day 8/45

"Press, Push, Swing"
1. Press 1RM in 4 minutes
2. Tabata Push Ups - low score
3. AMRAP KBS (1.5/1 pd) in 4 minutes

warm up as you wish; with an empty bar as your starting point, add or subtract weights as needed on a 4 minute timer to determine your Press 1RM; once the 4 minutes is up, you have a 10 sec break before you begin 8 sets of Tabata Push Ups (20 sec work/10 sec rest) scored by the lowest # of reps you do in a set; once you have finished your last set of push ups, you have 10 sec before embarking on a 4 minute swing session with your favourite piece of metal for total reps.
Score = press 1RM in kg + low # in tabata push ups + total KBS (i.e. 70+15+75=160)

post score to comments
(no knee bending on press; chest to deck and hands below shoulders on push ups with feet tight together; ear must be visible from side view on swings)

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 35g prot/15g carb
8-12% - 35g prot/25g carb
below 8% - 35g prot/35g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 25g prot/15g carb
12-14% - 25g prot/25g carb
below 12% - 25g prot/35g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


Steve Smith said...
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Steve Smith said...

It amazes me how quickly things change here.

Coach, I completed the competition last weekend in between missions then got stuck in a sand storm and have been sent to a different location since. The videos are complete, but I haven't been back 'home' since finishing the comp to upload. Once I get back and am able to post everything to Vimeo, can my scores be included in the series standings? I expect to be sent back this Friday-ish.

As close as I can remember (will have to check when I get back), my scores were:

FGB: 351 (Sub Burpees for Row)
Front Squat: 152.2
Snatch: 84.0
Pull-ups: 45
Double Unders: 530-540

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start.


Rob Ottesen said...

Dear god this is not going to be fun. My shoulders are aching. I am going to try and do row workout after. If not does anyone have recommendation of a sprint workout that will compare to the suck of the rows?

unit said...


6 x 150m... on 90 sec... 100%

10 x 100m on the minute

200m 30sec rest x3
3min rest
200m 30sec rest x2
3min rest

kick a$$ with whatever u do!...


Martin Altemark said...

Shoulders wasn't really working with me today.

Press: 65kg (failed 67.5kg).
Tabata pushups: lowest 10
Swings: 93. Didn't have "it" today. Got weak.

Score: 65+10+93 = 168

Fun couple of days. Thanks coach!

David X said...

Looking forward to this one. I feel like I've stalled a bit with press progression. I'm really gonna attack this one.

Gord said...

shoulder press -157 (71.36 kg)
Tabata pushup -12
kb swings-83

KurtGP said...



35g whey protein-15gcarb coco water

Marcus Allen said...

Good morning!

SP= 63.6 kg
TPU= 7
KBS= 64

Total= 134.7

PWOF= 30g P whey shake, 1 apple

BFast 1 hour later= 4 eggs, 1C veggies, almonds

Switching to 12 hour night shifts tonight so I'm not sure how my work out schedule will change. Any thoughts, suggestions or comments are welcome.

have a great day!

Chris Dunkin said...


not good planning on the press-felt rushed, sandbagged the push-up's, and tried to make up for it on the swings; did two sets 80, and 23.

Chris Dunkin said...

Scotty- I'm going to be in pdx this wknd, can I join you for the doubles?
I'll send you an email as well.

Ryan B. said...

shoulders/chest were real sore and fatigued from the start...

press=135 lbs (61 kg) (far from pr)

pushups= 7 (not happy)

55lb db swings= 70

-rest will be good tomorrow haha

Ryan B.

Mack Lar said...

Like everybody else, my shoulders were wrecked today.
Didn't game the pushups enough, went too hard, too early. 21 in the first round and then fell off from there.
My press 1RM has not budged in the last year of training(155lb). All other lifts have gone up significantly but the press is going nowhere. I understand that technique on the Olympic lifts is going to cause some of the progression I've seen, but it can't account for all of it. Any suggestions from the group? Anybody experience this same thing? I appreciate the help.

Ryan B. said...

im right there with you press pr is 160 lbs...hit that about 5-6 months ago...havent even hit 155 since then, but just like you, every other lift for me has gone!!

Ali Loach said...

Press: 90
Pushups: 5
KBS: 75
Pleased with today's performance as I'm fighting off something.Yesterday was an unplanned rest day due to the fact that I woke up sick as a dog so I was skeptical of how today would turn out.

deejay said...

