day 16/45

3 sets:
1.25 X BWT Dead Lift x 15 reps
20 Box Jumps - 20"
90 sec rest
3 sets:
15 KBS - 2/1.5 pd
25 double unders
90 sec rest
3 sets:
15 GHD back extensions
15 GHD sit ups
90 sec rest

post notes to comments; goal is to not break anything!

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/35g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/50g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30g prot/15g carb
12-14% - 30g prot/30g carb
below 12% - 30g prot/45g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


md said...

I hate to ask an easy question, but, i read the faq and can't find the answer. Do I perform all 3 sets of DL and box jumps and then move to the next 3 sets OR do i do a set of dl/box jumps, a set of KBS etc and repeat the rotation. Thanks.

rwcorson said...

Md, you are correct.

rwcorson said...

Sorry md, your 1st example is correct.

md said...

Thanks for the help

Ryan B. said...

do we rest 90 sec between EVERY set? or just after the 3?

David X said...

Every set.

Pfeifalife said...

What is the rest time between couplets? The + is throwing me off.

David X said...


I take the 90 secs rest after each round including the third one, prior to hitting the kbs & double unders.


Ryan B. said...

thanks for clearing that up David!
thats what i thought...

is that what everyone else is doing?

Ryan B.

Jess said...

Nice Work Out today!!

Had to split the last set of DL did 10 had to drop it an did the last 5. I weigh 72 kilo so DL 91 kilo a bit to must in the ned..

Got a good burn in my forarms from the KB/DU set!!

Thanxxx OPT Love this Blog...

Jefff said...

5:00AM with Gord

DL/BJ - Screwed up and did not rest b/t sets - 3:13
KBS/DU - 57,55,52
BE/GHD - 56,58,57

Pfeifalife said...

Thanks for clearing that up David

rwcorson said...

Rest period between each different couplet is not defined.
Usually you would see rest exactly 2 minutes, but in this case the rest period is @ your discretion.
When we give this type of rest to clients @ OPT, it ranges from 2-5 minutes.

David X said...

Ah! Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut next time! Thanks Corson.

Martin Altemark said...

Rested 90 sec between couplets as well.

Deadlifts (1,25*bw=92.5kg): Unbroken, unbroken, unbroken
Box jumps: unbroken, unbroken, 9/6/5

KBS: unbroken, 13/2 (crap!), 10/5
DUs: unbroken, unbroken, 15/10

GHD BE: unbroken, unbroken, unbroken
GHD SU: unbroken, unbroken, unbroken

Body really tired today, and I felt weak mentally. That cold might still be affecting me.

Now it's snowing here, and during bikeride to work (8km back and forth everyday) it's now minus degrees celsius (<32F). And dark all the time. Winter in Sweden... Why do people even live here?

KurtGP said...

DL@190# 8/7, unbroken, unbroken
20" Box j- unbrokenX3

KB 2 pd, unbroken, 8/4/3, 1.5 pd-unbroken
DU-s all unbroken, 17 rps highest

15 GHD unbrokenX3
15 GHD su- unbrokenX3

Chris Dunkin said...

265 dl's, and 24" box

No fractions

GHD situp's were very painful; abs sore from yesterday.

Joel B. said...

DL/BJ: DL at 195, sets 1/3 had to take 3-4 breaths at top of rep 9, but I didn't put the bar down. Set 2 was the best...maybe 1st set was tough due to the time of day. BJ's sets 2-3 did over half step down/jump ups, but didn't "break".

KBS unbroken/DU's broke 2nd set at 19.

BE/SU on roman chair, unbroken. Did double hand touch as that seemed to make the 150 rep day from the other day extra memorable. Figured I might as well get used to it.

Kyle F said...

DL/BJ: 245# Broke up DLs (8/7)
KBS/DU: Unbroken
BE/SU: Unbroken

DL did not feel strong.

KSC said...

All rxed except broke one set of DL at 21

DL #205

Jefff said...

Forgot to mention that I rested 90 seconds between couplets. Deadlift 208#,and all unbroken other than 1 trip up on first set of double unders.

Becky @ cf gp said...

dl 125# ( still a little hesitant to do more- that is NOT 1.25 BW-i hurt my back doing the dl wrong and re injured it, and now choose to do lighter weight when there's lots of reps.)
20" box

1.5 pd. kb
125 singleunders

back ext. ( not hip ext)
gh sit ups

ALL unbroken!! guess i'm excited about that, even though it did take 23:48 - with 90 sec. breaks.

Scotty Hagnas said...

