day 21/45

A. Snatch - 2-3 x 5; rest 180 sec
B. Snatch Hi Pull to nipples- 2-3 x 5; rest 180 sec
C. Power Snatch - 2-3 x 5; rest 180 sec

post loads to comments
take extra time at set up, all should look the same


Wes hendricks said...

thanks for the early post coach!

Katrina Burton said...

Nice video of Mike on the Games site this evening. Love seeing this kind of coverage of the big dawgs.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Wow. Powerful stuff there, wicked video. One of the best parts is how DJ is there cheering him on!

David X said...

Awesome. I got f---ing chills watching it. Unfortunately, I'm gonna be reinacting that scene in my garage later.

Joel B. said...

I'll have to check out that video.

I just spent about 25 min in my garage trying to warm up for this WOD. Training has to be either at 5 am or 7 pm today, and with a double coming tomorrow I was thinking 5 am. I just couldn't get ready and do the training in 1 this time of day anyway. I had to cut it off or I would have been going through the motions at diminished weights. Will try again tonight.

Martin Altemark said...

Fantastic stuff! Myself today - not so fantastic. Bit broken from the weekend. Shoulders and legs are really, really sore.

Snatch doubles at 40kg, 45kg, 50kg, 50kg, 55kg
Snatch pull doubles at 50kg, 55kg, 60kg, 65kg, 70kg
Power snatch doubles at 50kg, 52.5kg, 55kg (f) wtf, 50kg, 40kg

Well well.

Jefff said...

A. 98,108,113,118*2,118*2
B. 118,123,128,,133,138*2
C. 88,98*2,98,103,108(f)

Ryan B. said...

my shoulders and legs were destroyed also... really worked on form today not maximal weight

A. 95 lbs x 3reps x 7

B. 115,135,135,155,165, all x 3reps

c. 95,105,115,125 all x 3 reps

- finished with more snatches
95lbs x 2 x 5

- really trying to get great form on my snatch, before i go much heavier...

also i did my first couple kipping pullups today! pretty happy!

Ryan B.

Chris Dunkin said...

A. 95,135,145x2,145,155
B. 145,155,165,175,185
c. 135,145x2,145,155x1,135

Form is improving. Energy petered out on power snatches. First time with high-pulls; helped in keeping bar path vertical.

Surrey Sterling said...


AM-SplitJerks As Rx'd - 23:45
PM - Tyler As Rx'd - 19:21

Today feeling like a train wreck. Yes I need a huge fucking block of cheese please! Triceps are shot and feel like I was beat with a shalalee stick! (Irish stick used for beating someone on the melon with)

Lisa M said...


I did Karen this morning because my calf finally feels like it could handle it. Man did I suck!! I really feel like my met con ability has decreased SIGNIFICANTLY. I am very discouraged. I love this programming and my strength has improved quite a bit but at the same time i really think i have lost a lot of my cardio capacity so whenever i try to do a metcon i totally suck. I was almost 4 minutes slower this time than last. The only difference was i was going to 10 ft (couldn't hit 11) and with 16# ball because that is all i have. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions... should i add in crossfit endurance, should i bail for a while and go back to "main site" type wods for a while or maybe combine the two. One of the things i really enjoy about crossfit is that full on balls to the wall type workouts??? I know from outcome measures obviously james' programming is amazing - do any of you add some extra cardio or am i just not doing the wods at high enough intensity??? Any input would be great


Ryan B. said...

lisa, i am by no means an expert...but if you asked me i think you should just take a week or maybe even 2 weeks off, and just get some rest and let yourself heal!!!

Kyle F said...

A. 95,135,145,145,155(f),135
B. 135,155,155,155,155
C. 95,105,105,115,115

Trying to get the correct form. Need a video camera and some bumper plates

Surrey Sterling said...


I'm no expert either but can speak from some decent experience. I really don't think you need to supplement your training with anything else.

Are you missing and WODS?

You were injured so I think its pretty normal to see your gas go in the tank if you've been off the training.

Seriously don't question the workouts but rather take a look at other things, diet, rest, and lifestyle. Maybe you do need to rest for a bit and give you calf the time to heal. Its hard to give 100% when your injured.

My 2c's.

Scotty Hagnas said...

A) 94x3x3;104x3;109x3;114x2
B) 114x3;133x3;138x3;143x2x2
C) 111x3;116x3;121x2x2x2
Kept it on the lighter side to focus on technique. Didn't feel too explosive today. No misses, or really ugly reps. CNS done halfway thru the power snatches.

Double under practice following WOD.
PWO: 40p/15c Chicken + coconut water.

Lisa M said...

