day 3/45

Sprint Run 200 m @ 90%, rest 90 sec x 3
rest 7 minutes
Sprint Run 400 m @ 90%, rest 3 min x 3
rest 7 minutes
Sprint Run 200 m @ 90%, rest 60 sec x 2
rest 7 minutes
Sprint Run 400 m @ 90%, rest 2 min x 2

post times to comments

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 30g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 30g prot/30g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/40g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 20g prot/20 g carb
12-14% - 20g prot/30 g carb
below 12% - 20g prot/40 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


Wes hendricks said...

thanks for the early post coach.....I really appreciate it

Geoff Aucoin said...

Great great video on the CF Journal, sorry to anyone without a Journal subscription.

Anyone need any motivation?

David X said...

I second that Wes!

Scotty Hagnas said...

Master's division... yes!!

Brent Maier said...

Sweet, I may have to re-up my subscription What age group are they looking at for the Masters division?

Lisa M said...

I am with you Scotty i swear i willed this division into existance. This is awesome news. most masters in other sports are 35 and over so I am totally hoping that CF is the same. That way hopefully i would have two chances at qualifying and if all else fails maybe and affiliate will feel sorry for me and hook me up...

Lisa M said...

Hey David read your milk question - Here is my 2 Cents:
There is no animal on the planet other than humans that drink the milk of another animal. You never saw paleolithic man chasing the wildebeast through the jungle to suck on her teat. There is no animal on the planet that drinks milk past weening. WE are animals!! Our bodies are not designed to drink milk unless you can find a lovely nursemaid i would try and get your protein,fat, carbs from real food, your body will thank you.

Martin Altemark said...

How do you guys/gals set the pace for 90% sprints? Just a "feeling" or do you have some mathematical way of calculating a time that you want to finish with?

Jefff said...

Martin - It is your perceived 90% effort.

Martin Altemark said...

That would have been my guess.

3x200m@90%: 30:39, 31:51, 31:01
3x400m@90%: 1:17, 1:15, 1:22
3x200m@90%: 35:01, 33:12

Didn't have time for last 400m, had to work. A bit faster than 90% on first 200s I think, but then I got my pace more accurate.

Wes hendricks said...

couldn't find stop watch this morning so went to school gym to do on treadmills. All treadmills being used so rowed.

3 x 200 - 36/37/38
3 x 400 - 1:20/1:27/1:27
2 x 200 - 37/41
2 x 400 - 1:25/1:27

This was F*cking awful! It probably was better for me anyway. Running is my greatest strength, and rowing is probably my greatest weakness.

David X said...

Thanks Lisa. More great points. I don't even drink milk now, so to consider drinking it to add to my squat was something I'd try, but not if I'm to get bloated and wreck everything I'm working on. I guess I'll go with plan B--finding that lovely nursemaid!

Joel B. said...

It's all about snuff boxes and teats lately. :)

Ryan B. said...

i have a question... im really struggling with pullups... i cant kip at all and can only do 8-11 deadhangs!( on a good day) and im not really making any progress recently! how often should i train pullups? i usually do as many as i can twice during my pre-wod warmup... help me!

Thanks so much!!

Ryan B.

David X said...

Ryan, try some band assisted pullups to gain some more strength and understanding of the movement. Also what has worked for me was to video record it and assess your improvement and use the expertise of others here to guide you. I also incorporate them into my daily warm ups.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Ryan B -

Chris Dunkin said...


200m straight course laid out on the street in front of the gym. 39 degrees felt like 10 below.

Erik Luber said...

200 m - 33, 32, 32
400 m - 68, 72, 75
200 m - 33, 35
400 m - 75, 77

Seems like a while since we have done any running, forgot how to pace myself for different distances. Burned out hard after the second set of 400s. After that it was just a struggle to keep moving.

Jefff said...

200m - 28.7,29.9,31.2
400m - 1:11,1:14,1:14
200m - 32.8,32.6
400m - 1:14,1:13

Ran on 200m indoor track. Nasty WOD. Hamstrings are screaming.

Kyle F said...

200m - 34/36/35
400m - 76/74/82
200m - 34/36
400m - 79/78

I had forgotten how much interval workouts suck. It hurt so good. I'd benefit from some more running.

Lauren said...

Done at Talis 200m track

200m- 31, 33, 33
400m- 1:19, 1:18, 1:19
200m- 35, 36
400m- 1:21, 1:21
That was alot of running!

first time sprinting in my new INOV8 Lite 301, and I loooove them if any one is thinking of getting some.

Surrey Sterling said...

OK Speaking of Masters who's the Ol'Dawg around here. I'm 39, Brent is 38. How old are you Scotty?

