Thursday, July 9th, 2009

95#/65# squat clean x 5 x 3 sets
95#/65# hang power clean x 5 x 3 sets
95#/65# split jerk x 5 x 3
(work on speed and intent; rest as needed b/t sets and exercises)

3 sets - 10 chest to bar chin ups
3 sets - 15 high speed squats
3 sets - 20 anchored sit ups
(work on speed of each movement; rest as needed b/t sets and exercises)

Run 10 sec on @ 100%, run easy for 1 min x 3-6 sets based on how you feel
post notes to comments
next post from California!


PTS said...

completed each movement , feel good.

3 sets of the run. some good rest on friday and then tackling something on Saturday.

Recreating the events at the games is looking unlikely. Is anyone not competing up for doing another qualifiers events or maybe a couple of named crossfit WOD's?

Garage Crossfitter said...

Lifts felt good, fast

i did the CTB, squats and situps as a metcon, 3 rounds 3:14

runs x6, sprints felt strong, legs felt good

PTS i would be up for it big dawg but i have a wedding to go too, trust me i would rather bang out a few wods...i will probably bang out a metcon in the AM before the wedding then try to re-create something from aromas on sunday

Anonymous said...

Question for you guys... I read on a previous post that these workouts were meant for the athlete to peak at the Crossfit games. After the games, I am assuming a "new cycle" will start. Will the workouts post games be more about recovery, since so much work was put in before the games?

Trevor Salmon said...

That's probably best coming from OPT when he's back but my impression is that the new cycle won't be recovery as it starts on Tuesday and will be geared to the athletes that are not competing but hope to next year. I know from speaking to the folks that are heading to the games from here that they will be resting a little longer after the games and certainly not training on the 14th.
Hope that helps

Brent Maier said...

I loved the technique day today. I feel good!

My flight for Aromas leaves at 6:00am. I hope to get there in time to watch the Calgary team competition.

See you all tomorrow!

unit said...

I really want 2 meet team Calgary and all y'all that r going!!!... my flight leaves tom after work so I won't get there till late... hopefully c y'all sat!... hot damn this is exciting stuff!...


David X said...


I'd be up for doing the Last Chance WODs this weekend if the Games WODs can't be replicated. I'd love another whack at the WOD from the NEQ!

CDunkin said...

Sic 'em, Dogs.

Best of luck to each of you.

PTS said...

David X: I want another try at that WOD as well, just not yet. I still havent decided what I'm going to do but I may do the Rocky Mountain Wod's, or do 2 named WOD's to measure my progress.

Anonymous said...

Just checked out crossfit games results -- Team Calgary is doing awesome! 2nd place in running / bringing them to 4th overall with one more heat to go. WAY TO GO!!!!! WE ARE WATCHING AND CHEERING!!!

Garage Crossfitter said...

I am going to try to fit in the Nor Cal Qual wods tommorrow before the wedding I have to go too
530AM row, burpees, 165#overhead
930AM MU/185#power cleans

any other big dawgs wanna jump in, lets do it....

Grant said...

Drama here at the Games. CFC is now 5th place. There was a mistake so they went from 13 to 5th. They now have spot in the finals Sunday at 11:30. More from pool side later.

Rob Sifton said...

Grant give details. This is killing me. Can't wait to see the CFC team in the finals..

Give them all our best!!!!

Trevor Salmon said...

this is exciting....
Thanks for the update Grant.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Nor Cal Qual wod 1
row 500m
30 burpees
165# ground to overhead 10x

This workout crushed me, too heavy for a 530AM wod, great test though, i finished the burpees at 3:30 which was around where I wanted to be, but then the jerks fell apart....sub 4:30 forsure next time...


CDunkin said...

GC, the 165# starts on the ground, but then the bar remains in the rack position or behind the head after each rep. You did quite a bit more work if you went to ground between each rep.

PTS said...

ROcky mountain WOD #1
3 Rds for time
8 reps 300lb deadlift
400m run

time- 6:20

wanted sub 6 and was on pace halfway but eventually those DL's felt heavier and heavier. Almost like I was on the DL ladder at the games!

Garage I was going to 2nd what CDunkin said.

2.5 hour rest then Rocky mountain wod 2.

Sweeney said...

Good day.

It's Saturday morning and the athletes are heading to the site to check in, warm-up and get ready for the opening ceremonies.

Yesterday was tense!! CFC did the stadium WOD (Wall balls, row, box jumps, KB swings, push press, deadlift) in 18:+ min. This put them in about the top quarter of the pack.

