WMG - phase 3

the hound pound
A. Snatch - 3,3,3,3; rest 240 sec rest
B1. Omni Grip Bench Press @ 40X0; 2-3 x 3; 120 sec rest
B2. Power Clean - 3,3,3 - 80% effort; 120 sec rest
C1. 35 unbroken double unders x 4; rest 60 sec
C2. hands overhead GHD Sit Ups @ 2020; 15 x 4; rest 60 sec
12 days till Big Dawg tournament begins
Big Dawg shirts revealed soon; 2 options
post warm up, loads, reps and notes to comments
omni - 1st set pinky on knurling, 2nd set ring finger on knurling, 3rd set pointer just outside of knurling
double unders - if you miss on any of the sets of 35, you rest as needed till you get 35 straight
if you're out there and doing big dawgs and not posting, be not afraid, it will help us all!
post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 40g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 40g prot/35g carb
below 8% - 40g prot/50g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 30g prot/10 g carb
12-14% - 30g prot/20 g carb
below 12% - 30g prot/30 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


Gord said...

Jefff place.....I recognized the dogs.

Wes said...

Any suggestions on subs for bench press and GHD?

Wes said...

is snatch a full squat snatch since it doesnt say power?

Paul said...


Hi everyone,
I have been stuck on my dead lift max since May at 345lbs. When I attempt 350 I can't even get it to start off the ground. The above link is my 345lb lift from Sundays wod, I would really appreciate and help with my form that will increase my numbers. I do notice that my butt starts to move first, is this killing the lift?

I did this post from my phone so I hope the link works, if it doesn't I will post again when I get home from work. Thanks in advance.

On a side note, I did Dianne last night before the workout to see where I am compared to before starting OPT programming and I shaved 1.5 minutes from my PR! I am sold on this site.

Brent said...

Big Dawgs, I uploaded a video of this weekends event last night. I'll be back in a few days.


I like the gym Jefff!

Jefff said...

Awesome job Brent!!! The video is great.

Gord said...

snatch-90/98/98/103 (pb on full squat snatch)
bench - 172/182/187- didn't start with pinky on knurling. Arms were too short to get it off the rack. Started pinky in normal position and made the grip wider each time.
power clean-162/172/182
du's failed on the fouth set 2x before getting it.
GHD- I didn't do the pace as I just started being able to do GHD without back pain. so I just did 60

joey warren said...

Is the knurling where the rough part starts, making this grip a narrow grip bench press?

mike d said...

will start posting

Martin Altemark said...

I work two days behind right now (hi from Sweden!) and had a really bad CFT today.

What do you suggest when really not getting close to your usual numbers in CFT (or other low RM) when in a cycle?

Try to get mor sleep and work through it? Take rest days? Not caring so much?

Thanks for your programming!

Grant said...

Hill run @ Edworthy @ 6:30AM Monday. Felt good.
Evening @ CFC
CTB; unsure how the shoulder would like it. Made it to 9 straight. #10 re-did twice @ rep 9 & pain too much. Packed it in. Shouldn't have done this.
PUBs; 12x3. Still hard to decelerate into push-up.
T2Bs; no way. Too much pain (didn't even try). Yesterday's post was closed so posted to today

Erik Luber said...

A. 40 kg, 44, 44, 44
B1. 60 kg, 64, 68
B2. 60 kg, 65 (2+f), 65 (2+f)
C1. 35,35,35,28,25,31,35
C2. all unbroken at tempo

2nds and 3rd sets of snatch (split) were sloppy, last one was fast and powerful, felt like I could do more. Was feeling double awesome about the DUs, but fell apart on the last set, kept running into the wall (less space than usual for DUs)

Scotty Hagnas said...

Snatch: 95,105(missed one),115,120(missed twice)
Felt slow and rusty on these; been a long time. However, I feel stronger at these weights than before.
Omni BP: 177x2x2x2
PC: 155x3x3x3
DU: Scaled to unbroken sets of 15, so I wouldn't be here for a week or two. Did 35 total every round. Improving, as I only tripped a couple of times each round. Here is a hilarious photo from my Sat. DUs - turtle neck in full effect:
GHD: all unbroken @ tempo.
PWO: 40p/50c Sweet potato soup w/egg white protein.

