push and pull

A1. Muscle Snatch/Power Snatch - 1.3 x 3; rest 90 seconds
A2. Clap Push Ups - amrap x 3 sets; rest 90 seconds
B. Dead Lift - 60% of newest CROSSFIT total 1RM; 8 sets of 2 reps @ 12X0
C. Row 1 min @ 80% for cals; 1 min rest x 2

Post loads, reps and cals to comments


OPT said...

Rest 45 seconds b/t sets for DL

Brian Thurmond said...

OPT thank you very much for the great WODs. I'm new here and want to get the most out of this could you please tell me what 1.3 on A1 means and what 12X0 means on B. I appreciate any insight that you can give.

rwcorson said...

Do 1 muscle snatch, then 3 power snatch usi the same weight, no rest between.

Brian said...

Thank you

PTS said...

A1. 3x115, 3x125, 3x135
A2. 29 , 23, 21
B felt good
C 22, 23

Martin Altemark said...

Snatches: 40kg, 42.5kg, 45kg. Felt much better than fridays session.
Clap. Pushups: 26, 16, 13

Deadlifts: 110kg. Felt nice and strong.

Row: 27, 24. Too fast first round, better the next.

David X said...

A1. Muscle snatch/power snatch: 95/115/145--Could've gone heavier from the start.
A2. 20/17/15
B. 210. Cadence made this slightly harder, but this weight felt light.
C. 30 cals & 25 cals. Definately faster than 80% during the first row, and found rhythm during second row.

Chris Dunkin said...

A1: 115/135/135
A2: 31/25/20
B: 315
C: 29/27

2 block meal pre-wod

pwo: whey/refuel 40p/60c

Kyle F said...

A1: 115/135(F)/115 [Need to work on the snatch]
A2: 17/20/20
B: 215

Mack Lar said...

A1. 115/115/125
A2. 30/15/14
B. 235
C. 23/24

Hixy said...

Hey everyone. It's nice to see so many people working hard. Keep it up.

I (might) have recruited 2 people from Denmark which I'll be able to workout with - I've been on my own for 1 year now. One of them already knows about CF and is close to being addicted, he just needs the push. The other guy is a previous elite swimmer - 8th place at the European championship 2002 (? - can't remember exact year). They're both in decent shape.

Question: Which WOD do you think would give them the 'push'? Make them hooked? Get them on the CF juice? I appreciate any feedback.


Randy V said...

A1: 75/85/95
A2: 23/20/20
B: 245
C: 21/21

Sweeney said...


Filthy 50's or FGB.

Marcus Allen said...

A1. 65#, 85, 105
A2. 10,12,11
B. 235#
C. 22,24

Snatch felt much better. Poor PWO meal as my chickens gave me no eggs! :(

Scotty Hagnas said...

MSn+PSn: 95;105;110
Clap PU: 21/16/15
DL: 216
Row: 23/22 damper 7

PWO: 40p/40c Odds and ends today; egg white protein, goat yogurt, fresh plums.

Erik Luber said...

A1. 40 kg x 4, 40x4, 40 x 4
A2. 18, 15, 15
B. 84 kg
C. 19, 19

Damn I love this programming! It is like coach knows what I suck at and makes me do it over and over and over and over and over until I get good at it. Snatches are starting to feel awesome. Think I am finally ready to bump the weight up a bit.

Unfortunately for me the OPT Big Dawg challenge #1 overlaps with me and my girlfriend's 1 year anniversary. Going to be out of town for the weekend, too bad I can't get the WODs early. Regardless, I will do them when I get back.

Erik Luber said...

Hixy: In my experience Helen has been a great intro WOD to get people hooked on CF.

rwcorson said...

Muscle snatch/power snatch-77/88/99
as there was no info regarding the start position for the MSnatch, I started tall, hence the lower weight. The MSnatch was ugly. I need to incorporate these into my warm up more often.
Clapping PUs-20,18,16
DL-I didn't do the latest CFT so I used my PR 421#, 252#. I played around with my leg/knee position and focused on engaged back and speed.
Rows-29,29 cals (7.5)
The second row was closer to 90%. The first was bang on.

