day 22/45


part 1:
Press - build quickly to a 1RM
Split Jerk - build with as much time as needed to a 1RM
Dead Lift - 60% 1RM; 8 sets of 2; rest 45 sec b/t sets - focus on explosive concentric, these are not touch and go reps, reset at bottom each time

rest 4+ hours

part 2:
5 sets;
20 unbroken chest to bar chin ups with speed
10 sec rest
AMRAP Burpees in 30 sec - DO NOT pace these
rest 90 sec

post % of loads for press compared to split jerk (i.e. 160/265 = 60%) as well as total burpees completed in 5 sets as score for part 2


Anonymous said...

cant wait to hit it up in the morning

Martin Altemark said...

Uh. Hardly any sleep tonight. Damned life. Always getting int eh way for my training. But will give it a shot anyways...

David X said...

Press: 145 (failed at 165 and moved on)
Split Jerk: 185 New PR
Deadlift 210# Felt strong and fast.

David X said...

78% btw

Pfeifalife said...

Part 1:
press: 165 (25lbs off of PR)
split jerk: 245 (60lbs off of PR)
DL: 290 (was ok, but wasn't at a blazing speed)

all in all, pretty shitty morning for me. Had limited time in which to do it this morning. But, weight just felt really f'n heavy. Couldn't make any weight to save my life.

Maybe I still have something in my system, of Whig I have no idea what it could be. Felt like I hadn't worked out in a month. Even my coordination in the lifts felt clumbsy. My body feels ok, just m mind feels weak and tired. Sleep was ok last night.

Well, here's looking forward to this evening.

Gord said...

Lisa- hang in there. We all have our days. Eat clean, rest well and the rest will take care of itself.

Mike Molloy said...


Press-140 (10# of pr)
Split Jerk- 200#
Dead lifts- 225# (felt REALLY good).

That's the first time that I didn't even think about my old low back injury during a dead lift since the injury happened... good news.

unit said...

if doing this 4 speed r butterfly pullups allowed?... what r ur thoughts on the butterfly?... would u rather dead hang or kip, etc?... or does it matter when it's not specified?...

Jefff said...

Press - 135#
Split Jerk - 145#
DL - 276.5#

Ryan B. said...


press = 130 lbs

split jerk = 175 lbs

% = 74%

deads @ 245lbs- felt great! lots of power!

-im starting to work on my hspu, im thinking this will help my overhead strength greatly.

Ryan B.

Chris Dunkin said...
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Chris Dunkin said...

P:170/SJ:235= 72%

used 315 for DL, about 65% of 1RM.

built too quickly on SJ, failed at 245. Form improved on later attempts.

Aaron said...

Do you think it is better to reduce the number of chest to bar pull-ups but keep them chest to bar or do you think it is better to do 20 but make them chin to bar?

I am leaning toward a reduced number of chest to bar. I want to maintain the instruction to not break, otherwise I would just do 20 with breaks. Thoughts?

Gord said...

split jerk 206 (failed at 212)
DL - - ran out of time. Took me an hr+ to warm up this morning to feel comfortable and loose.

feeling under recovered. I didn't eat enough on the weekend and have been feeling tired since and fighting a sore elbow (golfer elbow). Also a bad week for night meetings. so I will be taking tonight and tomorrow off to get a little extra rest. see you guys on the weekend!

PTS said...

press= 155
SJ = 205.
press @ 75% of SJ

DL @ 265. All 8 sets done easy.

no explosiveness or power at all today. Still feeling wrecked.

Surrey Sterling said...

Dam looks like I'm on the DL for a couple of dayz. my triceps are both blown out. It was the 50 Pushjerks at almost BW. Can't bend my arms past 90 degrees. Can't pick my nose or scratch the back of my head.

Couldn't press a shirt if I wanted to. Will rest up for the weekend hit!

Chris Biles said...

P 135#
SJ 155# (87%)
Shoulders are toast.

