perfect):

Explosivity and aggresivity is there. Awesome.
On the first rep you didn't have a premature arm-bend (before the scoop or 2nd pull, that is the explosive phase). On the rest you did. Remember: When the elbow bends, the power ends.
Keep the bar a bit closer to your body.

Other than that they looked great.

Anonymous said...

Hi James....

75, 95, 95, 95, 115, 115, 115

I was struggling with the 115's...not a big issue to switch feet..just some inconsistent splits...needs work..

met con 11:00 minutes

Rory Hanlin said...

Power Snatched 185x2x5

Lots o gymnastics tech and strength work. I just picked up Coach Sommer's GymnasticBodies book. Decent, although disappointing because it doesn't add a lot of value to his already awesome website. I also bought the DVD's. Pretty useless as they are poorly put together and buggy.

Metcon: 3:21

Geoff Aucoin said...

Unit, your HSPU/snatch WOD (backwards) was good but I'd probably get a better ROM on the HSPUs. A few looked a little short, which is understandable when you are lowering your head to a hard surface.

dontpanic356 said...

Split Sn 4 rep

135, 135, 145, 145, 155, 155, 165



Being tall kills least it does for me

CrossFit HR said...

45, 95, 105, 115, 125, 135, 140 for Snatch

Metcon: 3:40 As Rx'd. Couldn't switch feet with speed, kept right foot lead. Coming off IF, did 50gP mix of whey and coconut milk. 45min later had 30g P of chicken + tons o' veggies