July 16, 2009

15 unbroken wall balls (20#/14# to 10 ft)
rest for 10 breaths
1 L up/2 strict chin ups/3 kipping chin ups/4 chest to bar chin ups (all back to back without coming off the bar)
rest for 15 breaths
perform as many of these sets unbroken as you can in a 20 minute time frame...if you start fractioning, continue with the sets for the 20 minute time frame with breathing rests as rx'd and note in comments
skill work:
for 5 minutes, on a tabata timer, alternate b/t slow methodical push ups and slow methodical air squats - work on form and control...like 2-3 sec down and 2-3 sec up for 20 sec on and 10 sec off for 5 minutes...i.e. 5 sets each...work on tight midline on push ups and hip flexors pulling you down on squats

welcome to all new dawgs...on rest day this week i'll explain all recent questions (i.e. nutrition, eccentrics, etc..)

post wod fuel same as yesterday!


David X said...

WOW! The Big Dawg pack is blowin' up!

Hixy said...

Unit, I got your mail. Thank you so much. It really helped me a lot and got me thinking about a lot of things. Unfortunately I've been busy lately--I've been travelling and I have to prepare my important speech (a crowd of 200+ people, gasp!). I'll write to you soon.


Joel B. said...

Early morning wod for me today, and O-lift class tonight.

11 rounds. Had to take fraction (5 breaths) between kips and C2B starting in the 9th round. Prior to that all unbroken. The breathing scheme is pretty crafty.

Skill work felt good. Only slightly sore hammies, but I could feel them as I went down slow in the squats.

Anonymous said...

Re: rest day write up - please include warm up talk too!


Garage Crossfitter said...

12+15 wallballs, unbroken
It got hard mentally in the later rounds, grip got hard on the pullups, huge breaths inbetween sets, focused on 1 set at a time...

4 min to recover

skill work, really felt the hip flexors in the squat and tight core in pushups was a good challenge.

PTS said...

At the lake= no access to heavy set of weights or pull-up bar

did "Karen" (150 wall ball shots for time) 9:52- lots of room for improvement,will be looking to improve upon that later in the summer.

rest 10 mins then did the tabata push-ups and squats

Ryan said...

Very creative programming. I am going to start using 2-3 of these a week for my personal program.

CrossFit 714

Dawson said...

Thanks for your reply yesterday Trevor. Now I'm wondering how the amount of protein and carbohydrate can be determined. I've had many people approach me at the box I coach at with regards to post-WOD nutrition and nutrition in general. I have gathered information from various source (Zone, Paleo for athletes, robbwolf.com, etc) but I have never found anything that indicated portion control post-WOD until now.

Anymore information would be very valuable and extremely
helpful to the others at CF Kingston.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Started with band supported full planche, 4 sets of 8 sec. w/1 min rest

Couplet: 6 rounds with slow, relaxed breaths. wallballs easy and relaxed, only C to B challenging on chin complex. Had to break the last rounds.

Tabata: 4 slow reps each round of both. On pushups, focused also on scap positioning on my right side - a problem area.

PWO: 30p/30c Yam and plantain soup with whey added.

Later, a handstand practice session, and knee/ankle prehab work.

Question: C to B pullups are challenging for me. I can pull high no problem, but making the contact w/chest is quite difficult. Partly a ROM issue, I'm working on that. Do you think working on rowing strength (eg: bent rows) be of help here?

Anonymous said...

Mr. FitzGerald,
Perfect timing for your rest day post to come! I was going to post questions about such topics here in the comments, but now I can just wait in anticipation. I am interested in seeing how your post wod meals play into zone/robb wolf block suggestions. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge!

Scott in Illinois

Leighanne said...

9.5 rounds, at cabin - used 22# wb to 7 ft tree target
sub'd 1x knee up pu, 2x strict pu, 3x kipping pu

approx 5 min. rest

push up's - need to work on hips rising at same time as chest and lowering faster with no pause as bottom
squats - legs are feeling stronger but need to work on staying on heels

post w/o: dream whey shake

Tom Woodward said...

Hey Dawson - Not sure if you've seen Robb's latest post, but there's some good info in there (and the comment section) about how to structure PWO.


In general, I always try to get in some good PRO and CHO right after the workout with as little fat as possible. The amount of each varies depending on how glycogen-depleting the workout was. So, if you do a balls to the wall Cindy, you're gonna need a good dose of CHO after your workout and a solid balanced meal a few hours later for recovery. Whereas if you're doing max effort snatch singles with no met con that day, much less CHO will be needed for recovery.

