day 19/45


WOD 3:
5 rounds for time;
40 unbroken double unders
25 unbroken chin ups

rest 6+ hours

WOD 4:
150 wall balls - 20#/14# to 11ft

post times for WODs 3 and 4 and total time for all 4 WODs to comments
chin breaks vertical plane for chin ups
sit to ball for wall balls
ball must be thrown from the front rack position, not from behind the head


unit said...

LMFAO!.... that's awesome... ball must b thrown from the front rack position, not from behind the head!... love it!...

Geoff Aucoin said...

11 feet? That's just mean.

deejay said...

Geoff, would you like some cheese?

Brent Maier said...

125 pullups in 5 sets? Thats got me the most concerned. Maybe the addition of "unbroken" is just a typo!

Anonymous said...

I only have a 14lb ball for Karen was wondering if it would be better to sub db thrusters or just use 14 lb ball


Evan Johnston said...

Some great numbers and solid WOD's this weekend. mid-term studying and work have me bogged down but Im looking forward to catching up on some of these next week. Keep goin strong dawgs, some awesome numbers!

Geoff Aucoin said...

I'll eat a whole block of it if I can sit and watch you do Karen to an 11 foot target!

Rory Hanlin said...

Coach and Calgary Dawgs,

I just received the poster that you all signed. It looks awesome in the Anvil!
Thanks for the signatures, you all are an inspiration!

Garage Crossfitter said...


Humbling, MANY mistakes on du, traps, shoulders and grip 99% shot. The last 1% is for Karren tonight. I am feeling a bit under recovered lately. I have to start focusing harder on taking care of myself because I am beat.

April Hanlin said...

Rob Otteson-

Air five for the 1st MU!

Chris Dunkin said...


No misses/fractions. Finished round 3 in 6:52. Fear of missing on PU's kept the rests long.

PWO: 4 scoops Refuel

Paul Klein said...

WOD 3: 26.00
All double unders were UNBROKEN, this is a huge milestone for me!!! Pull ups not so much, I rested as long as possible without cooling down but the sets went down like this; 25, 25, 18+7, 16+9, 11+7+7.

My forearms feel like the way Popeye's looked. My grip is fried.

Joel B. said...


Had 2 misses on DU's forcing a start over. Probably due to forearms getting so cooked. Took so long to finish because of waiting to be able to complete pullups unbroken. Still getting used to thicker bar in garage gym too. WODs like this help haha.

Rob Ottesen said...

Ohhh April and it starts hahah. I will not be partaking in these today i have yet to have a recovery day. i really need it and i was sooo looking forward to Karen damn i have to miss it.

Ryan B. said...

wod 3

-subbed 160 skips for DU'S
-all pullups broken, usually in sets of 3 (huge weakness)
-round 3 and 4 of skips were broken, the other rounds were unbroken


was really tired and sore today, shoulders are dead, and i SUCK at pullups to begin, so this wod wasnt fun for me!

Ryan B.

Ryan B. said...

160 skips each round...

Rory Hanlin said...


DU were frustrating today. Broke too many to count

Mike Molloy said...

WOD 3:

18:20 as Rx'd

1 miss on the DU's... 2 reps from the final 40 which was a mind F#%!...

unit said...


6:20 - 15 / 10 / 9 / 7 / 6 / 3... all from front rack + 50 t2b


Gord said...

stopped a 1hr 8min
Failed at rep 24 on round 3. redid this set. The failed again at 24 rep on the 5 th. and then failed again at 18. hand tore up
body is done!!!

Jefff said...


Re-did 5th set of DU, otherwise all unbroken.

Martin Altemark said...

WOD 3: 43:23

first 2 sets with 40 unbroken DUs. Milestone for me too! Sets 3-5 with DUs as two unbroken sets of 20. All PUs unbroken and breaking vertical plane. Took long breaks to assure unbroken-ness.

"Karen+1 foot": 7:20

Not far off from my PR at 3 foot! Felt good, when I got tired I recovered quickly. Nice! Only 8kg ball so aimed about 10cm higher to make up for it.