The run was insane!!! Stacey ran the first leg and gave the team a commanding lead. Laura ran the second leg and powered up the hill maintaining the lead throughout the climb and into the start of the decent when a crazy gal from SoCal charged down in Josh Everett style to pass Laura just before the next transition.
Brett Marshall ran the third leg and it was a site to see. He started his leg about 10 yards behind the leading team and by the time he climbed the hill and came around the corner to head downward, CFC once again had a commanding lead.
Rob Corson ran anchor and ran like a robot. His pace was perfect and he climbed the hill at the same speed as he ran the flats. He held on to the lead despite all the other teams trying to gain some ground.
CFC had one last lap. The gang was pooped and they charged out in first place. SoCal was about 30 yards behind. CFC kept their steps short and powerful throughout the climb, but SoCal was determined to catch up...and they did. At the top of the hill rounding the turn downward, it was a neck and neck battle.
Corson, into the second lap in a row was not going to let anyone else finish the race ahead of him. Despite having concrete legs he lead his team down the hill and over the line first. The catch is, however, the clock did not stop until the last member had his/her hand on the PVC pipe as they crossed the line, and the CFC finished 1 sec behind SoCal. Good enough for 5th place in the run and fourth place overall going into the last event (overhead squat/max chin ups)

The final event hectic. Coaching and timing was key and the group was very fortunate to have one the best leaders on the team. Brett started with 61 chin-ups and this set the tone for the rest of the group. Laura, Michelle and Geoff each hammered out chin after chin and the OH squats were solid. Not sure of the final weights or the total # of chins, but the announcers were consistently remarking on AFT's chin-ups.

After all the dust settled, CFC was reported to be in 13th place overall; kind of a disappointment given their run and chin-up performance. Corson wasn't buying it and the team requested a re-count. As it turned out, the judges added incorrectly and missed 100 reps for the CFC team in the final WOD. With the new and accurate count, Team CFC vaulted into 5th place overall and gave them a chance to compete in the finals on Sunday!!!!

They're resting well and fueling up; they'll be ready, because that's what they have been trained to do.

We'll keep you posted...

PS: Alvarro narrowly escaped arrest by CHIPS.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Wod 2
amrap 10 min
muscle ups
185# power clean
Total 72 reps

That would have put me at 24th going into sunday, blah...i will attack wod #1 again in a month from now...

CDunkin i took all but 1 rep from the ground as I was too tired to perform multiple reps with 165 that excuses, it crushed me

PTS said...

rocky mountain wod 2
3 rds for time
10 ctb pullups
10 reps 165lb front squat
10 burpees

time 7:17
total after 2 wods - 13:37.
would be 39th place going into final wod which will be 94 reps ground to overhead 75lbs.

may switch it and do something from the games if it can be replicated.

Sweeney said...

The run just finished.

Speal finished 1st.

OPT: 4thish

Mike: 6thish

DJ: Middle of the pack

Lauren: Middle of the pack

K8T: finished slightly after Lauren and she beat last years male champion and last years female 2nd place finisher.

The drama: Joy Nguyen suffered from something on her last descent down the hill and we think she may have blacked out. The medics attended to her quickly and we are awaiting her status. We think she is DNF.

Another girl had to somersault across the finish line because her legs would no longer carry her.

Our gang is in solid position.

I apologoze for any spelling/grammar; reporting in from the blackberry

Sweeney said...

Deadlift just finished:

Not sure of the overall standings but:

DJ finished tied for 1st!!!

Mike and James made it about 1/2 way through and are in good position.

Lauren lifted a PR of 325 maybe 335 and she is definitely in the upper group for this event.

K8T lifted a solid 265.

It's hot here!!!

Sweeney said...

Quick Update:

Our whole gang kicked the crap out of WOD 3. Each of our athletes either came in 1st or 2nd in their respective heats.

K8T was the most exciting by crushing it!! She beat the #1 and #2 placed girls going into the third event.

DJ, Mike, James, and Lauren are all in the top 20ish going into the third event and their strong performances should move them up in the standings. K8T will leap frog a ton of people but we currently don't know where any of them stand.

That's it for now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates Sweeney... The main site is very slow....


Trevor Salmon said...

Thanks for sure Sweeney for the updates. Nice to see OPT, Michael and DJ doing so well. Looks like DJ crushed the sandbag run to move up some places. Interestingly J.C.Nessa spent sometime as a CF Calgary instructor before heading back to Cali last year so good on him to be doing so well. I watched him crush Diana at OPT once.

David X said...

I tried to replicate the games wods as much as possible

0900: 7.1k run at the ski resort near my home. Slopes were wicked and several areas where I had to walk. Almost dead sprint coming down the backside of the mountain. Finished in 1:10:01.

