W - phase 3

X marks the spot

CF Total
Squat 1RM
Press 1RM
Dead Lift 1RM

take as many sets and rest as needed to achieve 1RM in all 3 movements in this order

post total and post wod fuelling to comments


Sweeney said...

Oooooh, I've been waiting to do this one.

Off to Victoria until Wednesday with little time to sneak in any WODs.

I'll be watching from the outside.

Good luck!!

Geoff Aucoin said...

A WOD worthy of the Barbell Cert we're at this weekend!

Garage Crossfitter said...


ready to crush this....

PTS said...

Last CFT on OPT was mid Feb.
BS- 295 , 305(F) up 10 from Feb
P- 163(PR) up 18 from Feb
DL- 442(PR) up 20 from Feb
Total- 900

Was super rushed this morning and only got 1 shot at 305 on the squat. Had 20 mins to finish both the press and DL.

Might have had a bit more in the DL but was already late so never got a shot to fail on the DL.

Squat remains a major weakness. It was ok during a SS cycle a year back, but dropped quickly after and is relatively stagnant now.

PTS said...

post wod fuel- 45 whey protein and 1 banana

David X said...

wow, whAt a beautiful gym. Note the puke bucket in the corner. Well used.

Squat: 300
press: 165
deadlift: 355
total: 820

squat and presses were prs, but I feel like the deads were wicked heavy and I barely locked out 355.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Squat 325 (easy, 10 lb pr)
Press 165 (tied pr)
Deadlift 380 (HUGE PR, 20 lbs)

Total= 870
900 soon

getting stronger.....i will post vids later.

bwt 177

Garage Crossfitter said...


Wes said...

damn garage crossfitter....Killing it this morning, huge PR's

Rory Hanlin said...

Squat: 480 PR
Press: 215 225xfailx2
Deadlift: 565 585xfail

Total: 1260

Squat was a 20lb PR. Press pissed me off, PR is 235. Just couldn't lock out 225... Deadlift was strong, but 585 hasn't come yet...

Garage Crossfitter said...


all 3 vids are on there....WHOOFF

unit said...

Nice work bro!... Freakin beast!... But I think I need 2 relink that 585 DL attempt from a few wks back bc it obviously hasn't pissed u off enough yet....
Or it could be ur ruck marching and running like a distance runner...

dontpanic356 said...

Good Lord Rory. Thats incredible.

Evan Johnston said...

CFC closed for barbell cert today but cant wait to get this one in this week!

Ryan G. said...

Squat- 305
Press- 145
DL- 395

Total: 845

Press was tough due to some shoulder pain. I think BS was a few pounds short of a PR. Deads felt good but I was a bit shot allready.Failed @ 405#. PR is 400#

Steve Smith said...

Squat - 440# (PR by 15#)
Press - 180# (PR by 5#)
Deads - 475#

Squat - OK, so maybe my PR is 505#, but I REALLY have my doubts. Either the stars aligned on that day, or we added kilos wrong.

Press - Feels like a weakness. Pleased with the PR though.

Deads - PR is 495, from the games. Wanted to get close today, which I was pleased with.

Brent Maier said...

Team, I'm in 7th place and the finals are in 2 hours. I'm within 1 min from 3rd. Legs are hamburger and this wod is destroying people. This one is for the big dawgs. There will be blood!

Rory Hanlin said...

Unit and any other interested Dawgs, I posted two vids of recent heavy Oly sessions.

Clean with a jerk miss



PTS said...

My BS today
please comment and critique both lifts. It's the only feed back I get.

my word is bropt. heal fast get better.

Erik Luber said...

Bwt: 140 lbs
Last CFT March 10, 2009

Squat: 209.4 (PR, up 34 lbs from last CFT)
Press: 121.2 (Same as last CFT)
Deadlift:308.6 (PR, up 22 lbs from last CFT)
Total: 639 lbs (up 52 lbs from last CFT)

Felt awesome today! First time cracking 200 and 300 for the squat and dead. Probably got 5 more on the dead. Squat finally going up, learning to pull with my hamstrings.

Good luck Brent. Whooof!

Kathleen said...

Been fighting the plague. Subb'ed WOD today:
15 minutes: 30 DU; 15PJ@65#; 10p-up
6 rds

EHR said...

Eric R.
Squat 325
Press 165
Deadlift 345 (PR)
Total 835

Heather R.
Squat 215 (PR)
Press 75 (PR)
Deadlift 215 (PR)
Total 505

Gord said...

squat -296 (PB by 26#)
Press- 172 (PB by 2#)
Deadlift- 370 (PB was 380...I have only done this once. 370 matches my old PB.)

