Black Box Summit

want to take it to another level?


Hixy said...

Awesome initiative... The 9 speakers are great and I'd love to meet them! Attending this would be a dream... Why do I not live in America? :( Hopefully one day I'll be able to shake your hand and show my gratitude for all you've done for me.

Grant said...

1 hour physio with Star at SFCF next to GG Bridge in Presidio. The box consists of 2 box cars in a parking lot. This was Day present from K. Very cool. I would say Which Day this is but Geoff would invert the numbers. Did yesterdays WOD but went light on shoulder due to injury. HPS 95/115,120/120,125/125
75 BJ to the SFCF coffin (30”?) 5:30
Both rows @ 1:48.7 pace or 2:43.1
Good luck Mike.