day 7/45

part 1 - "RRR"
Row 300 m @ 100% effort
Rest 3 minutes
Repeat 6 times

rest 6+ hours

part 2 - "60%"
A. on a 1 minute timer and at the start of each minute for 10 minutes perform 1 high hang squat snatch, then 1 hang squat snatch just below knee, then 1 squat snatch from ground - use 60% of your 1RM snatch; take MINIMAL rest b/t reps, hang onto bar if you can
rest 7 minutes
B1. OHS - amrap @ 60% 1RM snatch x 3; rest 180 sec
B2. 20 chest to bar chin ups x 3; rest 180 sec

post times for RRR, notes on 60% and fuelling to comments

this split should be preferably done in this order, and unless absolutely necessary SHOULD NOT be done back to back on same workout - doing this will decrease power potential of both workouts


Ryan B. said...

im going to have to do the wods in reverse working all day and the monitor on the rower at my firehouse doesnt work...and im till 6

PTS said...

Only 9 hours rest after yesterday's wod. foot setting at 3 for all sprints.

51.8 - damper 7
55.4 --damper 5
53.9--damper 8
56.1--damper at 7 for last 3.

I'm completely clueless where the foot setting should be and where the damper should for any kind of rowing.

12 hours work then I'm gonna try and hit the 2nd wod.

Martin Altemark said...

Mee too have to reverse the order.

"60%" done now, rowing will be done at home while kids eat tonight.

3 pos snatches: used 40kg, 10 minutes no problem. Never let go of bar between reps.

OHS: 27, 17, 17
CTB: unbroken, 12/4/3/1, 12/4/4

Shoulders and forearms are tired now.

David X said...

Part 1:
Damper setting at 4/5 throughout.

I'm gonna go puke then go to work.

Chris Biles said...

No rower (yet).

SDHP 30x6

Gord said...


Needed a seatbelt on the rower.
Hurt like hell.

Joel B. said...

Part 1:
1. 56.1
2. 57.7
3. 58.0
4. 59.8
5. 59.7
6. 59.6

I am glad I didn't do anything silly like try to eat something before this. I don't know if it was the time of day, the wod or what, but I am just getting over the queasy stomach about half an hour or so later. Part II will be either in 6 hours or 14 hours...depends.

Chris Dunkin said...

49.5@7, 52.8@5, 55.9@5, 54.5@7, 56.2@3.5, 53.4@10

recovery was a struggle after the first. just holding on for the last 100m of 2-6.

pwo: 3 scoops refuel

deejay said...


KurtGP said...



Played with the damper. Seems like #5 is best for me. Started and ended with 5. Couldn't recover in 3 min.

Fuel P40g-15gC Whey protein, w/coco water

David X said...

What would have been a better strategy for this ams wod a higher or lower damper setting? I generally used a much higher one, 8-9 or 10, but after watching that journal article I thought I was doing something wrong using those settings, but the lower settings it don't feel right to me.

Erik Luber said...

times: 59.2/59.3/61.8/63/66/65
spm: 45/47/42/42/37/40

Everything done at a damper of 2. Shorter fast strokes definitely worked best for me. Still felt like I am going to puke. Was just holding after 150m on rounds 4-6.

Pfeifalife said...

Well this is what I get for going to bed early for some rest.

What should I do now that I can't possibly split these up? Should I change something, just do one, knock a round or so off of them and still do both?

Mike Molloy said...


Dear God...

Evan Johnston said...

Part 1:

54.2, 55.9, 58.6, 59.4, 1:01.7, 59.5

If your going to do this later make sure your stomach is empty. Morning fruit reappeard follwing rounds 2 and 3. Just brutal

Hixy said...

Delayed participation in the 1st OPT championship:
Bo Schmidt, 16 yo, 5'7, 69 kg

FGB: 257
3 RM FS: 95 kg
2 RM Snatch: 60 kg
AMRAP chin-ups: 29
Rhiannon: 468

Total: 909


Lisa M said...

MOOOOMMMMY - ouch that hurt, closest I've come to pukie in a long time. I highly recommend the empty stomach for this one.

63/64/65/66/67/67 interesting trend decreased a second each round no matter how hard i pushed/pulled i just couldn't generate anymore power. The last 100m was brutal in all rounds

Marcus Allen said...