Todd Dyer said...

wb & pu complex = 10 unbroken rounds

push & squat = 9/10, 8/9, 9/10, 9/10, 9/10

JonathanT said...

9 rounds + wb + L & strict

all pull ups broken after round 2
wall ball broken in rounds 6-9

those breathings rests seemed to get shorter and shorter!

no clue of reps on skill work, but felt good to work on my totally messed up push up form.

Pfeifalife said...


Where exactly in Illinois do you hail from? Hard to locate crossfiters in the Midwest when you don't live near a large city, as there aren't that many here. I happen to be in Winchester IL.

SteveC said...

13 rds. + 15 wall balls

Last 3 rds. of pullups broken up
Used a 14# ball (the highest the gym had)

Dawson said...

Tom. Thank you for that information. It's pretty much what I was looking for. And it seems quite obvious too. I read Robb Wolf's article a while back and referred back to it a few times. For some reason the part about the Zone diet and consuming 1/4 PRO PWO and 1/4 - 1/2 CHO PWO didn't seem to sink in.

Now would it be beneficial to consume a higher glycemic CHO post-metcon than a lower GI CHO? And would the inverse be appropriate for a weightlifting day (low GI CHO as opposed to a high GI CHO)?

Anonymous said...


You hit the stake on the head about Crossfit and the Midwest! I'm in Flora, IL which is a small farming community about 30min south of Effingham. People ask me if I'm training for UFC, or if I'm a triathelete, or in the military....I just reply "I'm training for tomorrow and the unknown." They look at me weird and then I explain Crossfit to them....I have yet to get asked if someone can train with me!!

Scott in Illinois

rochatm said...

Hi "OPT"

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I really enjoy following you at the CrossFit Games these last few years. You're consistency over the years is impressive. While many big names from last year struggled with this years new format and events, you were still right there at the top just like last year.

I am really enjoying reading through some of your programming here on your blog. I follow the main site currently but your programing is very interesting and obviously works to produce some top athletes.

I am working hard to qualify for the games next years. Great athletes like you inspire me. Thanks for being such an inspiration and for giving back so much to the CrossFit community.

Hope your injury from the games heals up quick, and happy training!

wes said...

10 rounds + 15 wallballs + L-up/2 chins/3 kips/2 CTB

My grip completely gave out on the last 2 CTB. Loved this WOD and really excited to start following this programming.


Michael said...

8 rounds + 15 wallballs + L-up/2 chins

all sets of pullups broken, grip wrecked from yesterday.


Brent Maier said...

Metcon: 11 rounds w/rx'd breaths (first 5 sets pullups unbroken, all WB unbroken)

Notes: Shoulder acted up on this one. Started with slow breaths to get as much rest as possible for unbroken attempts. Once I finished round 5, I sped up my breaths going into the unbroken remainder.

unit said...

metcon - 13 rounds ...
dropped the medball 1x, 5 reps in2 the 13th round, remainder was unbroken... first 6 sets were done using an 11ft target...
noted: hr after the wod was 184... don't get my hr north of 180 often... this wod rocked my socks!...

5min rest...

tabata pu//s - 5 reps of each in each set... went nice and slow and did squats balanced on inverted hemisphere...

gd luck w the speech hixy!... and welcome 2 all the new dawgs!... if any of y'all r near the Kansas City area let me know!...


David X said...

WB/PUs: 9rds+15wbs. Breathing as Rxd
Both unbroken, grip fantastic.

Tabata mash: Forced myself to slow it down 6-7 reps each rd.

Wes said...

post WOD nutrition is covered for the WOD's does pre WOD nutrition matter?

Pfeifalife said...

WB/PUs: 10rds breathing and movements were as rx'd (my legs were shaking at the end of this one. Grip was starting to go nearer the end. This wod was a f'n monster. I liken it to quick sand, the pace wasn't super furious, but it just kept sucking me under bit by bit to end, where I was a pile on the floor. My lungs and diaphragm are smoked.

Skill: as rx’d PU’s 5,5,5,5,4 Squats 4,4,4,4,4. This one was burning.

Rolled and stretched well afterwards.
30 gram whey protein shake and half an apple


Pfeifalife said...

Sorry, all rd's were unbroken. This took a maximal effort from me.

Grant said...

