day 28/45


3 sets:
12 SDLHP - 60% BWT
Row 90 sec @ 2K row race pace
rest 2 min
3 sets:
12 thrusters - 50% BWT
60 sec double unders
2 min rest
3 sets:
15 chin ups unbroken
20 box jumps - 20/14" unbroken
rest 30 sec

post notes to comments

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/30g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/50g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/70g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30g prot/20g carb
12-14% - 30g prot/40g carb
below 12% - 30g prot/60g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)
Training till Big Dawg Challenge # 2

27th/28th/29th - singles
30th - off
31st/Nov1st/Nov2nd - singles
3rd - off
4th/5th/6th - single/double/single
7th - off
8th/9th/10th - double/single/single
11th - off
12th - single
13th - off
14th - competition day
15th/16th/17th - off


Kyle F said...


Best I can think of is "Snatch Dead Lift High Pull"

Evan Johnston said...

sumo dead lift high pull

April Hanlin said...

For you Paleo eaters...

What are your thoughts on arrowroot powder? I've got an almond flour cookbook that uses it in several recipes.

email me at


Martin Altemark said...

SDHP/Row: Unbroken/1:45 avg, unbroken/1:45, unbroken/1:47

Thruster/DU: unbroken/40, unbroken/40, unbroken/26 (damn rope!)

PU/BJ: unbroken/unbroken, unbroken/unbroken, unbroken/15/5

Felt like shit during and after the PUs/BJs...

Ryan B. said...

FIRST COUPLET = 115lbs unbroken/1:45-1:47 avg
SECOND COUPLET = 95lbs unbroken/ subbed regular skips, didnt really count, but broke twice for each set

THIRD COUPLET = chins broken, and subbed 25 unbroken Box jumps
-rested 3 mins between each couplet

-this wod took alot out of me...great wod!! thanks coach!!

-Ryan B.

Erik Luber said...

BWT: 139 lbs

SDLHP @ 84 lbs, unbroken
Row: 152.5/1:54.3/1:54.3
Thruster @ 70lbs, unbroken
DUs: 64/59/53
Chins: unbroken butterfly
BJs: 15 reps unbroken on 24" box (no 20" available)
round times: 50/1:01/1:04

This one surprised me, really kicked the crap out of me. Thrusters feel much better, but really had to dig in on the last set. Great WOD!

David X said...

I use it a lot with my recipes and although it's slightly expensive it's better than using corn starch as a thickener. Did you have a specific question about it? Scotty will have a whole lot more info for you I'm sure...

Chris Dunkin said...

sdlhp: 130; unbrokenx3
rows: 145,145,144.5

Thrusters: 105; unbrokenx3
Du's: multiple fractions each round

Chins/bj's: unbroken

chins done on 2" bar, no other mods. rested approx. 3 min b/t couplets.

Aaron said...

Do people think it is more in the spirit of the workout to take longer than 30 seconds but make sure to get all of the pull-ups unbroken or go right at 30 seconds rest but risk breaking the pull-ups?

Hopefully I won't have to make this decision, but I am relatively new to this "unbroken" RX and am getting used to it.

Chris Fodera said...

I am in the market for some weightlifting shoes. Right now, I am lifting in Vibram 5-Fingers, but would like to take the dive and pick up a pair of quality lifting shoes.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Aaron said...

Oh, and I also wanted to make sure I read the FAQ correctly. People are taking 2 minutes rest between the sets AND when moving from one couplet to another, right?

Rest 2 Min
Rest 2 Min
Rest 2 Min
Rest 2 Minute

Jefff said...

SDLHP (99#) - Unbroken/Unbroken/Unbroken
**Row @ 2k race pace (1:46.8/500m)

Thrusters (85#) - Unbroken/Unbroken/Unbroken
Double Unders - First set sub'd 20 burpees (Bruce the Basset Hound ate my Buddy Lee), 2nd/3rd sets used a rope slightly too short as I was smacking myself in the back of the head with it. Need a new Buddy lee! Reps were 50 and 52.

Pull-Ups/Box Jumps - All Unbroken (0:52/0:48/0:45 were the times).

** Had to run to rower as WOD done at Globo today.

Gord said...

sdlhp- 93# -unbroken
rowing-1:45/1:47/1:53 (I mis calculated my 2k row pace to be 1:45 when it should have been 1:52)

Thrusters 76# -unbroken

Chins and box jumps all unbroken.

