unbreakable part 2

where paleo pancakes are made
warm up by working on the snatch balance; you must learn over time to catch the weight in a tightened position as deep as possible; work on landing tight and sticking it; do not build aggressively in weight
for time;
35 unbroken wall balls - 20#/14# to 10ft
10 unbroken HSPU
35 unbroken wall balls - 20#/14# to 10ft
20 unbroken chest to bar chin ups
35 unbroken wall balls - 20#/14# to 10ft
30 unbroken push ups
35 unbroken wall balls - 20#/14# to 10ft
40 unbroken jumping chin ups
post time to comments
once you begin a set, you have to finish it; loss of rhythm or "catching" and "pausing" with wall balls are considered a broken set; coming off the bar for chin ups is considered a broken set, pausing at top or bottom for push ups is considered a broken set, same for jumping chin ups. use 8" from top of max reach as measure for jumpers; squat to a ball for wall balls so that hip is visibly below knee cap; if you can, measure the distance b/t your hands for HSPU and post it along with time
post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 30g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 30g prot/40g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/60g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 20g prot/20 g carb
12-14% - 20g prot/35 g carb
below 12% - 20g prot/50 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


David X said...

This looks like the express train to Pukie-town.

shae said...

Hey...from crossfit Regina and I love following your blog.keep posting your results

Brian Maier said...

Oh man...you have no idea how disappointed I am that I'm going to miss this one. hehe! Heading to Cancun in the morning for vacation. No kids....first real vacation without our 2 year old and 4 year old...ouuuuuuuuu!!!

I won't be posting for about a week but I'll try not to steer too far off course and will limit my intake of tequila while I'm gone.

David X said...

Have fun Brian!

Wes said...

that looks like crossfit portland.....went to my nutrition cert there. Cool place!

Martin Altemark said...

This one was far worse than it looked. Had to rest pretty long between sets to be able to complete the sets without breaks, and still had to break the jumping chinups. Let that slide to actually finish the workout - my arms were totally done. Also missed target quite a few times on the last set of wallballs I'm afraid :-(

Time: 18:12

Sweeney said...

Wowzers...I may have to post this one in hours rather than minutes.

This one will take some serious mental fortitude.

Good luck dawgs...

Gord said...


went head to head with Jefff this morning. Got an early lead due to HSPU....but that went to hell once I failed the last set of wallballs 3 times in the 20's---total mental mistakes. I had nothing left at this point so I just finished my set of 35 and went on to jumping chins. Felt sick after round 3

Nice work jeff

Jefff said...


Head to head with Gordo. Failed HSPU x 2. Should have known I wouldn't get Gord on these. Everything else unbroken. Thanks Gord.

Rory Hanlin said...

Warm up Run 2 miles


Everything unbroken except a pause at the top of the push ups at rep 20. need to read the rules better...

Chris Dunkin said...


*HSPU's done toes to wall, palms 13" from wall, and hands 24" apart.

have never been able to do 10 straight HSPU's.
All others unbroken.

Erik Luber said...

Did my first ever OHS today!!! Wicked excited, this has been roughly a year long journey to adjust my posture and flexibility.


*unbreakable, broke me. Have never been able to do 10 unbroken HSPUs, did my best but had to break into 6/4. First set of WBs unbroken, but could not do the other sets of WB unbroken, would have literally taken over an hour. Still did my best to do as many unbroken WBs as possible, typically sets of 15. Everything else unbroken.

Lisa M said...

Great Job Erik!! I too have flexibility issues so i know what a great feeling it is to break through. I think i too will be broken with this wod as i cannot do 10 hspus nor 20 c2b pus but i am going to kick it as hard as i can... 3 2 1 go

Wes said...

35 wb - unbroken
10 HSPU - unbroken
35 wb - 25 + 10
20 CTB - unbroken (super effortless)
35 wb - 20 + 15
30 pu - unbroken (barely made it)
35 wb - 14-15-6
40 jp - unbroken

time - 15:40

unfortunately I still don't have a set place to WOD yet so I had to do this at the play ground across the street from my school. The only thing I could do Wall balls on was a tree, which made them twice as hard. because alot of the reps the wall would do little side bounce and I would have to adjust which took alot of energy out of me in the later rounds. Still I felt I did a good job of fighting through a lot of them when I wanted to drop the ball.

Leighanne said...

i think i woke up with the case of the september preschool flu going thru the household
35 wall balls - missed target at 32nd rep/then did 35 ub (stomach/digestion began to rumble)
10 HSPU (did to 2 ab mats), at 4 fell off wall, then 10 ub
35 wall balls - ub
20 broken chin ups (10/5/5)
35 broken wall balls - (unfortunately had to move to broken to get it done... 10/10/10/5
30 unbroken push ups (7 from toes/21 kneeling)
35 broken wall balls - 7 x 5
40 unbroken jumping chin ups

Lisa M said...