Total for day 1 - 48:36
Total for day 2 - 50:43

Total for day 1&2: 1:39:16

Not one part of the body that is not sore now. Thanks coach!

rwcorson said...

31:48 Dbl unders were the problem today, which is different, as the are definately the better of these 2. 4 broken sets. 2 set @ 3, 3 sets @8 and 4th @ 32 & 18.
No broken pull ups.

unit said...

30min rest after wod 1



running total ~ 6:20 + 13:18 = 19:38


Robby said...

WOD#3 11.21

Double unders: had to redo rounds four and five, broke at 33 and 32.

All Pull Ups unbroken.

I rested about 45 seconds between double's and pullups. On the last round my shoulders felt like they were about to fall off, last set of pullups felt like a mental battle between me and the bar. Karren should be fun.

deejay said...

Part 1 - got through 2 rounds before sleep country called to meet me for them to delier my new matress!! So I finished up the 3rd round with many breaks and took off to meet them. I feeling sick today, as I have been for the last few days, so I just wanted to sweat it out a bit anyways. I'll give Karren a go tonight too... What time are peeps going to be at OPT?

Erik Luber said...

*WOD 3: 31:23
DUs: 40/ 33/7 40/ 35/5 35/5
PUs: 25/ 20/5 18/7 17/8 14/11

These unbroken WODs own me hard. A constant reminder that I am just a little puppy dog with a lot of training left until I can become a big dawg.

DUs just gave me the fits today. So many missed attempts I don't even want to think about it, settled for 30 or more unbroken. Hands still recovering from huge tares both hands, this really limited me on the chins.

Paul Klein said...

WOD 4: KAREN to 11'

This was an embarrassing display. I just fell apart mentally and physically. My right quad was cramping real bad, I wanted to quit in the worst way. Looking forward to a rest day.

Gord said...

DJ - I am going later tonight 6or7pm. I need time to recover. Can I stand on your shoulders to do Karen

Jess said...



All DU unbroken!! First time!!!
Pull up : 25 20+5 9+9+7 9+9+7 9+9+7

Nice WOD!!

Chris Biles said...

All unbroken from the start in WOD 1.

DU- single/double with many unbroken to 40.


Will get to the next one in about 4-5 hrs.

Enjoying some great fall weather down here in TX. Been a beautiful wknd. Workouts and all! Cheers y'all!

Chris Biles said...

Oh yea:

Becky said...

part one for today. subbed 160 single unders for du's.
did the first 3 sets of pu's unbroken. that was a lot for me. set 4 was 16 and 9, set 5, 15 and 10.
wish i were better at du's. huge weakness. must be a coordination thing. b/c i get flustered with wallballs too.

Rory Hanlin said...

Rob's first muscle up:


If my hunch is correct, I sense that you plan on doing all four WOD's today... you crazy bastard

PTS said...

WOD 3: 25:33.
Made a huge blunder when I went too early for the pull-ups on Rd 3 and didn't make it to 25. Had to rest about 4 minutes then do the 25 unbroken. That cost me huge. Probably took a bit longer than needed for Rds 4 and 5 to ensure I didn't repeat that. I want this one again bad.

WOD 4: 10:17. Did this one outside at the local handball court as my garage doesn't have room for an 11 ft target. The extra foot put more strain on my shoulders and they are absolutely fried.

Total for all 4 : 91 mins and 11 secs. WOD 2 destroyed my overall time.

joey warren said...

t= 16:21

DUs very frustrating - could not get a rhythm

Ryan B. said...

wod 4

subbed 20lb db per hand

8:18 PR!

so tired, going to be sore tomorrow, rest will be good!

Ryan B.

deejay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
deejay said...

WOD 4 - 7:40 - my PR on Karren is 5:10
Geoff I can't compete with your internet trash talking skills...

Garage Crossfitter said...

Part 4
My pr for a 10 ft target is 6:18 so i'll take this...

PTS...i had a similar mistake as you with part 3... i was on my last round and i messed up on double unders at 38...that cost me another 2 min or so...and in rounds 2 and 3 i tripped up at 22 and 24 reps....that was a smoker...