Scotty Hagnas said...

SDHP 106lb, unbroken
Row 1:50 pace...slower than my 2k, but all I had this morning.
Thrusters: 89lb, unbroken
Double unders - didn't count, focus on technique.
Chins: 15/15/12,1,1,1
Box jumps: unbroken, quick
Rounds= 48", 51", 58"
PWO: Refuel, whey, greens 40p/50c
Feeling my lack of sleep and a few drinks from last old video I produced was playing yesterday evening in a club here. Then, Tuesday is my earliest morning here. Never worth it.

April- I use arrowroot frequently in recipes. It is made from a root and has a pretty long history... Make sure that you find a quality arrowroot that does not contain added potato starch, as some will. It also makes a great thickener for sauces and soups.

By using arrowroot, you can avoid many of the problems from grain based thickeners. It does have a pretty high glycemic index, but in most cases, the quantity you'll use will be very small so it isn't a problem. Another knock on arrowroot is that it is fairly devoid of nutrients, but again, we aren't using very much of it at a time.

Good luck!

Ali Loach said...

SDLHP - 90# (broke into sets of 6)
Row - no idea what my 2k pace should be so I just got it done.

Thrusters - 75#(all unbroken)
DUs were a mess cause I was bagged.

Chins - unbroken (VERY pleased since I normally wuss out)
Box Jumps - unbroken

This workout OWNED me and I loved every minute of it.
Shoulder was a little sore and definitely didn't warm up enough because half way through the workout is when I felt like I got into it.

OPT said...

Aaron, its best to fail due to trying that to never know what you're capable of by taking more time, that's the idea behind the unbroken concept...makes you realize that breaking is sometimes not necessary
you are correct on the rest times
Chris, i have used power firm shoes for 5 years, love em, that's my .02..everyone else will have their say

Rory Hanlin said...

SDLHP: 135lbs
Row: 1:40, 1:40, 1:41

Thruster: 115lbs
DU: Lots broken, wow thrusters really affect DU's

CU/BJ couplet unbroken
and an added bonus of no skin tears

Suede DO-Wins are great for the money, especially if you go with last years model. Same thing, and cheaper

PTS said...

"if it were easy, everyone would do it."

SDLHP @ 115lbs - all sets unbroken
ave 500m/row pace 1:42.8, 1:43, 1:42.8
My 2k row at Quals in May was 6:59. I feel I've improved greatly on the rower since then so I dropped my row pace to 1:43./500m

Thrusters @ 95lbs - all sets unbroken
DU's per 60s since they ended up being broke - 62,75,65. Thrusters absolutely crush me and I couldn't keep up 60s of double unders.

Chins- all sets unbroken
box jumps- slow one or two breath breaks per set of 20.

Basketball game last night and right now I am crushed. Gonna really focus on recovery for rest of the day.

rwcorson said...

That was f@##@#KING tough.
SDJHP, thrusters & pull ups are all goats, so good to hit this one.
SDLHP = 107# all unbroken
Rows - 1:42.0,1:42.5,1:43.2 per 500m pace.

Thruster = 89# all unbroken
Dbl unders - 59/51/49 reps/set

chins/BJs - unbroken, but I screwed up and rested 2 mins instead of 30 secs. I was gased after each set, so i would have really been hurting if I had rested only 30 secs.

rwcorson said...

Chris, I also have Power Firms. Almost 3 years & still in gret condition. $115 CAD then.
I just got my wife Adidas Ironwork IIIs for $149 USD from a palce in Washington State. She has a narrow foot and the Power Firms were too wide. Google Adidas Weight lifting shoes.

Trevor Salmon said...

It's funny reading Rob's post after he got smashed. I too have the power firm shoes but also recently purchased a pair of Risto weighlifting shoes that I really enjoy. The heel thickness of the Risto is higher than the power firm and took a little getting used to but I love them now. Power Firm are Canadian and you can view at
Risto you can just google search Risto Sports weight lifting shoe.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Sumos @ 110# unbroken
rows 1:44 x3

Thrusters @95lb unbroken
DU- 72,63,72

Chins unbroken fast
box jumps slow and steady but no breaks

this wod gassed me, pretty toasted afterwards and my right knee is really flarred up...ouch

Chris Fodera said...