DL 230#

Same question as Aaron here. What would be best? I can get 20 unbroken chin over bar for maybe the 1st round then it'll be broken like crazy. If I do chest to bar, even the first round will be fractioned. I was leaning toward c2b throughout and work on strength. But then if speed is the goal- maybe just kipping chins? Thoughts? Thanks guys!

Lisa M said...

Thanks Gord and everyone. I am stretching my brains out, getting massage, making sure my diet is super clean etc. I am sure I will be better for it...

Surrey what the hell are you pressing your shirts for that is what the dryer is for in my house and if it can't go in there then to the dry cleaners it goes!!! Bad wife.

dontpanic356 said...

Started morning with Snatch. Worked to a heavy single at 205.

Press: 170

Split Jerk: 295 (pr)

DL: 275...Back was a little sore.

I'll try and squeeze in part two, but the past couple of weeks have been very busy.

Joel B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Joel B. said...

Press: 145 (same)
Split Jerk: 205 (10# pr)
I had 210 but just missed it. I swear I could have got it but I decided to take my pr and run.

DL: 185 (about 62% of last 1RM)

Ryan B. said...

Part 2. 3 hours rest

-the second wod today was my first wod with kipping pullups!! i am so pumped!! i can only do maybe 10 in a row, but today was a huge day for me!!!!

-Subbed 20 regular kipping pullups
(Broken) per set

Burpees = 12,12,13,13,13
total burpees = 63

-Also got my first pullup blister and tore it!! it hurts so good haha!!

you guys are awesome!

Ryan B.

Justin Flynn said...

Part 1: This took me a long time.
Press: 170 (Been stuck at 170-175 for months now.)

Split Jerk: 245# (PR)

Deadlift (305# felt fine. Really focused on trying to rip it off the ground and then taking a good 2 sec pause in between reps.)

Erik Luber said...

Press: 55 kg
Split Jerk: 69 kg (PR by 3 kg)
DL: 84 kg

55/69 = 80%
DLs felt really good. Focused on accelerating on the way up. Still need to get deeper on the split, although pressure on the lower back is still limiting factor for me. Interested to see what the ratio are for the firebreathers, suspect it is in the 50% range.

Lauren said...

press- 95lbs
didn't do push jerk because my collarbone was so bruised from the weekend
DL- 195lbs

Steve Howell said...

Press: 176(tied pr)

Split Jerk: 213(pr)

176/213= 83%

DL: 263

Garage Crossfitter said...

press=165 (tied pr)
Split jerk= 225 (5# pr)
DL @ 230, Fast


CNS recovering finally, wrist, elbow and knee still tender, i know....stop being a baby....

Martin Altemark said...

Lunch session
Shoulder press: 67,5kg (149 pounds)
Split jerk: 92,5kg (PR) (204 pounds)
Deadlifts at 110kg. They felt very strong. Nice!

After work session
5 rounds 20 CTBPU/AMRAP burpees: unbroken - 14, 15/5 - 14, 12/4/4 - 13, 10/4/3/3 - 12, 8/3/3/2/2/1 - 12

Tried to keep rests when having to break pullups to absolute minimum time. The "with speed" is really not an option for me with CTBs... Video here:

Todays scores was 73% and 65 Burpees

Didn't expect much today with very much DOMS in shoulders.

rwcorson said...

split jerk-191#
I felt sluggish. Physio prior to WOD, so wondering it this had any affect.

rwcorson said...

press 69% of SJ.

Evan Johnston said...

Dont know whats going on, flu bug or food problems but something crazy going on with my stomach today. Could be body sending me a sign. Wanted to do this metcon sooo bad too. great #'s so far dawgs

Greg Soneff said...

Had to do both WODs this evening with only a short rest between. All the schedule allowed for today.

WOD #1
SP: 65kg
SJ: 90kg = (72%)
DL: with 90kg

ca. 30 mins

WOD #2
C2B: sets 1&2 unbroken, remainder in 2 sets of 10 with approx. (30 sec between)
Burpees: 15/13/13/13/12

Scotty Hagnas said...