DL/BJ- 225#, both unbroken. (I think... paused at lockout on a few deads, and stepped down from some of the BxJs last round, but kept moving)
KBS/DU- both unbroken. 2p KBS, but DUs scaled to 75 unbroken single skips working on an improved technique.
BE/GHD- both unbroken.

Tough workout... worked on some double under practice PWO.

Fueling: 40p/35c Tuna, pumpkin, Asian pear.

Chad Action Brandt said...

45min of plyo's & agility drills
2 sets unbroken 1.25 BWT DL & BJ's
2 sets unbroken of KBS & DU's

Sailorcrew said...

Used 103 KG on Deads.
DU's were the only movement that was broken up. I always did D,S,D,S... but have forced myself to learn to do it the right way, D,D,D... They are slow and broken but getting better.

rwcorson said...

Is the photo of the original Olympic site in Greece after it was refurbished for the Athens Games?

Gord said...

DL weight 194

all exercises unbroken for the entire wod.

Huge success with the GHD situps. At one time I couldn't do one due to a stabbing pain in lower back.

Joel B. said...

Ah...missed the clarification and rested 90 sec between couplets.

rwcorson said...

DL/BJ - 47,45,46s 4 mins. rest
KBS/DUs - 50,48,49s 4 mins. rest
GHD B. Ext/Sit ups - 50,49,51s
On the rest topic, ie. + sign between couplets, just think of what we're trying to accomplish here. All unbroken set with speed. If you are too fatigued after completing 3 sets of the couplet and have to break in the reps in the next couplet, the speed element is gone.
Just arrived @ OPT, 40kg KB. I tried a few swings after the WOD and could just get it to eye level. I'm sure we'll see it in a WOD soon, aarrggghh!

joey warren said...

245lb deadlift + 24" box hops all unbroken
last set very difficult

KBs + DUs brooke on 19 rd1, 17 rd 2, and unbroken ;ast set

GHDs all unbroken

Anonymous said...

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Geoff Aucoin said...

There's a 40kg KB at OPT now? Why does all the fun stuff happen when I'm at the hall?

Someone do a TGU with that sucker!

Chris Biles said...

Totally read it wrong this morning before I headed out and didn't have the benefit of the discussion. I completed each couplet with no rest and 90s in between. It really smoked me!

Couplet 1- DL 205 Unbroken/3s/3s
Box jumps unbroken

Couplet 2- KBS 1.5pd Unbroken/5s/5s
DU broken like crazy.

Couplet 3- Goodmorning (bar)/K2E broken here and there.

md said...

DL/Box Jump: 225# unbroken
KBS/DU - Unbroken - The 2pd swings were tough. I was having a hard time holding on.
BE/GHD- unbroke, but still sore from the other day

pwo 40/40 whey/berries

Thanks Corson for the help. I missed the rest between sets so i just went one to the next and rested in between.

YoungManRumble said...

DL@220lb unbroken
Box Jump unbroken

KB Swings unbroken
Double Unders 25, 25, 15/1/9

No GHD which sucks need to get one

Subbed K2E 20 20 9/6/5

Ryan G. said...

Part 1. DL's @ 250lbs

- DL, Unbroken/10-5/7-5-3
- Box jumps, Slow but unbroken x3

Part 2.

- KBS, Unbroken/12-3/10-5 ( was feeling a tad woozy on these.)
- DU's, Very broken x2/Unbroken

Part 3. Done on a Back-extension piece w/ 10#DB going to a vertical position. Incline sit up machine with the back lifted about 16".

- BE, Unbroken x3
- Sit ups, Unbroken x3

Garage Crossfitter said...

DL @225

Everything Unbroken

DL + Box jump the hardest for me..

slight back tweak on last set of tonight...

Erik Luber said...

BWT: 64 kg
DL+jumps: 3:52 (80 kg DL)
KBS+DU: 3:31 (1.5 pood KB)
GHDs: 3:24

Everything unbroken, KBS very challenging. Did this first thing in the morning, like most I only took 90 sec rest between couplets. oops.

Ryan B. said...

Deads: used 235 (bwt=185)
5,5,5, 5,5,5, 8,7, (didnt feel strong here)

box jumps: unbroken x 3
Swings: used 75 lb dumbell
unbroken x 3

Skips: subbed 100 skips x 3 unbroken x 3
30 goodmornings (45lbs)
unbroken x 3

30 unanchored situps
unbroken x 3

- did wod at my firehall, no ghd or ghd type set up... i know i need to get double unders...didnt feel too strong during the deads... the swings felt really good!

Ryan B.

dmarsh said...

DL/BJ: 225#, unbroken though last set of box jumps were pretty sluggish, these need work

KBS/DU: unbroken

GHD: unbroken

3 min rest b/w each couplet

Josh and David,
Great meeting you guys last week. Looking forward to some friendly competition here.


