day 2/45

interested in selling REFUEL and VMG at your facility? contact Leighanne @ for wholesale information

its taken a lot of time, and honestly, i have better ones coming but these 2 are perfect companions in a fight against damage from exercise. no one has yet to make a post workout shake with antioxidants as well as a complimentary multi vitamin/mineral that has a greens complex in it until now. for nutritional information and to order visit our online store

for time;
100 pull ups
(you can fraction as you wish but you cannot do less than 10 reps per set)
rest 5 minutes
for time;
100 push ups
(you can fraction as you wish but you cannot do less than 20 reps per set)
rest 5 minutes
for time:
100 sit ups unanchored
(you can fraction as you wish but you cannot do less than 25 reps per set)
rest 5 minutes
for time;
100 back extensions
(you can fraction as you wish but you cannot do less than 20 reps per set)

post times, post workout fuel and sets per exercise to comments as well as comments on your strategies going in and what you learned about the fractioning

workout days and frequency will change this cycle, be prepared


Rob Sifton said...

who has the old school CII rower in the pic. I love it. Going retro. Plus the time for over 500m is just SICK!. Awesome work, whomever you are.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Fess up, who is it?

Wes hendricks said...

any east coaster been wanting to get into an olympic cert....Crossfit NH is hosting one in June. Its not posted on the mainsite yet. Go to

Figured I would five everybody the heads up.

Surrey Sterling said...

I think there should be a wod called "The Snuff Box"...Ah that shyte kills me!

Brent Maier said...

Amazing, 49 strokes per minute at that pace. If there is a picture, there's got to be a video. Lay it on us!

YoungManRumble said...

I don't have GHD at the I was thinking 100 deadlifts @135 should do it? Any other suggestions? Please no "Good Mornings" I hate them with a passion.

Wes hendricks said...

100 pull-ups
5:45 (Chest-to-bar)
2 x 20 / 6 x 10

100 push-ups
4:02 (chest-to-deck)
4 x 25

100 sit-ups
unbroken, steady pace

100 back extensions (done on roman chair angled same as GHD)
5 x 20

for pull-ups plan was 5 x 20, first 20 easy, at about rep 14 on second set I knew I had to go to break into 10 rest of time. Everything else went to plan. Not used to being so honest on push-ups. First 50 were done in a minute.

35 pro/38 carb

David X said...

Did you get signed up already Wes?

Wes hendricks said...


Michael McCabe said...

i use an old school c2 but i don`t think it`s ever seen sub-1:20... that`s beastly

Ryan B. said...

shoulders are real sore today, from the OHS should be interesting. ive never done unanchored situps, should be interesting.

KurtGP said...

9:48 20,8X10
3:48 30,25,25,20
4:39 4 small breaks
3:46 5X20

Jefff said...

100 Pull-ups - 40,10,10,10,10,20 - 4:18

100 Push-Ups - 20,20,20,20,20 - 5:11

100 Sit-ups - 50,25,25 - 3:28

100 Back Extensions - 40,20,20,20 - 3:55

PWO - 3 scoops OPT Refuel

Happy with fractioning strategies. Felt I could have pushed it harder on sit-ups. Helps to be able to chase Gord, and be chased by Sweeney!!

Sweeney said...

Pull-ups: 5:19
10 sets of 10

Push-ups: 10:16
7 sets total. Failed the third set of 20 twice. Was on pace for sub-4min but bonked

Sit-ups: 3:04
4 sets

Back Ext: 2:36
4 sets of 25

Total: 21:10

Tried to push to failure to test the limits.

Chris Dunkin said...

Pull-up: 6:28 35/15/10x5
Push-up: 4:12 20x2/15/5/20x2
Sit-up: 2:42 straight through
BE's: 3:28 50/30/20

PWO fuel: 80c/20p Refuel

Pull-up's done chin through vertical plane. Could not find a rhythm with these.

Kyle F said...