BWT: 175

-SDLHP: 105#, all unbroken
-ROW: 1:40, 1:40, 1:39

-Thrusters: 90#. Sets 1 and 3 unbroken. Set 2 broken into 7 and 5.
-Double Unders: Couldn't get a single one during first set, so didn't "start" my 1 minute until I could...about 40 seconds into it. 60* in first round, 32 in 2nd round, and 34 in 3rd round.

ChinUps and BoxJumps unbroken.

Total time: 28:04

PWO: 40gP (MRM shake) and 30gC (mashed sweet potato w/ cinnamon).
45 min later: 6oz turkey breast deli meat, apple, and almond butter.

Rob Ottesen said...


SDLHP 135 unbroken
Row Avg. around 1:44

Thrusters 115 unbroken
Du- you dont wanna know could barely put any together after Thrusters

PU unbroken,unbroken, 11-4
BJ all unbroken

went back to the original kip and did much better than butterfly. i felt know pain in shoulders at full extention. i guess im doing it wrong or bc im a bigger dude its not as efficient IDK.

Lisa M said...

SDLHP 75# unbroken
Row Avg 2:03

Thrusters 65# unbroken
DUS 50/50/38 was very tentative since this is what blew my calf in the first place plus for time reasons had to do them on the carpet which reallly sucks

PUS UNBROKEN!!!!!!! first two rounds - holy shit that is awesome for me and they actually felt pretty easy. I wanted all unbroken sooo bad but got to 12 on my third round and just couldn't get myself up there. quick rest and pumped off the last three. This is a major improvement for me - thank you james.
BJ unbroken but again very tentative started to feel some pulling in the achilles am icing as i write.

That was a fun WOD.

Joel B. said...

SDLHP: 95# unbroken
Row: 1:46/500 pace. Last 2k was 7:15, but I feel I am better than that now. Avg for the 90 secs was 1:46.something for all three.

Thrusters: 80# unbroken
DU's: 65, 69, 65 (had enough time for a couple more but missed 2X in a row to end--gassed).

chinups: unbroken
bj's: unbroken...about half jump up/jump down...about half step downs to keep moving.

switched today to eating PWO fueling for under 8%. I very well may have been sub 8% for a while now but haven't been officially checked and probably should have been eating more PWO. Just been using the wrist/waist/weight guesstimate formula. Anyways...we'll see how it goes. Had banana, yam, applesauce w/cinnamon for carb...pork tenderloin and a little whey to wash it down for protein.

Chris Fodera said...

all, thanks for turning me on to the Power Firms...prior to asking, I had been looking at the Rogue's, Addidas, and Botev. Didn't even know of Power Firm.

Decisions decisions...

Steve Howell said...

SDLHP: 110# All sets unbroken
Row: no rower so I just did SDLHP with an empty AMRAP in 90 sec 65/48/45

Thrusters: 93# unbroken
DU's: 67/64/53

Chin ups: unbroken
Box Jumps: unbroken

Wes hendricks said...

I Hope it didn't matter how much time we rested from couplet to couplet

SDLHP @ 95 Unbroken
Row 1:44/1:45/1:49 (damper setting of 7 crushed me the other night so used it again today)

Thrusters @ 75 unbroken
DU's = 72/52/66

Pull-ups Chest to bar and unbroken
24 in box jumps unbroken quick (i could only find objects at the playground measuring 18 in no 20, and I wasn't going to short change myself since they had a 24 in object)

Absolutely crushed

Sailorcrew said...

SDHP unbroken @ 50kg
Rows in low 1:50's.

Thrusters unbroken at 42kg
DU broken but steady

Pullups: 15, 5-5-5, 5-5-5
Box Jumps, slow but steady.

Anonymous said...

SDLHP (100lb) unbroken
Row 400m,400m,390m

Thrusters (85lb) unbroken
DU's 82,54,34 -75 unbroken on first attempt new PR

PU's unbroken
20" box jumps first 2 unbroken, slipped on 13th rep of last attempt otherwise unbroken.
:52, :49, :56

Lauren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lauren said...

SDLHP 85# (which wasn't enough weight)
row averaged around 1:55
Thrusters 85# (which was too much weight) averaged 40-50 DU
chins and box jumps straight through

I'm not sure why sure I used 85# for both, I noticed after I started the SDLHP, and then thought I would leave the extra for thrusters, to make up for not having enough for SDLHP-which seemed like a good idea at the time.