Part 1...
58.5 @6
58.4 @6
1:00.4 @7
1:04.0 @7
1:03.0 @4
1:02.7 @5


PWOF- 30g P whey shake, 1 apple
Bfast 1 hour later 5oz roast, 2 sausage links, 1C squash

part 2 at 1630 hours if all goes according to plan!

Michael McCabe said...

No word of a lie... shortly before I woke up I had a dream that I checked the workout for today and it said `Surprise Rest Day!`. It was like someone had cancelled Christmas I was so disappointed.

6:30am RRR - pre-wod fuel - just water
52, 54, 54, 55, 57, 57

Scotty Hagnas said...

Hey Calgary area Dawgs-

I will be up at OPT for a couple of days during the last week of October. I was wondering if I could talk any of you into a place to stay while I am in town in exchange for some good Paleo cookin'? Email me at if interested. Looking forward to some WODs while I'm in town!

Am: :59,:58,:58,:57,:57,:57 Damper 7 for all. Felt like my recovery was good b/t rounds.
PWO: Refuel, whey 30p/30c
45 min later: 1/2 acorn squash stuffed with grassfed beef w/basil pesto.

Geoff: Yes, borscht is a great PWO food...did you make yours, or did you find a clean version somewhere? (I still haven't found a clean version here)

Martin Altemark said...

Post that borscht recipe already. Getting hungry!

OK, did the row as second workout:
56.2, 54.8, 55.8, 56.8, 57.9, 58.5.

Did not enjoy the last 3 rounds. Damper at 7 all rounds. Felt those squat snatches and OHSQs I did 6 hours earlier...

KSC said...

AM) 0:55.1/0:56.7/1:01.6/1:02.7/1:01.9/0:59.4

I HATE the rower...just saying

Ryan G. said...


After which I had a 5min hot tub followed by a brief period of unconsciousness in the change room... yuck!

Heh, my word is "rested"

Brent Maier said...


AM) 49.8/51.7/52.9/55.2/57.1/57.5

AM Notes: Hit a wall at the end of round 4, then at the 2 minute mark of both 5 and 6. First 4 rounds weren't bad but 5 and 6, the legs and butt were starting to cramp. Changed Damper settings on rounds 2-5 and I always come back to my sweet spot of 7.5-8.0. My goal today was to get the first two rounds in <50s. Wasn't going to happen.


Surrey Sterling said...

"Return Ticket To Hell"

Made in Hell and endorsed by that red little shit with horns. I hate that f#$King contraption!

What a stupid sport seriously. How can anyone get into that sport????

Anyway enough bitching, numbers from AM WOD:


YoungManRumble said...

Why did I think it would be easy?

1) 51.1 (5 dmpr)
2) 55.4 (4 dmpr)
3) 58.3 (4 dmpr)
4) 59.2 (5 dmpr)
5) 58.3 (6 dmpr)
6) 56.6 (7 dmpr)

on the last one I pretended I was getting chased by a shark...but it caught me. This one was a doozy.

Surrey Sterling said...

BRIAN, hows your back dude??

Brent Maier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brent Maier said...

David, there used to be an article that dicussed how to determine your sweet spot for rowing. I looked for that article but couldn't find it. Basically it involved rowing a predefined distance at a 1, 5 and 10 at the same intensity and seeing how your times differed along with how you felt. Then end with testing on the 3 and 7 spot and you should have a good indication of how your body adapts to the drag. This formula is said to change a bit based on your distance but I find that for me a 7-8 keeps me under 30spm and gives me the best average times whether I'm doing a 100m or 2k row. This method of determing the best damper worked best for me.

Here is another article you may have come across. I have tried this formula based on weight/watts, etc. I didn't feel it was accurate for me because it leaves out the important factor of height. So thumbs down for this method.

Start with the 1/5/10 positions to feel all ends of the spectrum and if you knock out the two that are going to destroy you, then the other number and the amount of grit you throw down will determine whether or not you pull a winning number or not.

Doug Zirkle said...

All at damper 5, foot 2


Felt like I was rowing in molasses toward the end. Stroke rates correlated closely with times: 45/45/43/41/41/41

Rory Hanlin said...



Doug Zirkle said...

Oops ... forgot the fueling. PWO fuel: 30p/30c w/9g glutamine

April Hanlin said...