Total 838 (PB by 68)

Worked out with Jefff, Grant and Laura. Had Kathleen, Shelly and Liz provided more support. Great atmosphere at OPT today.

Grant said...

Shoulder 75% better. SP the biggest problem. BS fine. DL not there. CFT PB @ 897.5 (320/157.5/420)

BS 320.5 (PB by 0.5)
SP 135 (f@145)
DL 374 (f@400, f@389)
CFT=829.5# (68# lower)

Great day Jeff!
Great SP Gord!!

Jefff said...

Squat - 301 (PB)
Press - 147 (PB)
Deadlift - 460 (PB)

Total - 908 (PB)

Thanks Grant, Gord, Kathleen, Laura, Shelly, Elizabeth

Wes said...

BWT - 145

Squat - 280 (45 PR)
Press - 145 (Tied) failed on 150
Deadlift - 370 (5 PR)

Total - 795 (so close to 800)

Could have possibly done more on Squat but sky was starting to get dark out and I do this stuff out of my car in a parking lot across from my school, so I didn't want it to start storming and not get to finish. With DL I am positive I could have done more but right after I did it, I started to hear thunder. Oh well maybe next time

Greg Soneff said...

Trashed my knee yesterday and it's feeling pretty tight today so had to lay off the back squat but tackled the DL and press.

DL: 150kg
Press: 65kg

Have to see how the knee feels over the next couple of days...but may need some rest.

Chad Action Brandt said...

BSQ = 310 (up 15#)
Press = 147 (up 3#)
Deadlift = 405 (down 22# ouch)
CF Total = 862

Simply ran out of juice on the Deadlift. Really happy about my Back Squat. Hips both still bugging me a lot.

joey warren said...


BSQ= 310 (low back/hip felt tight today, maybe left some in tank)
Press= 185
DL= 385 (PR 405 in games)

tot= 880

deejay said...

Squat - 394# (PR)
Press - 200#(PR)
DL - 484#
Total - 1078 (PR)

Played with the low bar BS today for the first time. Got my back squat up quite a bit from what I have been doing recently... With that being said I feel like my BS could see a substantial increase with a little better technique. DL PR is 505# from the games... didn't expect to match that performance today... pretty happy with 484#

Brent Maier said...

Finished todays workout in 13 something. Dropped from 7th to a final 11th place. Competition was fierce and I came out a stronger better man.

They started us on staggard starts based on our time difference from the leader on the final heat. Using the fuel of knowing where everyone else is went out the window with this. Backed it down to constant singles on the last 4 rounds with burpee's in a quick 5/4 and unbroken pullups on all rounds. It cost me but it could have been worse. It was tough pulling it around today before go time. Too much going on mentally and too sore to get in good warmup.

Last year they had 34 competitors and this year they had over 120+. This was the size of our regionals last year. My point is that this sport is getting harder every day. Train hard guys and keep stepping up your game.

I hung out with Matt Chans Crossfit Verve folks most of the time this weekend. Seeing all of the competing affiliates and the support everyone gives made me realize it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. Thanks for everyones support and sharing the same passion.

Now kick it up a notch starting tomorrow! You heard me! Ouuuu

Laura said...

Squat: 157 (PB)
Press: 82.5
Deadlift: 244 (PB)

Total:483.5 (PB)

Thanks to the crew at OPT today!

Rob Ottesen said...

not very happy with my results.

squat 360
failed 375 if i had the intensity i would have had it. crossfit era pr is 365

press 175

again had 185 but failed bc lack of intensity

dl 455lbs

crossfit era PR is 465

Lauren said...

BS- 225
OHP- 100
DL- 285... ran out of juice

5 under my pb, on the squats and ohp, and about 60 under on my DL.


Leighanne said...

at bb cert all weekend... off from wods today and tomorrow

Congrats Brent, you should be proud.

Evan said...

BS - 305 (PR by 10)
SP - 145 (PR by 10)
DL - 420 (PR by 5)
Total - 870
just lost my Total virginity

Joel B. said...

BS: 250 (10 off pr, but 10 up from last CFT)
P: 140 (same--5 off pr)
DL: 300 (up 5 from last, way off pr)

Total: 690

Jefff said...

Great job Brent!!!!!!! Congrats!

unit said...

18 min 2 set 3 max's... Kinda rushed 2day but here they were...

Squat - 365 / 385(f)... A yr ago I was at 365x5
Press - 175 (pr is 185)
Dead Lift - 465 / 505 (f)... No belt, got it off the ground but couldn't hold tight and finish the pull... Pr is 500...

CFT - 1005


Geoff Aucoin said...

