Jim Nas Dix Chip Her

for time;
100 ft walking lunges
50 push up burpees
25 knees to elbows
5 rope ascent - 15'
50 box jumps - 24"/20"
25 L Pull Ups
50 GHD Sit Ups

post time to comments in celebration of Tuck's visit to CrossFit Calgary this weekend
knee grazes and hips come to full ext on lunges
chest to deck, clap overhead on burpees
feet allowed on rope
hips at full extension at top of box jump
legs straight at top and bottom of L Pull Up, i.e. you must start at bottom without momentum getting legs to straight, then you must straighten your arms completely at bottom BEFORE you lower your legs
games standard on GHD sit ups, both hands touch floor or object at full extension

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 30g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 30g prot/40g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/60g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 20 g prot/15 g carb
12-14% - 20 g prot/30 g carb
below 12% - 20 g prot/45 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


Geoff Aucoin said...

Holy f$%kin' ass crackers.

Geoff Aucoin said...

I mean, this should be called, 'Grey'd Bick Shed Sam-Wedge.'

Sam Edwards said...

any good subs for rope??

Hixy said...


100 ft walking lunges - easy
50 push up burpees - easy
25 knees to elbows - mediocre... getting better after watching unit's movie of them, still can't string them fast together.
5 rope ascent - 15' - sub: 7 towel pull-ups - poor
50 box jumps - 24"/20" - Used 30" - easy, worked on speed.
25 L Pull Ups - poor. Did tucks instead of straight legs 3/2/2..../3 (25)
50 GHD Sit Ups - medium


Joel B. said...

plenty of room for improvement in movements (l-pu) and time.

L-PU the knees were 90 degrees out, but if you put a dowel below my knees it would definitely roll down hill a bit. Getting better though.

Rope ascents were 7 DH towel pullups per ascent.

Thanks for the great cycle! Nutrition cert today.

PTS said...

don't have a pullup bar at the lake so I did a modified "Hansen."

5 rds for time 30 kbs 1.5 pd, 30 burpees, 30 situps. - 24:58. I am now crushed.

Geoff Aucoin said...

21:38, wanted sub-20 but the GHS's brutal. I think I finished the l-pulls at about 17 minutes so I had a chance, but the abs were not willing.

I Was chasing Gordie but he's too damn fast!!

Gord said...

* need to use a band to do GHD. It seems to be working as my rom has improved and the stabbing in my lower back is way less than in the past.

Thanks for the push Geoff

Garage Crossfitter said...

Sub for rope climbs? I have a rope but only an 8.5 ft pullup bar to hang it on...go figure..

Geoff Aucoin said...

Towel pull-ups have always been subs for rope climbs. Maybe hang the rope over the bar and use it like you'd use the towel.

Scotty Hagnas said...

19:49' as Rx'ed.

Notes: Tried to keep a smooth, relaxed steady pace. Felt good today.
Did 10 rope climbs, as our rope is short.
GHD situps really sucked at the end, had to push hard to get the sub 20.

Some handstand press, bridge, and rotational pushups afterward.

PWO: 30p/60c Pomegranate juice, sweet potato, egg white protein, 4g lysine.

Laura said...

23:25--good speed until the last 2 activities. L-ups, and GHd's very slow! Thank goodness there were some rope climbs. Good work Michelle for pushing through the rope climbs and making yourself do it!!!

Garage Crossfitter said...

*subbed 35 rope pullups, hand over hand, i would have rather been doing regular rope climbs.*
-L-pullups were real good but could be alittle tighter at the bottom
Everything else was slow and steady, ghd's were in 10's, KE's were 15/10.

Rob Ottesen said...

So i just got home from my brutal workout with Rory and Unit. To start off we all wanted to PR on dead lift. So we did some mobility movements and warmed up a bit and right into the DL. I was happy with my lift as i beat my last recorded PR by 45lbs i lifted 450lbs. Unit and Rory had a better day to say the least. Unit dug deep within himself to muster a quite impressive 500lbs and Rory wow let me tell you.. he put up 585 with literally about as close to a lock out as you could get but just couldnt bust over the hump. non the less very very impressive work today on all parts. Then we went right in to the WOD i wont post there times as im sure they will blog in a bit.


wow i hate burpees ruined my whole workout but was able to stay consistant enough to pull out a good time. Tomorrow we are going to get nasty in the ANVIL will post tomorrow.

Paul said...


I listened to OPT's crossfit radio episode yesterday. It motivated me to stop trying to pace workouts for the best time and instead go all out in an effort to build work capacity. I tried to really push this one. I just couldn't recover after the burpees.

I have to admit that 25 K2E's felt better than the 150 I had to on the 20th!

Leighanne said...

100 ft walking lunges - straight thru
50 push up burpees - straigh thru
25 knees to elbows - broken into 3, 2 and 1's; post partum mid section is finally waking up
5 rope ascent - 15' - started from seated position to get full 15' - took 1 min rest in btn rep 1-2/2-3 and 2 min rest in btn 3-4/4-5
50 box jumps - 24"/20" - straight thru (jump up, step down)
25 L Pull Ups - sub'd kipping knee up's (these took me forever)
STOPPED CLOCK AT 24:57, Chloe woke brought, started GHD's 2 min
finished with 5 x 10 reps of GHD Sit Ups; chloe needed to be held so had to break them up into short sets (life of a mom!)
had to altermate hands over head as games standard really pulled on my low back....why?

Michelle said...