PTS said...

BWT-188lbs DL=235

everything unbroken
felt good and smooth.

Ryan B. said...

by the way i rested 90 seconds between each couplet as well

dontpanic356 said...

So after reading all the comments I screwed this one up royally. I did each exercise as 3 rounds without rest, then rested 90 seconds between the couplets. Don't believe I was the only one to make that mistake

DL weight 275#

3 x DL BJ: 5:37

rest 90 sec

3 x KB DU: 5:31

rest 90 sc

3 x Back ext GHD Sit: 5:01

Total working time: 16:13

David X said...

I'm asking this because I'm neurotic as all hell, but were people resting 90 secs because of my say so, or was this a common misconception from the start?

Dennis! Glad to see you joining the pack, bud! Looking forward to seeing some of the numbers you'll be puttinh\g up here!

rwcorson said...

Just another point regarding the problems with the WOD today.
If the WOD said:
3 rds for time of:
1.25 x BWT DL
rest 90 sec
3Rds for time....
This means no rest until you have completed 3 rds and then you rest 90 secs at the end andthen move on to then next couplet.
3 sets means do a set of the couplet, then rest 90 secs, then repeat 3 times.
As I said before, the + sign means the rest period between the couplets is up to you.
Now in saying all that, I timed my sets, but not times were asked for. My bad.
I hope this clarifies things.

rwcorson said...

I forgot to put in the BJs as the 2nd exercise of the 1st couplet, but I'm sure you get the point.

Mike Molloy said...

Everything unbroken.

225# Deadlift (a little about 1.25)

70# Dumb bell substitute for Kettle bell. This couplet was the most taxing for me.

I timed everything and oddly enough, my working time for each 3 sets was within 3 seconds of each other. For some reason, that seemed really cool to me.

deejay said...

DL - 264# - 1st set unbroken, last 2 sets rested a few time at the top of the lift. These felt heavy.

BJ - unbroken

KBS - wanted to try the new toy so I used the new 2.5 pood KB for 2 sets, 2 pood for 3rd. 1st set unbroken, 2nd set 10-3-2, 3rd set unbroken. That fucker is heavy

BE - unbroken

GHDSU - unbroken

Rory Hanlin said...


all sets unbroken

felt flat today. need more sleep...

Chris Dunkin said...

We rested exactly 90sec between sets and couplets.

Lesson learned. Thanks for the clarification.

depaul said...

BW 175, DLs@225. All sets unbroken except 2nd set of DLs (forgot to pull slack out of a badly bent bar). Had to use alt grip so worked on weaker position for 2 of 3 sets.

Rest was 9 minutes after first set, 7 minutes after second set. Finally figured out the grip adjustment for American-swinging a 70 lb DB so those were all overhead. First couplet was probably the hardest but second wasn't easy either; third not too bad.

EHR said...

Eric R

All unbroken except 1st set of d.u.

April Hanlin said...

DL 95# unbroken. Not 1.25x body weight, but should have gone heavier.

Used a 1 pood for the KBS and did 10 DU because I need a lot of work on them.

GHD was all unbroken. Surprised myself with these because of my weak core. Started off thinking i would do AMRAP GHD sit ups because I wouldn't be able to get to 15... Definitely underestimated myself!

And Rory took a nap today, so he shouldn't be tired!

AdamBall said...

DL: 225, broken sets usually due to losing my grip.
Box jumps were easy.

Kettlebells unbroken sets at 1.5pood
double unders were sm.everely broken up, although for the first time I was able to string 3-4 together.

no GHD at the globo gym. Played basketball for 20 minutes afterward.

Pfeifdog said...

DL: 315: 2nd & 3rd rounds broken 10/5. had to reset my grip and my hamstring were screaming.

Box Jumps: legs felt like jello at the begining of each round.

DU: 3rd set broken 11/8/6. lost consintration caught my feet.

David X said...

Deads @ 265. First set unbroken, focused on technique and paused at rep 9 of set 2 and again on set 3 at rep 8.
BJs: Unborken easy.

KBS swings unbroken.
DUs unboken.

GHD BExts unbroken
GHD situps unbroken

Glad I rested 4 minutes between sets. Who the hell suggested resting 90 secs?!?!?

Doug Zirkle said...

BW 153#, DL 195#

Everything unbroken except for one miss at the beginning of each of the last two sets of DUs. After each miss, did 25 unbroken.

Cooled down with 25min of PNF.