Mack, your not going to hit a PR in 4 mins, especially with what we did yesterday... I used to always worry about my numbers on a day to day basis, but since I have started this programming I ALWAYS peak at the right times (during competition), I don't know how or why this happens, but I'm pretty sure James does... Just stick with it...

Doug Zirkle said...


Thought I'd pass along something I learned the other day, and I'd like to pose a couple of questions.

First, I finally figured out how to get the kinks out of PVC jump ropes like the Buddy Lees. I tried lightly stretching them between weights in the hot sun and immersing them in hot water followed by "retraining," both with poorer results than I wanted. Finally, I just sat them down on my gym floor and let 'em have it with a heat gun. Worked unbelivably well. You need a fair amount of heat, but I think a hair dryer on high would probably do it. I applied the heat to the kinks, focusing on the convex side. The kinks unfolded on their own; all I had to do was continue to arrange the rope in a straight line as I heated the kinks. My ropes now look like they were never folded, not even a hint of the kinks. I apologize if this is well-known, but it was new to me and I thought I'd pass it along in case it helps any of you.

The questions:

I'd like to get a video camera to record my WOs. Any suggestions on cameras that work partiularly well for recording training? My gym isn't enormous, so I need to have pretty decent wide-angle capabilities. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The other question is about glutamine. I've been using 3g of glutamine for every 10g of protein in my post-WOD fuel. Any thoughts about how much glutamine to take, and whether it should be scaled to the WO? If yes, then just scale to protein, or scale to pro + cho? Any thoughts you have would be appreciated.



Scotty Hagnas said...

Press: 130lbs/59kg
Pushups: I was maintaining 12 until the end.... score 8
KBS: 81 reps
PWO: Five spice chicken, yams, applesauce.
Looking forward to the rest day, sore all over.

Chris- Let's do it! I sent you an email.

Doug- Thanks for the suggestion - I just got a Buddy Lee and was wondering how to straighten it out better.

PTS said...

poor game planning. grip and shoulders are beat.

press- 68kg
tabata- 10
kbs - 95.

i started with 15 for first 4 rds of tabata. next 2 hit 14, then last 2 could only manage 10. I should have set a lower number from the start like 12 and I may have hit it.

grip was shot for KBS and could barely hang on. wind felt good though.

Justin Flynn said...

Did the second part of yesterdays WOD this morning.

A. 100# no drops

B1.20,20,20 (funny how i got the same number each round. But failed miserably each time going for my 21st.)

B2. 20,18-2,15-5 (was using those neoprene sure grip things bc my hands are torn up at the moment. They keep the hands nice but they are about an inch thick and really make grip a factor. Think i could have gotten 20 on all sets had i had bare hands.

Anyone wrap tennis racket grip tape on their pullup bar? Or anyone use anything similar? My entire gym is getting rips on our new pullup bars. Suggestions?

KSC said...

a)140 - 63.5
c)70 back felt ok from yesterday did not over push

Total = 143.5

Lisa M said...

Press 95# (43kg) PR I have been trying to hit this for a very long time so i am totally stoked - plus my shoulders and pecs are completely baked from ring dips/push ups etc of the last few workouts so i am sure fresh i can easily hit 100+ wooo hoooo

Push ups were pathetic my pecs felt like they were going to rip off my chest 7 was lowest

Kbs i love kbs 95

score 43+7:(+95 = 145

Oh heavenly rest day!!!!!

Surrey Sterling said...

Good times, feeling pretty on these dayz. diets great, pleaty of sleep, and body's recovering well. Actually looking foward to the 6 WODHIT this weekend!

Press - 80KG
PU - 7 (Goat)
KB Swings 87


CrossFitBWI said...

Press 75kg

Push up 7 (should have shot for 9 held at 11 for 7 rounds)

Kb Swings 76 (dogged it! coughing up crud, and my wind was bad) Should have hit in the 90's

Total= 158

Garage Crossfitter said...

press- 70.4
pushups 10
swings 101

total= 181.4

pushups were horrible, chest sore from dips the other day and shoulders are toast from last chest and shoulders are the only body parts that build up so much lactic acid during high rep exercises, my muscles go to complete

Ali Loach said...

Oops, Forgot to add total:
41+5+75 = 121

YoungManRumble said...

Press - 75kg

PU - 9 (should have pushed it a little harder but wanted enough juice to take a good run at the KB swings)
KB Swings - 98

Total - 182

joey warren said...