1700: deadlift ladder. Started at 315 and maxed at 365. Made a 375 attempted but couldn't nudge it. This got hard
FAST. No time to recover much less eVen breathe. I couldn't imagine trying to pull this one off 45 mins to an hour after that run.

1600: 500m, 100 sledgehammer whacks on 300# tire, 500m. 7:18. Wow. What a burner. I drew a target on the tire and aimed with each Whack. Very hard as the fatigue grew, hammer got heavier and heavier. The final 500m was crazy tough.

Well folks, three wods is all I'm good for today. I'm stoked for our peeps in Cali today.

CDunkin said...

Thanks Sweeney. Keep 'em coming.

Sweeney said...

The day is in books:

James - 6th place
DJ - 15th
Mike - 16th

Lauren - 12th
K8T - 30 something

It was an awesome day.

Mike killed the row/hammer WOD, DJ ran into a spike that wouldn't go down and James was steady eddy.

The final WOD was gut check time for DJ as he had to make up at least 4 spots to compete on Sunday. He ratcheted up and hammered out the WOD in solid fashion.

James and Mike were 5th and 10th respectively and were all but guaranteed a spot in Sunday's finale.

Lauren held strong throughout both WODs to maintain her spot in the top group.

K8T worked her butt off and had a huge cheering section from all over the world. Helluva perfomance by the second youngest competitor at the games.

Tomorrow's WOD's are:

1) 1 RM Snatch - 10 min time limit

2) AMRAP in 8 min: 4HSPU, 8KB Swings (2pood/1.5 pood), 12 GHD's

3) Chipper form hell - 1 round for time - TBD

Team WOD - No updates here but the team is focused and ready to go hard.

Trevor Salmon said...

great news and great for katy. These wods are difficult to judge how we'll do. DJ has the snatch advantage. James has a decent snatch and loves the chippers. Mike can dig in on the 8 min one and the chipppers too but only just regaining some confidence in his shoulders for the snatch. I think unfortunately that Lauren will struggle with the hspu but she's a competitor so you never know.

rwcorson said...

Hey Dawgs,
Geoff & I are just finishing breakfast and are ready to go for the Team WOD at 11:30.
We are highly motivately by the results of the other DAWGS!
Thanks for your support, we'll leave everything on the field today.

Garage Crossfitter said...


-row 500m
-100 sledgehammer strikes on tire(hard as i could swing at a 2inch target)
-row 500m
-400m sandbag run/walk with 80lbs



CDunkin said...

Thanks for he updates Sweeney/Rob.

Great job Katy. Enjoy your rest.

NIce work, GC. Impressive times.

I should have planned some wod's this wknd; feeling a bit pent-up.

Sweeney said...

Snatch WOD now complete:

DJ finished tied for 2nd with 225lbs.

James hit a PR by 5lbs

I think Mike tied his PR

Lauren PR'd by 5lbs.

Not sure of overall standings.

Update on the team WOD.

Although we don't know the WOD yet, the field is set up as:
6 bars with 95lbs and 6 bars with 155lbs. There are boxes with skipping ropes and rings hanging off the chin up bars. Looks like a WOD that James/Brett have consistently trained their athletes for.

Additional comment: there is a ton of talk at how well the Calgary athletes are performing at this event. For those of you following the blog and doing the WOD's; keep it up, you're in the right place. For those of you following the blog and are not doing the WOD's, give it a try. This is some of the best programming in the world and the 2009 Crossfit Games is a clear indication of how exceptional leadership will and does transform average people into world class athletes!!! You are not only getting the best training on the planet, you are also competing head to head with James, Brett, Geoff, Rob, Michael, DJ, Lauren, K8T, Laura, Michelle, Stacey and Taylor...undeniably some of the best athletes in the world!!!


PTS said...

Rocky mountain wod 3
ground to overhead - 7000lbs
I chose 94 reps - 75lbs
I finished in 6:26.

My "Randy"(75 reps) time was 4:58 which is a big PR.
total time for rocky mountain was 20:03 - would have been 36th out of 100.

Sweeney- well said. All the Calgary athletes have a great deal to be proud of regardless of how today goes. That said kick some ass today.

Anonymous said...

Sweeney - thank you so much for the updates. Been watching the main site and finding it slow today. Extremely accurate on your "additional comment". GO CFC!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Dawgs... I have been using twitter to follow... see link below... Updates on the minute... OPT just finished Second WOD

Michelle... Kids say to leave nothing on the table.......


Sweeney said...

