day 32/45

we co-ordinate clothing for all visitors; safe travels Scotty Hagnas


7 sets for total time:
10 chest to bar chin ups
15 ring dips
20 box jumps - 20/14"
25 air squats
rest 2 min b/t sets

post total working time to comments
goal is high speed; try not to fraction


Martin Altemark said...

warmup 15 strict L-hang/L-sit muscle-ups in three sets (6/4/4)

WOD: 26:20 during lunchbreak at the competition I'm arranging.

Pullups and BJ unbroken 5 rounds, then broken. Dips HORRIBLY broken, partly because the MUs took away lot of my strength here - still not good. Squats broken after 2 rounds. Not good either. Will be better next time.

OPT said...

martin, tell those Eleiko guys if they need a CANADIAN selling their stuff to get a hold of me, thx

Garage Crossfitter said...


i could have pushed harder on squats but i focused on solid form and didnt want to push knee too hard. knee felt better but still tender. ring dips round 7 broken, all else unbroken

Rob Sifton said...

Working times 20:36.
All unbroken except for ring dips. Those destroyed me.
Had the pleasure of doing this with Rob C and Scotty H. Great push guys. Awesome to do this with these dawg's.
Awesome to host Mr Hagnas as well. Thanks for the education and awesome food!

Not sure of specific time for the rounds. Was gasping way to hard to keep track.

Rob Sifton said...

GC that is an awesome time. Unbroken dips to R7 are stellar.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Brutal. 7am at OPT, with Corson and Sifton:
Pullups and dips broken after 2 rounds. Ring dips were much harder than done singly last week!
Box jumps/squats unbroken.
Eventually, I'll do 35p/40c Turkey, carrot/beet juice, and applesauce, Not right now...

Thanks Dawgs, it was a fun visit! Thanks for the push and great hospitality.

rwcorson said...

The chest to bar & ring dips were broken after rd 2. Box jumps & squats unbroken

rwcorson said...


Sailorcrew said...

No metcon for me today, nursing a pulled groin from a bad tackle (not mine) during Thursday's soccer match.

So, found my current 14" BP max at 231, then worked on handstands, handstand walking, DU and full extension MU.

Chris Dunkin said...

10:10; 1:19,1:22,1:24,1:26,1:29,1:42,1:28

fractioned dips in rd 6 on 8th rep and 12th rep, and rd 7 on 12th rep. speed was good on everything but the squats. squats in rds 1 and 7 were the fastest.

4 of us this morning at the gym. good times.

dmarsh said...

1. 1:29 (unbroken)
2. 1:50 (unbroken)
3. 2:21 (ring dips broken)
4. 2:29 (")
5. 2:39 (")
6. 2:37 (")
7. 2:27 (")
Total = 15:52

Box jumps improving. Squats 1-15 of each set need to be faster.

Mark R said...

26:30 for working time.
First set unbroken.
Pull ups all unbroken
Dips and jumps broken
Squats unbroken.

Ryan B. said...

22:07 working time

-subbed reg. chinups, not C2B
-everything unbroken except dips, all rounds of dips broken...last round of dips very broken, really concentrated on getting low on squats...

Ryan B.

Mike Molloy said...

All sets unbroken.

Total working time: 14:12

Wow, that one hurt way more than I thought it would.

Evan Johnston said...

Almost met pukie today again.

Total: 21:11

had to break up pull ups and dips and although getting better box jumps were ugly

Thanks for the encouragement scotty and sifton. Safe trip scott

rwcorson said...

GC, Chris Dunkin & Mike Molloy - great times boys! Chris, your times are smokin'!!!

David X said...

About it hit this one right now, I just wanted to post this link

Really cool clip of coach.

Gord said...

15:36 (hurt like hell)


I broke the last set of chins. lost my rhythm so I dropped off and jumped right back on.

The ring dips were the big surprise. I broke starting round 2. I was bouncing all over the place so I would stop and then restart immediately right away.

Box jumps- unbroken
squats -unbroken

depaul said...

12:58, all unbroken except squats on one or two sets which was all mental. Subbed bar dips for rings, maybe I should have added extras?

about 14-15 min; sub gravitron pullups and bench dips.

Will have to get press benchmarks later today or most likely tomorrow. The thought of any sort of exercise right now is kind of making me nauseous.

Ryan @ CFGP said...

16:32 working time
WOD did not look good this morning
Still having a hard time doing sets of chest-to-bar. turned into collar bone to bar. Unbroken
Dips fell apart, used a band for assistance to make sure I kept doing full range of motion
Box Jumps and Squats a little slow but unbroken

Chris Biles said...

