onward and upward


do you remember how much fun that was to get your 1st muscle up? well done Mike!!! although you can't tell by his expression, he did pee in his pants due to excitement

put your sunglasses on before viewing, bright white/slightly reddish light alert...460 DL!


as for fish oil supplementation, remember everyone is different; overuse can end in catabolism at the cell level and a "leaky" cell for lack of a better word. research does show its promises, MAINLY on unhealthy populations. you may need a bunch of fish oil, but your liver better be prepared to handle the load as well as the possible increase in inflammtion through an open door now that the cell is more permeable with more fish oil. i'm not saying folks do not need it but as with everything, to generalize it is not the right way...my thoughts...and remember i DO sell fish oil and DO make money off it.


dan said...
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dan said...

way to throw some weight around jeff! james---thanks for the disclaimer!

Brent Maier said...

Congrats Mike and holy smokes Jeff!

Jefff said...

I call it the best tan I have every had.

Lisa M said...

Garage and Jeff regarding fish oil the recommended daily dosage is about 2800 - 3100 mgs of O3s as triglycerides
1600 mgs of EPA
1000 mgs of DHA

Jeff please don't stop taking these they are probably the most important supplement you can take regarding recovery, anti-inflammatory function plus every other function in your body requires them!!!

In my professional opinion Omega Sufficency made by Innate Choice is by far the best on the market in terms of source of Omega 3s, removal of mercury and other impurities and integrity as a company in providing the best product through sound research. You can find information on it at innatechoice.com. and no i do not work for the company!!! I have spent many hours researching the best product.

Grant said...

Jeff has been lifting great lately!

If you read Mercola's site (re: OPT's link) for Omega 3s (ie EPA&DHA) you'll find he is crazy enthusiastic for KRILL OIL. I think it would be more recommended but it is more expensive. Advantage over fish oil is that krill doesn't oxidize as easily (has built in anti-oxidants); is absorbed better (has to do with phospholipids in krill vs triglycerides in fish oil); has less mercury/heavy metals (very low on the food chain).

Krill doesn't have vit D so you need to supplement on the side. Fish oil does have vit D (& maybe too much Vit A) but you need to supplement with anti-oxidants because it is not a stable oil.

Look for any brand that says "Neptune Krill Oil".

Hey, whales seem to like it

David X said...

Nice pic on the mainsite, James!

Sweeney said...

I love the comment from "juanger" in response to Aucoin.

"That is OPT smiling"

How true it is...