Since i didnt do the rx'ed part 2 wod, i dont have a total time. i'm wrecked though...

Joel B. said...

Part 4: 7:58
PR for Karen (only have done this 1 other time, 10 ft target--not on a doubles weekend) was 7:10 about 9 months ago. All things considered I am happy with the sub 8. Shoulders were more fried than legs or lungs, for sure.

Totals for weekend:
Part 1: 28:45
Part 2: 15:25
Part 3: 26:21
Part 4: 7:58

All together: 1:18:49

Word is wizzin...ha...not quite apparently.

Robby said...

WOD #4, 7.50

Awesome weekend; for once I actally feel that a rest day is needed. Thanks Coach.

WOD#1, 18.52

WOD#2, 18.02

WOD#3, 11.21

WOD#4, 7.50

Total Time 55.25

Justin Flynn said...

Part 3: All unbroken 20:13. My forearms are completely smoked.

Lisa M said...

Still babying my decrepit body so did the sdlhp and muscle up wod this am. 18:22 with jumping muscle ups for first four rounds as my ceiling isn't high enough so I don't even know if I can do a muscle up. Trying to talk my husband oInto putting a pullup bar in the garage does anyone know where to get the specs on building that. He is very handy and has his own welding machine.

Going to attempt Karen later but don't think I can do to 11ft as I still can't jump which means even 10 ft will be a challenge

Gord said...

lisa - they sell stud chin up bars at OPT. Check out the OPT store

Brent Maier said...


WOD 1 (Split Jerk): 16:51 (10/8/5/5/5/5/4/4/4) w/80 T2B
WOD 2 (Tyler): 16:05
WOD 3 (DU/PU): 14:35 (1:47/2:33/4:06/3:17/2:51)

Total: 47:31

WOD3 Notes: No misses on the double unders today. Had intent to do all 5 rounds of pullups unbroken but that changed finishing up set 2. Arms are toast so I decided to break up the last 3 rounds into 2 sets each.

2 hour rest and I'll get Karren out of the way.

Steve Howell said...

Needed a rest day today hitting the double tomorrow.

Michael McCabe said...

WOD1: 12:28 (scaled to 40 reps b/c i was hungover... stupid)
WOD2: 25:26 rx'd
WOD3: 14:48 (scaled d/u to two sets to get to 40; pullups as rx'd)
WOD4: 10:35 as rx'd

Total: 1:03:17

Hopefully next weekend I can hit them all as prescribed

EHR said...

Eric R
wod 3
51:03 as rx'd
came off the bar at 20 reps of round 4. Redid and got it a few minutes later. Skipping has improved a lot in the last two months.

wod 4
8:40 as rx'd to 11'
adversity was added by having to suck in my neighbour's
2nd hand smoke for the last 40 reps

Rory Hanlin said...


PR for Karen is 5:50

Total Time: 47:34
no promises on the math

Coach, you are really making me love rest days

unit said...

Rory... bro...

total ~ 45:44

nice work u horse!... guess the WODs really took it out of u 2day!... and yes... the plan is 4 all 4 WODs 2day!...


Ryan @ CFGP said...

WOD #3
DU's unbroken / Only one round unbroken PU's

WOD #4
10:04 as rx'd. There is a big difference between 10' and 11'.

rwcorson said...

7:28 I'm happy with this as my previous Karen was 7:10 to 10".
There is a lot of room for improvement.
I've noticed that a lot of Dawgs have been changing the WODs, which is your choice, but it offers no comparison between us. We are competing if you don't know already.
Also remember that Rory, DJ and Mike made it to the Games following the WODs to the letter.
It's different if you can't do the WODs as rx'd and have to scale.
Coach goes through a tonne of thought and effort to design the WODs, so everyone should make an effort to follow his plan, it's in our own best interest. Not resting enough and then breaking up sets is not going to cut it when you get into a qualifier or the Games and you can't handle it. The work you do now pays off big time when the pressure is on. This is the preparation you need into order to achieve your best results.
Follow the plan, these workouts are not for the faint of heart!!!

