for as many sets as possible:
perform 5 unbroken db hang squat clean - 40#/25#/h, then IMMEDIATELY perform 9 unbroken chin ups; that is set # 1; rest EXACTLY 45 sec, then for as many sets as you can do 5 unbroken hang squat clean and add 3 unbroken chin ups to each round for as many sets; rest 45 sec b/t every set
(i.e. rd 1 - 5/9, rd 2 - 5/12, rd 3 - 5/15, rd 4 - 5/18...)

post the sets you were able to complete without fractioning as well as what you would like to see at the CF games as the events this year to comments
if you miss getting 21 chin ups for example on rd 5, your score is 4 rounds


PTS said...

I don't have DB's. Does anyone know what weight would be comparable using barbell? Thanks

David X said...

5 cleans/15 chin ups in rd 5

Arms were smoked quickly in this wod.

I know the majoity of people here are Canadian but nonetheless, I hope everyone has a great Indepence Day today. Despite our failed Health Care system, economic crisis, endless war, this is still the greatest place to live in the world--plus Sara Palin is quitting her job!


David X said...

BTW- I'm trying to pass this article around to all the CrossFitters I know. A load of horseshit for sure, and they even go as far as to defame Kelly Starett in the article. Please read and post your comments to the site.


Jefff said...

5 Rounds completed. Failed after 5 cleans, and 8 pull-ups in round #6.

Garage Crossfitter said...

4 complete rds, failed on 19th pullup in 5th round....very disappointed with this wod, i felt great, fatigue was no issue at all, i had ZERO grip left.
*subbed 115# barbell HSC*

Garage Crossfitter said...

A TRUE test of OVERALL fitness.
4 events
1) heavy metcon 3-5 min range
2)Run or Row for distance 15-25 min
3)bodyweight Metcon 15-20 min
4)CFT or something similar, based on Calgary Qual scoring method.

Scoring would be points, not every second counts.

Day 1- #1,2
Day2- #4,3

Something very similar to the Calgary qual.

Gord said...

5 rounds
got 19 of the 21 chin and then made the mental mistake of coming off the bar

Michael FitzGerald said...

4 rounds. Made 11 of 21 chins and grip/arms were screaming uncle.
CF Games
Just make it fair. If it is mostly bodyweight movements in one WOD, then the other movements in that WOD had better be favouring the taller/larger guys (rowing/ wall balls/tough o-lifting, etc). I want it to live up to what Glassman defines fitness - work capacity across broad times and modal domains - not just 0 - 5 mins.
Oh, and a points based scoring system, not time based.
Other than that, I have no expectations from myself, top 50 would be good. But, I want to live it/experience it/then learn from it.

Hixy said...

4 rds 6 chins.

CF games:
1 - Something similar to CFT but with a mix of strength and power.
2 - Long metcon - 30 min.
3 - Heavy metcon - 10 min, really taxing.
4 - Long monostructural activity.

The 10 domains of fitness should be adressed in each of the above.

PTS said...

3 complete RDs with 115lb HSC.
literally slipped off the bar after 17 pullups. Lots of swear words ensued.

If I were competing I'd want to see deadlift, situp, run as one of the WODS.
As far as a complete test encompassing all measures of fitness, I'll leave that up to those with wayyy more crossfit knowledge than me.

deejay said...

4 rounds + 12 of the 21 chins..... Chins felt awesome... grip just completely gave out. I probably could have pushed it more but I could feel my hands tearing and it is too close to the games to be tearing my hands for 2 or 3 more reps...

deejay said...

As for the games.... I'd love to see events that challenges every athletes weaknesses... A wide range of functional movements across broad time and modal domains, it's really that simple... I know that if I won, i'd want to win knowing I got my ass kicked, I took my performance to a level unseen and no weakness was left untested....

Lauren said...

made it 4 rounds plus 8 pull-ups

as for the games, i agree with both mike and dj- but i would be lying if I didn't say i wanted some running to come up.

Ari said...


Any chance we could make the playlist available also in the US itunes store? It won't let me download it.


Bulldog9 said...

For a CrossFit Games workout, I have a couple of ideas:

1 mile row
1 mile run
For Time

12 mile ruck march, 70lbs for guys/35lbs for women

A 20lb vest for every event

rwcorson said...

Happy 4th to all the American Dawgs!

Grant said...

noon @ OPT
4 rnds + 14 KCUs (ie 7 short of 21)
thought I would have had a harder time with the DB SCs but it was the KCUs that failed me. SI joint still out of control. Never give up!
Ditto on the 4th of July to the American Dawgs

For Aromas I'd like to see all 10 aspects of fitness & no weakness left untested. That's the heart of XFit. Kill the big guys on the hill runs. Crush the little guys on the heavy lifts. Everyone plays to their strengths & let the best man win

Hixy said...

Could you also make the playlist available in the Denmark itunes store? I'd really like to have it too! :)

Kathleen said...

3 rnds plus 13 KCUs (ie 5 short of 18). DB HSC felt great - good shrug

Yesterday's Big Dawg done 15 mins later

PCs 88/95/105

PS 58/68/73

400m run; 130/1:26.8

unit said...

still need to get to a track to do yest wod...

5 rounds, 12 pullups

5 rounds
6x 135 hang clean
6x 24" burpee box jumps


swartzap said...

Four rounds (got 19 of 21 pullups in the fifth)

Rested an hour

Four rounds of 1 min hill sprints
with 5-6 min rest between rounds.

Rested an hour

Hit the pool for 850m of front crawl

This kid is spent.

Todd Dyer said...

6 rounds
just about fell off the bar on the last rep

Scotty Hagnas said...

At the coast, visiting my parents for the Fourth. Had to piece this together there yesterday, found a 60 lb barrel to do hang squat cleans with, then did the pullups on a scrappy little pullup bar I had there as a kid.

4 rounds, failed shy of 21 pullups in the 5th.