1. press- 95, 145, 155, 175, 185(f)
score =79.5
2. tabata-26,23,17,13,12,11,11,11
3. KBs- 93

So i ppicked up the 70lb KB and did 30 swings with that before I realized it wasnt the 53lb- I just thought I was really tired when it felt so heavy- oops

score= 184.5

Greg Soneff said...

A: 65kg
B: 7 reps (lowest score)
C: 99 swings

Total = 171

My grip is trashed...looking forward to a rest day.

Doug Zirkle said...

Press: 140# (5# PB)
Push-ups: 10
KBS: 82

Total 63+10+82 = 155

Wanted 140 in the press and was pleased to get it. Only 10 lbs. from pressing my BW, which would be a nice achievement for me. Did 12s on the push-ups until the last two sets, both of which were 10. Did 83 swings, but didn't count the very first one as it was short. If I'd have been less conservative on the swing pacing, I think 90 was there for the taking. Overall, pleased. Wanted 150+ and got it. Feeling good, looking forward to some active recovery, and eager for the triple double.

Hope all the Dawgs have a great rest day.

Scotty: you're more than welcome. I owe you anyway, as your recommendation regarding Ido Portal was really helpful. Thanks!

Rob Ottesen said...

Happy Hump Day big dogs WOOF.
Today i came into this thinking that it wasnt going to be that bad well it was.
My shoulders are thoroughly smoked.

Press 185lbs= 84kg
Pushups =15 poor planning for these

Chris Dunkin you were my motivation today. i wanted 100 but ill just have to give up the man card just this one time. good shit i am ready for a break.

AND THEM...15-20 min later
I did the row workout OMFG....
Like everyone else had i eated something i would have meet Mr. Pukie. i am heading on a little trip this weekend to the location of the film Last of the Mohicans to do a little backpacking with the wife should be nice and relaxing i cant wait.

Ali Loach said...

AWESOME Job Lisa!!!!

Wes hendricks said...

1. 66 (current 1 RM)
2. 14
3. 75 (had to use 62 lb KB)

dontpanic356 said...

I was out of town all day yesterday at the shoothouse....Great training.

Did 2nd part of Wod after training today.

Sn: 135#
OHS: 41 reps
Pull ups: all unbroken...last set I almost slipped off due to grip.

dontpanic356 said...

I Forgot to mention I have finally been given a green light to run our team through a WOD tomorrow morning. Any ideas for a group workout (3 teams of 5). I'm thinking of doing a filthy 50 with 100 reps man working at a time.

Any other ideas?

Chad Action Brandt said...

1.)Press = 67.7kg
2.)Tabata low 7
3.)KBS = 86

Total = 160.7

Anonymous said...

1 Press 1rm 68kg
2 Pushups 8
3 KBS 63
Happy with press PR is 155lb, but disappointed with KBS should have got more shoulders need the rest.

Becky said...

36 kg for press ( 80 lb)
8 push ups
88 kb swings.

been doing opt off and on for a few weeks. i'm going to try to stick with the training and see what happens in november.

becky, crossfitgp

Sailorcrew said...

8 reps
81 swings

Total: 162

April Hanlin said...

1. Press 75# (34.1kg)
2. PU 5 (on knees. PU are a huge weakness, yet they are greatly improved compared to one month ago.)
3. KBS 80

Total 119.1

Ryan G. said...

65.9 + 6 + 78 = 149.9

- I am actually pleased with my push ups. The last Tabata PU's I did for low score was 3 if im not mistaken.

CrossFit HR said...

SP 70.45 (10lbs off 1RM)
Pushups min = 14
Swings = 100

Total = 184.45


Justin Flynn said...

"Press, Push Swing"

1. 70kg press
2.10 pushups
3.88 swings


My shoulders were shot having felt the effects of yesterdays 2nd wod that I did this morning.
Post WOD fuel:
1 quart of goats milk, 1 banana, 1 cup of applesauce

Lauren said...

1. Press 95# (43.1kg)
2. PU 5
3. KBS 90 (35# DB)


Rory Hanlin said...

Press: 98 kilos
PU: 12 (should have done more)
Swings: 102

Total: 212

deejay said...

Press - 85kg
Tabata push ups - low score - 8
KBS - 83
Total score - 176

Joel B. said...

Score: 156.9
Press: 145#'s, 65.9 kg's.
went up pretty easy and I thought I could equal a pr of 150(done at bw of 30#'s heavier) but it stuck 1/4 way up.

Pushups Tabata score: 8
13, 12, 12, 11, 10, 10, 8, 8
Thought I would shoot for 11-13, but I crashed.