Chris Biles said...

WOD 1- 27:14 (135#)
WOD 2- Missed (family time)
WOD 3- 24:49 (broken as described)
WOD 4- 10:26 (as rx'd)

3/4 Total- 1:02:29

Mike Molloy said...

Karren- 9:40

Total time: 1:06:58

Totally fried. Lots of foam rolling, sleep, etc tonight/tomorrow...

Erik Luber said...

Karren+1: 12:23
Total: 20:58+ 19:36+ 31:23+ 12:23= 1h 24m 20s

Karen PR: 10:51

Holy crap, I am smoked! What an awesome weekend, thanks Coach. Total time is pretty meaningless, b/c I had to scale WOD 1 and had to fraction WOD 3.

Must. Keep. Working. Harder.

Chris Dunkin said...

Total= 55:12

Happy to be done. Fun wknd. Great post Rob.

After talking to Scotty last wknd and reading Mat Lalonde's post on Robb Wolf's blog I'm only going to be using the Refuel on double days, and no pwo meal on singles. We'll see how it goes.

Brent Maier said...


WOD 1 (Split Jerk): 16:51 (10/8/5/5/5/5/4/4/4) w/80 T2B
WOD 2 (Tyler): 16:05
WOD 3 (DU/PU): 14:35 (1:47/2:33/4:06/3:17/2:51)
WOD 4 (Karren): 7:29

Total: 55:00

Everything was as RX'd except the pullups in WOD3. The last 3 rounds were done in sets of 11/10. The last recorded Karen time I had at 10' was 8/7/08 at 6:58. Todays performance after 3 difficult WODs is great. There is a big difference between 10' and 11'.

Michael McCabe said...

thanks for the post corson. i missed the point of wod3 by fractioning my double unders. i will try to get mentally tougher to keep up with the rest of the pack.

Gord said...

wod 1- 19:29
wod 2- 17:06
Wod 3- 68:00
karren -11:19

Treated this weekend as if it was the next competition and learned a ton about my training this. In normal competitions I am ususlly running on fumes by the the last workout. Always thought it was the build up of adrenalin and then the crash at the end of the work out that caused this. Realized this weekend that I just didn't eat enough. The mind and body were ready...but I just didn't put enough fuel in the tank.

I also read my comment from my 3rd wod that said "body is done". I didn't even realize I said this. need to be careful of setting myself up for failure.

Amazing Job Rory. keep it up.

unit said...

7hrs rest after WOD 1 & 2 double...


as rx'ed

took 20s rest bw PU and DU and 90-120s rest bw DU and PU... didn't have 2 restart either DU or PU...

running total - 6:20 + 13:18 + 13:06 ~ 32:44


Jefff said...


First WOD at the new "Hound Pound". Dark and cold, but got it done


Pre WOD warm-up - 4 hours of digging trench for electrical/gas from house to "Hound Pound".

unit said...

30min rest...

WOD 4... Karren 2 11ft

9:19... def felt this after a long day... fractioned as follows...
32 / 52 / 70 / 85 / 101 / 113 / 126 / 140 / 150

total - 6:20 + 13:18 + 13:06 + 9:19 ~ 42:03

rob!... congrats on the first muscle up!... that's awesome!...


Rory Hanlin said...

yes indeed, my math skills suck.

nice work today, unit. impressive time on WOD 3. today i couldn't put together a set of DU to save my life.

good post. thank you for putting things into perspective.

Doug Zirkle said...

Frankly, I was just grateful to be able to train today. My right forearm extensors and tendons got inflamed from the SDHPs last night (presumably, I'm not leading high enough with the elbows), to the point where it hurt like hell just to open my hand this morning. I had a hard time just holding a pan when cooking breakfast.

I've had decent luck training through tendonitis (mostly in my running days) by massaging the affected area agressively before training. Once it warms up, it doesn't feel all that bad. Fortunately, that worked today. The DUs felt OK after warming up, and the PUs were tolerable. Iced it after both WOs; we'll see how it feels tomorrow. I may hit it with the laser and some ultrasound if it's not feeling great.