10 rnds WBs & CU complex as Rx'd

Tabata PUs & Air Squats as Rx'd

Ali Jansen said...

WB & Pullups
6 rounds plus 15 Wallballs.
I was unable to do the pullups straight through so hopped off the bar for a quick rest in between kipping PUs and Chest 2 Bar.
All Wallballs unbroken
Skill work:
Read it wrong and did all the Push Ups first and then the Squats - Whoops
Pushups 5/5/5/4/4
Squats 7/5/5/5/7 :had to keep reminding myself to SLOW down

To finish it off Keith bet me I couldn't do 20 Burpees in a minute........He's a fool, I won! (of course)

Kathleen said...

7 rds
WB straight until rd 7 stopped at 9reps and then 6 reps
Chin matrix 2rds only and then had to fraction: 1/2 ...3/2/2 etc. Many breaths between chins. C2B were short after rd 2. Bloody right hand after 4th rd.

Did 6 rds of tabata.

Brent, hope your shoulder is not going to be a problem.

Surrey Sterling said...

Holy Crap that was nasty! Completed 9 rounds in 20:05 with my wife Michelle coaching. Checkout my blogger for more on this world of pain. Here's the breakdown for tonights WOD.

Rounds 1-5 As Rx’d no extra air time

Round 6 – One extra 15 breath air break after 3 Kippers

Round 7- Two Extra 15 breath air breaks after 2 Strict and 3 kippers

Round 8- Three extra 15 breath air breaks after 2 strict, 3 kippers, and 3 CTB

Round 9 – Two extra 15 breath air breaks after 2 strict and 3 kippers

20:05 to complete the 9 rounds

Skill work was a new experience as well. Never done tabata so slow before. I was shaking big time.

lyons said...

Hey James

Looking forward to training with you guys/gals...I competed in the Games last year (placed 9th)handstands took me out at the regional qualifiers this year...my teammate Cyndi Frieling competed this year and did well (13th). I am hungery to improve my weaknesses...you implement some of Poliquin TUT with your workouts...I used to train under one of his master coaches when I preparing for the Olympic Trails in 2000. Anyway, I am going to pick you as my coach this year...I completed 8 rounds of the couplete broke sets at round 3 at the CTB phase...the breathing kept me focused on the next task.

Sweeney said...

Did this WOD in a sweatbox at the hotel in Anaheim.
11 rds.

Fractioning with the pull-ups started in rd 6. Foam grip bar made my hands pretty slick.

Sub'd 20lbs DB thrusters for wall balls.

Tabata work as Rx'd. Stuck to 7-8 reps per round for both exercises. Worked on a wider stance with the squats and played with arm width for the push ups.

I can't wait to get home and get back on the OPT approved menu. Coach would gag if he know what I've eaten over the last 8 days. I'll have to say a few hail mary's when I get back.

Anonymous said...

Hi James...

10 rounds + wall ball...no issues with wall balls relaxed and unbroken..chinups a different story...L-ups with a slight jump and slow on the descent...ugly kipping pull ups (but got them done) and c to b done as jumping pull ups..chin ps mostly fractioned in segments...

tabata work out...pushups stayed in the 7 range faded to 6 at the end....air sqauts worked on postire and full rom throughout...legs felt good

30gram protein + glutamine after + a small peach


Jefff said...

Sub'd 45lbs barbell thrusters for wall balls. Sub'd chin break vertical plane of bar for C2B (ceiling still too low!!!)

9 Rounds - Breathing as Rx'd. Felt smooth until last round when breathing started to get a little messed up.

Tabata (Felt good, no problems. Arms started to burn by the end)
Push-Ups - 6,8,8,8,8
Squats - 7,8,7,7,8

Ross Blake (Aus) said...

9 rounds as:

Wall balls straight through.
Pull ups fractioned after round 3 between kipping and c2b.
Breathing was 10 breaths after wb and 10 after pull ups as i misread the post!!

Ran short on time for skill work but will crank it out later today.

dontpanic356 said...

Worked up to CJ of 255, then did 4 singles at that weight.

Wall balls unbroken, pull ups had to be broken up after the kipping reps. First 4 rounds were straight through.

Tabata work was nice and smooth.

CrossFit HR said...

9 rounds unbroken. Truly forced myself to slow down breathing. Will pay dividends in the longer metcons.

Tabata did 3 sec down and up methodically. 3 reps per round on each exercise. Lots of eccentric.