Garage Crossfitter said...

A1 115 125 125
A2 26 20 18

230lb deads

row 22,25

felt good, still beat up from last cycle.

KSC said...

a1) 75/85/95
a2) 25/17/16


C) 21/23

Brian Thurmond said...

A1 75/85/95
A2 19/14/12
B 225x8
C 21 cal and 22 cal

Ryan G. said...

What Can I sub for A1. overhead stuff isn't working for me at the moment. Everything else feels ok.

Lisa M said...

A1 55/65/75 last muscle snatch was rather suspect...
A2 13/14/15 dont ask me how i did more each time i just really tried to dig deep each time

B 155x8 felt very light i didn't do the crossfit total last time around so just went by my last DL max and i am sure i must be able to do more now i will have to try

C 16/16 cal

Joel B. said...

A1: 95, 105, 115
A2: 18, 17, 16
B: 180X8
Not sure how the tempo on the eccentric/concentric was supposed to work on DL's. I came up fast, and went down slow. 180 was 80% of my last CFT total, but feels really light even for me.
C: 19, 19
Row was 1:50/500m pace.

Fairly sore still from last cycle. Spent 10-11 hours in bed each of the last 2 nights. Although a lot of that was due to some bad chicken post PM wod on Saturday. That sucked.

rwcorson said...

Ryan, can you do snatch grip pulls? (jump, shrug and get the elbows high & outside, but do not receive the bar overhead).
If yes, do 1 from the high hand and 3 from the ground.

Surrey Sterling said...

A1 100#,121#,130#
A2 26/16/11
B 225#
C 30-25

joey warren said...

A1. 115, 125,135
A2. 41, 34, 30

B. 245lb

C. 25,26

still a bit sore from last cycle (quads), but this workout felt really good, I felt like I wanted more, Ill save it for the weekend

Greg Soneff said...

A1: 50kg/55k/60kg
A2: 21/19/15
B: 100kg
C: Couldn't get on the rower today but biked 5k each way to/from the gym and tried to keep the pace as quick as possible

Like many others, still feel beat up from the last cycle and am looking forward to the weekend.

Ryan G. said...

Thanks Rob thats what I'll do.

Sarah Scholl said...

RAN and placed 3rd in a 10k yesterday..all uphill 41 minutes..no running prior, besides hill sprints with my sandbag...left the triathletes in the dust!



150 DL

rower monitor broken..so I just pulled 25 times hard

Lauren said...


DL - 185


Wes said...

all 3 parking lots i WOD in were busy tonight(disadvantage of working out in parking lots out of my car) so did this in my dorm room w/ 1.5 Pood KB

A1. 1.5 pood/1.5/15
A2. 43/35/24
B. 1 arm/1 leg KB DL 5 each leg (opposite arm/leg)
C. SDHP w/ 1.5 pood 41/41

34 P jarrow whey + 1 container baby food 38 C

Wes said...

all 3 parking lots i WOD in were busy tonight(disadvantage of working out in parking lots out of my car) so did this in my dorm room w/ 1.5 Pood KB

A1. 1.5 pood/1.5/15
A2. 43/35/24
B. 1 arm/1 leg KB DL 5 each leg (opposite arm/leg)
C. SDHP w/ 1.5 pood 41/41

34 P jarrow whey + 1 container baby food 38 C

Jefff said...

A1. Muscle Snatch/Power Snatch - 95,105,115. Muscle snatch taken from the floor. Feels way better than my power snatch

A2. Clap Push-ups - 31,25,22. Quads, upper abs, and nose touching the deck, but I never feel my chest touch. Anyone else have this issue? How do I correct this (besides getting a bigger chest)?

B. Deadlift - 275#. Felt slightly heavier than I had hoped it would.

C. Rows - 27 cals, 26 cals. Felt great. Recovery very quick.

Evan Johnston said...