I felt terrible, but in a good way. Having Rory cheer me on with Aubrey in her carrier kept me going.

Garage Crossfitter said...


Recovered quickly, took approx. 1 min after each rd to get my breathing under control...finished wod at 330pm, starting last wod at 7pm.

Kathleen said...

64.9 1:48/500m 33s/m
68.0 [came off seat] 1:53 32s/m
69.6 1:56 30s/m
72.1 2:00 29s/m
73.6 2:02 28s/m
73.7 2:02 28s/m

I second Gord's comments - need a seat belt when I enter mach I :)
First WOD since the challenge
Post WOD fuel [within 30 mins]:
Organic food bar - active greens
F: 12g C: 34g P: 14g
1.5 litre with Hemp Pro 70 [~30 g] and Ultima [1 scoop]

rwcorson said...

That was tough, both physically & mentally. I wanted to stop after #4. Pukie was knocking, but no food there to expel.
Thanks James & Trevor for the reintoduction to the OLD FRIEND.

Wes hendricks said...

57.6 (damper 7)

Its been four hours and i still don't feel right. Frustrated with performance, I suck at rowing. Other then my second set everything else was a damper setting of 5. Drinking some coffee right now to decrease my sense of suffering. Hopefully redeem myself

Joel B. said...

Part II: 6.5 hrs after part 1
A. 90#'s--2rm sn in OPT 3 was 140, so I acted like I could do 150 for 1.

B1: 1. 34; 2. 29; 3. 26
B2: 1. 15, 5; 2. 14, 6; 3. 13, 4, 3
1st wod on new stud pu bar. I need to get used to it a is .5" thicker.

Post part 1 PWO fueling: 30g whey, 20g Carb--yam. PFC smoothie 1 hr later.

Post part 2 PWO fueling: 35g chicken, 30g carb--yam and apple. PFC spinach/tuna/avocado salad in 1 hr.

joey warren said...

part 1
time (damper)
51.5 (5)
51.7 (7)
52.4 (8)
53.4 (6)
54.1 (5)
53.7 (7)

PWOD fuel :45g C. 20g P (yam, applesauce, 1 scoop whey)

Greg Soneff said...

"Row, row, row your boat"
55,56,56,56,55,58 sec (damper 5)

A:10 rounds of 3-position snatch on the minute with 40kg (really tried to focus on technique and not letting go of the bar)
B1: 15, 16, 15 OHS (40kg)
B2: had to break up the pullups and my hands are just plain sore but made it through

rwcorson said...

Damper 7
Pwo cho 40/pro 30g

Justin Flynn said...

Big Dawgs,

My name is Justin Flynn and I have been following the WODs on this blog religiously for about a month now. I own a CF box here in socal. I think this community is awesome! Reminds me alot of what was three years ago. I will be a regular contributer on this forum and want to help progress this group into the fittest guys/girls on the planet. Thank you James for all your time and energy. I know how much work you must put into this each and every day. You have been someone I have admired and looked up to since I started CrossFitting. You are a soldier brother!

Part 1:

This one hurt. My quads were lit up after this workout and put me on the floor for about 15 minutes.

Lisa M said...


You are welcome to stay at my house we have lots of extra room and would love to sample some of your cooking - i have heard it is incredible. The only problem is that i seriously live at the complete opposite end of the city from OPT. I was up there today and it takes me about 45 minutes to get there. let me know, maybe if you are totally stuck and can't find somewhere closer to the big dawgs house, we would be happy to put you up.

Picked up my shirts today they are smokin'

James you are brilliant. My right leg/knee issue is totally why I pulled my calf the other day because you are right i don't trust my pull with my bad leg so i am putting extra weight and pushing more with the "good" leg. Must go for ART!!

Welcome to all the new people to site - you are going to be very happy here.

Getting siked for round 2...

depaul said...

58.0, 57.7, 58.5, 1:03.1, 102.3, 1:02.2

SPM: 31, 31, 30, 27, 28, 27

Wanted to stay under 1 minute, but also still experimenting with form and spm to see if a longer pull with fewer strokes would be more efficient and how much time it would cost me to do it. Round 4 was the experiment...and then round 5 and 6, I tried to speed it up again, but by that time legs were just dead and wouldn't "jump" off the blocks anymore.