SERIOUSLY BROKEN!!! i have been doing all my WBs in my basement which only has a 9' ceiling so maybe only able to go to 8'. I realized today that i could do them in my front entrance and get to 10'. Well holy frickn' smokes that extra 2' makes it almost impossible for me. I only have a 16# ball and i was lucky to string 5 together that ball coming down at me from 10 feet scared the crap out of me - obviously have a lot of work to do with these. I have to jump out of my shoes to get it to 10'.

8/2 hspu thanks for the tip on tucking chin geoff
20/10 pushups
10/10 c2b
20/20 jumping pullups

very embarrassed to post results but definitely got a serious weakness exposed today so that was good!!!

Lisa M said...

oops forgot time 21:24

PTS said...

snatch balance felt good and should be something I practice more often. Kept it light.

17:47. hands approx 2 feet apart on HSPU. 10 consectutive is a PR so was pumped at that.

Awesome time on today's WOD Rory.

Kyle F said...


First WOD as a Big Dog. Lovin it.

Ali Loach said...

Embarrassed to say that this WOD broke me. Felt low energy getting into it and then it went to sh*t quickly. Threw in the towel after 3rd set of wall balls.
Was frustrated with my performance so I "punished" myself with "Rhiannon":10 sets of 1 minute of Dus 1 min rest.

*Gord - you mentioned a few days back you were looking for people to train with, where do you normally train? I think I just might need a partner to get my intensity back up. Feels like I'm having a hell of a time getting back into it after the wedding and it's really starting to get to me.

Surrey Sterling 39/5'10"/174 said...

Seriously Smashed!

Holy SH@T! Mr. Hanlin that is just bloody amazing! All Unbroken, remind me to walk on the other side of the street when I see you man! Wow!

Did this with Jenika at Westside and we both were smashed by this one. I can't stand wallballs, one of my goats for sure.

Now, me on the other hand, I prefer to shovel away at a pile o Shyte like this.

Wallballs - 35
HSPU - 8-2 (26" middle of wrists)
WallBalls - 16-28-35
CTB's - 13-7
Wallballs - 15-27-35
PU - 8-15-20-23-25-27-28-29-30
Wallballs - 8-14-20-28-35
JPU - 25-15

95% Broken


joey warren said...

Warm up- snatch balance + overhead squat- 95,115,135- trying to find good balance in OH squat

Do you want to try to keep your torso as upright as possible with your shoulder shrugged right next to your ears? Or is it inevitable to have some forward torso lean and your arms will be back behind your ears?

metcon= 10:15

HSPU - 20" apart on top of 45lb dumbells resting on 25lb bumber plates- had to break these up 3,2,2,1,1,1
wallballs all unbroken
JPUs slight pause at 35 at pushing it with chin over bar last few

Garage Crossfitter said...

10:34 unbroken

-middle fingers were 32 inches apart on hspu

-Goal was sub 10 but i rested too long before doing pushups...
-no recovery needed after this one...felt real good.

Snatch balance worked up too 115 for a triple, these didnt feel too good, i need to keep that weight farther behind my head on the catch, i kept wanting to loose it forward, just like most of my snatches.

Steve Smith said...
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PTS said...

Just to clarify, I believe the intention of the workout is that everything must be done unbroken. I.e., if you have to rest between sets to ensure you do it unbroken then you rest.

Clearly the fastest way to complete all the reps would be with minimal rest and banging out a bunch of reps and move as quickly from one excercise to the next, but I believe the goal of today's WOD was to achieve each movement unbroken.

For example I rested approx 1 min between rds to ensure that once I started a round it was completed unbroken. That's the way the workout read to me, if I have it wrong someone please correct me.

That said however the WOD was completed today, it was a smasher.

PTS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Steve Smith said...


That's how I read the WOD as well. If an exercise was broken, it didn't count; start over and continue until completed unbroken.

PTS said...

GC, incredible time today

Anonymous said...

This one hurt...big time
Wall Ball 35
Wall Ball 9, 20, 28
Pull Ups 10
Wall Ball 13, 25
Push Ups 5,10,5,5
Wall Ball 10, 10, 8
Jumping Pull ups 10,17,22,26,30,34,


This was a great workout!

Steve Smith said...

Warm - Up:

3 Rounds, hip drills plus 135# x 10snatch ballance



35 WB - 8 (start over), 15(start over), 35
10 HSPU - Unbroken (18")
35 WB - 8 (start over), 10(start over), 15(start over), 33(start over), 35
20 C2B - Unbroken
35 WB - 3(start over), 9(start over), 35
30 Pushups - Unbroken
35 WB - 1(start over), 24(start over), 35

Time: 23:43

- Wall-balls done on 14' overhanging target so there was no fugding. Started over each time I missed. Thought about changing the rules on the second round.