There was a time not too long ago when the 2pd KB had me a bit spooked. It's still heavy for me, but I can now get through a WO like today's with it. It's been a big help to use it in the WOs, as it takes a pretty good extension for me to stand it up at the top. Bottom line: I'm really pleased with the progress. So, I'm off to the DD Web site to check out the 2 1/2 pood KBs. If DJ thinks it's heavy, I may need to hire a crane to get the thing overhead.

Sean Cummings said...

Dead Lift 225 (all unbroken)
Box Jumps 20(all unbroken)

15 KBS (all unbroken)
25 DU's (only broken on 2nd set at 10)

GHD's unbroken

Anonymous said...

Deadlifts (205) unbroken
Box jumps unbroken

KBS 1.5pood Don,t have a 2pood or a dumbell over 50lb,s yet
DU's unbroken/4,21/18,7

GHD back ext. unbroken
GHD situps unbroken

Everything felt good just need to keep working on DU's

benjamin_quilty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
5am Crossfitter said...

First time posting and trying this website..few years as a Crossfit follower..under coach Garage Crossfitter.

DL's - 1st set unbroken, the rest broken every 5
Box Jumps - All unbroken

KBS - All unbroken
DU - 3 sets broken, due to slight fatigue

GHD Bxtns - All unbroken
GHD Situps - 1st set unbroken, the last 2 broken at rep 8

Look forward to following the blog and putting 110% at these WOD's.

Michael McCabe said...

DL - 225lbs - unbroken
BJ - slow enough in rd2 and 3 to call them broken, but kept a decent pace
1:01, 1:11, 1:22 were my times if anyone cares

70lb DB swing/double unders - unbroken - :46, :50, :47

decline situps/back extension - did 25 unbroken each round, no ghd - 1:23, 1:25, 1;23

Evan Johnston said...

DL: 215# broken, not happy about this, feeling heavy today for some reason and grip more than anything

BJ: unbroken

KBS: unbroken
Du's: unbroken

back ext/su's : broke once on back ext's to readjust.

Overall felt good aside from the DL's. 2pd felt better then it ever has. I like these WODs that push to go unbroken.

Brent Maier said...


Everything unbroken & DL @ 242#. DL/BJ were the hardest on me. No time for warmup today.

unit said...

day behind... planned on doubling up 2day, however after yesterdays WOD, I decided 2 listen 2 my body (a rare occurance) and felt that my intensify was used up 4 the day... if I were 2 have doubled I would have not had the intensity 2 do the WOD justice... will attack it 2morrow...

A1 (BP 30X0) - 225 / 245 / 260 / 270 / 285 / 290 (1)
A2 (Sup PU 41X1) - 45 / 70 / 90 / 115(2) / 115(2) / 115 (1)
B1 (RD 22X0) - 45lbs - 7 / 7 / 6
B2 (inversions 2121) - unbroken / unbroken / 6/2/1/1

last set of B2 came down 2 an L-hang as bottom position...


Mack Lar said...

A day behind.
A1. 145,155,175,185,195,215
A2. 45,55,65,70,75x2,75x2
B1. 7,7,7
B2. Broken
Started too light on BP's and didnt have a spotter.

Ryan @ CFGP said...

255# DL
had to break the 3rd set of DL 10 - 5
Jump rope broke and had hard time finding rhythm with new one
KB swings are my nemesis and only completed round 1 unbroken

Pfeifalife said...

DL: 280 UB (didn't have to pause, focused on keeping the bar close and form, def helped my endurance through the sets because of this. still tuff in 3rd set, pt def feeling it after today)
BJ: UB (not too bad, sucking wind big time by the end of these)

KBS: UB (focused on fast extension and ears in front of arms, wasn't easy but wasn't hard)
DU's: first set mess up 2/19/4, 2nd and 3rd UB (didn't do a few singles at the beginning of set to establish rhythm and was jumping like i was swinging a KB and messed up, caught foot on 19)

GHD stuff: UB (abs were sore but didn't really bother me during the situps, wasn't hard)

didn't take a break between the movements each set, just burned through them and gritted it out to make it UB (except for that one DU set)

Posterior chain is pretty tired. Note to self: Self, don't drink a giant cup of coffee directly prior and during a wod, it will only make you want to throw up.

Lisa M said...

Damn I hate missing workouts but I am trying to behave so my stupid legs can recover and heal. I am going to hit this wod tomorrow I can't do box jumps or dus any suggestions for subbing. The only active lower body activity that seems ok is rowing. Did a 5 km the other day at about 80% and it wasn't too bad. Any suggestions would be appreciated

funinthesun said...

DL unbroken (155lbs)
Box jumps closer to 22" unbroken but jump up step down

55lb dumbell for swings unbroken
double unders all unbroken

No GHD machine used 45degree angle back etension and declined situp bench all sets unbroken.