1.5 pood kbs: 84

Paul Klein said...

Press = 66kg (145lbs)
Tabata Push ups = 9 (I was holding 15 till the 7th round when I dropped to 12 then to 9 in the 8th round)
Swings with 55lb DB = 86
Total Score = 161

Two questions:
I second Doug Zirkle's question about video camera suggestions. I want to buy one before the next competition, what recommendations do you guys have?

Second, are any of you familiar with Bromelain? It was given to me for the pain in my wrist, it is apparently an "all natural" muscle pain and inflammation relief pill.

Thanks for any feedback.

Jefff said...

2nd WOD today (5:00PM)

Press - 135# (61.4kg)
TPU - 10
Swings - 73

Total - 144.4

Rob Ottesen said...

Damnit Rory i thought i could have hung with you on this one. but forgot that you press about 400lbs. Good job i may make a voyage to the anvil for the long weekend but it will probably be after i get back from Asheville

Kyle F said...

Press = 68 kg (need to work on that)
PU = 8 (terrible planning, first set was 24, stupid)
KDS = 73

Evan Johnston said...

woke up feeling like garbage and has continued all day so going to sit this one out and rest up for the weekend

Anonymous said...


70kg...5....80 = 155

David X said...

I wanted 100 kettlebells swings so badly!!!!!!!

1. 165#
2. 9
3. 93!!!!
Total score: 177!!!!

For those with questions about cameras. I use a Sony CyberShot (13.6 MegaPixels) with an extra big memory stick (4GB). You can adjust the resolution and get some pretty crisp footage in well lit areas.

Scotty, glad you like the Buddy Lee! It's amazing how the potential to do doubleunders was there the whole time, we just needed the right equipment.

It's time to rest up my snuff box and get ready to head off to Toronto this weekend!

An American Big Dawg in Toronto!

Michael McCabe said...

1. 66kg
2. 9
3. 95
Total = 170

Sounds like most people tried to game the tabata? I did too (and failed) but I'm wondering if it would be better in the long run to really go balls to the wall from the first round? Eg. do 23, 17, 12....6 instead of 13, 13, 13.... 9. If anyone wants to chime in feel free.

David X said...

I tried to game it as well and blew it. I started with three rds of 15 then sank like a lead balloon.

Mike Molloy said...

Pushing is an all around weakness of mine so I was pretty pumped for this WOD.

Press- 66kg
Push Ups- 8
55# Dumb bell swing-89

Definitely did something to my ribs at the indoor soccer game last night. Hoping just a bone bruise and not a break.

Mark R said...

Press 55kg
Push ups 10
KB Swings 57

Total 122
Need to work on those swings.

Lisa M said...

For those of you asking about a video camera I have an HD Flip it is awesome. Easy to use point and shoot great picture doesn't have the widest angle though but they are super cheap for what you get.

Paul I would very strongly recommend a product called Wobenzyme it is from Germany and does everything and more that you are looking for. I think you can buy it from OPT and if not let me know and I can hook you up. You can do some research on it either by googling wobenzyme or going to and looking it up under products.

Paul Klein said...

Lisa M

Thanks for the tip on the camera and wobenzyme. I will look into it.

EHR said...

Eric R

Press 74 (165 matched my pr)
Push ups 12 (aimed to match Gord)
KBS 100

186 total

Pfeifalife said...

Part 2 from yesterday done this morning tore up my traps and shoulders. Which set up pissing me off this evenings workout.

Not much shoulders left

Press: 75k
Pushups: 8 (shoulders quit on me after 3rd round)
KBS: 81 (was counting on these to boost my score and was let down yet again by shoulders and especially my traps on these.)

Score: 164

utterly disapointed in myself today, kept trying to to do shoulder swings and circles to stay loose but to no avail. Guess I'll pick up the pieces on Friday... It's gonna be a long weekend.

Pfeifdog said...

1. 185lbs (84 kilos)
2. 8
3. 87

total 179

chest and shoulders sore, i'm guessing it 3 workouts in 24 hours

post wod 30g of isopure and a smoothie

Blaine said...

Press: 62 kg
Push Ups: 7 (yikes)
KBS: 76

Total 145

Brent Maier said...


Press: 70kg
PushUps: 9
KBS: 102

Total: 181

Didn't mess around on the press. Tried for 70kg and tried 75 on the 3 minute mark. No go and let it go. I was thinking my last PR of tabata pushups was a 12 for some reason and decided to go 10 and save some for the kbs. 10's turned into 9 the last 2 rounds. KBS were tough on the buggered pinky but I was able to pull through. Steady long singles all the way. Treated this like we did our double unders a week ago, there was no time to rest.

