G - phase 3

this guy is so big we needed 3 photos for his gym
for total score:
30 sec max squats
30 sec rest
AMRAP Ring Dips
60 sec rest x 3
total reps of squats and ring dips for 3 sets X BWT in kg = score 1
5 min rest
10 GHD Raises
10 sec rest
AMRAP hanging knees to elbows
90 sec rest x 5
total K2E reps for 5 sets X BWT in kg = score 2
5 min rest
as many rounds in 7 minutes;
7 jumping chin ups
7 push up burpees
rounds completed X BWT in kg = score 3
add scores 1,2 and 3 together to get total score, winner has highest number
post total score (compare to Jan 19, 2009) and post wod fuelling to comments
squats: measure 1/2 distance b/t floor and middle of knee cap WITH shoes on, that is the height you have to squat to, touch ass to object at this height each rep, full extension of hips at top
ring dips: biceps MUST touch rings at bottom, elbows MUST be locked out at top, pushing outward on rings at top DOES NOT constitute a rep, you MUST start each rep from the top at full arm extension
GHD Raises: come to perpendicular to floor at top, hands crossed at chest, if you fraction these reps, you lose 3 reps from your K2E's score on that round
K2E's: you must hang for the start and finish of each rep, you CANNOT touch down to stop mometum, then hang and start another rep, a rep is knees ACTUALLY touching the elbows, NOT the triceps, please be clear on this, kipping allowed
jumping chin ups: extend both hands overhead WITH shoulders fully extended upward like in OHS, not depressed downward and then measure bar which must cross at 8" below highest point on hand, arms fully extended at the bottom of each rep, full face must clear the bar at top
push up burpees: chest to deck, jump and clap overhead at top, body must be perpendicular to floor at top of jump, no leaning forward at top


Gord said...

The Sweeney bat cave

joey warren said...

can someone please explain what a GHD raise is? is it just a simple back/hip extension?

joey warren said...

Got it, found this video

David X said...

I love these pix of everyone's training sites. Awesome.

James. In October I'm participating in an "ultimate" 12k cross country race. I ran it last year and finished in just under 90 minutes--twice as long as the first place finisher. I really want to improve on my time in this year's event. I'm totally sold on this programming, but is there anything I need to supplement into my warm ups or practice in addition to our WODs?

Here's the link if anyone is interested in looking at last year's pix. It was pretty fun and at that point, the hardest thing I've ever done physically.



Wes said...

Squats – 32/32/32
Ring Dips – 22/16/12
3 min rest
KTE – 15/15/16/13/12
3 min rest
10 rounds

146 X 66 KG = 9,636
71 X 66 KG = 4, 686
10 X 66 KG = 660
Total = 14,982

First real day committing to this program, and first day of Chiropractor school. Got 9 hours of classes w/ only a one hour break had to do at 6:00 am. What do the early morning people eat Pre-WOD or do they go on an empty stomach.

SteveC said...

I will be working with a coach for olympic lifts for the next couple of months. It will be 3 times a week. On those days, should I double up the workouts with the ones from this blog or will that be overtraining? I was thinking maybe I will only do WODs without any o-lifts on those days. Any recommendations?

Jefff said...

Bwt = 169lbs = 76.6571 kgs

Squats to 11" target - 33,33,33
*AMRAP Ring Dips - 16,12,9
Total Reps = 136

GHD Raises - 10,Fraction,10,10,10
K2E - 35,25,16,20,14
Total K2E = 110-3 = 107

As Many Rounds in 7 mins = 7.5

Score = (136+107+7.5) * 76.6571 = 19202.6

First early AM WOD in a while. Gassed on burpees/JPUs.

Fractioned second set of GHD Raises. Felt like I was sliding off of GHD.

*Upon further review of ring dips, biceps not getting all the way down. Close, but not deep enough.

Rory Hanlin said...

BWT: 103kg

Squats: 32, 31, 32
Ring Dips: 32, 20, 13
Score 1: 16,480

K2E: 20, 17, 17, 13, 13
Subbed 20 Back extensions, no GHD
Score 2: 8,240

Metcon: 10rds +1 burpee
Score 3: 1030

Total Score: 25,750

no promises on the math
I hate burpees

Erik Luber said...

BWT: 64 kg

Squats: 31, 30, 31
Ring Dips: 20, 14, 11

GHDs: unbroken
K2Es: 23,20,20,20,18

Metcon: 7.75
Total: 245.75*64 = 15,728

Was amped up for this one, goal was 15,000+. Dips died faster than expected. Grip definitely limiting factor K2E. Damn those PU burpees.