I think I was running at about 85% brain capacity this morning.

Rob Sifton said...

33, 156# (used 158 as it made the %'s easier)

Rows at 1:52, 1:51, 1:52 (goal 1:52.5)
All Complete

79# Thrusters
79,91,83 Double Unders
All complete

Chin ups
box jumps all complete

been sick for 1 week, Feeling it badly now.

Doing the Big Dawg's as long as work permits, hopefully up to the 14th.

I have Power Firm as well, great shoes and service.

Aaron said...

That was brutal. Thanks OPT for the advice on going right into pull-ups and TRYING for unbroken. Failed, but it was worth a try. I gained a bunch of weight recently doing a strength program and am paying the price now.

Sumo 125lbs unbroken
Row 1:43, 1:44, 1:45

Pretty happy with both of these, though sumos were quite hard.

Thruster 105lbs unbroken
Double Under: 60, 38, 45

Thruster were slow, but ok. I am good at double unders but made a ton of mistakes due to fatigue.

Pull-ups 15, 9-3-3, 8-4-4
Box Jumps 20, not 20, 20

Hard to describe my ruond two box jumps. Wish my pull-ups were a little stronger, but NO chance with 30 seconds rest. Probably would have gotten them 90 seconds or two minutes. Great job to everyone who did it.

And I think you were only supposed to wait 2 minutes between couplets, which I did.

Brent Maier said...


Sumos: 115# unbroken all sets
Rows: 1:44, 1:43, 1:43
First 3 rounds, not bad at all. Cardio and strength was in check.

Thrusters: 115# unbroken all sets (Last set difficult)
DU's: 75/55/50
Strength and cardio pushing

Chinups: All 3 unbroken (Last set difficult)
BJ's: All unbroken with some step step downs between spurts.

Caught up with me in the end with only 30 seconds rest.

Pfeifalife said...

SDLHP: 135lbs all unbroken, if that matters
Row: again no pace function on rower so rowed a ruff pace, no idea what it would equate numerically

Thruster: 115lbs again unbroken
DU: 44/42/40
getting into round 2 it started to suck and it only got suckier as time carried on. I was sucking concrete up through a straw.

CU/BJ couplet unbroken
heavy labored breathing
and an added bonus of no skin tears

EHR said...

Eric R

sdlhp 105# all unbroken
rowed at 1:47

thrusters 85# unbroken
45,48,49 du

pull up/box jump combo all unbroken. These felt really good/fast today

David X said...

Late, late, late here on teh east coast. I gotta get my ass up earlier and get these WODs in...

SDLHP @ 125# unbroken
Rows averaged 1:46 pace which is around 7:14 2k time, 00:27 secs better than my PR.

Thrusters @ 105# first set unbroken, 6,6, 7,5. I pussied out here. No excuses.
Double unders: 38/9/41

Chins: unbroken/7,8/6,9
BJs: Unbroken

April Hanlin said...

SDLHP 75# (55%) sets of 3-4
row average 2:04-2:08

thrusters 65# sets of 7,5 (super happy with these)
DU 28, 33, 20

chins unbroken band assisted
BJs broken into 2 sets

Scotty and David-
thanks for the tips. I think I'll go ahead and buy some. The carrot cake I made from the book turned out fabulous so I can only imagine what the other recipes will turn out like! Yay for paleo!

David X said...

You're welcome April. I'll forward you my address so you can send me a piece of that cake. Maybe I'll start putting up Rory-like numbers.

I knew Scotty would hit it out of the park. I give my Fisher Price prekindergarten level input on Arrowroot and Scotty blasts off just short of providing a molecular diagram of the chemical composition of it. That's why scotty's the man and I eat paleo. Er, whatever. I'm going to bed.

Chris Biles said...

SDLHP 100#
SDLHP 45# (40,41,43)

Thrusters 95#
DU- broken only 20-25 per round

Chins (15, 9/4/2, 4/6/5)
BJ 19"

I think I need a new jump rope and some continued du practice.

Justin Flynn said...

Wow that wod was brutal.