Pull ups: 25-20-15-15-15-10 = 5:00
Push ups: 5 X 20 = 4:00
Sit ups: 4 X 25 = 8:23
Back extensions: 80-20 = 2:30

Protein Bar = 30g Pro/30g Carb

Felt good except my unanchored sit-ups are really bad. Having minimum per set helps me push myself. No GHD had to use the angled one at my globo gym.

Gord said...

Chins- 5:22 (20, 8sets of 10)
Pushups- 6:25 (5 X 20)
Situps- 6:00 (4 X25)---Just slow on these
Back Ext -3:54 (5 X 20)

Good atmoshere at OPT this morning at 6am. Worked out with Jeff and Sweeney.

Nice work Wes - glad your with us. I can't use my little guy excuse with you around.

PTS said...

pullups - 5:40 20, then 8x10

pushups - 2:58 50,20,30
situps - 3:00 50,25,25
BE- 4:03

fuel - 35g whey protein, 35g c - banana,blueberries

strategy going in was to do Pullups in 2x20 and 6x10 but that wasn't going to happen. everything else went as planned. I learned that fractioning is probably the best bet for a lower time as opposed to what I typically would have done and that is do a many as possible from the start and then kind of struggle through to the end.

Wes hendricks said...

Thanks Gord

I think of it as more of a little guy advantage.....very small range of motion

Scotty Hagnas said...

Pullups: 10x10 9:53'
Pushups: 5x20 5:48'
Situps: 75,25 2:53'
Back Extensions: 40,20,20,20 3:09'

Pullups and pushups went according to plan, on situps & BE I wasn't sure so I took a few short rests. Probably should have gone straight thru the situps.

PWO: 30p/60c Refuel, whey, primal reds.

Also, a little practice w/my new Buddy Lee rope....

Ryan B. said...

pullups- 10x10- 10:54

pushups- 20x5- 8:07

unancored situps- 34,33,33- 5:30

back extensions- 50,30,20- 3:49

- i am pretty weak at bodyweight exercises...and it showed. i love this programming, its crushing my weaknesses haha

Ryan B.

Ryan B. said...

post workout "meal"= 2 scoops of muscle milk..

David X said...

Scotty, how's the new rope feel?

dontpanic356 said...

Couldnt make it to the gym before work. Did 150 push ups and 150 sit ups.

Somewhere around 10 minutes. I hate working afternoons.

Erik Luber said...

pullups: 6:43 (22-20-15-10-10-13)
pushups: 15:37 (20-20-7-20-20-20)
situps: 3:16 (100)
back extensions: 5:10 (35-25-25-15)

pullups: plan was 22-20-18-16-14-10. I still think reducing the number of reps per set is a good fractioning strategy, but need to play with number of sets and decrement to avoid failure.

pushups: Holy crap I suck at these. Once I get close to failure I need SO MUCH rest time to recover. This is the one exercise that never improved since I started Xfit. Any suggestions? I am at a total loss of why I am so poor at pushups.

situps: It's all mental, just push trough it.

BE: wanted 50-50, but had to break it up. Think 4x25 would have been optimal

Post workout fuel: 40 g protein + banana

Geoff Aucoin said...

Gawd, talk about my goats here. Fully started gassing on the pull-ups and push-ups.

Pull- 6:29 - 20 then all 10s.
Push- 16:50 - 20s with one failure round, put myself on looong time out for that one.
Sit- ?? didn't turn the watch on but went straight through so maybe over 3 minutes
BE- 3:47 - 50 then 25s.

Pretty much the WOD I need for improving but CNS/body not willing today.

Ali Loach said...

Goal: 10 sets of 10
Actual: 10,10,10,10,8,6,7,3,5,1 16:53 (includes an impromptu tape job mid way through)
*hands tore after the 4th set of 10. Quit at 70 to prevent a mess
As many sets of 20 as I could muster and then the highest amount I could do for fractions for the rest.
Actual: 20,10,10,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5 12:58(did the last 5 sets of 5 in singles)
Goal: 4 sets of 25
Actual: 25,25,25,15,10 5:36
Back Extensions
Goal: 4 sets of 25
Actual: 4 sets of 25 5:41

No excuses why I was slow, my snuff box wasn't feeling too bad today.