18:59 working time.

All chins unbroken. Ring dips broken after 1st round. Box jumps/squats broken a couple times here and there.

Anonymous said...


1:39/ 1:44/ 1:51/ 2:04/ 2:13/ 2:18/ 2:17
Ring dips broken from sets 4-7
Everything else unbroken

Paul Klein said...

16.29 Total Working Time

1.49.1 all unbroken
1.43.4 all unbroken
2.09.3 ring dips broken
2.33.7 C2B and ring dips broken
2.47.1 C2B and ring dips broken
2.56.6 C2B and ring dips broken
2.28.4 C2B and ring dips broken

rwcorson said...

I count 8 sets in your post. You must have enjoyed it so much, you did an extra set!

Gord said...

Thanks Rob

No I only did 7. I am not sure were the 2:12 one came from. I was talking while posting so who knows

deejay said...

1:46/2:14/2:41/3:08/3:41/4:31/4:15 - only thing unbroken was ring dips

Scotty Hagnas said... time 25:33' (I think) I should wait to post until I am clear headed. Ring dips was where most of the time was lost; surprised they tanked so bad.

Nice work, Dawgs...there has been some smokin' times today!

Erik Luber said...

Total: 20:15

*clip broke on rings while in the middle of dips, took a nice tumble. Spent 1:30 trying to fix it but, got frustrated and switched to bar dips for the rest.

Everything unbroken until round 3. Everything eventually got broken up except PUs. Box jumps are just my goat, I can't get a rhythm on them, made squats tough.

joey warren said...
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joey warren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
joey warren said...


1:25; 1:29; 1:29; 1:35; 1:45; 2:03 (broke dips, broke box hops); 2:11 (broke dips but box hops and squats slow)
My legs were toast- thats what took the last 2 rounds so long, i had nothing left in legs

Question for James or anyone?

I just got the OPT Refuel, after this workout I took one scoop refuel, 1 banana, and 2 scoops Jarrows Whey protein (36gP)- does that seem about right? Im below 8% BF.

David X said...

1:57 Unbroken
2:02 Unbroken
2:33 Only Dips broken (12+3)
2:20 Only Dips broken (12+3)
2:23 Only Dips broken (10+5)
2:39 Only Dips broken (7+5+4)
2:27 C2B broken (5+5), Dips broken (5+5+5)
16:21 Total time.

Really focused on hip snap during C2Bs to propel me up. I second scotty's experience with the ring dips much tougher than normal.

Warmed up with C.A.B.'s warmup routine and some 1 & 1.5 pood kettlebell hand-to-hand cleans and snatches. Focused on loose hips and "taming the arc" when catching the kettlebell. alternating between arms really exposed my left sided weakness. For every right sided clean I might of had two clean catches for every drop, whereas on my left side, for every clean catch I had 3 or 4 drops!! Using Vodka as a preWOD drink probably didn't help any.

Slater Coe said...

7 sets for total "working" time:
10 Chest to Bar Chin Ups
15 Ring dips
20 box jumps - 18"
25 air squats
rest 2 min b/t sets

29:29 total time... 17:29 total working time. All sets unbroken.

Beforehand: played around and set a PR on box jump of 49" (with a "stepping" start).

Afterwards: played around again and set a PR on clean & jerk of 230lbs.

Rory Hanlin said...

Hey DJ, welcome back.
Where have you been?

Rory Hanlin said...

Oh, and new Anvil T-shirts are in. I'll start sending them out beginning of next week.

We have some extras if anyone is interested. Mostly XL's though.

Erik Luber said...

oops, looks like I only posted 6 rounds. Real score:
Total: 20:15

Joel B. said...

28:50 total running clock ...working time of: 16:50.

c2b's unbroken
ring dips broken set 3 through end. This sucked by far the most time.
box jumps unbroken
squats broken round 3 on, but breaks were very short...3-5 sec range. Next time maybe I'll try to just slow down and keep moving.

Pre wod I did the close grip bp 1rm. I got 180 with inside of my hands measuring 14".

Not sure if we were supposed to do the DB external rotation, powell raise, and trap 3 raises but I tried them out.

External rotation 10% would be 18#'s. I used 15# db's and left (non dom) arm struggle but did it. Right arm easy.

Powell Raise: Used 15#'s again and it was brutal and not complete with weak arm at tempo/form. Right arm barely and some reps might have been thrown out by a coach watching.

Trap 3 raise. Could barely do a few reps at tempo/form with 15#'s (9% would have been 16.2). Awful.

Laura said...