Empty stomach is indeed a must.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Scotty I got my recipe from a book called 'Slice' that I believe was written by 2 local gals. It's pretty damn clean, that's why I went with it.

I probably won't have time to post it but I'll see what I can do...

Brian Maier said...

surrey/rumble....I was really concerned yesterday as I could barely walk due to my lower back pain. However, I woke up this morning and it felt great. I've been icing, using foam roller and massage a lot. I'm very optimistic due to the progress I made overnight. Maybe just a muscle spasm...not sure. Anyways, will be taking it easy today and tomorrow so I can be ready to hit it hard again on Friday for the doubles. Wish I could have joined in today on the rows. Thanks for looking out.

Ryan B. said...

had to do wods in reverse order...


A. as Rx. used 80 lbs... felt really good

B1. 16,15,17,

B2. 20 x 3 (all broken)



58.4, 56.4, 56.8, 57.9, 58.0 59.1

-really difficult haha

Ryan B. said...

7 hours rest in between ...

Rob Ottesen said...

Did not do rows I had to pick one or the other and went with the lifting.
135# snatches felt good was working with a trainer today.

OHS 16 for all rounds

C2B 10 c2b then rest reg still improving.

I am going to hit that row workout some time this week.

April good to see ya on here and getting back after it.

Ryan G. said...

A. My 1rm snatch to date is 145#, used 85#. Felt pretty easy.

B1. 29/25/21 @ 85#
B2. 15-5/14-4-2/11-4-3-2

Still feeling a tad off from this morning.

deejay said...

Part 2:
Snatch complex @ 132lbs - no problem. Caught myself pulling too early a few times

OHS @ 132lbs 20-16-23 - took me untill the third time to figure out a good grip, first time was too wide and it bent the shit out of my wrists, second time was too narrow. third time just right..

PU's - 20/20/16-2-2

CrossFit HR said...

Rows: 54.8, 55.1, 55.7, 58.9, 58.1, DNF
No breakfast, felt like ass.

WOD 2: refueled and feeling better
A. 105 lbs, no breaks or misses.
B1. 105 lbs, 36,35,30 (wrists were limiting factor)
B2. All sets unbroken.

Whey + sweet potato post WOD 1
Whey + steak + sweet potato + apricots post WOD 2

Chris Biles said...

A. 55#

B1. 55# 17/20/17 (wider stance on second effort helped a lot)

B2. 75332/75233/54123221

All challenging movements for me. Not sure what my 1 RM snatch is but erred lighter since this is my first double wo.

Wes hendricks said...

A. 100 pounds, all unbroken easy
B. OHS 16-19-21 rest 4:30 minutes
C. All pull-ups unbroken and continuous, rested 4:30 minutes

Did A and B in my storage unit then drove to the park to do pull-ups. Didn't want to waste time tonight driving my equipment around, exams all this week.

Experiencing pain in right elbow when OHS for high reps, I think it is taking all of the load because I have dislocated my left elbow before and now doesn't lock out all the way. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Jefff said...

Part 1 (4:30PM) - 52.5,55.1,58.0,58.8,59.7,59.6

For some reason, I thought the 200m/400m run sprints sucked the other day. This was 100x worse.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Snatch @ 105lb unbroken, became much more effcient in my technique in the last few rounds..

OHS AMRAP @ 105 22,24,25, wrists and knees were hurting, probably from roofing.

20 CTB x3 unbroken easy

Did at 715PM


Mack Lar said...

Part 1:
Avg 37 Strokes/Min
I F'n hate the rower. I'm glad i wasn't the only one that felt sick afterwards.

Part 2:
1RM Snatch 165
60% = 100
A. Unbroken
B1. 30/27/24

I am wrecked!
PWO for both: Dream Whey and Refuel 40P/40C

KurtGP said...


55# 1st 5 rds, 65# 5 rds

ohs- 65# 15,31,20

ctb- all broken

Michael McCabe said...

part 2
used 90lbs
A. as rx'd
B1. 22, 20, 20... felt like i could've gotten more if my mental game was stronger
B2. 20, 20, 15+5

Paul Klein said...

Part 1 5:00am (I thought warming up in the afternoons was hard!)

Part 2 7:00pm
10 min squat snatch mash up
95lbs, no troubles other than painful wrist

30, 25, 21

C2B pull ups were a mess. All three sets were broken.