WOD #1
P: 142.5 (recent PR)
SJ: 205 (PR)
Ratio= 69.5%
DL: 219 Felt good, quick.
PWO: Hot Italian chicken sausage w/butternut squash 40p/15c

For the PM WOD, I think I will scale to a # of C2B chins I think I can do unbroken. I'll then complete some of the missing reps afterward as practice.

PTS said...

part 2:
could not complete as Rx'd. Had to break the CTB chins starting in rd 3.

burpees - 14,13,13,12,12.

joey warren said...
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joey warren said...

SP = 175 (failed on 185, previous PR is 185)

SJ= 245 (failed x 2 before successful, PR by 5lb)

= 71%

DL @ 275lb - felt lightest its ever felt

Wes hendricks said...

press - 135 (PR is 145) almost locked out 150 soooo close!

Split Jerk - 210 (PR) never done split jerk max before, push jerk max is 200. Felt like I could have possibly gone higher. But backed off cause technique was going down hill

Deadlift - 225 fast and easy

Robby said...


press- 160, felt good going up failed at 165.

Split jerk- 205, lacked the explosiveness to keep going.

Deadlift- 285, felt extremely light coming off the ground.

Coach for WOD two could I rest for 2 min instead of the perscribed 90 sec, I should be able to do the pullups unbroken with a little more recovery time.

Garage Crossfitter said...

2 hours rest

Part II
First 3 sets unbroken,(first 2 sets butterfly and fast, set 3 first 12 butterfly then the rest traditional kip)
set 4 was 19+1 (slipped off bar)
set 5 13+6+1 (grip totally gone)

burpees 13,13,12,12,12

cardio fine, only issue was my forearms, they were 100% gone. Getting very comfortable with uncomfortable. WHOOOOOOF DAWGS!

OPT said...

Unit, perform the chin ups wiht butterfly or trad...just ensure its as fast as possible...that's the goal...when not specified, you choose.
also seeing a lot of folks here mentioning about lack of recovery and "not having it"...get your shit together, then come and get it, or don't come at all.

Mike Molloy said...

PM WOD (rest 10 hours)

Pull ups-Rx'd
Burpees- 14-11-9-8-8 (50 total).

Thank you, Coach.

Michael McCabe said...

part1 - 7:15am
sp/sj: 145/205=71%
DE deadlift @ 255lbs; speed was good

part2 - 6:30pm
2 sets of c2b's unbroken, broke at 12 in sets 3-5
total burpees: 61

Ryan @ CFGP said...

Push Press - 170 #
Jerk - 205 / (215)
DL - 225
Jerk form needs serious improvement

Brent Maier said...


Press: 40/60/70/76/80kg (176#)
Split Jerk: 110kg (242#)
DL: 120kg (265#)

Press/Split Jerk Ratio: 72%

10 minutes later...

C2B & Burpees: 58 (15/12/10/11/10)

Bloody hell, busy day and body feels freaking abused. This one would have been easy to bow out on. Screw it... Pushed this one to the breaking point on the push jerk. Not my absolute max but I knew another push jerk, something was going to break. Good solid form on the 110kg.

Coach, my press hasn't been 80kg for quite a while now. Why the hell was I able to get it today as broken as I feel?

Moved into the 2nd WOD and first two rounds were unbroken. Felt the shoulders were pretty weak at the end of the second set. After that, all pullups broken and chin to bar but I gave it my all on burpees.

What are your thoughts on our press & push jerk ratios?

Slater Coe said...

Press - 1RM - 160(pr), 165(f)
Split Jerk - 1RM - 250(pr), 265(f)
Press/Split Jerk = 64%

rest 10 minutes

5 sets:
20 CTB Chin Ups (broken)
10 sec rest
AMRAP Burpees in 30 sec
rest 90 sec

14, 12, 12, 13, 13 = 64
Time = 17:15 (ripped off blood blisters from Sunday, making CTBs quite difficult...)

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 2: 67 (15,15,13,12,12)

C2B: 20,20,20,18,14

butterflied my way through the first 2 sets and 15 of the third then switched to kips for the rest of set three, and sets 4, and 5.
Fueling much better today then on the wknd. 5 eggs and olive oil pre-wod 1, 3 scoops Refuel pwo, eggs/buffalo/veggies 2hrs later, big cobb salad at 1pm, and wod 2 at 4:30.