Total -21:43


Round 6 chinups fell apart--off the bar twice. Ring dips very slow and broken (2's/3's--1's @ end). Only thing not broken was box jumps.

Steve Howell said...


Total time: 13:27 (hope thats right)

*First 3 sets were all unbroken. Then had to start breaking up the Ring Dips.

Lauren said...


used 1 side of blue band for first 4, and then 2 sides for the last 3.

Michael McCabe said...

was 1 day behind, had to catch up with a double today, hit this 3hrs after completing the wod for day 30... it was painful

14:50 total time. struggled really hard with ring dips

EHR said...

Eric R

Total time 25:11
Working time 13:11
Started fractioning ring dips on 4th set.
Crashed twice on box jumps otherwise everything else was continuous
I felt pretty messed up after this one!

Brent Maier said...


Time: 14:17

1) 1:29
2) 1:52
3) 2:09
4) 2:09
5) 2:19
6) 2:09
7) 2:10

All rounds of pullups were blazing and unbroken. Ring dips got tough from round 3 on. Mostly kept a 5/4/3/3 pace on them until the last round. Quick 2-3 breath breaks. Box jumps were surprisingly fast tonight. 5th round, they got sluggish and then I had a vision shift. Think up/down/up instead of down/up/down. BLAM, ring dips got a little slower in 6 & 7 but I wacked 10 seconds off my 5th round pace because of rebound mania. The only round unbroken on squats was round 1. Took them mostly in 5's with a few quick breaths. Finished strong. Feeling good today!

Taking kids trick or treating tonight and taking them to a haunted mine for the first time in their lives. Oh boy!

Great job dawgs!

Lisa M said...


Pullups all unbroken felt great although if I could just figure out that damn butterfly I know they could be faster. Ring dips were friggn brutal. Box jumps were really fast and calf held up well. Squats were gassing me for some reason.

Justin Flynn said...

I fking hate air squats. They are my enemy. Unbroken pullups through round 6. Then in last round I dropped off half way cause grip felt like it was gonna tear. Pullups never felt so explosive! I love it.

Ring dips were tough. Went 15, 10-5, 5-5-5, 5-4-3-3, same through finish.

Box jumps unbroken and easy.

Air squats. All broken. 10-10-5 on all. With a good 10 second break between breaks. My legs were shot and doing them left me super winded. Not pretty.

Total working time: 21:55

deejay said...

Rory, I had the flu and then developed bronchitis so I've taken 12 days off now.... it's good to be back, today was a doozy. I would love to get one of those t-shirts, drop me an email @

OPT said...

joey warren, at 8% use 3-4 scoops of refuel only after metcons like this...add more protein when involving higher CNS demands with loads

Chris Fodera said...

1:29, 1:28, 1:31, 1:31, 2:05, 2:23, 2:39

Total working time = 13:06

Ring Dips were the only broken exercise...rounds 5-7. Round 5 was 6,4,3,2; Round 6 was 6,3,3,3; Round 7 was 6,4,3,2.

Felt pretty good except for those ring dips. Right knee has been really tender lately (about a week) and that held up fine and felt good. Got a horrible pain in the mid-section of my back on the right side after landing during rep 13 on round 7 of Box Jumps. Not sure if I pulled something back there. Hitting up a soak with Epsom Salt tonight.

PWO: 40gP (MRM shake), 10gC (mashed yams w/ cinnamon).
45 minutes later: chicken breast, apple, almond butter.

PTS said...

1:42, 1:56, 2:06, 2:28, 2:11, 3:39, 3:21

total time 17:23.

Mack Lar said...

Total working time 13:55
All umbroken except for ring dips. Unbroken into round 3 then had to start fractioning. Still trying to catch up after taking days off for vacation. Should be back on track by tomorrow.

Doug Zirkle said...

16:31 working time.

PUs were on the rotating, swinging bar: CTBJ, bar at base of palm.

Everyting else as Rx'd.

First two rounds of RDs unbroken. Remaining five broken. Everything else unbroken.

YoungManRumble said...

21:00 - not my best effort.

md said...

1:33, 1:31, 1:34, 1:33, 1:36, 1:40. 1:49.
Broke on last two sets of ring dips.
Total time of 11:16 ( i think)

Michael said...

total 22:16
all unbroken stayed around 1:20 per round and felt real solid throughout the wod

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Jess Hviid Skov said...

Didnt have any rings so used normal dip bars otherwise as RX

1 Round: 1:55
2 Round: 1:59
3 Round: 2:06
4 Round: 2:05
5 Round: 2:05
6 Round: 2:07
7 Round: 2:03

Total 14:20

Unbroken all sets