Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

A1. Dead Lift - 1,1,1 - 70% for all 3 sets; 180 sec
A2. Ring Dips - 15,15,15; 180 sec
20 double unders, 7 breaths x 5
5 sets of 8 knees to elbows

post weights and notes to comments


Garage Crossfitter said...

DL @ 255
Ring Dips unbroken

DU unbroken, focused on big slow breaths during rest

KE, w/30sec break easy and fast

worked up to easy 350lb deadlift after, working on form, pr is 360 so I was happy with that...

PTS said...

DL @ 295
ring dips unbroken

3 sets of DU's unbroken 2 broken once

KE's smooth and kipping

Ali Jansen said...

Chose to give one of the SoCal Qualifier workouts a go.....
3 rounds for time:
450m Run
30 Overhead Squat (65#)

Time was 13:18
Runs felt like I had a piano tied to my ass but squats were all unbroken which I was very pleased with.
I would have come in 10th when comparing my time to the final results for this WOD.....not bad since my runs were less than stellar :)

Finished with a 1000m row and 5 sets of 8 Knees to Elbows for fun.

deejay said...

Deadlift - 352 - felt good
ring dips unbroken
double unders unbroken
K2E's unbroken

feel great....

Anonymous said...

Hi James...

Deadlift 275...felt light

no rings available today..standard probs

d/u's...not so good...became broken from third set on...

k2e' probs 90 secs in between though

Scotty Hagnas said...

DL - 255
Ring Dips - 15, all unbroken
Double unders - little better today...
K to E - unbroken, easy

Mixed some mobility/flexibility work between A1/A2 sets, a little light prehab work to finish.

PWO: 25p/25c chicken chorizo w/zucchinni, plus some yams.

I'll be taking tomorrow off. Good luck to everyone this weekend!! I hope to meet some more of the Dawgs while in Aromas.

Brent Maier said...


DL: 140kg(308#)
Ring Dips: Unbroken
DU's: Unbroken
K2E: Unbroken

Good luck to everyone competing this weekend! I'll be there on the sidelines cheering you on and look forward to meeting everyone.

Rory Hanlin said...

Squat 360x3 385x3 395x3 407x3 417xfail

Clean Pull 330x3x3

Thruster 95lbs, 25 reps

I wanted to get 40 reps of the thrusters. Didn't have anything left after the squats though.

Jefff said...

Deadlift- 1/315, 1/315, 1/315
Ring Dips - 15, 13/2, 9,4,2
DUs - Few trip-ups on 1,3,5. 2,4 straight through
K2E - Felt good, fast. 30sec rest b/t sets

David X said...

Deadlift: 240/240/240
RingDips were unbroken

Double unders were the best ever. Fractioned but I was able to quickly get back into the tempo and finished up each set. Not as gassed as I've been in the past.

K2Es: Unbroken until the 6th rep of set 5. Slipped off teh bar.

Still felt like I had a little left and PR'ed my deadlift with 365!

bLing said...

hey james,

all the best to you this weekend! i hope you kiss ass!

enjoy the experience,

bLing said...

hehe, i meant to say kick!!!