Martin Altemark said...

Pullups 10x10: 6:55
Pushups 5x20: 6:45
Situps 50/25/25: 4:17
Back extensions: 5x20

Hell. Realized already on the first set of pullups that I wasn't 100% today. Grip struggled to make it through unbroken 10s.
Pushups... Hade to rest in plank 2 rounds - didn't have time not to count them I'm afraid. Shame on me.
Back extensions - jeeesus. Didn't remember them so hard.

Today was - again - humbling.

Jordan said...

Pullups: 8:31 14/12/rest sets of 10
Push Ups: 9:03 5 sets of 20
Sit ups: 3:44 100 in a row
Stiff Leg Deadlift: (no GHD) 6:20 5 sets of 20

Really enjoying the workouts. Thanks OPT:)

Surrey Sterling said...

pullups 7:04 10x10
pushups 13:03 5x20
Situps 5:13 25x4

**BE Subbed** Time Unknown
30 Goodmornings 20kg plate in front
20 Goodmornings 45# bar on back
20 Goodmornings 20kg plate in front
30 135# Deadlifts

Push-ups are a goat but I am slowly getting better at them.
It was a gamble to wait another minute or go early and risk failure. I opted for the extra minute.

Bowser said...


10X10 11:12 Made my goal on this and was happy

Pushups: Took forever

Goal was as many 20's as possible. Actual: 20, 16....then sets of 10, 5,4,3,2,1 untill done. Complete and utter failure on them, but got to 100

50,25,25 Didn't time but around the 5:00 range.

Back Extensions: Subbed 45# Good Mornings

10,10,10,20,35,15 Time was around 5-6 mins.

Totally destroyed on this WOD, but felt good.

Ali, Good job on getting the push ups done, I can totally relate with you on that for today!

Pfeifalife said...

In the long run does it make sence to go to failure consistanty in training as a method of tackling wods, or is it better to "pace"/fraction during a wod for a better time or score? For the longest time I tried to pace for better times and I feel like I've wasted years of potential mental training, more specifically the ability to push my body. These wods we've done that specify unbroken sets and maximal rest time are phenominal in the way they can train your mind. Now getting a taste of pushing beyond I in constant worry of not just losing a mental edge, but that familiarity with the limit, and knowing my bodies limit and how the body can keep moving when at the limit. or maybe a combination of both is called for. And maybe I have been reduced to incoherent rambling do to the mind numbing nature of my job...

YoungManrumble said...

pullups 7:01 - 10x10

pushups 5:58 - 20x5 - I went yoga downward facing dog twice (once in the 4th set and 5th set). Knees never touched but fricking arms cramped all the way through 4th and 5set which made lockout towards the end tough.

situps 4:01 - 50x2

135lb DL's - 9:03 *I subbed these for back ext and did 5x20 took my time with these

like tears in a bucket mutha F%4k it! Great WOD! Can't even say the word box without thinking "snuff box"

David X said...

Pullups: 7:44 (25, 15, 15, 10x5)
Push ups: 3:58 (50, 25, 25)
Situps: 3:48 (50, 50)
Back exts: 3:21 (25x4)

Lisa M said...

Holy crap that was killer on the arms - wow. Pullups still suck and then to do pushups right after... My plan was to try and do as many 10s as possible it went like this 10,10,10,10,10, 10,8/2,8/2,7/3,9/1 time 11:27

Pushups goal 20s first three rounds were good but frickin hard then 10/7/3, 15/5 officially couldn't lift arms after - volleyball tonight is going to be rough i think time 8:43

Sit-ups goal was 50/50 did 50,25,25 with short break 4:14

Back extensions thought i could whip these off with 30,30,20, 20 but man my hammies were screaming the whole time had to do 20s 7:08

That was a lot harder than i thought it would be

Ali i am glad your snuff box is feeling ok today!!

As a side note i took a good friend through her first crossfit workout this morning used the one off the main site for today with some modifications - she did great and she has already booked her first assessment at crossfit London for when she gets home!!! Love it. She just completed the Toronto marathon last weekend so it was interesting to see her sucking wind in a 15+ minute workout i think it opened her eyes to a whole new world of possibilities.