Does anyone here watch the show Biggest Loser? I think that one of the contestants got Rhabdo. They said she had damage to her muscle and her CPK levels were out of control. She was in the hospital for a week.

PTS said...

estimated @ 95lbs. 13hrs rest.
form felt good with the squat snatch at this weight.

ohs-95lbs. 15-14-14. wrists or stress on the elbow was limiting factor.
ctb 20,20,20- all unbroken

post wod 1- 35p, 35c
post wod 2- 30p, 20c

Pfeifalife said...

I am a retard and it just now clicked when I read Coach's post from this weekend! Well, tomorrow will be my double. Will do Part 2 tomorrow morning and tomorrows in the evening.

Use an ATS 1400 Air rower (no damper setting, rowed to 0.3 miles each time as per it's monitor as 0.2 times were way to fast
Part 1: 57/58/59/1:00/58/1:00

was tuff, focused on pulling with my ass and over reaching on the catch. This really seemed to help alot. Later rounds I messed a little with using more quads but they would tire a lot quicker than my post-chain. Deadlifting each rowed seemed to be my sweet spot.

David X said...

A. 105 unbroken
B1. 19/19/20
B2. 10,5,5/10,6,4/10,6,4

Scotty Hagnas said...

PM, 6.5 hrs later.
A) Snatch complex: 87.5lbs, no problem. Focused on finishing the second pull.
B1) OHS 34,29,25
B2) CtoB all broken.
PWO: yams @ tuna. 35p/30c

Thanks to everyone for offering to host while I'm in town. You guys have a great, welcoming community in Calgary...I have received so many replies. Lisa, it looks like I'm pretty well set up already, but hope to meet you and everyone else when I'm in town. Thanks again!

Rory Hanlin said...


A. 3 Pos Snatch @155 no drops
B1. 155 24,20,15
B2. 20, 15-5, 15-5

Gord said...

b1. 72# - 33,30,26
b2. unbroken, 10,5,5--5,5,5,5
Right shoulder,neck started acting up.

Mike Molloy said...


Did 95# for the Snatch complex. The middle rep gave me trouble as I kept landing in the toes. Took until the last two sets to get my act together.

I traded the last part for an indoor soccer game. Slight abdominal pull when someone slide tackled me from behind. Ice pack's here I come!

Brent Maier said...


Snatch Complex x10: 50kg (110#)
OHS: 20/20/23
Chest 2 Bar: 2&3 broken

Loved seeing squat in snatch! I found a piece of the old me on the first 10 rounds. Ohs felt great as well.

EHR said...

Eric R

58.6 d3.5
57.4 d5.5

B1 30,30,30 (90lbs)
B2 20,20,14/6

Chris said...

Part 1: All on damper=4
55.8, 56.3, 57.2, 57.7, 57.3, 57.4

Part 2: 75 pounds
B1: 17, 18, 21
B2: 13,2,2,1,2; 10,5,4,1; 10,5,4,1

PRE WOD: Woke at 0500 and didn't eat before RRR. Got on the rower at about 0640. Had coffee and water prior.
PWO Part 1: 30P/30C. Protein was MRM shake and Carbs was mashed yams, tiny bit of applesauce, and some cinnamon. 50 minutes later was 6oz of Salmon, 2/3 cup of spaghetti squash, and 14 mac nuts.
PWO Part 2: 40P/15C. Protein was MRM shake. Carbs was mashed yams with cinnamon. 60 minutes later had 4oz chicken breast, 2/3 cup spaghetti squash, and 14 mac nuts.

I could have definitely gone heavier with the snatches, but 125 is the most that I have ever got with a full deep squat, so I used that.

The first set of Chest2Bar killed me because the sweat in my hands was destroying my grip (not fatigue). After the 1st set, I put a little tape on the bar and that helped a lot.

April Hanlin said...

A. 45# (no squat)

Just learned the snatch movement recently and have no idea what my max is. I've never done more than the bar. Rory promised he would work more on this with me.

B1. 45#
2 (lost balance), 7, 7
B2. Only did sets of 10, broken. 20 is a little out of my reach.

I was happy with the OHS. I couldn't do any pre-pregnancy. Overall, I was pleased with my day. Lots of room for improvement!