Hixy said...

BWT: 69 kg (5'7")

Part 1:

Squats: 36, 40, 42 = 118
Ring dips: 15, 10, 10 = 35
Total: 153 * 69 = 10557

Part 2:

GHD Raises easy.
K2E (no kip, couldn't find the groove): 13, 13, 11, 9, 9 = 55
Total: 55 * 69 = 3795

Part 3:

10 rounds 7 pull-ups 2 burpees. For the sake of easy math, call it 10 rounds.
10 * 69 = 690

Total score: 15042

Question: How much running will be included in the WODs this winter? I'm thinking of buying some of the clothes from this site (OPT hoodie), so it would be good to know.

How does people cope with running outside in the wintertime or while it's raining?

Chris Dunkin said...

BWT: 96kg





Skipped the last cycle, so 5 days off, and I felt it. I was extremely sore and fatigued after the previous cycle ending w/ the box jumps and rows. tweaked my ankle a bit over the wknd, so we'll see how that goes.

pwo: 40p/63c dream whey/refuel

Just recently ramped up my fish oil intake to 1g/10lbs bwt as is recommended by Robb Wolf. Hoping for better recovery, and more energy throughout the day.

SteveC said...

BWT: 83 kg

Squat: 32, 33, 33
Ring dips: 16, 12, 10 (second workout w/ rings)

Total 1= 11,288

I wrote knees to elbows down, but did toes to bar instead


10 rounds completed

Total score= 16,517

Higher score next time because I'll do K2E and not toes to bar

Gord said...

BWT in KG = 70
squats 32,30,31
ring dips- 23,17,13
score= 10,220

k to e 15,10,7,8,8
score 3,360

meton - 11 rounds ( wanted 14)
score = 770

total= 14,350

Felt weak from the go this morning. No pop.

rwcorson said...

bwt = 82.3kg
part 1 - 96 squats + 42 dips = 138 x 82.3kg = 11357.4
part 2 - all GHD raises straight thru, K to E - 86 x 82.3 = 7077.8
part 3 - 10.36 rds x 82.3 = 855.74
total - 19,290.94
Jan. 19/09 BWT = 81kg
part 1 - squats 91 + 41 dips = 132 x 81 kg = 10692
part 2 - missed GHD on 2 sets, k to e - 88 reps - 6 reps = 82 x 81 = 6642
part 3 - 11.14 rds x 81 = 902.34
total - 18,236.34
I was really gased on the burpees, although in hind sight I could have push through it on the rounds of 6-8, which would have given me close to what I did in Jan.

Ali Loach said...


BWT in KG = 68
squats 34,33,34
dips *no rings- 10,9,5
score= 8,500

k to e 10,8,8,8,5 *still working on these...getting better at consecutive ones though.
score 2,652

Metcon - 8 rounds
score = 544

total= 11,696

Can't say it was my best performance but I'm baaack and lovin' it! :o)

Greg Soneff said...

BWT = 82kg

Squats: 34,36,35 = 105 total
Ring dips: 13,11,7 = 31 total
K2E: 17,11,12,13,10 = 63 total
AMRAP in 7 mins: 11 rounds

Grand total: 11152+5166+902 = 17,220

Ryan G. said...


1. squats 33/33/29
R. Dips 8/6/3

total 112*90.9= 10180.8

2. GHD Raise Unbroken
K2E 19/11/8/6/5/

total 49*90.9= 4454.1

3. 8 complete rnds.

total 8*90.9= 727.2

Score = 15362.1

Jan. score = 14725.8

Scotty Hagnas said...

Ring Dips:20/15/12
137 reps; score 11,207

GHD raises: unbroken
K to E:22/15/12/9/9 Feeling yesterday's toes to bar and pullups on these.
67 reps; score=5481

Mecon: 11 rounds flat. Score=900
Total= 17,588
PWO: 30p/60c Sweet potato puree with whey. 4g lysine, 2g L-carnitine, 300mg Mg

PTS said...

squats 34+34+32 = 100
dips 26+18+10 = 54
part 1 score 154* 84.64 = 13034.56

all GHD unbroken
kte's 25+16+14+12+12 = 79
part 2 score = 79* 84.64 = 6686.56

9.5 rds * 84.64 = 804.08

total score = 20,525

last time I did 97 squats, 54 dips, 63 KTE and 8.5 rds. so improvement all across the board.

WES I often have to do 5am workouts. I have played around quite a bit with what I eat pre-wod to try and find what works best for me. I have found personally that I cannot function on an empty stomach. So I look at the WOD and then determine what I can hold down and quickly eat it, very first thing out of bed. email me if you want and I can go into some more specifics on what I've tried.