OPT said...

Wes, sub amrap clap push ups and db anchored sit ups for bench and GHD
Paul, i could not open the link, send to optimumtraining@shaw.ca
Joey, knurling IS the rough part but for remembering it, its the point where the knurling is removed and is equidistant from the mid point of the bar to help in balance when gripping
mike d, welcome and thanks
martin, i'd suggest catching up to the program if you can asap...there are more benefits to maintaining it day to day as written for numerous reasons...then i can see how you can make it better...if you look back, there was approx 90-95% of trainees getting PB's in lifts days prior in the total, take a day off tomorrow and start with everyone on next day...then you can peak wiht everyone for 26th/27th and go forward from there!

Ali Loach said...

Snatch: 65/75/80/85 *lift with the least amount of confidence so I tried to focus a lot on proper technique.
Bench: 115(3)/125(3)/130(2) *worked on trying to use technique learned during barbell cert on the weekend.
Power Clean: 85/95/105 *technique for last set a bit sketchy
DUs: all 4 sets unbroken *felt awesome today
GHD Situps: rigged up a stability ball by a cable machine and hooked my feet under the leg pads for the lat pull. Not perfect but it worked for today.

Garage Crossfitter said...


Steve Smith said...

A: 185#, 165#, 165#, 165#
- What an odd day. My 1RM is 210#. Figured I would start with 185# and then move up. Finished the first round then something happened. Could not, for the life of me, get the bar to lock out overhead. Legs wouldn't explode, shoulders wouldn't catch. Frustraing. Went down in weight to complete workout. 165# w/ no problems.

B1: 215#, 215#, 215#
B2: 205#, 205#, 205#
- 205# is approx 80# of my 1RM.
- 215# felt much better than I anticipated. Time perscription was no issue, but stayed at 215# for explosion.

C1: All unbroken
C2: No GHD, sub straight leg Sit-ups with arms locked out over head.
Time: 11:00 even

- Body feels suprisingly slamed after this cycle. Today didn't feel that hard at the time, but man, I'm moving slow now.

Coach, Hannah's picture on the right side of the blog makes me smile every day. Awesome!

Steve Smith said...
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joey warren said...

warm up- dynamic stretch, 45lb, 95lb muscle snatch to 3 overhead squat, double under practice, 115,135 full squat snatch

Snatch 155x3 165 x2 (fx1) 165 x 2 (fx2) 155x3
155 felt fairly light, 165 felt hard and kept failing- must be a kink in my form

B1 225,235,245
B2 195,205,205

C1- set #1 broke at 6, set #2 broke at 25, all rest were unbroken
C2- GHD situps all unbroken held at tempo

mike d said...

opt- i sent a question to your optimum email address yesterday if you get a chance to review. thanks in advance

Garage Crossfitter said...

115 135 145 155(failed twice, nailed 1, both misses were form errors)*dropped weights each rep, all done as quick singles to reset stance*

bench 165 185 195, i had more in me
power clean 185 195 195 easy

2nd set of doubles 2 mistakes, everything else unbroken

GHD's putting my hands over my head really stretched the hell out of my stomach, very uncomfortable feeling at the bottom of the GHD, form was iffy and so was tempo, flexability issue, form issue?

Garage Crossfitter said...

How many grams of EPA/DHA fish oil do each of you take per day?

Jefff said...

Garage Crossfitter - 0g of fish oil for me. I was taking it a while back (can't remember exact amount), but have since stopped.

PTS said...

warm-up : 500m row easy pace. leg swings, arm swings, trunk twists. xfit warmup x1 with some HSPU's and pushups. Burgener warm-up with pool stick, Burgener warm-up with empty bar. After warm-up felt good and ready.

snatch 115,115,125,130. Made a decision to back off on the weight and really work form.