Brian Maier said...

pullups: 7:29 (10X10)
pushups: 3:54 (20X5)
situps: 3:11 (100)
B/E's: 1:58 (60,20,20)

Pullups were the toughest for me. Broke them down to minimum required reps.

Last set of pushups I rested for a couple seconds at rep 15 in the plank position. Thank god for the 5min rest. I was freakin hurtin after the pullups/pushups. I nearly cried.

Situps were steady and unbroken. At rep 75, i debated taking a short rest before doing last set of 25 but decided to grind it out with no rest. Now just need to speed them up.

B/E's...flew through these. took only a few seconds rest between sets.

Bowser said...

Ok, I can't resist.

I'm at work and a 'baby shower' just finished and the amount of food consumed and left over too funny.

There is a whole crew filling up there snuff boxes right now.

Garage Crossfitter said...

30, then 10's

30, then 20's

unbroken easy

back X

Strategy for pullups was to get 30-40 first set based on how i felt, then take a long enough break after first set to recover then bang out sets of 10 with minimal breaks....this was much harder than the regular 100 pullups for time which my pr is 3:50
pushups, very hard for me, no strategy just recover and bang out another 20
situps unbroken
back X, push through the pain..

30 p

rwcorson said...

Pull ups-6:43 I wanted 15x2, then 10's, but did 15x4, then 10s. I think I had to rest too much to do this. It's big difference doing this as opposed to my Angie 100 pull ups, which are around 5:15, but much more broken.
Push ups-7:29 I wanted 20's and did 20's. The last set was ugly. I need more work on keeping the speed high.
Sit ups- 2:37 I wanted to do 100 and did. I think the speed can be higher in the later reps, so something to work on.
Back ext- 3:27 I wanted to do 60, 20,20 and did 60, 40. I think I rested too much between and maybe should have tried for 80, 20 or even 100.
Total time - 20:16
I think that for me, going to the higher # of reps with the pull ups & push ups at this point in time isn't the best strategy, as I take to long to recover before I can get that high number again. In saying this, it should be my goal to get the higher reps and then be able to repeat them again with less rest.

KSC said...

pull ups)25/20/20/20/15 - 5:08
Push ups)20/20/20/20/20 - 5:15
Sit ups) 100 - 2:51
BE) 30/30/20/20 - 3:21

Mark R said...

Pull ups- 15,10x7,8,7 - 6:45
Push ups - 20,20,20,14,13,13 - 5:29
Sits ups - 100 - 3:21
BE - 30,20,14,15,21 - 3:34

Tried to knock out last 15 pull ups with too little rest.
Push ups to failure.
Sit ups unbroken
BE had issues with lower back

depaul said...

Pull ups: 15x2; 10x8: 6:25
Push ups: 20x2; 10x1; 20x3: 13:31.
Sit ups: 25x4 6:45
Back extensions: 40; 20x3: 4:17

Comments: having a minimum number certainly changes things. I liked it for pullups, felt like it made me bust out more reps each time I got on the bar than I otherwise would have. I hated it for pushups because I knew I would suck and have to rest a lot after the first two sets. Each set past the 10x1, which I didn't count, was essentially to positive failure. I am almost as terrible at sit ups as I am at pushups, so I suppose this was good practice.

Chad Action Brandt said...

Pull-ups 4:35 30-20-10-10-10-10-10

Push-ups 1:50 50-20-10-10-5/3/2 Yes I scewed up big time! Intestiy got the better of me! Ugliest push-ups ever, total butt kip after 70!

Sit-ups 2:55 straight through

Back ext 1:26 straight through

David X said...

Great numbers today.

What are opinions on the whole drinking a gallon of milk a day concept that was posted on the CrossFit mainsite page yesterday?

I been eating paleo for a while now and I'm curious about adding this to my regimine. Although I understand that drinking milk isn't nessessarily paleo, I found a farm that has raw milk nearby.


joey warren said...

