power to the...

for loads;
Power Clean - 3,3,3
Power Snatch - 3,3,3
Run 400 m @ 95%, rest 8 min x 2

post loads and run times to comments
rest as needed b/t sets

workout schedule:
July 3rd/4th/5th - singles
July 6th - off
July 7th/8th/9th - light singles
July 10th - off
July 11th/12th - CF games 2009 workouts
July 13th/14th - off
July 15th - resume schedule


Garage Crossfitter said...

power clean 185,195,205
power snatch 125,135,145
*all of those reps were dropped as singles with a quick re-set for grip*

400's 1:07, 1:02 (pumped about that one), done at 100%

felt real good today

Grant said...

OPT @ 9AM. Tough/painful SI/lower lumbar day. Gotta turn it around...

PC 179/179/179 (f@194). Will get back on track for my next goal of 225# squat clean.

PS 96/110/130

run 400m 1:22 & 1:19 with Newton shoes for POSE (from Gord's Running Store)

PTS said...

PC- 190x3, 200x3, 210x3 (PR)
PS- 135x3,145x3,155x3 (PR) used a split snatch which felt much better

my oly lifts are really coming along

400m- 58s(recent PR), 1:07 had a training partner today which helped push me along. Runs were done at the local HS track.

must have been the upstate NY air today Garage XFIT, b/c I felt great today as well.

Gord said...

Power clean 186,191,196
power snatch- 113,118,123(failed on 2nd rep)wanted 155...long way to go.

Runs..1:21, 1:18 (wanted 1:15 on both..work to be done)

Hixy said...

My gym is a mess due to the summer season. They close at the weirdest times without notifying anybody... For example, last weekend they had closed so I missed an awesome WOD...
anyway, this resulted in my being locked in the building for half an hour. I then managed to crawl out a window by stacking some weighlifting gear together...

I was also strained for time, but this is what I got:

PC: 50 kg, 61,25 kg, 70 kg. Previous 1RM PC was 67,5 kg. Huge improvement.
PS: 40 kg, 45 kg. 45 kg was previous PS PR.

Run: 1:20 and 1:18. Couldn't get to a track and had to run around 4 corners. I think I can subtract 6-8 seconds if I'm on a track. More sprint work would be awesome. I love sprinting.

Unit: I just got Complications by Atul Gawande. Great book, I may even finish it today. By the way, did you get my email?

Chad Action Brandt said...

Power Clean X3 175/185/195#
Power Snatch X3 115/125/135
400 X2 1:09.68/ 1:09.04

Scotty Hagnas said...

Power clean x3: 155/165/165 PR, I think.
Power snatch x3: 115/120/125x2 reps, lost the last.
400m: 1:13', 1:15' On the street w/ sharp corners and dodging traffic on the second run.

Felt good today. PWO: 40p/40c; chicken and yams

David X said...

HIXY-Did you get any free equipment while you were locked in?

Sweeney said...

Still out camping.

Got the family/friends into a group WOD.

2 person teams.

2 rds: 400m run, 100 box jumps, 150 sit-ups, 200 squats

Wife and 11 yr old niece: 32:44

Me: 33:56

Buddy and 13 yr old nephew: 36:16

The two person team each had to run 400m and only one person could be working at a time.

I only ran 1 x 400m for each round.

Pre WOD: Sand castle building contest

Post WOD: Bean bag tourny

rwcorson said...

As many reps as possible of power clean @ 135# for 1 min & knees to elbows for min X 3, no rest between - 78 reps
Rest 10 mins
400m run @ 80% 1:19 rest 3 min
400m run@ 90% 1:15
400m run@ 100% 1:11
Legs were like wood for the runs.

Jefff said...

Power Clean - 3/175, 3/185, 3/195
Power Snatch - 3/115, 3/125, 3/135
400m Run - 1:01 (PB!!!)
400m Run - 1:01

Measuerd 400m route on nice flat paved road with new measuring wheel.

Michael FitzGerald said...

PS - 126/131/136
PC - 209/219/224
Runs - 62/62
Feel Awesome!

David X said...

Power cleans: 195/215 New PR/220 Newer PR
Power Snatches: 155/165/175

400s: :69 & :71

I don't know hat it was tonight, but I was slow moving to get warmed up but I just felt stronger and stronger as I went. New PRs all over the place tonight.

Sprints were great. I wore my Vibrams and I actually felt fast tonight during the 400. Usually I feel like a retarded kid running around on fire but not today.

Some songs that popped up on my iPod during the WOD to keep me fired up were:

Maggots - GWAR
LAdy Don't TEk No - Latryrx
Nothing Remains - Chimaira
Attitude - Misfits
Dead Skin Mask - Slayer

swartzap said...

Power Snatch 155, 165, 165
Power Clean 225, 225, 225
400m 1:18, 1:15 (bit of a hill w/ a few corners)


deejay said...

I was going to take an extra rest day and pick up this workout on the weekend, but I felt good today and decided I would do it.

PC - 255/265/275(2) got the 3rd rep in a 3/4 squat...

Snatch - 165/185/200(2) got the 3 rep in like a 5/8's squat juuuust below parallel...

runs - 70s/71s - at CFC with a turn around at 200 m. Not much of a POSE, but I'll take it...

Good session, I feel very good!

Brittany said...

PC - 115/125/135
PS - 75/85/95
Run - 84/81

Brent Maier said...

Brent: 37/6'2"/195
PC: 100/100kg(220#)/110kg(1)
PSnatch: 60/70kg(154#)/80kg(1)
Runs: 1:19/1:19 - Hilly 400's

Cara: 37
PC: 95/95#/100x2
PSnatch: 45/55/65#
Runs: 1:36/1:34 - Hilly 400's

Mom: 57
10 PUB's
10 38# front squats
10 Walking Lunges
500m Row
Time: 36:35 x5 Rounds

Arilyn: 11
Time: 23:13 x3 Rounds

Parents are visiting so Mom had to join into the fun! The pullup bar is up and looking good. Metallic Blue and Black. Sounds like I get to use it for the first time tomorrow!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Same team WOD as Rob C but I got 96 reps for the PC and K2E and the runs were 1:23, 1:17, 1:17. Feelin' rough and ready for next week!

Lauren said...

PC- 135/145/155 (F)
PS- 75/85/95

400m 1:16/1:14

Todd Dyer said...

power clean
1. 185 lb
2. 195 lb
3. 200 for 2 failed on third
power snatch
1. 125
2. 135 failed about 15 times couldn't keep it over head got pissed off and quit
1. 1:16
2. 1:15