Omni BP- 3x185, 3x215, 3x215.
Power Clean 3x155, 3x185, 3x185. 185 felt smooth and light.

DU's one miss on first set, rest unbroken.
GHD's all unbroken.

Video of snatch 3x115
Any Big Dawgs please offer criticism and tell me what you see:

GC: I recently upped my intake to ~7g per day from 3g. Not sure if it's making a difference or not. I do tend to feel as though it might be helping with recovery.

Joel B. said...

Warm up: 1 min row, 1 min run, 1 min rope skip; repeat. Joint mobility/DROMS for about 3-5 min. Burgener wu plus Cl variation w/dowel, 5 pullups, 5 pushups, 5 situps, 5 BE X3, but increased to 15k empty bar set 2, 20k bar set 3. Muscle SN + 3 ohs, and 3 position cl@ 95# X2 sets.

Snatch: 105, 110, 115, 120.
Felt pretty good. Maybe should have started a touch higher, but my 1RM is only 140-145 (depending on day).

Omni BP: 135, 140, 145X3
Hands ended up being around 11-13" apart...hopefully I did this correctly. Should have started a bit higher. grr.
PC: 145X3. Felt good.

DU's unbroken (!)
GHD's unbroken (done on roman chair)

I love following this programming. A couple (there are more) personal highlights are my burpee speed and the du's. Both have vastly improved since joining July 14.

GC...I was doing 3g a day before going to Robb Wolf's nutrition seminar. After that I bumped it to 8g a day. I feel same as PTS. Seems to be worthwhile outside the recovery issue too though.

Gord said...

Brent- Just watched the video. Nice work buddy. Noticed you had the Crossfit Calgary and OPT shirt on. Way to represent buddy.

Lauren said...

Super gassed this morning. Probably because of the runs yesterday night-lesson learned with switching the order.

snatch- used 85lbs for all and practiced keeping bar close to body

Bench- 95, 115, 125

Power Clean- 95lbs for all, but felt like 200lbs

DU- straight through
GHD- straight through

Laura said...

Snatch: 55/60/67/72--one extra @77 only got 1 rep--too far forward on others.

Bench: 88/95.5/103--couldn't put fingers in last position and still get bar out of rack, so stayed at 2nd position
Power Clean: 95lbs

Skipping all straight through-no knee pain
No GHD's today

Ryan G. said...

Snatch - 108/118/132/137. I must admit some of the later reps were mad ugly.

a1. 162# ( Seemed just right to hit 3 reps per set @ rx'd pace.)
a2. 162/172/172 ( Last PC on last set was not pretty at all. )

b1. Not one full set on first try. All sets 2-3 attempts to achieve 35 unbroken.
b2. rx'd pace on the ghd sit ups was teh yuck!

Wes said...

PTS if you pause the video where the bar reaches about knee level your back is completely flat and your chest is facing down, so your hips are extending then your chest is extending after that. I am pretty sure you want your hips and chest to extend at the same time.(at least that is what John welbourn told me about my snatching) And it appears you are pulling from the floor and not the hang high position. Just my two cents

Chris Dunkin said...

GC- I'm at 9g/day; Kirkland brand from Costco.

Rob Ottesen said...

decent day today did this after class we had pre-jump this morning. we have a jump early tomorrow should be fun if i dont get hurt i only hate it bc i fear breaking my leg.

snatch 165,155,155,155
-felt i was sacrificing form to get it up so went down and had no problems.

sub press for omni lack of flat bench as well as i did bench Sun.

215,215,215 for PC

DU's are getting better did these for completion
first 30+5
second 5+30
third 25+10
fourth was a mess
fifth 20+8+7

GHD felt good

Wes said...