Michael FitzGerald said...

10 min for cals on the Airdyne - aka Satan's Tricycle. Left arm only.
Total cals - 217
Lower Body mobility

First WOD post surgery....sweet!

Garage Crossfitter said...

85 squats
64 dips
149 x 80.45kg = 11987

100 knees to elbows = 8045

9.5 rds = 764.3

total = 20796.3

I pr'd the KE and the metcon but the squats and ring dips were down alittle, i am also 5 lbs heavier.

35 p
30 c

Chris Dunkin said...

Wes- I wod at 5:30am and most often go on an empty stomach unless there is max effort in which case i'll eat a fairly large meal before. lately i've been trying some fat and carbs pre-wod, but no big changes so far.

your attitude speaks volumes, mike. nice work.

Ali Loach said...

Forgot to mention no GHD so I rigged something up on the seat of a lat pull. Not nearly as intense but it got the job done.
For those that care....I'm working on convincing them to get a GHD at Mount Royal.

Sweeney said...

5'6", 71kgs

Rd 1:
Sq: 32,33,34
RD: 30,20,15

Score: 11,644

Rd 2:
GHD: unbroken
K2E: 18,12,11,11,11

Score: 4,473

Rd 3:
Rain check

Score: 16,117 - improvement from Jan.

Steve Smith said...

Age: 29
Hight: 5'10"
Weight: 88.45kg (today, anyways)

Squats - 31/33/33
Ring Dips - 25/20/20
Score - 15,213.49

GHD Raises - All unbroken
Knees 2 Elbows - 25/25/17/20/15
Score - 13,444.40

Jumping Chins + Burpees
Total - 12 Rounds
Score - 1,061.40

Total Score = 29,719.29


- HD Raises done on flat bench with legs wrapped parallel to floor.

- I hate burpees.

- Grip was limiting factor on K2Es

- I really hate burpees.

Steve Smith said...

David X - Check out CFendurance if you're looking for some extra distance work. I've been impressed with their programing. Seems to be well thought out.

Mike - Welcome back! Hope the recovery is going well. Injuries suck.

Hixy - It's cold and wet outside? Embrace the cold. Embrace the wet. A wise man once said, "get comfortable with uncomfortable."

SteveC - Bottom line regarding two-a-days, listen to your body. If, however, you're focusing on O-lifting for the time being, focus on O-lifting for the time being.

Questions for the community:

1. The opposite of 2-a-days: missed workouts - When a WOD is missed due to scheduling or some event out of your control, do you double up the next day, or simply write it off?

2. I have recently (last 2 weeks) started getting KILLER headaches as soon as start picking up the pace in a warm-up or at the beginning of a workout. They are all in the back of my head. I keep going, and it kind of subsides, but doesn't go away. I will generally have the head ache through the night. It feels very similar to a concussion (which I know it's not, by the way. No head trauma as of recent). Anyone have some thoughts? Diet? Bad fish oil or some other supplement? Something else?

Steve Smith said...

Forgot to mention:

2nd workout completed two hours after OPT.

100 Pull-ups for time - 4:29

Rest 10 Minutes

Tabatta Run @ 5:36/mile pace on treadmill w/ 1% grade wearing 45# vest.

- Goal for the Pull-ups was 4:00. A bit disapointed.

- Tabatta Run was easier than I thought it would be. Will do outside next time.

YoungManRumble said...

Well back from a minor injury and a trip back to the interior of BC...I have not trained OPT since Aug 29th and wow I'm a shell of my former self...oh well so swell time to get back in action...

5'10 (79kgs)

Squats 22,22,22
Ring Dips 20, 15, 12

Score 8,927

10 weighted sit ups as sub for GHD

K2E - 20,15,12,12,13

Score 5,688


7rds (please insert laughter here)

Score 553

TOTAL = 15,168

deejay said...

Squats - 33/33/33 = 99 (99 last time)
Ring Dips - 21/15/10 = 46 (23 last time
K2E - 25/14/10/10/10 = 69 (56 last time)
JPU/Burpees - 8.5 rounds - not happy with this (8 last time)
Bwt - 95kg (96kg last time)
Score - 21137.5 (17856 last time)

Erik Luber said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erik Luber said...

Must see talk!


This is what mental toughness and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is all about. This guys swims 1 k in 18:50 across the north pole in a speedo...the water is 1.7 C below freezing.