Thanks Surrey and Ryan. I basically have taken about a week off because i couldn't do any ballistic lower body stuff. I am truly terrified to take much more than that off because i am worried about the slippery slope it might lead to. When i started this whole thing a year ago I was fat 65lbs heavier)out of shape, extremely unhappy etc. It really scares me to take time off because i worry so much about my weight etc. I am pretty sure that my lifestyle has become a habit but it is hard to shake those old feelings away.

After saying all this I PRd my snatch today (ha ha can i say that out loud??)It is truly my absolute worst movement so it is nice to see improvement there.

Ok i will stop whining, suck it up and trust you James. Thanks for the input and others are welcome to put in their 2cs as well.

Karen 12:19
A 75/80/85f on second/85f/80
B 85/90/95/105/110f
C 75/80/85PR/90f ugly/90fugly again think my cns was done done done felt like i was retarded on the last two attempts

Sweeney said...


Stay positive. Positive energy will pull you through your valleys and lead you back into the peaks.

Recovery is critical!! We are all built differently and we all recover in different ways. All the top Dawgs, trainers, professionals will tell you to listen to your body. Take heed to their advice.

I know how difficult it is to do this (I've been there). One thing I've learned is that if you ignore the messages your body is sending to you, it will shut you down for a longer period of time than if you give it the rest it needs.

Rest in NOT for the weak!!!

I would also suggest to worry less about where you have been. You have adopted a new lifestyle and you recognize the benefits. You are NOT going back to the old way. You eat better, you think better, you train better, you ARE better.

Recover when you need to recover and keep your thoughts positive!

Rob Ottesen said...

A. 165x3 for all

B. 155x3 for all

C. 155x3 for all

Rory Hanlin said...

A. 199, 210, 210, 199, 199

B. 60KG. 70,75, 80, 85

C. 80KG

PUshed it to hard on pull snatches. Still feel like crap from weekend. Lot of misses.....

dmarsh said...

A. 60kg,64,70,72(2),74(2)

B. 74kg,79,83,90(2),94(2)

C. 60kg,62,64(2),67(2),69(2)

Arms pretty shot...had trouble finding a good solid catch.

joey warren said...

snatch- 135, 155, 165, 175x1 (fx2), 175x2 (fx2)

hi pull- 185, 195, 205, 215, 225
last couple of sets might not have gotten all the way to nips

P snatch- 135,145,155, 165x2 (fx1), 165x2

I think this shows that I need to get better at squat snacth since my power snatch is right up there, my OHS looks decent but I think I lack strength down in the hole.

Garage Crossfitter said...

hi pull
155 160 170 180 185
power snatches
135(3) 145(2) 145(1)
stopped at 3 sets, i was whipped, cns still in bad shape, left wrist and right knee real sore.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Great advice for Lisa M out there, nice work team!

The past is the past so live in the present. Injuries happen (you're in the healing industy, you know this) so take care of them first or progress is limited.

And at all costs, remain calm.

Shoot me an e-mail if you wanna chat about it.

Greg Soneff said...

A: 45/50/55/60/65kg (PR)
B: 50/60/70/80/90kg (probably not quite nipple height on the last set)
C: 45/50/55/60/60kg

Lisa M said...

Thanks Sweeney and Geoff. And yes Geoff I of all peole should know better but... sometimes it is hard to come to grips with a 20 year old mind in a 40+ body!! And you are very right sweeney i definitely know that i will NEVER go back to who i was a year ago - not an option. So I will heed the advice and listen to what my body tells me over the next few days and if its rest, massage, and stretching then OH DARN!!

Thank you everybody this community ROCKS!!

Look out foam roller here i come.

Surrey Sterling said...

Right on Lisa! You like us are in this for a lifetime not a good time!

Finished WOD 3 DU/PULLS

As rx'd 34:30

Missed a 39 and 36 effort. So only 2 re-do's for me that is fabulous!

Pulls no fractions.

I'm faking smashed.

Got enough in the tank to crawl across the finish line tonight, completeing the four WODS RX'D.

rwcorson said...

A. All 3s
I tried 148, but failed 2x.
B. 133,143,148,153,158
All 3s.
C. 110x3,116x3,126x3,133x2,138fx2.
I rushed the last 2 reps a bit.

Wes hendricks said...

B.135-140-155-155-155 x 3

(squat snatch at 160) TECHNIQUE HELP

Competed in the mid-atlantic hopper challenge this weekend still feeling a little run down but I was being stubborn and refused to take it easy on the squat snatches. Laid off on the power snatches and worked on technique.