Bwt - 145
A. Squat Snatch - 115/135/135/145 (dropped each one from overhead and resetup, I hope that was ok) 145 felt the best out of all of them
B1. AMRAP 30 sec clapping push-ups - 28/31/28
B2. Power Clean - 185,185,185(dropped each time to practice perfect setup)
C1. DU's - all unbroken
C2. Anchored sit-ups with hands interlocked behind head.
This last 3 day cycle I have felt great, focus was their especially yesterday w/ the sprints and my CTB felt great. PR'd in the DL and Squats on the total. My 1RM on squat snatch was 145 and today I did it 3 times.
I have been playing around with working out at different times of the day when I get breaks inbetween class in an attempt to try and keep that element varied since I feel I can get into a habit of working out at the same time everyday and only being able to perform at my best at that time. Doesn't really work when you got a comp w/ an AM and PM WOD and I can only kill it in the AM.

Ryan G. said...

Pat, I am no pro and its really hard to see with out an option to slow mo, but this weight looks light for you and I dont see you come to full extension. I beleive that because you are strong enough to EASILY manage the weight you are also able to manage the flaw in your form. Just my thoughts, please... someone correct me if im wrong. =)

Rory Hanlin said...

A. 185, 205, 215, 225 (PR)
B1. (Subbed Press) 185, 195, 205x2
B2. 245, 255, 265
C1. Took many sets... not my day
C2. Unbroken, jerry rigged GHD

Pushed it on the snatches and nailed 225x3 strongly. The snatches gassed me for the rest of the workout though. Cleans felt very heavy. And DU were a disaster...

Paul said...

Here is a proper link to my dead lift that needs advice.


I appreciate any help!

Snatch 120, 120, 135, 135

B1. 195, 195, 200 (I was very strict on the 40x0 pace)
B2. 165, 175, 175

2 Rounds unbroken, all rest 25 and 10

GHDs unbroken, the 20x20 pacing gave me a wicked headache!

Ryan G. said...

Paul, As far as I know that untill about your knees you want to keep the same back angle as the starting position. If you go to the 16 second mark of your video , I see your hips shoot straight up puting the rest of the entire lift on your lower back. At around the 17-18 second mark you are almost 90 degerees. Just my thoughts.

KSC said...

A 95/105/115/125

B1 185x3/205x3/225x2

B2 155 for all sets

C1 all but one broken. Shorts kept falling down...

C2 unbroken

Rob Sifton said...

OPT Special for me today.

For Time;

1000m row - 3:42
100 Sit ups - Straight through
100 DU's - 1 break
7:58 time
1000m row - 4:08
75 sit ups - Straight through
125 DU's - 2 breaks
8:12 time
1000m row - 4:09
50 sit ups - Straight through
150 DU's - 3 breaks
8:20 time
1000m row - 4:08
4:41 time
Time= 29:09

Took too much time getting into foot straps on rower.

Rob Sifton said...

Garage CF'er

I take sometimes 3g/day others 1-2 depends on how I feel. I feel that it helps with my recovery. If I am run down, I jack it up. But I use Krill oil. I find the Vit A a bit high in the Carlson's Cod Liver oil. If I have fish that day for a meal I do not take anymore.

Others thoughts?

Jefff said...

A. Snatch - 3/115,3/125,1/132, 0/132

Everything was feeling great, and then it fell apart on rep #2 of third set. Load is going up just fine, and feels more explosive than ever, but not receiving with confidence. Feeling better about these though. Concentarted on keeping bar close to body, and helped with explosivenes.

Had to do all 3 sets of B2 before all 3 sets of B1 (the hound pound does not have a bench yet, so I hit the globo).

B2. 152,162,172(2) - Started losing confidence with clean, and form out the window (again).

B1. 175, 2/195, 1/195

C1. 35,35,9,35,32,35
C2. 15,15,15,(10,5)

GHDs done on "mini-GHD". definitely not legit, but I was defeated anyway. Need some major rest!!!!

Pfeifalife said...

Snatch 176/176/186(f1)/186(f1)
176 felt good. 184 felt about the same, but kept losing it just a bit forward. could be i wasn't opening up my hips all the way or that the weight was already a little forward from the start. frustrating, but great as snatches, especially the 2nd pull, never felt so strong and natural.