Rory Hanlin said...

Part 1.

Press: 215 (I haven't pressed more than this since before the games)
PR is 235

Split Jerk: 365 PR
Pressed a little at the top, but I'll take it.

215/365= 58.9%

DL: 345

Yesterday I did a land navigation course all night with a 40lb ruck attached to me. 4 Hours of sleep last night, but I was prepared with decent nutrition.

video of the jerk is here:

Robby said...

WOD 2: C2B, first three rounds unbroken, used butterfly for speed, last two rounds I broke twice( rd 4, 18-2, rd 5, 15-5.) Used the standard kip for these rounds as fatigue set in, tried to maintain speed.

Burpees: (12,14,13,13,14) 66 total

David X said...

First set unbroken c2Bs.
Total burpees: 53

Scotty Hagnas said...

Scaled to 10 C to B each round, so I could keep moving fast w/o breaking. (these are one of my main goats)
Burpees: 14/14/14/13/13=68
Afterward, I paid my 50 C2B pullup debt in multiple sets to work on the skill.
PWO: 30p/20c Mackrel & dried goji berries

Curious how much everyone here sleeps, and what normal bedtimes are... 9 hrs sleep last night, in bed by 9:20pm.

Wes hendricks said...

All CTB unbroken
Burpees: 15-15-15-13-12

CTB in round 4 and 5 got difficult on grip because I ran out of chalk a few days ago and playground pull-up bar is sort of slippery.

April Hanlin said...

Part 1

press 80lb (pr)
jerk 95lb (pr-first time doing these)


DL 100# Felt fast and easy. really worked on technique and getting good velocity on the bar. Its nice having Rory there to critique me. Overall, even though my numbers are small, I'm seeing so much improvement every week.

Shout out to big Rob Otteson.

Becky said...

didn't have to time to get to the gym tonight, so i did both this morning. then i was running short on time.
so i tried to kill 3 birds with one stone.
pr'd on press at 85 #. yay.
jerk max 115. failed at 125.
dl 135#

i was supposed to be trying this routine for getting a mu in 3 weeks. so i made my pull ups on the rings. with false grip. then did burpees.
it wasn't such a great idea..... putting 3 wod's together.
oh well. see you tomorrow.

Laura said...

Workout 1: Press: 78#
S. Jerk: 113#
Ratio: 69%
D.L.: 146#

Workout 2: Modified chinups schedule to sets of 10 chest to bar. Sets 1 and 2 unbroken, set 3 off the bar twice, then had a little chat with myself to "girl up", sets 4 and 5 slower, but stayed on bar. Burpees 54(12/12/11/10/9). Will take a few workouts to get back into the swing of things.

Kyle F said...


145/205 = 70%
DL: 215 as Rx'd (Felt real good)


As Rx'd

WOD 2 left me almost dead. Couldn't straighten arms for about an hour.

Steve Howell said...

Part 2: C2B first round was unbroken but then had to break up the rest.

Burpees: 73(15/14/14/13/13)

Joel B. said...

Part 2:

CTB all broken. I tried to minimize rest and work on speed at least. I tried.

Burpees: 13, 12, 13, 12, 12
62 total.

Still feeling good about PR in the split jerk earlier today.

Scotty...I hit the rack about 9-9:15 asleep by 9:30 pretty much every night. I am up by 5 most mornings and 2-3 days a week will sleep to 6 or 6:30. I could probably sleep at 8, but 8-9 is about the only time to hang out with the wife not doing household/kid stuff.

Rory Hanlin said...

Part 2.
CTBPU: 20/20/14+6/9+6+5/very broken

Burpees: 13/11/13/12/12

Part 1: 58.9%
Part 2: 61

Erik Luber said...