Surrey Sterling said...

All I know is I've still got some game in the ol' Snuff Box!

David X said...

The real question is who is the master of the snuff box?

PTS said...

200m- 30,29,29. These felt good, I definetly had a bit more in the tank.

400m - 70,75,79. These felt awful. Could not make myself push. Recent 400m PR is 58s, so this wasn't even close to 90%. These should have been in the 68-70 range.

200m - 31,31
400m - 80,85. Same problem as first 400s, no mental push, felt sluggish.

tomorrow will be an active rest day with a college soccer alumni match.

Ryan B. said...

thanks alot for the advice guys!! im going to try some band work and some more weighted pullups... ill keep ya posted haha

run 200m x 3- 39, 39, 38
run 400m x 3- 1:21, 1:21, 1:20
run 200m x 2- 37, 36
run 400m x 2 1:19, 1:17

all runs done on treadmill at globo gym... it takes awhile to get treadmill up to speed...but still pretty happy with my times...

i thought i should give some stats and an intro on myself...
5'10, 185-190 lbs (have lost 65-70 pounds in the last 7 months!)
been crossfiting for 7 months..
i am 21 years old and a full time firefighter.. thanks again for the here to stay!

Ryan B.

Sweeney said...

Corson may have us all beat.

I'm not far behind.

Each day I aspire to be in Corson's condition when I'm his age.

Lisa M said...

Holy Crap good job Ryan. i have a similar story i started crossfit 1 year ago tomomrrow and I too lost 60 pounds in the first six months of starting it - it changed and literally saved my life. I will go to my grave at 110 years old shouting about crossfit to everyone i know.

David I am the Master of my own snuff box!!

I got you boys beat in the age category - I will be 41 in December

Scotty Hagnas said...

I turned 43 last month....

200m: 35",33",33"
400m: 1:18',1:17',1:18'
200m: 36",36"
400m: 1:16',1:18'
Felt a little slow today, plus had to dodge construction and an opening car door that almost got me.

PWO: 30p/30c Refuel, whey

David X: Love the new rope, I'm getting used to it and my numbers are improving steadily.

rwcorson said...

Pre-squat clean singles to 192#
I ran @ OPT on the road, so the faster times were downhill & slower times uphill. I screwed up the rest on the 2nd set of 200s & rested 90 seconds instead of 60.

Ryan B. said...

thanks lisa! i just hope i make it to 40 years old haha

depaul said...

200s: 30, 29, 31
400s: 1:18, 1:17, 1:17
200s: 32, 33
400s: 1:14, 1:16

I don't know where that 1:14 came from. The wind, maybe...I was running at a nearby park dodging disk golfers.

Unit, hope you find some time to catch up this weekend. Remember all work and no play makes Unit a dull boy.

Doug Zirkle said...

Hmmm ... I have mixed feelings about throwing my name in this particular (old) hat, but I'm 47.

VMG is great with a Geritol chaser.

joey warren said...

200m- 29,28,29
400m- 64,68,69
200m- 30,31
400m- 66, 70

Garage Crossfitter said...

:36 :31 :31
1:12 1:17 1:24
:34 :35
1:17 1:19

Legs felt like i had 10 lb ankle weights on, and hams had no pull today...

Tomorrow I am putting 54 bundles of shingles on my roof with some no rest day for me...sunday may be my rest day, depending how tomorrow goes...


Bowser said...

YMR and myself got this done in the alleys of Downtown Vancouver today. 200M Distances were measured, 400M runs were not measured, but close.

Times for the 200M were in the 40s Range

400M in the 1:30 range.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Ryan B, are you on the CFD, too?

rwcorson said...

PTS-i think it's better to go by perceived exertion than by 90 of PR, unless that is what OPT asked for.
Your ability to reach 90% of may be limited by the prior WODS, fatigue, etc.

YoungManRumble said...

First time testing out the the wheels since my horrific attempt at a GSP celebratory back flip gone wrong.

Did not have offical distances but am pretty conifdent that they were close. I was no where near running at 90% so I cut the rest periods shorter.

Felt good and the ankle held up.

Joel B. said...

200's: :35, :33, :33
400's: 1:21, 1:24, 1:26
200's: :37, :37
400's: 1:24, 1:26

Tried to go to a HS track but couldn't get in. Used a jogging path nearby and distances were guesstimated (paced and tacked on a little more). I had to dig on this and found it to be a real bear.

Ryan G. said...

Very stressful last 48 hrs at work. Did yesterdays WOD.

I have a difficult time with this stuff even though it does seem to be the simplest.