To top all that off, I'm walking in my kitchen after the first WO, and I step on a wasp. The hostile little bastard stung me right in the arch of my foot. Good times.

Lest I be asked if I'd like some cheese, I'll just get on with it ....

WO 3: 18:59

One DU miss, on rep 3 of set 5. Otherwise, no misses.

PUs were done on the swinging, rotating, temporary bar. I used a jump assist as necessary to get them all unbroken. I'm going to try and find some time in early November to finish my pull-up system fabrication. Unfortunately, work is too busy to get to it before then.

WO 4: 9:47

First Karen. Most of these ended up between 10' and 11'. Cardio-respiratory endurance not tested; muscular endurance and power are the issues for me.

All four: 1:16:07 (not legit due to scaling, assistance)

joey warren said...

t= 5:44
started with 86 unfractioned- surprised by this, this was easier than thought, limiting factor was shoulders.

total= 42:20

KSC said...

am) 26:32 4 rds as rxed last pu broken

no AM)

depaul said...

Only time I could make it to gym was 20 minutes before close :/ left time for Karen only so I'll have to do WOD3 tomorrow or something. Bah. No rope anyway (new one still on order after my last one broke during FS).

- 150 15 lb. wallball to 12-13 foot target: 8:08.

Pretty much fractioned them exactly like unit, 30 straight then sets of 15 until 120, a set of 10 and then deep breathe and last 20 unbroken.

Joey, 86 wallball in a row is crazy, as is Karen in 5:44. I don't know if gravity permits you to go much faster than that honestly...and unit, all four wods today and I still missed you! Bah...awesome work though esp on WOD 3.

That makes 45:02 without WOD 3 which I haven't done yet.

Becky said...

opt, do our times count if we scale or modify the wod at all?
wod 1 13:46 no scaling here
wod 2 18:16 scaled w/ asst mu
wod 3 19:47 scaled w/ single unders, 2 sets broken pu
wod 4 9:00 scaled w/ only 10 ft target, sorry.

total time 60: 49 i think.
pretty excited about a rest day!

Anonymous said...

Rnd 1&4 of DU's unbroken all others broken lots,
Rnd'1-4 PU's unbroken/3 attempts at 5th rnd 14,17,16 arm became to sore had to stop.
Started last rnd of PU's at 20:00 last attempt was at 31:00.

Wod.4 Karen only have 14lb ball so I went to 12' target. 10:25

Total with scaling was 1:23:46

Scotty Hagnas said...

Whew...glad that's over! ready for the rest day.
Part 3, 11:30am I chose to scale this one to 120 unbroken single skips w/new improved technique, and unbroken sets of 17 pullups. (Since I did 100 T2B and around 100 pullups yesterday) Also, I likely would only have made 1-2 unbroken sets of 25 pullups w/o hours of rest. Time: 18:59', all unbroken.

Part 4 "Karen" 8:20pm
Time: 8:50'

Total= 1:21:18' not entirely valid due to scaling.

Lisa M said...

Thanks for the tip Gord I showed the picture to my husband and he says he can build it for me no problem - yay then I can start working on my muscle ups!!

Kathleen said...

Scaled WOD #3 - 5 sets of:
40 Du's unbroken
Amrap c-ups: 12/6/7/7/7 - last 2 sets supindated
11:00 minutes
Disappointed with amraps, I could barely lift my arms over my head after yesterday's SJerks

Kudos to all those who persevered
and did all 4 WOD's - way to go Dawgs!

unit said...

depaul... did the first 2 WODs at the anvil 2, and the last 2 at KFC... ur welcome 2 join in at the anvil anytime brother!... gd job on this series, esp WODs 1 & 4!...


Slater Coe said...

5 rounds for time:
40 double unders
25 chin ups
time - 17:17 (every round broken)

rest 10 minutes

"Karen" - 150 wall balls - 20# to 11ft
time - 9:03 (probably 2 min slower had I been rested)

total time day 2 - 27:20
total time for all 4 wods - 60:43

rest 2 hours

5 matches of sand volleyball
Next day... knees are a little stiff...