Rob Ottesen said...

alright back from vacation.

yesterday i did the thruster T2B WOD was brutal straight through on the Thrusters but could not find a rythm for the T2B


today 3-4 mile run didnt meassure distance.

WOD today

34,35,36 squats
12,10,8 dips
total of 13,500

no GHD subbed 15 2pood KB SLDL
total of 10,100

10 rounds
total 1000

24,600 for a total score.

Brent Maier said...

Steve: I had a serious encounter with that pain at the base of the skull about 1.5 years ago. The pain is indescribable and it's a pain that once starts during a workout, your done! Getting ready to hit my workout but either email me or I'll post on the forum my experience with it.


Mack Lar said...

BW 173/78.5kg
39/40/42 squats
20/12/12 ring dips
12,952.5 RD1

32/18/15/18/23 K to E
8,321 RD2

Metcon 12 Rds
942 RD3

22,215.5 Total
PWO 42g P/ 45g C Hard eggs and fruit

WES- When I workout early morning I eat 14g protein, 18g carbs, 3g fat. Roughly 2 blocks all real food(meat and fruit).regardless of what the WOD is. I get it down as soon as I wake up which ends up being about an hour before I workout. Never had an issue w upset stomach during WOD. Working out on an empty stomach does not work for me.

Gord said...

steve- I have to miss workouts from time to time due to work commitments (back to back late night and then just too tired in the morning)

I use to do everything I could to get them all in.... but then a wise man (James) once said to me it is better to hit 2 workouts at full intensity then to try and squeeze in 3 and end up doing them just to do them. So when I miss I just ride it off and hit the next one as hard as I can. Extra day rest from time to time is ok.

David X said...

Thanks Steve.

BWT in kilos=95.25 (210)

Score 1: 12096.75 (11011.07)
Score 2: 7429.50 (4256.38)
Score 3: 647.71 (857.25)

TOTAL: 20383.50 (OLD PR 15915.16) difference of 4468.34

In January I was 203 or 92.53 Kilos now im 210

Joel B. said...

squats: 78
ring dips: 46
total: 124X72.72=9017
k2e: 94X72.72=6836
amrap j-pu/burpees: 8.5X72.72=618

total: 16,471

pwo: 30gC (yam/apple) 30gP (chicken)

I was gone over the last cycle and it is hard to let those WODs go, but that is what I am doing. Fighting off a cold my kids caught from my neice during the cool drizzly time in the San Juan Islands over the long weekend. Sleep and nutrition sucked is why I am feeling it, no doubt.

Paul said...

Body Weight 85kg

32 / 32 / 33

Ring Dips
23 / 17 / 13

Score 12750

GHD Raises all unbroken
K2E 22 / 17 / 15 / 15 / 15
Score 7140

Jumping Pull Ups / Burpees
9.5 rounds
Score 807.5


Laura said...

BW: 53kg
Squats/Dips: 31/13; 30/12; 31/8
Total: 125 x 53= 6625

GHD Raises--unbroken, but don't really fit on machine, even with all of the mats. Might not have been fully vertical on all--kept slipping.
KtoE: 13/12/10/10/8= 53
53x53+ 2809

Burpees/Jumping Chins: 11 rounds+ 7+4=11.75 11.75x53kg= 622
Overall total=10 056 (yeah over 10 thousand)

Brent Maier said...


Forgot to take the workout tonight so I focused on skills for this weekends event. Heres the breakdown.

Warmup/mobility drills

1 min rest between sets:
A1 DU's: 75/30/30 (New PR x75, Ouu)
A2 HSPU's: 7/7/7

1 min rest between sets:
B1 K2E: 10/10/10 (Fast Kipping)
B2 DU's: 20/20/20

30s rest between sets:
C1 OHS (95#): 5/5/5
C2 MU's: 3/3/3
C3 T&G Squat Cleans: 5/5/5

D: Max Burpees in 1 minute: 30 (New PR# with jump/clap/full extension, OUUU)

E1 GHD SU: 5/5/5 (2 hand touch)
E2 GHD Raise: 5/5/5

Notes: Well, I tried to hit all the muscle groups tonight without dipping into the tank. Felt strong on everything, especially the muscle ups. I have dialed in my eating since this weekend and I weighed in at a 192# on two scales. The 3 workouts for day 1 of my event this weekend will be posted tomorrow morning. I will probably work hybrid versions of those over the next few days in preparation.

Nice to have you back Mike!

Leighanne said...