Results from this Weekend
First event - 2 RM deadlift: not really in my favor weighing 145 pounds but I pulled 365 x 2 and my PR is 370. That put my in 54th place.
Second event: 21-15-9 reps of OHS @ 95 pounds, bastards, push-ups
Time was 6:03 and I placed 4th overall in this WOD.
Third event: Chipper and I did it in 8:14(i think) not sure where that placed me for that event and overall. waiting for them to post results

PTS said...

Played a pretty intense game of basketball last night, so I'm still wrecked today. I'm gonna use today as a rest day and get ready to to hit the double tomorrow.

Gord said...

a. worked up to 118 x 3. really focused on proper technique. Took a step back in weight to in hopes of getting better at this movement.
B. skipped this due to time constraints
C. worked up to 123# X 3. Didn't do the split snatch. worked on the proper technique.

Brent Maier said...

Lisa, good advice today. I guarantee you that no matter what kind of training plan you follow, you will always have a day where you question the result. Go to the mainsite and your back to purely random WOD's in my opinion. From my perspective, it is a flawed design if you want to take it to the next level. The way I see it is James is reading our daily comments and I'd put money on the fact that he is adapting this program based on our feedback and performance levels. It's a good place to be...

Take your down days with a grain of salt, listen to your body and press on both mentally and physically. Tomorrow is a new day!

A 2 WOD kick in the ass kind of day! Rest up!

Chris Biles said...

A. 95-105-115(2)-115(2)-115(2)
B. 120-125-135-145-155
C. 115-125-135-135-135(2)

Power cleans not exactly pretty. Had to press 135# a little to lock out at top. Need to get quicker.

Sailorcrew said...

A. 110, 121, 132, 138, 143(1)
B. 132, 143, 154, 165, 170
C. 132, 143, 149, 154, 161

All 3's except for last snatch set in A.

Steve Howell said...

A. 111x3,121x3,133x3,143x3,153x3
B. 121x3,133x3,143x3,153x3,163x3
C. 88x3,98x3,111x3,121x3,131x3

Snatch is a major weakness for me so I really wanted to work on the Technique part of all 3 lifts.

Surrey Sterling said...

Wod1 - 23:45 Rx'd Front Rack
Wod2 - 19:21 Rx'd
Wod3 - 34:30 All unbroken
Wod4 - 11:23 Rx'd

Total - 1:28:59

Slow as fuck but I'll take it!

Evan Johnston said...

Worked on snatch yesterday as well so dabbled again.

A. As rx'd 3 of sets with 135#

B & C

worked on these techniques a bit with 115#. Good to work on the pull

Lisa M said...

Thanks Brent you too are correct I left the main site because I was getting bored and stagnant. I have oficiallly given my head serious shake. And I am ready to rock it again - when this old body is ready!!

David X said...

A. 125x3/135x3/145x3/145x3/150x2
B. 150x3/4 sets of 160x3
C. 140x3/2 sets of 145x3/2 sets of 150 x2

Felt strong and had little issue with flexibility and pop out of the squat. Focused on a couple technique cues from the cert and stuck them.

Ready now for the double tomorrow.

Paul Klein said...

A. 95, 105, 115, 125, 135 all x 3
B.135, 145, 155, 160, 165 (last set x 2 all others x 3)
C. 135 x 2, 135 x 3, 135 x 3, 140 x 3, 140 x 3

I had a relapse of technique with the snatch. For some reason it felt like today was my first day doing it.

Also, my body feels like I have been hit by a truck. There isn't a single muscle that isn't sore.

Lisa M.
Just to second what everyone else has said, take your time and heal properly. Watch the Kelly Starrett videos in the journal and do what he says about staying active and still healing those injured parts. And most important, don't give up on this programming. You can't argue with the results that are being posted here. If I had to guess we are in the presence of the top 1% fittest people in the world, it is a good crowd to try to run with.

Mike Molloy said...

Was pretty run down and had to play an indoor soccer game later in the night.

Snatch- 95-105-115-125-125
Snatch High Pull- 135 on all sets, working on getting full extension
Power Snatch- 125-135 (fail)-125-125-125(fail)

CNS was smoked by the end. Couldn't get to my PR of 135 today.

Wes, I couldn't get the video to play. I'll try again later on.

Joel B. said...

A. 115X3, 120X3, 125X3, 130X3, 135X2
B. 115X3, 125X3, 135X3, 140X3, 145X3
Never done these before, so I wasn't sure where to start. This felt pretty good though.
C. 115X3, 120X3, 125X2
Ran out of time and I needed to shut er down anyway. I missed on rep 3 at 125 and it was ugly. All the power snatches were way harder than they should have been for the weight. Nothing left so I called it a day.