Kathleen said...

Timed for my own benefit
1st couplets:
1:36 straight
1:36 straight
2:07 DL=11/13/15
used qualifier criteria for BJ
+ 1:45 minute rest
2nd couplets:
2:15 KB = 8/9/11/15 DU's broken
1:43 KB = 8/11/12/15 DU's straight
1:42 KB = 8/12/15 DU's straight
+1:45 minute rest
3rd couplets [all straight]:
59 secs
52 secs
49 secs [Grant thought the last set of back ext were shallow - trying to find the sweet spot]
Nice to finish on a high note!

Paul Klein said...

DL 235lbs 15, 15, 10-3-2
Box Jumps unbroken

Rest 3minutes
70lb DB swings 15,15,15
DUs 15-10,25,25

Rest 3.5 minutes
GHD Back Ext. 15,15,15
GHD Sit ups 15,15,15

Slater Coe said...

3 sets:
275lbs Deadlift x 15 reps - unbroken
20 Box Jumps @ 24" - unbroken
90 sec rest
3 sets:
15 KBS @ 2pd - unbroken
25 double unders - broken
90 sec rest
3 sets:
15 GHD back extensions - unbroken
15 GHD sit ups - unbroken
90 sec rest

Robby Tapia said...

This is my first time posting, I have been following for a couple of months .

3 sets:
205lbs deadlift x 15reps - unbroken
20 box jumps@ 24" - unbroken

3 sets:
15 KBS @ 2pd - unbroken
25 double unders - unbroken

3 sets:
15 GHD back extensions - unbroken
15 GHD sit ups- unbroken

Felt surprisingly good for working all night.

Justin Flynn said...

Catching up...
255# deadlift unbroken
Box Jumps broke on first set. Box jumps hard for some reason this morning.

D/U broke on first set at 23. The rest were unbroken.

Did not have time for third part.

Lauren said...

couldn't play today, fighting a cold.

Slater Coe said...

OPT and gang,
Another thanks for you... my training partner (Shane Moseley) and I have followed your blog since before the Games - doing CF-Strength Bias + OPT Wods - and this past weekend, he went to Chicago and completed the marathon there... with no other training or running prep beyond what you guys programmed daily. And, the best part, he felt fine during the race and only experienced the typical muscle soreness afterwards - and he was back in the gym yesterday, ready to tackle the wod.


OPT said...

nice work "sugar" Shane, lets get a finish line pic, send to
well done!
thx Slater Coe (prob 1 of the coolest big dawg titles out right now)

OPT said...

welcome aboard 5am and Robby...enjoy the ride!

Steve Smith said...

Maintained the 90 second rest between each set and couplet. Should have read through the comments first!!

1st Couplet:
- All unbroken with 24" Box and 245 pounds

2nd Couplet:
KBS - Unbroken/Unbroken/Unbroken
DU - Unbroken/Unbroken/6, then 25 unbroken; mental mistake.

3rd Couplet:
- All unbroken

Lower back SCREAMING. Walked around like someone kidney punched me a couple hundred times for a while after this one.

Coach, can't tell you thanks enough. These workouts are tons of fun. I'm still on a high from my PR on power cleans. Thank you.

unit said...

catching up... lifted at the ANVIL 2day...

couplet A
DL - bw = 190... used 223 (all I have) x20
BJ - no box, so subbed 30" hurdle hops x20

couplet B
as rx'ed

couplet (triplet) C (no ghd)
15x jambda situps with abmat
15x k2e
15x good mornings with 95lbs

all sets unbroken...
90sec rest as rx'ed
90sec rest bw couplets (triplet)


Robbie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robbie said...

First time deading over 135 since my back injury at the Element Crossfit Challenge. Also first OPT WOD, been following CF Calgary for a bit.

Deads-215- no probs beyond my grip being a bit off. A month off deads will catch up with you.
Box jumps- unbroken

KB's-after deads was being cautious with my back so started with a #35db then a #50 then a #60.
DBUs-broken at about 15 all 3 rounds, been awhile too.

Bx's- unbroken
GHD- no station, subbed KTE, one fraction. Grip again, those deads wiped me out.

Very happy with how I feel today, i was expecting my lumbar to be cooked. Feel great, upper back is done though... wishing I'd gotten up earlier than 9. Gonna have to squeeze those two in a bit today...

Chris Fodera said...

Finished in 20:17 (rest included). Last set of KBS was a little rough. Accidentally did the SitUps before the BackExtensions. DeadLift weight felt really good. Got out of rhythm trying to go too fast on the BJs. All unbroken.