- Had to tone the intensity WAY down to hit all the wall-balls.

- HSPU, C2B, Push-ups, and Jumping Pull-ups all easy.

- Kind of a frustrating workout, but think it was probably good to have to focus so much on accuracy.

Way to go, Rory and GC!! Awesome time.

Surrey said...


I was thinking that should be the way to go but I would have been there 40 minutes and lost the intensity factor. Was intensity not a factor in this wod?

GC! Dam I'll stay clear of U2 brother!

Steve Smith said...

Holy crap. I just counted my Wall Balls.

Total wall balls completed - 266.

I need to work on this I guess!

Jefff said...

PTS - Thats how Gord and I read it. We both needed some major rest before starting wall balls each time (to get through them unbroken). I needed a lot to get all 10 HSPUs unbroken. Failed at it twice before resting an extra 2 mins to get it the third time (10 unbroken).

These WODs are great for me to push past mental breakdown (big weakness of mine). Otherwise, I may have broken the last set of wall balls up 35 times.

rwcorson said...

Dawgs, you are correct. All exercises must be unbroken to continue on to the next one. If you fail during an exercise, you start that exercise over again. Rest time is crucial.
GC awesome work.
All exercises were unbroken. I might have been conservative on the rest for c to b, push ups and the 2nd & 3rd rds of WBs. Last set of WB's were brutal. Mental test.

rwcorson said...

HSPU grip width was 32".

Scotty Hagnas said...

More like broken for me....
Sn Bal: always had trouble w/my confidence on this one. Worked to 100 for sets of 3.
Time: 15:24', but some things I had to break.
WB: broke last round; didn't re-start b/c I had a client arriving shortly.
HSPU: 27"
C to B: 14 is my PR here, had to break these.
Pushups: broken...
PWO: 30p/60c Sweet potato puree, applesauce, sausage.

Wes: I was wondering where you were....what are you doing on the East Coast?

Lauren said...

Didn't do this wod as Rxd, had to break.

HSPU- were in sets of 2- couldn't get rhythm, all over the place
C2B- 10, 5, 4(seriously?), 1
PU- 9,6,5 (felt good considering)
JPU- straight through
wall ball- had a couple pauses at end of last set, letting the ball bounce.


depaul said...


15 lb wall ball (heaviest one in the gym. I guess I should have done like 10 more reps. Ugh.)

Took one break on the jumping pull ups, disappointing. Also dropped the wall ball on the last set as I was working out in my scrubs and my sleeves got caught. It took me a few breathes to kick it back up into gear.

Rory and Garage, killer times. Unit, hope you get to hit this one before you leave.

OPT said...

joey warren, the bar being over the middle of the foot is a goos sight to see in the bottom, the torso angle may change relative t the difference in everyones length of torso and ability (i.e. hip flexor tightness vs. long femurs vs. tight upper back) but it can be done...just focus on depth and bar path over mid foot
everyone, the workout for those capable was supposed to be a lesson in leanring what your limitations are...in this kind of a workout, the intensity may change but i can guarantee that if done properly yields a larger time but a better sense of ones ability and mental sticking points..

Sweeney said...

As rx'd: 18:59

Super stoked about this time because I went into this one with the mindset that I would rather die than break up the set(s). It was mind over matter which is a place I haven't been in a long while.

Wall balls were excrutiating, all other sets were less difficult.

Did the snatch balance afterward only because my mind was prepared for the WOD. Shoulders were smoked, but it forced me to keep the weight light and focus on the drop.

Randy V said...

First Post

Have followed this blog for a while now

Wallballs - 35
HSPU - 10
WallBalls - 35
CTB's - 20
Wallballs - 35 broken once
PU - 30
Wallballs - 35 broken twice
JPU - 40


Rob Ottesen said...

2 mile run in the morning


this was pretty tough. i dont know how you do it coach. the standard you set I.E the 35 wallballs was just beyond my level of comfort i really had to dig deep in the later rounds. took alot of mental focus. taking the day off tomorrow for the extravaganza in the ANVIL on Sat. good job today Rory, Chris D,WOW Garage CF that time was pure filth i was toasted after this.

David X said...

35 unbroken wall balls
10 unbroken HSPU
35 broken wall balls (21, 14)
20 broken chest to bar chin ups (15, 5)
35 broken wall balls (20,15)
30 broken push ups (15, 15)
35 broken wall balls (15, 10, 10)
40 unbroken jumping chin ups

PWOD refueling: 1 scoop whey protein, 8 oz applesause

deejay said...