A. 20 then 10's - 11:34
B. 20x2 then switched to 10's after x2 failures. - 10:30
C. 50x2 - 3:54
D. 20x5 - 6:37

I do feel good after this however, was a great tension release.

Michael McCabe said...

couldn't get to the track so tried to figure out distance with looks like 400s were a little short and 200s a little long.
200: 36,34,34
400: 70,69,70
200: 34,36,35
400: 73,75,72

read quickly last night, didn't realize the last 2 sets only had 2 intervals - oh well, that which doesn't kill you...

Ryan B. said...

no geoff im not, i guess u are tho?

IAFF local 771, saint john fire dept. (New Brunswick)

April Hanlin said...

My first post!

Press 65x3x3 then x2

Subbed rowing for running (250 and 500)

1:04, 1:02, 1:00
2:14, 2:12, 2:11
1:00, 1:02
2:14, 2:11

Worked out with my husband in the Anvil.

10.5 weeks postpartum.

Sarah Scholl said...

had to run 3 miles to the track because my car wouldnt start this morning! my knees were killing me ( I dont know if any of you read my post last saturday..I fell down wooden steps ( while sprinting after my puppy someone had let out!) and I fell onto my knees. I have a lot of pain on the left kneecap..but I can still jump and run..its the stiffness following the workout that is the MOST. the other knee hurts on the inside, medial meniscus, so I am concerned..but I can still run and jump on it..side to side is okay too, no instability. do any of you have experience with a bruised patella or meniscus? thanks!
SO I RAN to the track, it was 34 degrees!
3 minutes rest ( too cold to wait any longer)
2 minutes rest ( TOO COLD)
had to cut it short..the knees were killing and I had to run 3 miles home.

Gord said...

Ran with Heather and Eric Rasku today

200- 29,30,31
Then had to stop.....Had 1st asthma attack in 3 years...go figure....hope it was just running in the cold that caused it.

EHR said...

Eric R.
Ran with Gord/Douggie at OPT.

Rory Hanlin said...

Press 185x3, 195x3, 200x3, 205x3, 210x3

Sub'd row for run and added 50m

1:34, 1:39, 1:40
45, 45
1:39, 1:40

Big shout out to my wife, welcome to the Big Dawgs!

Evan Johnston said...

I love running, but didn't like the cold today...snow is coming soon

200: :27/:27/:29
400: 1:10/1:10/1:13
200: :29/:33*got caught behind people on sidewalk
400: 1:10/ 1:14

Note: had a stop and go turnaround on both 400's. Done at CFC

Felt great on these, haven't done interval sprinting for a while so happy with the results

Evan Johnston said...

*And distances per sidewwalk track beside Crossfit Calgary

rwcorson said...

Welcome April!

Gord said...

welcome aboard April.

I need to get a cool picture like everybody else. I am going to work on that.

Pfeifdog said...


Post WOD: 30g Whey Isopure and large apple

unit said...

welcome lil sis [April]!...
should post ur 205 FGB 8 wks post partum!... I'm a proud bro!...

Brent Maier said...


All runs on a dirt track:
200: 33/35/34
400: 1:13/1:16/1:20
200: 35/37
400: 1:20/1:19

Cara (38/5'7")
200: 40/42/44
400: 1:55/1:56/1:52
200: 43/53
400: 1:58/2:02

Welcome April!

Pfeifalife said...

3 x 200 - 35/34/35
3 x 400 - 1:20/1:21/1:22
2 x 200 - 37/38
2 x 400 - 1:23/1:24

had a stop and turn around on both 400's and 200's.

everybody workin for the weekend...

marcus Allen said...

:42, :38, :38
1:44, 1:39, 1:39
:46, :44
1:46, 1:48

*all times approximate as we were running outside in the dark, and I have poor short term memory

post WOD fuel:
1 whey shake (30g P, 3g C)
1 pear

followed by Breakfast 90min later
4 eggs, 2c mixed sqaush/zucchini

Brian Maier said...

3x200's: 33,29,29
3x400's: 70,67,71
2x200's: 28,28
2x400's: 70,71

Biked this morning so quads were tightening up towards the end.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't able to run today subbed rows, also did this a day late.

250m :55,:53,:50
500m 1:50, 1:49, 1:51
250m :52,:53
500m 1:54,1:54

dontpanic356 said...

Rows as well for me....Did not log times because I was in a hurry.

Prior to rows, worked up to a heavy single for CJ @ 270.

Played with some double unders as well.

md said...

200 - 36,36,36
400 - 75, 75, 75
200 - 36, 36 @ 4%
400 - 75, 75 @ 4%

All runs done on treadmill. AS fast as it would go so i added incline. Felt great. 1% unless noted