BW: 63kg
squats/assited dip (100# on gravitron): 29/10;32/9;29/9
Total: 118x63 = 7434

GHD Raises unbroken
k2e's: 7/6/6/5/4= 28
score= 1764

2 reps away from 9 rounds so unfortunately we are only to count full rounds so... 8 x 63 = 504

total: 9198
post wod fuel: 1.5 scoop dream whey/water; bowl of grapes/1 homeade paleo pb cookie.

didn't do it last time, so can't compare

Evan said...


Squats-33,32,33 - 98
RDs-14,10,9 - 33

K2E-17,17,12,10,8,4 - 68

AMRAP - 6.5 x 92.5= 601.25
(burpees blow!)

Total - 19008.75

unit said...

Mike... Kick ass back at it already!... Keep it up BrOPT...

Warm up - intramural basketball

33/33/33 - 99
31/22/18 - 71
40/25/20/22/23 - 130
10.5 rounds

310.5 x 86kg (bwt 2day post wod) - 26,703


depaul said...

Felt recovered from whatever was going on this weekend so I came back and hit Tuesdays wkout. No time for a twofer today though.

PS 85/95/105
115/125/135 pr

metcon 2:15, 2:11, 2:49. No chalk and hands kept slipping off bar on last round. Also cheated myself out of 2 min rest because for some reason I remembered it being 2 min not 3. Oh well.

Geoff Aucoin said...


Sweet pic of DJ running up the hill. There are some folks from CF Calgary screaming in his ear directly to HIS right.

DJ, you gotta big mouth, bro!

Evan Johnston said...

Squat: 33/31/31= 95
Ring Dips: 18/16/7 (not a typo)= 41

Knees to elbows: 16/14/10/10/8

metcon= 10 rds

Total 16095.6 (bwt 78.9kg)

Never done this before but went hard

Pfeifalife said...

6'3", 102.3kgs

Rd 1: 10.5”
Sq: 30/30/29
RD: 21/17/13
(fatigued really fast on ring dips, a lot more than usual. Probably do to my one day of drinking on Friday, which is still kicking my ass today. Tolerance 0)
Score: 14,322

Rd 2:
GHD: unbroken (did 55# good mornings)
K2E: 11/15/12/13/9
(had to do them on bar with no kip, if on rings it would have been double or better for my numbers. My kipping K2E’s are one of my stronger suits, and sadly it’s such an obscure movement. Just my luck I suppose)
Score: 6,138

Rd 3:
Rds: 10.5
(had to take this one round and movement at a time, at this point my body felt shaky and weak. Def gut check for me as I hate burpees and pukey was a knocking. Just kept telling myself to get through one more strong set of burpees then JCU’s would be a break of a movement. Body felt dead so was tuff to gauge to limit of muscular limit, body was junk, but felt I sort of redeemed myself from the RD’s and K2E’s)
Score: 1,074

Total score: 21,534

Felt drained and in a mental fog today as I zapped real early, still pushed it but I just kept falling flat. So all this eating clean, getting good rest, and not drinking really does make a difference…hmmm, couple of bad days over the weekend and I’m in shambles. Done with booze…

Kathleen said...

WOD 1:
29/7 29/3 30/4 = 102 x 59kg = 6018
WOD 2:
all 5 rds of GHD raises ok [form needs to improve - butt is out at the top]
K2E 20/14/10/10/8 = 62x59kg = 3658
WOD 3: 8rds x 59kg = 472
Total = 10148

Grant said...

Could not do ring dips due to left shoulder so subbed close hands push-ups. PUBs very slow for same reason. BW = 77.5656 (needed as many decimal places as Fleming)
PUs 21/20/20
K2E 33(30)/20/16/14/12
WOD3 (both movements made my shoulder grumpy)
Total modified = 19,912
6 weeks since injury so this was a test tonight. Some movements OK & others not.

Lisa M said...

30/31/30 squats
7/4/4 ring dips (obvious weakness here!!!)
bwt 129lbs = 58.6 kg
Score 1 = 6211.6

K2E 15/15/10/10/12 felt pretty good about these as i have made great improvement it used to kill be to do 3 or 4
Score 2 = 3633.2

Metcon = 9 rounds wooo hooo!!
Score 3 = 527.4

total score = 10372.2

my goal was to get over 10000 so feel pretty good about todays performance. Thank you OPT your programming is so amazing.

Martin Altemark said...

Still here, but late! Bodyweight 74kg

Squats, ring dips: 35/21 (PR), 31/14, 33/10. score 10656

sub stiff legged DL for GHD raises
KTE: 20, 10, 10, 10, 10. score 4440

AMRAP: 10+4 rounds. Score 740

Total score 15836