MG - phase 3

we call him PTS

Hill Sprints
30 sec maximal effort
(enough incline to not allow maximal speed)
4 min walk down recovery
repeat 6 times
rest 4 + hours
For time;
1-11 chest to bar chin up ladder
rest 3 minutes
For reps;
As many burpees in 30 sec/rest 90 sec x 3
rest 3 minutes
10 toes to bar, 60 sec rest x 5 sets

post notes on run, time for ladder, total reps for burpees and notes on toes to bar to comments


PTS said...

Today's schedule will not allow for 2 separate WOD's, so I got them both in this morning

hill runs felt great. Only had time for 3 mins rest. felt powerful and fast.

8 mins rest before the CTB's.

CTB ladder - 6:20.
Burpees- 14,14,14. all out. couldn't have gone faster.
T2B. Painful. Grip was tough. Feet touched ground on 4th set.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Great article in the CF Journal, check it out.

Gord said...

ctb chins-4:50
burpees- 20-19-17
Toes to bar are slow.

Erik Luber said...

Found steepest hill I could find in Edmonton river valley. First 3 runs felt fast and powerful with lots left after 30 sec. Dizzy at the end of round 6. Average distance was about 180 m according to my Nike+.

Jefff said...

AM sprints - Did not measure distance, but ran about the same each time. Felt good. Last 7 seconds each set were very tough to maintain speed. Great way to start the day!

Sweeney said...

Did both AM and PM Wods in a globo gym in Victoria, BC.

Runs: 15% incline @ 10 mph. Felt good.

C2B Chins: No timer. Rested just enough between each rung to keep the sets unbroken.

Burpees: 16,16,16 - focused on full extension at the top.

T2B: all sets unbroken but slow.

Man, this is a beautiful city. I could live here in a heartbeat.

Off to play some corporate golf for the day.

Brian Maier said...

Congrats brent on your 11th place finish.

This AM: Did 2 warmup sprints and 6 maximal effort sprints w/ 3 min rest between. Felt good and ran same distance each sprint. Hamstrings a little tight from GHD raises on Saturday.

I was playing catchup this weekend on the WOD's

Saturday...did G-phase 3 total score WOD. Weight = 88.5kg

squats (32,32,33)
ring dips (26,20,15)

GHD raises (these sucked)
k2e's (20,10,13,10,12)

8 rounds of chinups/burpees (nothing left in the tank, burpees were very slow)

total score: 20,443

Sunday: Right knee bothering me on squats so will have to attempt crossfit total workout again soon. Instead, did

4 rounds:
100ft walking lunges with 45lb weight plate overhead
30 box jumps (24")
20 weighted pullups (25lbs)

Chris Dunkin said...

AM wod: first 3 were strong, but was beat down after 6. if i'd have had anything in my stomach it would have come back up. took an hour to feel better.
there were 6 of us this morning, so that brought the intensity up a bit.

Trevor Salmon said...

Sweeney, you'll have to search for CF DPL in Victoria.

Rafael said...

Im sorry, but what are T2B? Is it like doing K2E but except the toes touch the bar? Thats about the only thing I can think of.

Garage Crossfitter said...

CTB ladder 4:11
burpees 15 15 15
T2B unbroken (last 4 reps on sets 4 and 5 were tough, grip, abs)

6 min rest

200m sprint (flat) x 4 (2 min breaks) with 20 lb vest

:37 (vest was very loose,bouncing)

Scotty Hagnas said...

Am workout:
Did the CF total first, then rest 20'

Hill sprints: first 3 felt strong, then started to slow some on the next 3. Potent stuff! Did these on the hill under the I-5/I-405 interchange bridge, so I probably tanked up on my share of pollutants....

PWO: 40p/40c Refuel, whey

Will hit pm WOD around 5pm.

Lauren said...

did gymnastic work this am, and will do run this pm. Wanted to do the runs outside, and too dark/chilly this morn before work.

completed the ladder in approx. 17 min

burpees 33 (11/11/11)

toes to bar completed, grip to weaken first

Ryan G. said...