PUs- 5:04
Chin break vertical plane - 30,30,18,12,10
wanted to finish with 20,20,10 but arms failed- overall good fractioning

Pushups- 6:53
30,20,20,17,20,20- bad fractioning, need to start with less and work on stamina here
failed on set of 17


50,25,16,25- burned out too quickly

post wod fuel- 60gC, 36gP - applesauce, yam, 2 scoops whey protein

Garage Crossfitter said...

Regarding the workout frequency change...can you give us a 1 day notice or post before 8pm eastern the night before if we are going to have a I can plan accordingly...


David X said...

Amen, Josh! When I get up to pee at 1 am I always check the WODs. Strangely I usually have night terrors right after.

CrossFit said...

Pullups: 3:42 (52, 10, 10, 10, 10, 8) 100 pullup PR is 3:13

Pushups (my goat): 6:11 - (30,20,20,20,10) chest and hips to deck

Situps-Abmat Janda style - 4:17 (25x4)

Hip Extensions - 3:18 (50,25,25)

My total working time was 17:28. As a reference, my PR Angie (granted Hip extensions are different beast than squats) is 10:59.

I find more success in shorter work cycles with shorter rest when i approach failure. Today, based on my abilities in each of these, it was tough to accept longer rest to achieve higher counts per set, and it really slowed me down. However, the repeated bouts of increased volume will pay dividends towards my failure point.

Post WOD: 40g whey, Sweet potato and apricots


OPT said...

David X, for you its based on how you perform...i've trained many who have lost a lot of weight and gotten stronger and those who have gained weight and gotten weaker. we are destined to work at a certain engine threshold for a time period. the milk thing is largely based on "weight gain"...and Rip and i had a brief and not too long of a discussion on this about weight gain and power output (i'm just mentioning this assuming your milk strategy) by using the GOMD theory...and b/c i have seen it so often and have improved peoples absolue strength and relative strength without them gaining weight...there just are not the numbers within out sport that justify that timely weight gain for a better power output over time.
if your idea around GOMD is for protein/fats/carbs...find other sources...seeing that you can get it raw makes it definitely worthwhile as a "portion" of your daily routine...but maybe not a staple.
here is the basics; milk is fine raw, most have a hard time with it and their immune system, my data would show that it IS NOT the best method of REAL weight gain (remember that the beginning promoters of this are powerlifters, NOT....and i repeat NOT CrossFitters, no matter how they package it)...there are other methods that include hormonal regulation and correct training that can help that...
hope that makes you just think about it a little more without answering it...

Josh, you bet you'll have a heads up...will outline it soon

Rory Hanlin said...

Pull Up: 5:50 30/7x10
Push Up: 3:49 40/3x20
Sit Up: 2:11 unbroken
Back Ext: 5:25 25/25/20/20/10

Wife did this with me and scaled it... and kicked my ass on the back extension.

Pfeifalife said...

Pullups - 5:40 (30/10/10/10/10/10/10/10)
went in wanting to knock out a good chunk with the first set, but not kill myself. Broke my prior PR of reg pullups without even skirting failure. Probably could have rested less but was messing with muscle recruitment focus. Working on activating back more after the Kip instead of more arms, really seemed to help and show up in the later sets.

Pushups - 6:02 (20/20/20/20/20)
after 40 my tris and shoulders were disconnecting from my mind, kinda felt like a puppet master pulling at strings with a removed feeling from the movement. Big suck fest. Tried my best to keep form respectible and good with it. Maybe next time 25's would be ideal to eliminate a set.

Situps - 3:58 (100)
kept what I felt was a good pace, again probably could have paced a little faster at the end or started sprinting sooner than last 10.

Awesome wod! Chad, that back ext time was sick!!! Whey shake and apple afterwards... Two wods in one day = trashed, time for the Office and Sunny!

Backextentions - 4:02 (20/20/20/20/20)
my lower back has been sore and ache all weakens going into today due to my upper back, so I'm not surprised I was fatiguing fast on these. The pacing felt ok on these. 25's probably would have optimal.