A1. 95/105/125
Focused on the pull on snatch and transition on muscle snatch

A2. 20/16/18

B. 225# felt light

C. 25, 24 cals- felt great

Wes said...

The big dawg challenge this weekend, for some reason videotaping the WOD's for them to count are standing out in my mind....is that accurate?

Paul said...

A1. 115, 125, 125 First time snatching since I hurt my wrist. It is still very tender when I go over head.
A2. 27, 23, 22 Wrist won't allow clap push ups. So I did explosive push ups on parallets.
B. 210lbs still working on hamstring tension.
C. 29, 27
I figured that my max watt on the rower is in the 720's so I guessed I could maintain about 550 - 600 watts rowing at 100%. I took 80% of that and tried to average above 420 watts.
It felt like I was at about 80%. How did everyone else come up with their 80% effort?

I hope this damn wrist is healed by the challenge this weekend.

deejay said...

A1. 130-140-145
A2. 21-17-12
B. 294x2x8
C. 28-26 maintaining a 1:35/500m pace

Pfeifdog said...


A1: 115,115,135
A2: 15,15,10

B: 315 all sets

C: .2 miles each round (5.0,5.1 calories it, not a C2 rower)

Post WOD: 45g isopure whey

Pfeifalife said...

A1: 135,145,155
A2: 23,20,17

B: 275 all sets (felt strong and fast)

C: .25 miles 1st rd, .3 2nd rd (5.2 & 5.6 calories each round, not a "C2" rower)

Ryan G. said...

Subbed - A1. Snatch grip pull x1 from hang, x3 from floor. Elbows high and outside.

A1. 95/115/135
A2. 18/16/15

B. 235#x2x8

C. 28/29

Brent Maier said...


A1: 40/50/60kg (132#)
A2: 22/20/15 (Chest to deck)
B: 123kg (270#)
C: 28/27cals

Notes: Snatches felt good. I was happy to say in the 20's the 2nd round. Deadlift didn't feel real heavy tonight. For the 80% pace on the row, I set the 1 minute clock and pulled at what I thought was an 80% effort without watching the display.

Jefff: Don't reach with your neck and just let the arms disengage a bit more at the bottom. Similar to what you probably did after your last ditch effort clap at the end of each set.

Wes: I'm pretty sure it will require taping under OPT guidelines. Stay tuned for more details.

unit said...

working a few days behind...
did the am part of WOD #2... didn't have time 4 the pm...

30min amrap- 30 unbroken du / 30 unbroken 65# thrusters
9 rounds du's
8 rounds thrusters

no racking... all unbroken rounds were continuous...


YoungManRumble said...

A1. 100 - 110 - 121
A2. 25 - 20 - 17
B. 315# 2x8 (went heavier than 60%)
C. 23cals - 25 cals

Steve Smith said...

A1: 135, 135, 135
A2: 35, 30, 25
-Muscle snatch was limiting factor. This felt good though.

B: 285
- Felt a bit slower that I would have liked, but not bad. Back was a tad fatigued at the end.

C: Sub 1 min run at 80%

Stu said...

A1. 65/65/70
-Should have bumped up my weights, i could have pushed it harder!
A2. 17/13/10
-form was not feeling correct, did not attempt higher weight.
C. 16/18

One day behind, thanks to illness =/

depaul said...

A day behind, such is school at times. Unit good to see you and Ryan, thanks for the great push. People would pay for you to coach them you know. Also hats off to my gf Sarah who pred her DL by 55 lbs with a 200 lb DL @ 120 lb bw(!)

MS/PS: 85, 95, 95. Could have gone heavier but wasn't finishing the 3rd pull until the last set, needed to be cued on form.

Clap push ups: 27, 22, 16 - striking, the effects of fatigue...

DL: 205 x 2 x 8

Rowing: 26, 26. I have trouble with 80% though. That was probably more like 90%.