This just in:

Team WOD:

75 Sqaut Cleans: 95/135 (2 people can be working)

150 toes to bar (1 person can be working)

150 box jumps (2 people can be working)

75 thrusters: 95/135 (2 people can be working)

35 muscle ups: (1 person can be working)

150 push up burpees (2 people can be working)

150 double unders (1 person can be working)

~400ft walking lunges with 35lbs plate overhead (1 person can be working)

That's all they have to do today and then they're done.

Oh, and by the way.

This is the same WOD as the individual competitors have to do, but less reps. Not sure of how many though.

Sweeney said...

CFC finished 2nd in the heat!!

They were dead last going into the thrusters and then it was gut check time. Between the thrusters/MU's and burpees, they overtook the lead. Crossfit Invictus barely passed them on the lunges and Calgary took 2nd by a landslide!!!!

Atmosphere here is NUTS!!!!

Katrina Burton said...

Congrats Calgary!! Great to hear you finished off the weekend with a bang! Super motivating!

Anonymous said...

Sweeney - where are you? We need an update!! Is everything ok with OPT?

Anonymous said...

PS: happy recovery!

Sweeney said...

I had to leave just before the final heat, but what I saw was incredible!!!

Mike kicked the $hit out of the final WOD and DJ was not far behind. James was slated to compete in the final grouping but I think he had an injury and could not go.

The last two days were insane!

There are only a handful of people on this earth that would/could endure the punishment that these guys went through. It was truly awe inspiring.

Don't know the final results but I think Mikko Salo won the mens and Tanya Wagner won the womens.

I'm going to Disneyland!!

Evan said...
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Evan said...

Huge congrats to all the CFC/OPT athletes! Your performances we're truly awe inspiring and motivating. The weekend sounded like a true test of both physical and mental toughness, and you all proved that you are certainly at the top. All the best, and have a safe trip home. Congrats!!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Nice work on the updates, Sweeney.

Thanks for all the support, everyone, we had a great weekend and we represented CFC/OPT/our country well. I'm so proud of how we ALL did and so thankful to all our families and friends that travelled so far to be here and cheer us on. You guys rock!

David X said...

Great perfomances all around by OPT and the rest of the crew at CFC!

You guys are truly the best of the best and the number of athletes in the finals and the performance of CFC in the Affiliate Cup proves the effectiveness of this programming and the dedication of the coach!

I had been CrossFitting for a 16 months before Garage turned me onto this programming. I'll always say that CrossFit changed my life, but it's OPT and the rest of the crew that fuels my fire to push beyond the pain and perform the best that I humanly can!

Thanks James!

Recover, heal up and let's get after it for 2010.

Tyler Weir said...

I'd like to reiterate the congratulations that others have posted.

Great stuff by the CFC/OPT athletes, you all did an excellent job representing Canada.

And the "BrOPT" nickname is great for Mike. :)

rwcorson said...

Monday afternoon in Cali.
Chillin' by the pool & getting some down time with the family.
As Geoff said, the wives & kids were awesome over the weekend. They helped us to stay focused for our events. Thanks also to our extended OPT/CFC/Big Dawg family for all they did. You are the best!
As a group, we showed the rest of the CFing world what we're all about. Be proud.
Brett, thanks for stepping up.
Taylor, get healthy. You'll be a force to be reckoned with.
Michelle, Stacey & Laura, you have it everything you had and we couldn't have got there without you.
Geoff, you stayed calm and kept everyone on the team loose, including me. Thank you.
Mike, DJ, Katie & Lauren, way to represent.
And last, thanks Leighanne & James. You made this all possible!
Enjoy your rest everyone.
Next year awaits. Team CFC 1st? I think it's possible.
Individuals in the top 10, men & women? Why not!

Garage Crossfitter said...

The results of this weekend from both men and woman prove that the big dawgs and dawgettes are a powerful group, the crossfit world should be scared to see who shows up next year from this crew.

Amazing job everyone, WHOOOOOOOFF

Anonymous said...

CFC/OPT we are all overwhelmed with pride here at home with the incredible performances. What an incredible group of athletes we have and it's such an honour to work with you all. Congratulations everyone and thank you for the huge motivation your performances have provided for all calgary crossfitters!

Evan J

Scotty Hagnas said...

Congrats to everyone from the CFC/OPT crew. You all were very inspiring to watch, and how well everyone did is a testament to the quality of training there.

It was nice to meet some of you, and to have some faces to go with the names.

Rest and recover well!

David X said...

CrossFit Games getting some media coverage by the Sporting News--the olny sports publication that hasn't lost touch with it's roots.