OPT said...

Ok, so i just saw the wmv of the GOMAD....and this is what happens
my version:
day 1; back squat 315, BF% - 8%, eat well, train hard, sleep, Fran 4:00
day 45: back squat 335, BF% - 8%, eat well, train hard, sleep, Fran 3:30
day 90: back squat 355, BF% - 8%,eat well, train hard, sleep, Fran 3:00
other version:
day 1; back squat 315, BF% 12%, GOMAD, train hard, sleep, Fran 7:00
day 45: back squat 395, BF% 16%, GOMAD, train hard, sleep, Fran 6:50
day 90: back squat 355, BF% 15%, non GOMAD, train hard, sleep, Fran 6:45

now there ARE other versions, the thing you have to remember when someone says "gained weight" is that ANYONE can gain weight, i repeat ANYONE can gain weight...BUT...just what kind of weight is that AND is it measured weight

secondly, as i mentioned to Rip, if he can show me 50 guys who can put 40 lbs on and improve their 5K Run from 20 to sub 20 minutes, and get 55-60 chin ups AND then Dead Lift 450#...then you'll get my attention...but when you take average fitness enthusiasts and put 10# of muscle on and 30# of fat...i can also guarantee that you'll get stronger...

my question is, why not just do it by methods of training and not just weight gain...doesn't that make much more sense in the sport of fitness?...seeing strength gains ARE mainly nervous system changes depending on where you are on the curve of learning in the iron game...why not tap that out 1st?

another thing...if you have "gas" all day, you're wasting a shit load of money to just destroy your gut, ad NO it is not normal to have gas all day..sorry

maybe i should not watch any more videos

Brent Maier said...


Pull Up: 5:57 (20/10x9) First 50 done in 2:08
Push Up: 14:49 (20x4/12+4+4)
Sit Ups: 3:24 unanchored
Back Extensions: 4:36 (50/25/18/25)

Pushups: Had to go butt in the air on rounds 3/4, and then on the 5th set, I got to 12 and the pain was excruciating, had to relieve the strain.

SitUps: They were a little slower but were all unbroken. Slapped ground beside feet on each rep. Didn't use abmat today.

Back Extensions: Rushed into the last set and back locked up at 18. Had to fall off and regroup for a last stand of 25. Brutal when you can't take these in 5-10's which are my grinders.

Unbroken Thoughts: Forcing me to wait until I can perform these unbroken clearly bring out my weakness because I can't hide them by ripping through them in small numbers. Pushups are my nemesis and are progressing very slowly.

Cara (38):
Jumping PU: 5:38
Knee PU: 6:41
Sit Ups: 5:54
Back Ext: 5:48

JPU: 2:32
KPU: 4:04
Sit Ups: 5:53
Squats to d-max: 3:12
Back Ext: 4:32

Blaine said...

Pull Ups: 4:54 (30/then sets of 10)
Push Ups: 8:55 (20/10's) Push Ups have come a long way in the past 3 months but rep 9 on all sets of 10 was killer hard)
Sit Ups: 3:42 (un-broken)
Back Ext. 5:53 (20/10's) Don't do these enough - serious burn is setting in.

David X said...

Thanks James! That clears up a lot for me. I've had questions about the gomad deal for a while and the cf video reminded me to bring it up here. I'll have to check out some of the raw milk and see how I feel afterwards. I definatley want to gain size but not at the expense of other areas.

David X said...

I just found If you really want to go nuts James, check out the meal plan they developed to gain mass.

Michael McCabe said...

pullups: 25/15/6x10 - 4:57

pushups: 20/20/(14/6)/20/20.... these are a huge goat for me, as are any pressing movement, gymnastics or weightlifting... would love to see more work on this stuff coach.... finished 7:32

situps: 4x25 - 5:17... need abmat so i don't break my back

back ext: 40/20/20/20 - 3:18

post-wod: whey and applesauce (~28p/12c)

fractioning went about as planned... a little too ambitious on the pushups but if i don't push it i'll never learn...

Joel B. said...