I'll be off elk hunting this next cycle so we'll see you dawgs next week. My pinky needs a good week to heal up anyway so it couldn't have come at a better time.


rwcorson said...

I was trying for 12, but crashed & burned on set 6.
KBS-88 with 1.5 pood.

Erik Luber said...

Press: 56 kg
Tabata push ups: 6
KBS: 55
Total: 117

No mental toughness on the KBS. Goal was 150 for total. Pretty disappointed with these results. Looking forward to the rest day.

Doug Zirkle said...

David, Lisa: thanks for the camera ideas. Much appreciated!

rwcorson said...

There's some cool video of MiKe FitzGerald speaking about the training that goes on here on the CF main site. It's worth a look.

md said...

59kg + 10 + 76 (62 lbs) = 145

Todd Dyer said...

1. 63.5 kg
2. 12
3. 87
total = 162.5

Kathleen said...

SP = 40.8 kg
45(3) 55(3) 65(1) 70/75/80/85/90
Tabada push-ups = 4
KBS = 84
total = 128.8

Steve Smith said...

Press: 79.5kg
Push-up: 15
-Started out with three of 25, then sank fast. I was suprised at how much the foot and hand placement affected this.
KBS: 90

Total: 184.5

This has been a fun past couple of days. Thanks, Coach.

Paul Klein said...


Can you post a link to the Mike Fitzgerald video? I can't find it.

Slater Coe said...

1. Press 1RM in 4 minutes, rest 10 second - 135, 145, 155, 160f
2. Tabata Push Ups - low score, rest 10 second - high 18, low 4
3. AMRAP KBS (1.5 pd) in 4 minutes = 79

Score = 70.3kg + 4 + 79 = 153.3

rwcorson said...

It's on the main page in today's WOD section at the bottom, titled "The Crucible".

Chris Biles said...

Couldn't make it to the gym yesterday. Will probably do 2 out of the 3 double days coming up just so I'm not wrecked.

Press- 65kg (current 1RM)
Tabata- 7 (went out of the gates too hard)
Swings- 84 (1 pd)

Total- 156

Surrey Sterling said...


How about the classic 5 workstations team wod for reps. 4 persons working while 1 rests. BoxJumps, Pushups, KB Swings, 150-200 meter run, and rest station.

While the runner goes everyone works for reps except the restee. The runner returns to the rest station and everyone rotates.

The person moving to the next station yells his reps to the person replacing him and they continue on till the clock runs out. 10 minutes whatever.

So Runner goes and I'm on BJ's. Runner returns and rests. Restee takes my spot, I yell 100, they carry on 101. At the end you should have a huge rep count for each station. Total em up and you've got a winner!

Make sense

Anonymous said...

pushups=6 (least in round)
kbs @53Lb=102 reps


Anonymous said...

when are the shirts going to be out?

depaul said...

Did this yesterday but forgot to post: 66 + 6 + 62 = 134. Pushups are a classic thing that I suck at, but I am usually better at swings, I just didn't push myself hard enough yesterday. Friday things will be different...

rwcorson said...

Big Dawgs tshirt in now. Look in online store.

crossfitmamaof4 said...

80 lbs + 7 push ups + 97 kbs(35 lb) = 184
1 rmax press time seemed to fly by and really enjoyed kbs that part was fun!

Coach Cummings said...

Press: 61kg
Tabata Push-Up low score=12


AdamBall said...
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AdamBall said...

Thought push presses were Rx'd... damn.

push press = 175lbs = 79kg

push-ups = 7

kettlebell (1.5pood) swings = 65

Total = 151

Is it cool that I just join in now? I know I missed the beginning but I figured I'd just make due. I also read someone else is going to the cert in Toronto this coming weekend! Look forward to meeting you bud!

LongeFlucht said...
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Chris Fodera said...

45 @ 4:00
75 @ 3:30
95 @ 3:00
135 @ 1:35
140 @ 0:30 FAILED
- time went fast here and should have went heavier earlier

20, 16, 13, 8, 6, 6, 3, 4


Score: 61 + 3 + 80 = 144

JaredE said...

1. 175lb = 79.4kg
2. 22,20,20,19,18,18,18,18 = 18
3. 78
Total = 175

Dave Earl said...

1.) 75kg
2.) 10
3.) 95

Total: 180