Running uphill seems to not cause me any of the normal discomfort running brings. Not sure what the deal is here...

C2B 1-10 ( wrote WOD down wrong ) -6:04

Burpee -13/11/12

T2B -Grip was roasted, was able to find a rythm for a kip in the first set but it takes ALOT of energy and is very tough on the hands. Last 3 sets broken.

Chad Action Brandt said...

C2B Ladder = 6:52
Burpees in 30 = 14/15/15
Toes @ Bar = 10/10/5,3,2/5,3,2/5,3,2

To much rest in the early 6 ladder rungs, thinking I would be rested for the 7-8-9-10-11...I was wrong. Started with kip pull-ups, good idea only too much rest. Switched to circle kip chest to bar pull-ups in the 7th rung.

Gord your on fire!!
My word is "hatomato"

Laura said...

Runs: Nice am--1st 5 great, last one legs were heavy. It was harder to walk down! (Tuscany Loop-steepest hill)

PM: Chest2Bar: 6:01-sets of 10 and 11 were hard.
Burpees: 13/13/13=39
Toes2bar: 1st three sets of 10 then 7/3 and 7/3--had to take a bit more rest before last 2 sets-kidney stomach ache.

Rory Hanlin said...

Morning: 4 mile run up hill

C2BPU ladder: 4:48
Burpees: 14x3
T2B: All sets unbroken cept for last set

Rob Ottesen said...

this morning we did max effort 2 mile run up a long steady hill here on fort bragg. its a pretty tough run last mile is all up hill in loose sand. then easy run on way back so total of 4 miles this morning.

sill not great at C2B so they were mixed in with regular pull ups in
later rounds.


15,15,15 burpees

unbroken although i gotta figure out a more efficient way to do these i spend way to much time on bar grip gets bad.

during the pull ups i ripped a flapper in my right hand the size of a 50cent piece not fun at all.

i rarely post this for some reason but for anyone that cares


Steve Smith said...

This felt interesting.

Runs on treadmill, 15% grade
1 - 5:26/mile Pace
2 - 5:26/mile Pace
3 - 5:26/mile Pace
4 - 5:26/mile Pace - Fail at 0:27
5 - 5:46/mile Pace - Fail at 0:28
6 - 6:00/mile Pace

First 20 seconds were strong, then it was all I could do to stay on the treadmill.

C2B Chin-ups: 8:26
- Got to 11 in just under 2 minutes. Took forever coming down. All unbroken.

Burpees: 16/17/16

Toes 2 Bar: All unbroken. Completed on the minute. No problem, but grip was weak point.

Wes said...

First 2 sprints were roughly 160 meters, 3rd run about 2 yards slower, fourth and fifth were about 4 yards slower, sixth run was about 5 yards slower. I consider myself a very good runner and this wrecked me, I didn't feel right for an hour afterward. I gave each run 100 percent and towards the end when I wanted to slow down and give it more like 80 percent and just drove my legs harder. Great focus and was able to say f*ck you to that voice in my head.

CTB ladder - 3:02 (all unbroken)
Burpees - 16/17/17
TTB - All unbroken, easy for the most part. I feel I have a real good rhythm on these.

Jefff said...

C2B Ladder - 5:18
Burpees - 14,14,14
T2B - All straight through. Not too many issues with these other than I'm not moving very fast. Failure would be due to grip if anything.

Jefff said...


Nice job on the C2B's!!!!!

Evan Johnston said...

Schedule crazy with school starting this week but managed to get c2b and burpees in.

c2b: 17:??
Tore early and combination of grip issues and me just needing to get better at these. Humbling.

burpees: 16:14:14

Back on track tomorrow.

Guys fantastic work on the WOD today. Some of those c2b times are insane.

Evan Johnston said...