Part 2:

First 2 sets unbroken butterfly, then
14-6, 10-4-3-3, 7-5-4-4
Burpees: 12-11-10-11-12

Gave this one everything I had. Went to absolute failure. Took as little rest as possible in between broken PUs.

unit said...

part 1
press - 165 (pr 185)
SJ - 205 (pr 245 since OPT last feb... lifetime pr 285 in college)... I'll get back there... although numbers r crap 2day still feel like I'm improving...
~ 80%
DL - 315

10 min rest

part 2
did this with depaul... felt awesome... since speed was the goal I timed the c2b pu... all unbroken butterfly...
PU (time in sec) - :22 / :23 / :23 / :23 / :22 total~1:53
Burpees - 15 / 13 / 13 / 13 / 13. total ~ 67

as far as sleep goes I usually get 5-6 hrs a night... bed around midnight and up around 5:30... this depends highly on what service I'm rotating on... right now I'm doing surgical oncology and there is a lot 2 b done that has kept me late lately... in 2 weeks I'll be starting 2 months of cardiothoracic surgery where I'll b on call every tues, thurs, sat... so 5 hrs of sleep may b a luxery... we'll c!... back in July/August I was at the VA... wound up getting 7hrs a sleep a night... it was AWESOME!...


dmarsh said...

Part 1

Press: N/C (tricep)

Split Jerk: 100kg (tricep really limited me here as well. PR is 110kg and I barely locked out 100kg.)

Deadlift: 130kg

Part 2

CTB PU: UB,UB,UB,12/8,10/5/5
Burpees: 14,13,12,11,12=62

unit said...

thanks 4 the clarification... much appreciated... and I'll work on getting my shit 2gether... always can use a swift kick in the @$$!...

Rory... u beast... I'm comin hard after u, so u best keep pushin...


depaul said...

Pt 1. Press 145, Jerk 205, 70%.
Deadlifts at 205.

6 hours rest, game of IM basketball.

Hit pt 2 with unit - 1st and 2nd rd as rxed, rds 3-5 chin over vertical plane of bar. 4th and 5th rd broken: 9/6/5 and 13/7. Didn't time pullups but I ended up finishing about a rd behind unit.

PS unit has a marvelous butterfly kip. You should video that, man. Great wod!

Burpees: 14, 13, 12, 10, 10 = 59

Laura "girl up" I love it. Coach thanks for the post. I am also curious to know what we will be doing with these %s.

Someone asked about sleep - for me usually midnight-1:00 until 8:00-8:30. Depends on how much studying there is at night.

Doug Zirkle said...

Part 1: 87.5%
Part 2: 68 burpees

Matched press PB (140). Set jerk PB (160).

Chins modified, but unbroken and fast.

Scotty: usually get 8-9 hours. Ideally, ready for sleep around 9 and up around 6.

Jefff said...

Part 2
C2B - All unbroken
Burpees - 13,12,12,10,9

Chris Dunkin said...

bed time is usually 8:30-9, and up at 4:20 for wod's by 5:30, and non-wod mornings till 6:30.

Steve Howell: I count 69 on the burpees.

Rory: thanks for the vid link. Most impressive-keep em coming.

joey warren said...

part 2:
butterfly CTB pullups- all unbroken- worked on speed but hard to keep a rythym so I had to slow it down a little, last 5 turned into a kip to get my chest up there

burpees- 17,15,15,13,13

total = 73

PTS said...

Scotty: I have varying shifts for work so bedtime and sleep patterns are constantly changing, so any info I provide is probably useless to you. Nonetheless:

bedtime ranges from 9pm to 11pm typically when I;m working day shifts, and same for when not working the following day. sleeping typically 7 hrs on work days and up to 9hrs occasionally on nonwork days.

when working a night shift, sleep is completely wacky. maybe 4 hrs sleep then up for a few hours then back to sleep for another 1.5 hours.

anytime i am consistent in my sleep patterns for up to 2 weeks i see improved performance. i just wish it was more of a possibility.

Pfeifalife said...

Part 2
pullups: UB/UB/14-6/10-6-4/9-5-6
Burpees: 14/10/10/9/10
pullups broken starting 3rd round. Smoked after 1rd, sucking wind bad, grip and arms tired, hands tearing, not sure if I used my back enough on pullups but better than usual. Focus on pulling with back after Kip.