38:34!!!(no fun posting that #)

Well...by the 5 min. mark started rope climbs. Got the 1st, then failed the next 4...wasn't using feet at all! They were on the rope, but I just couldn't get coordinated and actually use them! Guess I forgot how, haven't done a rope climb in 6mnths. Decided to persevere and got the next 4...moved on from the rope climbs at 25:30. Feel good about L-pull ups...pretty much one at a time, but worked hard not to use momentum. Thanks to Gord and Laura for the push. Nice work Laura!

unit said...

rob... great 2 meet u 2day, and hell of a flippin wod 2day bro!...

2 recap our day...

rob - 450 (big pr!... way 2 succomb 2 peer pressure!)
unit - 500 (pr!... happy 2 finally break 5 hundy!)
rory - 555... 585 attempts x2 couldn't muster the lockout... gripped slipped the last 2 inches...
will post bids when I get back 2 kc... I know I could use some critiques on my dl form...

rob - 13:20
unit - 12:40
Rory - 14:16

only sub was on ghs... used an incline w full extension so both hands touched ground... hard 2 explain, but it felt like a ghs...

Rob... looking 4ward 2 a kick a$$ session 2morrow at the ANVIL!...


Rory Hanlin said...

What else is there to post?

Unit stole my thunder...

JonathanT said...


subbed 35 towel pull ups for rope climbs
my "box" jumps were at ~21 inches
no ghd so weighted sit ups w/ a 20lb dumbbell
kte's were kipped
and I did my best to maintain the L sit on the way up and down, but most of mine were closer to 70-80 degrees rather that 90.

this workout thoroughly sucked, but I look forward to doing it again in the future and making a vast improvement on my time (and my L pulls...).

N.H said...

This absolutely smashed me. Before doing it I was looking at it like..."Oh, sub 15 for sure..." Somewhere around the towel pullups (had to sub for rope climbs) I realized how sorely mistaken I was.

Everything RXd but the Rope climbs where I subbed 35 towel pullups.


The GHDs alone took a good 6 minutes. L pullups were sad and I could barely muster the standard. Additionally i earned a nice blister on my left palm heel from the pushup-burpees...nice hot california sun baking the cement.

I love having my weaknesses exposed and being humbled! Awesome.

PW meal: Mango/Apple Juice + Beef Jerky (7C, 4P)


Brent Maier said...

Time: 22:45

100ft Lunges: Unbroken
50 PUB's: Unbroken
25 K2E: First 10 kipping, rest singles for the most part
5 rope ascent - 15': These busted my ass. If there is ONE CF movement I have not even come close to mastering it is the rope climbs. Did these at colorado springs crossfit affiliate today. These took a good 5 minutes because I couldn't get the feet engaged. Spent more time hanging around like a monkey. Frustrating!
50 box jumps - 24": Wore cotton cargo shorts today because of the fiberous rope they have. Tears the hell out regular shorts. Well, sweaty cotton shorts that go to the knee's fight you. Although they fought me, I did all box jumps with unbroken singles.
25 LPU: All in singles. No shoulder pain which is good.
50 GHD: The GHD machine was a little short for me so it wasn't ideal but they were as RX'd. Painful!

The rope kind of broke the spirit today after blowing threw burpees and K2E's. Tomorrow is another day!!!

Brian Maier said...


Had a tough time with this one. The 100 k2e's I did last night was not a good idea because the GHD situps killed me today. I really had a tough time doing the L pullups as well. I worked hard on keeping legs at 90 degrees throughout entire pull and then back down to dead hang. The only substitution was 5 X 7 towel pullups for the rope ascent.

Very humbling...looking forward to rest day and wearing my "skins" tomorrow.

Jefff said...

24:30 As Rx'd

CRUSHED!!!! Spent over 6 mins on GHDs, and about 5 mins on rope climbs. Not a good day!

Matt Baird said...


I am a student at the Univ. of Alabama and trainer during the summer at Crossfit North Atlanta. The reason for my post is one of inquiry. I really like your philosophy regarding post workout meals. Determining an athletes intake based on their body fat, sex, and WOD really makes sense. My question is how do you determine the ratios for the PWO meal? Obviously the length and intensity of the WOD plays a critical role, but that seems to elementary. Please get back to me and let me know what the logic and factors are? Also, I hope to see you at the games next year, I missed the qualifiers this year due to attending a funeral.. Keep working your tail off man your an inspiration.

Matt Baird

SteveC said...

Did this one at the local park again on the jungle jim. Everything as rxd except for the rope climb. There was only one of those straight poll so I used that and did 7 ascents. The GHD I did on bleachers.

Time: 15:27

Surrey Sterling said...

Just a disaster, rope climbs were brutal. I was given the how to rope climb with feet class after the wod by Rumble. He smoked this one in 18 minutes.

26:30 for me.

David X said...


subbed 25 rope pullups for the rope ascents.

Sweeney said...

22:21 as rx'd

pretty toasty inside the compound on Sunday afternoon.

GHD's were to the platform (5.5" off floor)

Just got back from camping and I rushed this one in before dinner. Mediocre diet is more of a burden on my mental strength than physical as I walked away from this one sweaty but not overly fatigued. Therefore, I have to push harder when my brain is telling me to stop.

Sunday is a good day to learn something about myself...

YoungManRumble said...

17:57 - Box jumps...GDH....and L pull ups which I'm usally strong on killed me...

Pfeifalife said...

subbed a 10' rope climb and did 8 ascents, still sucky in execution.

23 minutes something.

sucked my way through this entire thing. bodyweight wods usually don't utterly own me but this one did. mentally couldn't get my head around anything all day. no excuse...

CrossFit HR said...

hit the L pullups at 9:04. Left L pullups at 14:53. Ouch. Can't claim all L-ups were 100% legit. Lets started bending slightly around rep 15 or 16.