B1 155,160,170(epic fail) (did Press as I had no bench, cleaned it up)
B2 240,264(f1,got way too greedy),240 (easy,fast,explosive)

got greed on last set of press w/ jump, couldn't get a consistent grip when I was cleaning it up. dark didn't help. Got greedy again on 2nd set of pc's. Probably went more than 80% on 2nd set, 240 felt awesome.

C1- 1st(horrendous, lower legs ache/2nd(less fail than former, but still bad)/3rd(unbroken!)/4th(better than 2nd, but not great)
C2- did 45# anchored situps, all sets unbroken and in accordance w/ cadence.

lower legs ached, nicely flogged my forearms in the process.

bso said...

BRENT! Nice work buddy!

Looking forward to rolling with the Big Dawgs again sometime this fall. I guess I'll see a bunch of you in Calgary at the Everett seminar.

Rob Sifton said...

Brent awesome showing, You should be proud of that performance.

Brent said...

Gord/BSO Woof! My legs are starting to function again. Mentally it hurts thinking about the big dawg competition in a few weeks but I am looking forward to getting back on the bandwagon on Thursday.

Brian Maier said...

A: 135,155,165,175

B1: 185,195,205
B2: 185,195,205

C1: 50,50,50,50 (all unbroken) DU's felt great so decided to do sets of 50
C2: GHD's were brutal but finished. 1st set unbroken...last 3 sets very broken.

Immediately after WOD (no rest) I ran 2X400's for time w/ 2min rest between.

Post WOD: 40c/30p

Evan Johnston said...

Decided to hit the CF total i missed.


Squat: 295 (pb)
Press: 145 (pb)
DL: 375

TotalL 815

previous was 780's

Goal was to improve which I did but have really been focused on the blog so my times in metcons have had a much steeper improvements then oly lifts which shows how phenomenal this programming is.

deejay said...

A1 - 176/186/196(2)/206(2) -

For my own notes - Worked today on slowing down the first pull and getting myself in a better position for the second pull... with that being said, I think I made some fixes, now I need to work on my catch...

B1 - 199/219/240(2) - started too light
B2 - 242 for all 3 sets, felt great

C1 - one trip up
C2 - these were fun

PTS - your start position is pretty good except I see a little bit of rounding in the back, just tighten that up a bit... the first thing you do is raise your hips without keeping the same back angle. I would work on a slower pull off the ground and trying to maintain the same back angle until you reach the knee, this will put you in a better position for the second pull...

Paul - I would agree with Ryan, try to keep that back angle the same, it's not a great angle but it seems like the bar is coming away from you a bit because of this... Other than that, it looked good...

Martin Altemark said...

OPT: ok! Rest tomorrow and then I'm onboard on the "same day" basis.

Harder for us europeans tho because of the time difference between posting of WOD for you and us - not much time for planning. But that might not always be a bad thing I guess.

unit said...

A1- 135 / 135 / 135 / 135 ... Last couple sets were much better than the first couple... Never really learned a good squat snatch so tried 2 keep the wt relatively light and work on the catch in the hole... Starting 2 feel a pinch better abt it...

B1- 225 / 225 / 225
B2- 225 / 225 / 225 (kept it light enough for a good explosion up... Did a 7 count on the way down... Oops...)

C1- straight through unbroken... Worked on speed... Fastest set was 18sec...
C2- unbroken...


PTS said...

Wes, Ryan, Deejay, thank you for the critiques. I can see what each of you are saying and will defintely work on fixing those things. Thanks again.

David X said...

A. 95/115/135/155
B1. 185/185/185
B2. 155/155/155 should have gone heavier.
C1. 23,12/12,23/17,18/12,10,13
C2. All unbroken

Lisa M said...

65/75/80/85f thanks Geoff for all your help yesterday obviously i still need some work but it was definitely better today especially on my power cleans

B1 95/115/120 probably could have gone heavier if had spotter and wasn't using an exercise ball as my bench a little unstable!
B2 95/95/95 worked on good technique

C1 2nd set broke once then got 35 all other sets unbroken!! yay
C2 unbroken