Part 1: (weak!) 165/245=67%
Part 2: (14,10,10,9,10) total = 53

well, hopefully I'm kicking this shit. Weak this morning and fatigued extremely fast this evening. Hopefully this medicine is what the doctor ordered.

KSC said...

p1) 145sp/195sj 75%
no dl hurt my back on sj

p2) 3rds pu unbroken

Justin Flynn said...

Part 2: Pullups 20-20-15-15-15
Really focused on speed here and limiting the length of my kip.

Burpees 11-10-10-10-11

Part 1: 69%
Part 2: 52

md said...

Part 1
press - 135
split jerk - 175
dl - 200 felt easy and fast


Garage Crossfitter said...

Scotty: Bedtime 9:30, wake at 5 for AM WOD and 6:00 for regular single WOD days.

David X said...

I'm generally in bed sleeping by 10 up at 7 although I feel more resting sleeping by 9 or 9:30 until 5 or 6.

Aaron said...

Press: 165(pr)
Split Jerk: 215
DL at 60%: 295

Normally I would bemoan my poor press, but after reading OPT's comments for Thursday I am now worried about my push-jerk. I just can't get my shoulders into a stable position when I settle under the bar. Getting it up and getting myself down isn't the problem. Holding it up there is.

I did a severely scaled version of WOD 2 since I am beat up for a competition last saturday.

3 Rounds
10 unbroken chest to bar
30 second burpees

15, 12, 10 burpees.

Paul Klein said...

165/245 67%


bilescl said...

Part 2: Done yesterday after 6 hrs rest.

Did kipping chins (not c2b) to focus on speed and stay unbroken as long as possible. Got the first 2 rounds without coming off. After that it was broken but still tried to get back up quickly.

Burpees 13/13/11/11/11

rwcorson said...

132# press/192# Split jerk
Part 2 - done Oct 22nd 8 am due to bad planning & a bit of fatigue on my part.
chins were not 20's, wanted to do 13 but no go - I need extra work here.
Burpees-70 on the nose-15/15/14/13/13

Lauren said...

subbed 10 C2B for the 20, unbroken except the last 2 sets. feel like my cycle is getting faster, or I am dropping faster, especially reps 4-7, but then I loose rhythm and have to go back to the slower kip.

burpees- 12/11/10/10/9

rwcorson said...

I usually get 8 hours. In bed @ 10 pm, up at 6 am. This is like clock work for me on weekdays. Weekends are still usually 8 hrs, but I tend to go to bed a nit later and sleep a bit later. This also depends on what is happening with the scheduled WODS and with the family schedule.

md said...

wod 2 -

ctb very broken - 20, 20, 15+5, 13+4+3, 10+4+3+3,

burpees - 12,13,13,14,15 = 67

Part 1 - 76%
Part 2 - 67

Chris Fodera said...

Part 1: Done at about 1145 at work gym.
W/U w/
- 300m row at about 2:05/500m
- PullUps
- 10 GHD SUs
- PVC Pass Throughs
- Stretching

Press: 95, 110, 125, 140, 150, 155F
PJ: 95x3, 115x3, 135, 145, 160, 175, 185, 195, 205F

PWO: 40gP (MRM shake), 20gC (mashed yams w/ cinnamon).
50 min later: 6oz turkey deli meat, apple, almond butter

Part 2: Felt pretty good through first two rounds. Trying to do C2B with speed was causing me to swing a lot. I assume I could have gone faster on the burpees b/c I got 12 (equal amounts) in every round.
I tore my left hand on my upper palm under my small finger during 5th set of C2B on #15. Need to work on mental toughness to fight through that pain.

Rounds 1/2 unbroken C2B. 14,4,2 in round 3. 10,5,5 in round 4. 10,5,1,2,2 in round 5. 12 burpees/round.

PWO: 40gP (MRM shake), 20gC (mashed yams w/ cinnamon)

Scores: 77% and 60 Burpees

M@ said...

Press 1RM=195
Split Jerk 1RM=215 (I can push jerk more than that)

Part 2: 15 burpees per round