April Hanlin said...

Oh, and thanks for the warm welcome from all of you.

LOVE the idea of baby refuel! I glanced over the info you sent Rory...thanks so much!

You need to come back to the Anvil soon.

Lisa M said...


OHS - 55# 16/17/22 "snuff box" pain was limiting factor on the first two sets- ha ha ha. The last one i narrowed my grip to the knarling and it felt much, much better.

PUs 10/8/2

My pecs etc were still baked from all those damn ring dips yesterday

Glad you are hooked up Scotty hopefully i can swing up to OPT when you are in town and do a WOD with everyone.

YoungManRumble said...

A. 95lb for snatch portion. I missed one snatch in the 3rd min.

B1. 14, 21, 23 - Did not have a grove in rd 1

B2. 15/5, 20, 12/3/2/3

Thanks to Chris Harrison from Crossfit Lions for letting us invade his box this afternoon.

Lauren said...

7:00 am:
Row: 62.2, 62.2, 63.7, 63.7, 63.4, 64.5

5:00 pm:
A. Used 60lbs for the snatch and OHS

OHS- 40, 25, 30
C2B- all 10, 5, 5

Evan Johnston said...

Part II

A. 60% was 92#
No problems, no drops, great technique exercise. Definitely going to use this to work on my form.

B1. 92#
12 / 24/ 30
*Brain fart in first round and dropped it. Pissed off about that one and last two felt WAY better.
B2. got through 20 but broken mostly in 5's. getting better and limited by grip.

crossfitmamaof4 said...

first day with the big dawgs
1.16, 1.12, 1.12, 1.11, 1.11, 1.10
(I guess I was not really giving 100 % effort after looking at the others scores wow)
-snatch 55lbs all reps were pretty clean for 10 minutes of work
-ohs 55 lbs 20, 30, 35 (probably could have gone a bit heavier unsure of 1 rep max)
-c2b all broken singles for c2b if only chin over bar I can rep out more but still working on it.

Brian Maier said...

Despite injuring my lower back yesterday, it felt much better today so I decided to give the row workout a go.


Surprisingly, back felt pretty good. Only about 90% left some in the tank. Post WOD, did a 3 mile bike sprint.

Anonymous said...

part 1: 1:01, :55, :57, 1:00, 1:00, 59

Chris Dunkin said...

PM: 8.5 hrs later

used 115lbs.

A. straight thru; got forward on rounds 4,5, improved on 5-10.

B1: 30,21,23
B2: +10lb vest 20, 17/3, 12/5/3

pwo: 4 scoops refuel

Surrey Sterling said...

Part 2

Snatch weight 95#

A: Missed 1 on the 7th. Felt pretty solid throughout.

B1 @ 95# - 20 - 16 - 23

B2 15-5

Yip Shout out to Chris at CF Lions North Van! Amazing box, it huge and tons of equipment!

Doug Zirkle said...

6 1/2 hours after part 1. Definitely glad I waited the extra couple of hours; I felt part 1 for several hours afterward.

A. 65#, no misses
B1. 15, 16, 20
B2. 20, 20, 20*

Snatch and OHS have been limited by shoulder mobility for me, but it's starting to come along.

*Fabricating a new pull-up system, so using temporary set-up for a while. It's a bar in slings, so it swings like a trapeze and the bar rotates. I can't kip well on it, so these were CTB jumpers with the bar at the base of my palms with both arms extended.

This was a great day of training. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Thanks, James!

Marcus Allen said...

Part 2...
85# Snatch mash up felt good, focused on staying back.

OHS 85#
35, 20, 17

C2B Pull ups
few actually C2B

have a great night!

KSC said...

a1)85 as rxwd
b1)33/22/ hip and back pain did not do 3rd set
b2)all unbroken

Anonymous said...

Part:1 7:00am

Part:2 8:00pm
A. Snatch 85lb felt good
B. OHS 85lb
B.2 20/20/20 unbroken

Erik Luber said...

Snatch Complex: 60 kg

This was awesome! Snatch technique got 100% better, first ever real full squat snatches. Felt great. Got a nice tear on inside of finger. Tried one pull up and opened it up a lot, decided to call it quits there.

unit said...

49 / 49 / 53 / 52 / 53 / 53

10min rest

A- 115... felt gd 2 practice the squat snatch... started 2 get used 2 catching the weight lower in the hole... got quicker and easier each set...