Surrey Sterling 39/5'10"/174 said...

Three wods behind. Playing catchup this week.

AM-50 Jerks @ 165# - 23:45

Slight tweak in lower neck but nothing serious.

13-7-6-5-5-5-4-3-2 + and extra 5 because I forgot to write the 6 down.

That was a fucking Grunt!

Lauren said...

part 3-
hands were torn and sore from wod#2. so subbed 25 unbroken DB swings which didn't hurt as bad (50#) 15:14

part 4- had to use a 6kg med ball 7:28

Pfeifalife said...

Have come down with something... Started getting migranes Saturday and energy levels were zero. My intensity feels like it bottomed out. Couldn't sleep well and I have absolutly no appetite. Figured that maybe a rest on Sunday woul benefit me more than 2 crappy outputs. So, I did not do wod 3 & 4 and have been too embarased to check the blog all yesterday. Much respect for everyone this weekend.

This blog has kept me more honest and self accountable than really anything up to this point in my life. I felt ashamed for not doing 3 & 4 honestly embarased. Will on a ruck today after work to get some type of movement in.

On a side note I have considered the possability that I may be turning immortal. Lack of appetite, innability to sleep, etc... Haven't tried to breath under water yet or survive mortal wounds. Figure that low energy levels are just part of the transformation process or somthing. I'll keep everyone posted on it...

Mike Molloy said...

There's some really good stuff in there...

Gord said...

finally had time to read the posts

Unit- amazing times at any rate but all in one day is wicked.

Garage crossfitter- amazing work

Rob O- congrats on the muscle up

I Think I also saw April H. got a muscle up. congrats.

Wes--missed you this weekend. Are you tied up with school stuff?

and I am sore! very sore!

Justin Flynn said...

WOD 1. 11:04
WOD 2. 17:43
WOD 3. 20:13
WOD 4: 8:57

TOTAL: 57:57

My lats are sore as shit from those unbroken chins yesterday. OOOWWWW!!! I love it.

Surrey Sterling said...

Thank crap they don't make a 25# ball!!

rwcorson said...

Its funny your say that. We did a WOD a while back with the 24# med ball. 30 wall balls to 11' if i'm not mistaken. It got ugly real quick.

Anonymous said...

Bw 210

WOD 3 rxd: 14:40..

WOD 4 rxd:" KARREN" 150 wall balls for time...5:48

Steve Howell said...

WOD#3: 15:14

Rounds 4 and 5 were tough, arms were gassed and tore on the last round of pullups.

WOD#4: 6:03 (pr)

27:44 + 17:34 + 15:14 + 6:03=


WOD 1 - 37:20 rx'd no rack
WOD 2 - 25:02 rx'd
WOD 3 - 24:45 rx'd
WOD 4 - 13:00 rx'd (ledge on target, the ball came down on weird angles)

Total Time - 1:40:07

I was in get it done mode. Times sucked but rx'd nonetheless.

Jordan said...

Part 1:
20 Unbroken Chin ups
40 DU unbroken
20 minutes

Part 2:
15lbs Wall ball to 10.5 feet
I freakin hate wall balls! LOL! It is something I definately need to keep working on!

Chris Fodera said...

Part 1: Had to keep restarting; first set of DUs wouldn't happen (I just counted each of those failures as warm-ups). First 3 rounds went well. A little difficulty getting DUs in round 3...took 2 tries. Got the DUs in rounds 4 and 5, but fell off the bar after 15 pull ups in both rounds. Finished with a set of 10 for each.
Time: 19:50
PWO: 40gP (MRM shake), 20gC (applesauce w/ cinnamon)

Part 2: Had to jump for every rep after about 15. Arms and shoulders felt like lead. Back sore as well...11' is crazy hard.
Time: 14:40
PWO: 40gP (MRM shake), 20gC (applesauce w/ cinnamon)

M@ said...

WOD 3: 16:15
Had to repeat one set of double unders

M@ said...

WOD 4 "Karen says High": 16:09