Nice job out there, Dawgs!!

Chris Dunkin said...

Great job Brent, thanks for the post.

Rory- that's scary stuff

BS: 385
SP: 175
DL: 495pr
CFT: 1,055pr

Went in very late today, and was lacking confidence. Figured I'd just do some back squats and see how I felt. Turned out to be pretty damn good. The BS matched my pr from 2 years ago this Nov., and the DL is 10lbs better then my best at the qualifiers. I took the SP from the ground because that's what got me my best but couldn't match it today. After the squats i was pretty focused on the DL.

Plus the kids got to play in the empty gymnastics facility before bed; and mamma loves that.

Chris Dunkin said...

unit- I was tying to channel the Anvil this evening. your recent 500 has been a big motivator for me.

I'd been trying to be ok w/ giving up some strength to make some gains in speed and endurance, but after seeing the numbers you, Rory, Steve, Rob, Dj, and others are putting up, I'll settle for all of it.

Anton said...

OPT/ James,
I am a non-affiliated (self training) crossfitter. I am pretty light (about 130 lbs, 5'-6" and 35 old Male) I do pretty well on most WODs but I'm still in need of some strength to really compete at some WODs (heavy high rep cleans, or heavy DL, etc) all bodyweight moves I do well on as well as most metCon stuff.. I don't really train for those. That training is a dirivitive of just training hard in gereral, in my opinion. (of course there are many finer points to improve your runs, etc, but I'd rather work on the stuff to get my weaker points up.. Anyhoo, I'm also a type 1 diabetic, and have been zoning on about 14 blocks (2-3X fat) for a few months now. I do feel a bit imporved, but that may be a bit psycological. I do feel a bit of a bonk when I cheat a few meals in a row and then workout... Well, I was wondering what your thougts were on eating in relation to diabetes and zoning. I mean I automatically am in control of how much insulin I have, since I am giving it to myself for every bunch of carbs that I ingest. I think that good food and good work produces good results, but what are your thoughts on how I can expect my results with the zone since I'm in manual control of my insulin? p.s. my CrossFit desire is multifaceted... I mean I miss competition and that's great, but it's self competition.. health and fitness is paramount.. that said, I would like to be able to do well at possibly next years games. There is a good box that I may start training at on the weekends (I have 2 kids and that is a #1 responsibility) so between work and working out, I think 1-2 WODs at the affiliate will be all I can afford (both financially as well as time wise away from the family)
Thanks in advance for any and all your advice and ideas.
Good luck with your training as well.
Anton Gross

Chris Dunkin said...

Anton- great post on the Type 1 diabetes topic on Robb Wolf's site.

Surrey Sterling said...

Back Squat 309.76# down 20#
SP 180# PR by 5#
DL 374.7 # normal felt weak.


Scotty Hagnas said...

Just couldn't get to this yesterday; family in town visiting.

I wasn't too sure how this total would go, as my left knee and hip has been giving me some trouble for a while. Actually, I have an appointment later today with my chiro, so I'll see what's up.

BS: 270 About where it normally is, def. good for some more if no inhibition from the knee.
Press: 130 - down 10# from a couple of weeks ago. Shoulders still cooked from push presses and double unders from Saturday.
DL: 360 Ties my recent bests. Some inhibition again, felt strong here, though. Good for more if knee was happy, tried to keep my shoulders back more than I usually do.
760 total.
Then, did the am workout from today. PWO: would have done 40p/20c had I done this alone. See tomorrow's post.

YoungManRumble said...

5'10 - 173lbs - 29yrs old

Squat - 341.7 (155kg) pr by 10
Press - 165.4 (75kg) had to be careful of my neck as I slipped a disc straining on this move 2 weeks ago. My PR is around 180
Dead - 486.6 (220.5kg) pr by 17

This was a good day after a god awful 2 weeks of bad eating and no consistency in my training. 1000 is well with reach.

Martin Altemark said...

Squat: 110kg (fail on 120kg, pr is 130...)
Press: 65kg (fail on 67,5kg, haven't failed 67.5kg in about one year)
Deadlift: 170kg (backed off early, PR here is 185kg)

Really louse CFT. Worst for years. Took part in a CrossFit competition here in Sweden i 10 days ago, and that might still be putting my body down (hard training before that as well). Well, well. It's not how you handle success, but how you handle failure I guess.

What do you usually do when you have this happening to you (REALLY subpar performance in the 1RM)?

Leighanne said...

first time doing total in a long time...
squat - 156#
press - 75#
deadlift - 235# (Had about 30# more in me, but mind is done)
total: 466#

used all i learned in ripp's bb cert, my mind is tired!!