10min rest

B1- 30 / 25 / 24
B2- unbroken / unbroken / unbroken

long day in the OR 2day... sorry coach as I had 2 do the WOD back 2 back... contrary 2 ur rx...


Todd Dyer said...

part 1.
1. 58.8, 2. 58.1, 3. 58.6, 4. 58.8, 5. 58.5, 6. 59.4
Part 2.
a. all done as prescribed with 85 lbs.
b1. 1. 20 reps, 2. 20 reps, 3. 20 reps
B2. 1. 20, 2. 20, 3. 13-7

joey warren said...

part 2
A. 115lb - no failed reps

B1 OHS- 115lb
30/ 24/ 23
B2 Pullups- 20lb vest/ strict underhand/ kippiing underhand
20/ 16-2-2/ 16-2-2

PWOD fuel- banana, dried apricots, 2 scoops whey

depaul said...

Had to do this after a long intramural volleyball match and only had about 20 minutes for the whole thing before the gym closed. Almost made it though.

Part 2
A. 90 lbs. Really focused on finishing by pulling myself under, which is what seemed to make the difference in finishing in a full squat versus having to drop a few inches to get there after the catch.

(rest long enough to tape hands)

B1 OHS 90 lbs x 14 (lost balance), x 25

(no rest)

B2 C2B chins: 20, 20 (both sets fractioned)

gym closed before I could finish 3rd set. : (

PWOD fuel: 1 cup 1% milk, 1.5 scoops whey, 6 strawberries. I always forget to include this part but this is always what I have after a wod, + some extra carbs PRN.

Pfeifalife said...

Part 2
did it this morning as per my mental lapse noted earlier. Very cold this morning in the garage and anything metal hurt. We used a shop light as our sole source of heat.

A: 115 no missed reps
did not hold on as bar was frozen and killer on hands

B1: 26/23/21
B2: 15,5/20/20
Shoulder failure on OHS, right shoulder started to drop in my sets so I might not pushed that last 5-10% For fear of injury, went till I couldn't hold the shoulder stable. and should have gotten first set of pullups unbroken bu felt like my hand was tearing as pullup bar was frozen, after that I was shamed into doing unbroken.

Slater Coe said...

A1. 115lbs
B1. OHS @ 115lbs - 18, 19, 11
B2. 20 CTB chin ups x 3; all broken
C1. Row 300m, rest 3 minutes, repeat 6 times (avg 1:29.4/500m for all intervals). Had to combine the workouts due to scheduling.

Jefff said...

Part 2 (7:00 AM Oct 7)
A. 83# - Felt good (no drops)
B1. 83# - 32,32,29
B2. 20,20,20 Straight Through

Kyle F said...

Part 1
Damper at 4

Part 2
As Rx'd
Hang High Snatch felt good. Somewhere in the middle of my full snatch is messed up though. Need more practice.

Steve Smith said...

Part 1:

Sub 30 reps of 95lb SDHP:


Part 2:

Used 65% of 1RM

A: Unbroken, no misses. Felt strong.

B1: 30, 25, 25
B2: Unbroken all three sets

Think I had (maybe) 5 more reps on each round of OHS. Not able to drop the weight here though.

Erik Luber said...

OOppps. Clearly I cannot snatch 60 kg. Correct weight: 30kg

rwcorson said...

60% of 1RM=91.7# used 91.5#
A. Dropped snatch on 2 set and redid right away. I was a bit to loose overhead for the first 3 sets and then got the shouldes engaged.
B1. 35, 30, 27
B2. I had a hard time with these.
Done on Oct. 7/09.
I will do WOD 3 later today.

Jordan said...

A. Did 21kg 60% of 1rep snatch
B1. 33,30,23
B.2 20/10.10/ 10.10

Pfeifdog said...

morning of 10/7/09
A1. 115lbs
B1. OHS @ 115lbs - 15, 18, 17
B2. 10/8/2,15/5,14/6

shoulders felt like they were the limiting factor in OHS.

Post Wod 30g isopure whey and an apple

Pfeifdog said...

evening of 10/6/09

Use an ATS 1400 Air rower (no damper setting, rowed to 0.2
Part 1: 38/38/38/38/37/37