SDHP 125#
Row 1:37-1:38-1:38

Thrusters 105#
DU 35,15,10--15,10,10,10--30,15,10

Chins unbroken
box jumps unbroken

Was at about a 45-50 second break on the last part. I was shot. Need to eat a little earlier. 2 hrs is too soon as I started cramping.

depaul said...

warm up IM volleyball game and 15 minutes of "pepper" afterwards

Pt 1: SDLHP at 105. Rows: 1:52 pace.

Pt 2: I read "60 double unders" instead of 60 seconds. Ooops. New buddy lee miracle rope felt good though. Thrusters at 90 lbs unbroken, dus were 49+11, 60 unbroken, 11+6(argh)+43.

Pt 3: unbroken.

Rest 2 min between couplets. I had to pretend Unit was yelling at me to get back up on the bar and pull for the last set of pullups. Not as good as the real thing but it got the job done.

Laura said...

I got owned!

Started with 2nd part 1st, because rower was being used. 58# thruster--actually felt light, but skipping was awful today, rope was tangled, then hit squat rack, then I was uncoordinated, etc, etc

SDLHP: 70lbs--heavy, 3rd set broken, was using all arms and forearms, which wasn't helpful for rowing--ave 2:10-2:13, slow, back is still aggravated.
Only 1 set of pull-ups, had to go teach classes today. Unbroken for both--love the 14" box

Thanks again Rob for all the personal coaching today and new stretches--they don't feel very nice!

Ryan @ CFGP said...

Part 1 -
unbroken SDHP with #125
row @1:54 pace

Part 2-
unbroken Thrusters with #105
DU's in 60 sec - 40's / 50's / 30's

Part 3-
unbroken PU's
unbroken box jumps, but not quick on the re-jump

Mike Molloy said...

Part 1- 100# on the SDHP, 1:46 on rows
Part 2- 85# on thrusters. 110 DU's
Part 3- Straight through.

I was crushed by this. I have a feeling that I might be getting sick. Better not be stupid H1N1...

Slater Coe said...

That wod wore me out more than I thought it would... I liked it.

3 sets:
12 SDLHP - 60% BWT (135lbs), unbroken
Row 90 sec @ 2K row race pace (1:45/500m)
rest 2 min

3 sets:
12 thrusters - 50% BWT (115lbs), unbroken
60 sec double unders, broken
2 min rest

3 sets:
15 chin ups unbroken
20 box jumps - 24" unbroken, but slow
rest 30 sec

YoungManRumble said...

SDHP - Had a nice tempo @ 110lb
Row - 1:45 pace


Thrusters @ 88lbs
DU's worst performance of my DU career messed up a bunch of times


Chins - used a frog kip want to improve the speed of these

Box Jumps - unbroken

dmarsh said...

110# SDHP: Unbroken
Row: 1:47-1:48 pace

90# Thr: Unbroken
DU: 27*,49,50
* didn't start watch first round and just guessed time, probably short of 60 sec

Chins: Unbroken
Box Jumps: Unbroken, 12/8, Unbroken

Stamina/endurance still not where it was...getting better though. Nearly puked on box jumps.

md said...

1st set - 110# SDHP unbroken. Rows at 1:36, 1:39, 1:41

2nd - 90# thruster felt good. DU 53,53,56.

3rd - CU and box jumps unbroken

Running a day behind due to some family issues. Ill catch up on the next rest day.

Mark R said...

95 lb SDLHP unbroken
1:49.6; 1:50.9; 1:50.0

80 lb thrusters unbroken
DU broken; Achilles issue

15 chin ups unbroken
box jumps broken on 1st and 3rd set

Daron said...

Hey guys, Newbie here. Can someone email me the answer to this?

If it says:

3 sets:
12 SDLHP - 60% BWT
Row 90 sec @ 2K row race pace
rest 2 min

Do you rest 2 minutes between EACH SET or after the 3 sets. Sorry if this is answered elsewhere. Heard great stuff about this blog. Excited to give it a try.

dontpanic356 said...

Posting a few days behind.

SDLHP @ 135
Ran instead of row.

All unbroken and ran at about 80 percent.

Thrusters @ 115 unbroken
DU's sucked...thrusters messed up my rhythm due to the arm fatigue. Best set was 31 consecutive.

Pull ups unbroken
Box Jumps Unbroken

did not time any of the above besides the rest. tried to sprint through each round with good form. Much harder than I expected.

Anonymous said...

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