Schedule crazy with school starting this week but managed to get c2b and burpees in.

c2b: 17:??
Tore early and combination of grip issues and me just needing to get better at these. Humbling.

burpees: 16:14:14

Back on track tomorrow.

Guys fantastic work on the WOD today. Some of those c2b times are insane.

Chris Dunkin said...

PM pleasure
Ladder: 3:52
Burpees: 16/16/15
T2B: broke last set at 8 due to grip

AM pwo: 30p/63c
PM pwo: 30p/63c love the Dream Whey/Refuel

Happy Birthday Scotty

Chris Dunkin said...

Steve, I hope you got it wrong on the ladder; I went up to 11, but not back down. Did I screw this up?

EHR said...

Eric R.
Combined both WODS this afternoon
During the run my back felt tight from CFT yesterday
C2B ladder 4:55
Burpees 15/15/15
T2B as rx'd

Heather R.
Did the run this morning, it felt good.
Sub'd Kipping chin ups for C2B. Made it to 6+5 in the ladder and then tweaked something in my shoulder 8:40
Burpees 7/8/9
T2B 5,5,5,5,5 and then stopped due to shoulder (they were more like ankles to bar)

OPT said...

rafael, just as it sounds the T2B are just like knees to elbows at bottom except at top a portion of the foot has to hit the bar you're hanging from...

Scotty Hagnas said...

C to B: modified a bit to 1-7-1 as this was all I have currently w/o fractioning. 8:06' Did 10 extra regular pullups at the end, plus my side lying laterals after the WOD. These are getting stronger.
Burpees: 15/15/14
T to B: slow kip; had to fraction the last set.
PWO: 30p/30c Chicken skewer, shredded carrot and blueberry salad.

Thanks for the happy B-day wishes - here is a video a friend posted of me chipping away at the 500 double unders Saturday...I look like a freakin' turtle sticking my neck out. Need to relax...

Looks like I have a little inflammation in my suprapatellar tendon. Time for some crossfiber friction.. Also, doing an ASI test tomorrow, I think all's well - just want a look under the hood.

joey warren said...

holy #$%&
30 sec hill sprints x 6
these absolutely killed me, went all out for the first 2 and gassed on #4,5,6

PM workout #2
CTB pullup ladder- 1-11
10,20,10 - 45 sec rest- felt easy

Post WOD fuel
AM-70gC,36gP (banana, dried apricots, whey protein 2 scoops)
PM- 60gC,30gP (same as AM)

How do you guys change up your post WOD fuel on double days?

deejay said...

no sleep last night so skipped the am session...
in the pm:
CTB ladder - 4:50 - I think I could have been faster but I really surprised myself here... I think I am finally seing some improvement...
Burpess - 14-13-13 - I don't think I can go any faster haha...
T2B - all 5 sets unbroken, I have found a decent rythem

unit said...

Cdunkin - I appreciate the kind words the other day... This community, it's people, principles, attitudes and diversity have been a big motivator in my life and has given me direction when I was searching 4 a way 2 channel my passion... 4 full disclosure I always check 2 see what u, Rory, dj, Steve, rob, bropt...(etc 2 many 2 name) r up 2 which is a daily motivator 4 me...
While I'm at it.... I just want 2 say thank u Rory 4 introducing this 2 me... And thank u coach 4 ur commitment and passion...

2days wod...
Hill runs... 150m each... Hill right outside my place... felt 'good'
15 min rest
c2bpu- placed a hickory stick in my rings 2 use as a bar... Def ghetto but it worked... Just couldn't Kip really... ~7:55
pub- 15/15/15
t2b- unbroken... Again hanging from a stick in the rings...


Erik Luber said...

CTB ladder - 4:50
Burpees - 12,12,12
T2B - all five sets unbroken

Assumed that all sets had to be unbroken...not sure if that was the actual case. Failed on the last rep of the 11th set. Redid the last set and fail again on the last rep..called it quits after that, tear in hand was pretty big.

Pfeifalife said...

hills runs felt good. kept telling myself to accelerate the whole time up the hill.

bout an hour rest.