Crazy schedule today, so I threw some workout clothes in the truck and found a park when I had the chance. Ended up doing this on kiddie play structure for the pull ups.

Pullups: 9:47
done on rings with legs bent at knees to avoid dragging. 10X10, and it was tough.
Pushups: 6:22
tried for 30, 25, 25, 20. Actual, 30, 25 with a long pause in plank at 15, and very slow last 10, 25 broken at 15, and 20, and last set of 20 broken at 15.

situps: 3:24

back extensions: 3:30
20X5--did these on a park picnic table with my legs under the table surface and my pelvic region on the bench. It more ways than one. Decreased range of motion due to ground, but I had to keep tension throughout the movement with my legs/hammies and back to avoid faceplanting. Serious burning. Oh, and it was uncomfortable to say the least on the midsection.

I should have gone for sets of 20 on the pushups for sure. I was forced into doing smaller fractions on the pullups due to the equipment. However, for me, if I am going to fraction for faster overall time, it is better to keep it manageable with short rests. I was overambitious on the pushups.

Oh, and I am down to 156#'s PWO today. Wasn't too much sweat either as I was outside and it was cold and drizzly. I need to eat more, maybe. But, I tried eating quite a lot and tweaking my workouts last fall. Part was my fault for not having the know-how WOD wise, but I got a little stronger, and weighed 190 and metcon was in the TANK. I am following you, coach.

Pfeifdog said...

Pull-up: 11:02 10 x 10
Push-up: 6:52 20x5
Sit-up: 6:48 25x4
BE's: 5:16 20x5

PWO fuel: 40g isopure Whey, large apple

Lessons learned: Grip strength going in later sets of pullups. Later rounds of pullups and pushups CNS was fired.

Geoff Aucoin said...

I just watched the GOMAD video and I went mad. One of the trainers from our barbell cert was the first person they talked to. He's a big fan of weight belts, too.

Justin Flynn said...

1. Pullups 6:26 20 then 10's through. could have gone sub 6 but my hands felt like they were gonna tear so i backed off a bit.
2. Pushups 35, 20, 17, 20, 15, 20, 5 (these were super tough for me. Not sure why. I was hitting muscle failure real bad.)
3. Situps 4:00 70, 30
4. Back ext. 3:01

md said...

1. I suck at pull ups. This was tough to do 10 sets of ten reps. I dropped two sets for a total time of 11:05
2. Push Ups - 5 x 20 - 3:59
3. Sit ups 70, 30 - 3:30
4 Back Extension - 30, 30, 20, 20 - 3:27
The fractioning was tough for the push ups as well as the pull ups.
PWO - 40 p/40 C whey and berries

deejay said...

Pull ups - 8:52 10x10
Push ups - 9:05 20-20-15x4 - switch to 15's after 2 failures to get 20
Sit ups - 3:30 - 100 straight, just very slowly
Back ext. - 2:47 - 50-25-25

Anonymous said...

Pull ups-5:47/2x15,7x10
Push ups-4:15/5x20
Sit ups(unanchored)-4:37/50,2x25
Back ext-3:37/50,20,30

Tried not to go to failure so I could possibly take shorter rests for a faster time.

Greg Soneff said...

pull-ups: 4:57 (30-15-10-10-10-10-15). Strategy going in was 25-25-15-15-10-10 but the first round felt good so tried to go for a few extras and paid for it in later rounds.

push-ups: 8:25 (got my ass kicked) 20-20-10-10-10-10-10-10 (I wanted to go for 20 each round but my arms were fried after pull ups

sit-ups: 3:32 unbroken (was determined to redeem my poor push-up performance so wouldn't let myself give up)

GHD back extensions: 3:36 (4 sets of 25) again decided to push through. Had originally thought about 2x50 but back was on fire at 25.

Lauren said...

(done yesterday just posting late)

100 PU- broken into 10s - 8:11
100 Push Ups- broken into 10s only cause I can't do 20s- 9:10
100- Sit-ups (50/50) 2:45 (anchored tho, i read it wrong)
100- BE- (40/30/30) 2:35