Brent Maier said...


All sets of 3, no failures:

Snatch: 40/55/60/65/70kg (154#)
Snatch High Pull: 70/75/80/90/100kg (220#)
Power Snatch: 50/60/65/70/75kg (165#)

Warmup: Mowed lawn and mobility/stretching

Snatch felt fantastic and strong tonight despite sore legs and triceps. SHP's were to pecks, felt good. I was amazed how poor Power Snatches felt at the same weight as the snatch. Barely squeezed off the last power snatch though.

Doug Zirkle said...

Right forearm extensors/tendons still pretty tender. Did a few snatches to see how it felt; it was obvious that the WO as Rx'd was going to beat on it.

So, I did snatch balances for an hour, sets of three. No problem with the forearm and I really need this kind of work.

unit said...

snatch - 135 / 135 / 155(f) / 145 / 155(2)... this is a huge PR on the full squat snatch catching in the hole (20lbs)... starting 2 get used 2 being in the hole (WTF?)
SHP - 155 / 173 / 185 / 203 (2) / 203 (2)... felt ok... but very weak...
PS - 155 (f) / 135 / 135 / 135 / 135... usually PS is far stronger than squat snatch... did not have much pop in the legs/hips and still feel toasted from Sunday... wondering if this bodes well that much more 4 my squat snatch... anywho, this was oly work much needed in a skills fashion...

Erik Luber said...

A. 30 kg x 3, 30x3, 32x2+f, 32x3, 34x3
B. 40x3, 60x1+f, 50x3, 55x2, 55x3
C. 40x2, 40x3, 42x3, 44x2, 40x3

No focus at all today. Was really excited for some skill work on the snatch...not enough warm up, pressed for time. Disappointed with performance. Could hardly walk down stairs, really sore from the weekend. WIll hit it hard tomorrow.

Laura said...

First day back after my month long European vacation--was very uncoordinated!

A-only got to 70# for 1 rep--kept falling back
B--worked up to 90#
C--worked up to 75#, by the end was mostly doing shoulder press-out

Ryan @ CFGP said...

Snatch - max 145
Hi Pull - max 165
Power snatch - max 135
ended up doing multiple sets of 95 to do much needed work on form

Slater Coe said...

A. Snatch - 2-3 x 5; rest 180 sec
160x2, 165x2(f3), 170x2, 175x1(f2), 175(f1)

B. Snatch Hi Pull to nipples - 3 x 5; rest 180 sec
185x3, 185x3, 185x3, 185x3, 185x3

C. Power Snatch - 2-3 x 5; rest 180 sec
155x2, 155x2, 155x3, 165x3, 165(f1)

Robby said...

I just had time to do the first two segments of this workout due to time constraints.

Snatch, 95,95,110,115,115.

Snatch high pull, 115,135,155,165.

I focused on the second pull, seeing this is where I tend to get a bit shaky in this lift. I feel like I am finally getting under the bar towards the third pull. Still feel like there is a lot to improve upon though.

On the high pulls I focused on full extension up to the nipples.

Good skill work!

depaul said...

Forgot to post yesterday:

Snatch: 115x3, 125x3, 130x3 (more like power catches so repeated weight), 130x2 (lost it out front on 3rd), 130x3 (finally).

Hi pull: 135x3, 145x3, 155x3, 165x3, 175x3. Probably should have started heavier.

Power snatch: 115x3, 125x3, 135x3, 140x3, 145x1. Previous pr was a single of 135 so I think the skill work helped!

unit congrats on the pr on squat snatch. Your technique must be coming along!

YoungManRumble said...

Almost caught up...

A. Snatch - 40kg,50kg,55kg,60kg,65kg all for 3

B. Snatch Hi Pull to nipples - 65kg,70kg,75kg,80kg,85kg

C.Power Snatch all 5 sets at 50kg

Chris Fodera said...

A. 3x95, 3x95, 3x100, 2x100, 2x105
B. 3x105, 3x115, 3x125, 3x135, 3x145
C. 3x115, 3x115, 3x125, 3x130, 3x135

Used the hook grip throughout and it felt good. I have serious problems with my catch. My feet are pointed way too far outward and the pressure on my knees when descending into the squat is painful.

Right knee still sore from last week's clean and jerk.

PWO: 40gP (MRM shake), 20gC (mashed yams w/ cinnamon)

M@ said...

A. 3x95, 3x115, 3x125, 3x125, 3x125
B. 3x135, 3x145, 3x155, 3x155, 3x155
C. 3x125, 3x125, 3x125, 3x125, 3x125