CTB ladder - 6:05 felt strong, was round 3 mins and change when started rd 8. after that I hit my wall and my enduro went flat.
Burpees- 14,12,12. kept thinking faster, but couldn't turn them over any faster. kinda pissed me off as I've done them with a noticeably faster turnover before.
T2B - all sets were unbroken, focused on turning them over fast.

noticing my body fatigueing faster than usual. guessing it could be attributed to switching to paleo w/ sporadic dairy this weekend. suppose my body is not yet trying to run mainly off of good fats yet...I feel generally better overall already, but I'm fading faster or sooner then usual. can't wait for the switch to flip.

Brent said...

Scotty, loved the music in the vid! Hah, couple that with your chicken comment and it makes for a smile the entire time you watch it.

There were some good numbers today, great job everyone!

Joel B. said...

AM (due to scheduling done at 4:30 pm) literally a pain in the A. My glutes were pretty fried. Hill outside a H.M.O. clinic and someone asked me if I was o.k. after the 6th run.

PM 3 hours later. CTB 1-11 6:57. Inadvertently came off bar in set of 11 and got right back on...but that portion was unfortunately broken I guess.

Burpees: 13.5, 13.5, 14
Wife observed last set and I guess that provided the motivation for the last .5.

T2B unbroken.

I am also curious about the fueling on multiple WOD days. I did regular PWO fueling after the run and had about 3 hours total before I was to do the PM WOD. 1 hour after the PWO fueling I had a small balanced PFC meal (about 1.5-2 hours prior to the PM WOD) and I seemed to feel fine once I got moving. Then after the PM wod since I did it so late I am getting right in towards bedtime, so not sure the best way to approach that. I'd love to hear any feedback from the Dawgs that been following this thing for a while.

Word is "caper"

depaul said...

Haven't posted in a while but I am still hitting it with you guys - just seem to be perpetually a day behind both in schoolwork and workouts, so today I did CFT...and hit a 20 lb PR in the squat and, thanks to that, my first 800 lb CFT (315, 145, 340). Nothing spectacular by this forum's standards, but when I started Crossfit last Nov I wouldn't have dreamed of totaling even 600 lbs and my deadlift form was so poor I'd resigned myself to just not doing the exercise because of the back pain it caused. Also the 300 lb mark has been a psychological barrier to me for a long time on the squat. Today I passed it easily. So thank you Unit and all of you for pushing me yet again to the next level and Rory for those awesome vids. Next stop, 900!

Kathleen said...

Runs @ 6:30 am [world record for us]
Part II @ CFC
Chest2Bar all supinated 19:43
Repeated 4
Repeated 6
Ran out of gas hoped to get to 7 - hmm maybe if I had not repeated 4/6
7: 4/2/1
8: 4/2/2
9: 4/2/3
11: 4/3/3/1
Burpees: 9/10/10
Toes2bar [oops forgot about the 1 minute rest]
Defintely grip issue before core
All I have got to say is way to go Laura!!

Laura said...

Thanks K--way to grind out those chest to bars instead of throwing in the towel!

YoungManRumble said...

PM portion...
CTB ladder - 7:30 paced myself and I needed it.

Burpees - 14, 15, 15 went as fast as I could

Toes 2 bar - 10, 10, 10, 10, 10. All sets unbroken.

Going to do the hill sprints this evening.

Surrey Sterling said...

PM Portion Only. Achilles still under repair.

CTB- 7:38 Unbroken - well paced.
Burpees 14-14-14
T2B - 10-10-10-10-7,3

No hill sprints.

Bowser said...

PM Portion:
CTB Latter: 9:18 Reps unbroken through 9. 10 & 11 partitioned.

Burpees - 13-12-13


Sets of 3 & 4 for last 2 rounds.

Blaine said...

CTB ladder: 8:45 unbroken until rd 7. Then down to max 6 reps unroken.

Burpees: 16/15/14

T2B: 10/10/10/9,1/8,2