This was brutal.....


Everything Was going fine and I was on pace for my goal of sub 12, untill the pushups, then the shit hit the fan. My first attempt I got 27 and this was a true failure, no giving up, I just couldn't physically keep myself moving. My second attempt after a 3 min rest I could only manage 16 so I decided to move on... the push ups wrecked me for the rest of the workout, my shoulders were completely fried and the last 2 sets of wall balls were a major mental battle....

Hey Rory, maybe I should join the army so I can get better a pushups and running? Nice work today, that is an impresive time for a big dude.... GC, very stellar performance as well!!

deejay said...

crap, forgot to do snatch balance....

Paul said...

Practiced Deadlifts for my warmup. I am working on getting tension in my hamstrings.


1st set of wall balls unbroken
HSPUs Unbroken (Hands 30" center to center 12 - 15" off of wall)

2nd set of wall balls unbroken
C2B pull ups unbroken

3rd set of wall balls BROKEN
Push Ups on parallets unbroken

4th set of wall balls BROKEN
Jumping chin ups unbroken

19.35 total time.

Wall balls were brutal, there isn't enough time in the day for me to get the rest needed to do them all unbroken.....I am no big dawg. But I will keep trying

Joel B. said...

This was rough. I tried unsuccessfully to rest enough between sets to go unbroken. Details:
All wall ball unbroken.
HSPU 18" from index finger to index finger, 9" from wall. Broke at 8, which I believe may be a PR.
C2B pullups unbroken.
Push ups broken at 25...involuntary pausing broke set. Brief pause then finished the last 5.
Jumping Pullups 1 break at 25.

Snatch balances felt good in warm up. Worked on trying to land tight as instructed. I tend to ride the weight from about just below parallel down into the hole on this exercise. Worked on that issue.

KSC said...

19:05 as rxed

could have been faster if people did not take my equipment.

stuart said...

Hey Guys;
Stuart Hilland here, today was my first time doing crossfit in quite a while...i nearly forgot what it was like to come close to puking from working out! I scored a time of 16:29

I am not able to do the HSPU, so i just made 10 attempts (which proved to be hard enough) rather than 10 push ups.
Also, i was using the 5kg ball that we own rather than the recommended weight.
Great workout, looking forward to trying to get out of bed tomorrow!

unit said...

sb- 5 x3... worked up 2 115... felt good...

metcon as rx'ed

paced the rest right and felt strong...


Rory Hanlin said...


Call your local recruiters office! Oh, wait... that wouldn't work in Canada

Don't worry about. Being strong is a lot cooler than running long distances anyway...

Pfeifalife said...

Worked up to 195 snatch balance. Still having same issue with catching it just in the frontal plane.

had to push myself to new levels of discomfort, and I loved it. Wallballs were a definite journey. What is great coming out the other end is seeing long I can keep doing something after I thought I wouldn't be able to. Mental power over the body is rediculous, and the bodies ability to keep going equaly amazing.

Probably rested too much before jumping pullups. Pushups kinda sucked as my shoulders were smoked at this point. Really needed a wod like this for my sanity, so thank you Coach. And thank you Rory for your help, advice, and encouragement. Hope to hit it at the Anvil sometime.

Pfeifalife said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pfeifalife said...


my time was 13:36
as rx'd unbroken

giving myself too much credit

unit said...

wanted 2 give a kudos to my friend Ryan...
he's been crossfitting for a little over a month now and took him through 2day's WOD after I was done... this is where he met pukie for the first time in his life...


congrats bro!... you should be proud for pushing urself 2 new heights...

his wod stats...

wall balls unbroken
hspu - 3/3/4
CTBPU - 12/5/3

time ~29:46


deejay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
deejay said...

For the record, I pulled a GORD and did an extra set of wallballs. that was painfully unnecessary and I wish I didn't put myself through that!

Greg Soneff said...

I definitely failed this test.

Time: 16:39 broken

Had to break the C2B chins, push ups, and last 2 rounds of wall balls.

Dan said...

Greetings from CrossFit Hollywood! We did this WOD this morning and it absolutely destroyed everyone.
For each "rest/pause" we were penalized w/ 30 sec wall sits.

Those wall balls took it out of me! dry-heaving the entire way home.

Rx'd - 19:50
5 minute penalty. made it through 2:30 before pukie took over.

Andy said...

I was encouraged to check out your BIG DOG workouts, and I came across your blog. I really dig these WOD's. I liked this one so much that I made all my CrossFitters experience the misery of it today. Definitely a knarly workout. Great stuff!! Props from everyone at CrossFit Hollywood!


My personal time: Rx'd, unbroken-- 12:34

Had to take a long 400 meter walk after this one to walk off the burning sensation.

Much love,

Andy Thompson