M - phase 3

in true CrossFit style....no shirt

for times;
Sprint Run 200m @ 90% on 2 minutes for 6 sets
(i.e. sprint 200m on a 2 minute countdown timer; whatever time is left is your rest time; goal is exactly same time for all sets)
rest 10 min
Run 500m @ your goal 5K race pace; rest 1 min x 4
(i.e. if you want to do a 20 min 5K as your goal, run the 4 repeats in EXACTLY 2:00)

post pre and post wod fuelling, 200 m times, goal 5K run time and 500 m times to comments


Mack said...

All the best on a speedy recovery. Nice work on "Grace"!

Erik Luber said...

sweet! I have been waiting for a sprinting WOD, get to try out my new track shoes tomorrow.

Rob Sifton said...

Recover quick Mike. Can't wait to see you crushing the WOD's again sooner than anyone anticipated


Scotty Hagnas said...

Nice! I saw this in time - I'll be able to hit it in the mountains tomorrow at 6000ft. Will post when I return next week.

Steve Smith said...

Good luck on the recovery, Mike!

2nd Workout 3-4 hours later:

If tired, active recovery -
45 minutes Hand Stand and L-Sit work.

If feeling good -
"Tabatta Diane"

225#/315# Deadlift, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 8 rounds.
Rest 1 Minute
HSPU, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 8 rounds.
Score = Total Reps

gsoneff said...

First time posting but have been anxiously watching from the sidelines for quite some time.

Name: Greg Soneff
Age: 31
Weight: 181 lbs
Height: 5'10"
Affiliate: CF Copenhagen
(Originally from Edmonton but am living in Denmark)

Sprint times:
1st - 00:36:37
2nd - 00:36:11
3rd - 00:35:14
4th - 00:35:30
5th - 00:36:87
6th - 00:37:14

500m times:
1st - 01:55:36
2nd - 01:55:35
3rd - 01:53:25
4th - 01:52:17

Was aiming for a 5k time around 19 mins.

Post WOD fuel consisted of 1 Organic Food Protein Bar (24g P + 29g C) and a small handful of walnuts.

OPT said...

"welcome" Greg, how do you say that in Denamrk?

rwcorson said...

Welcome to the Dawg Pound Greg!
Here's to a speedy recovery Mike!

rwcorson said...

200m - 35,33 for the rest
500m - 1:32, 1:32, 1:25, 1:37 too fast for a 18 min race pace
done @ CFC.
I measurred the 500m with my car, so I don`t know how accurate it was.

Erik Luber said...

200 m: 31, 32, 32, 32, 33, 32
500 m: 1:42, 1:48, 1:45, 1:49

200 m pr is 30s and 5 K is 20:07. Goal time for 5 K is 18:00.

Felt awesome today! Goal for 200m was 33-34 sec, but was able to keep up the faster pace. Was a little inconsistent on the 500 m. Think a could have ran a 28-29 sec 200 m today @ 100 %.

Erik Luber said...

pre WOD fuel: Nothing
post WOD: 40 g whey and 60 g fruit (all in a smoothie)

Jefff said...

1- 28.5
2- 29.4
3- 29.7
4- 31.5
5- 34.5
6- 34.7

First 200 felt good and 90%. The last 2 were brutal. Could not turn legs over at all. Felt like lead. Needed to slow first few sets down to maintain same pace throughout. Next time!

5k goal is 19 mins (1:54/500)
1- 1:56
2- 1:58
3- 1:55
4- 1:53

Last 2 sets focused on the little I know about POSE running (thanks Grant). Seemed to help.

Hixy said...

Gogo recover fast, Mike! :)

OPT: "Welcome" in danish is "velkommen".

Greg: How long have you been living in Denmark? In which region of Copenhagen are you currently situated? I'm a dane myself, following OPT's WODs. It'd be fun talking to you. You can contact me at yeahye23@hotmail.com

Did some strength work before the WOD:
57,5 kg snatch PR
1x100 kg high-bar back squat
High rep OHS

Sprint runs: 38s, 38s, 38s, 39s, 41s, 42s.

Run 500m: 2:00 each. Last one was hard.

I find running WODs awesome. I can effectively push myself while doing these. More of this! :)

David X said...

First day after getting over bronchitis and actually feeling like myself again. My legs were really sore still following the Met-Con from Tuesday.

200M Sprints:
1.) 00:33.12
2.) 00:33.47
3.) 00:32.96
4.) 00:39.25 (pushing against that wall of suck)
5.) 00:38:13
6.) 00:38:75

1.) 1:50.13
2.) 1:51.37
3.) 1:51.06
4.) 1:58.48

My 5K PR was 24 minutes and I was on pace during this WOD to finish in 18:50. NICE!

David X said...
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Greg Soneff said...

Thanks James and rwcorson, glad to be 'here'. Will do my best to uphold the Dawg Pound's good name.

Hixy, we'll definitely have to chat, will send you a note.

It's a small world!!


Ryan G. said...

Had to sub rowing. The impact from running is terribly painfull.

200's - 34/34/33/34/36/37.

500m @ 1:45 for a 17:30 5km. - 1:43.8/1:45.2/1:45.9/1:46.1

Poor fueling in the last couple days took its toll here. I swear I was 50m from death on my last 2 sets of 500m.

Gord said...


500m - In a perfect world I would want a sub 20 min 5k...so goal was to be under 2:00 each set


I was super happy with this. This the best I ever felt running. I focused on staying relaxed while getting uncomfortable.

Rory Hanlin said...

Bagged the running all together, for obvious reasons.

Low Bar Squat 405 8x3

Full ROM HSPU 2-2-3-2-2

Straddle Back Lever 1-1-1-1-1

Worked on getting my legs in on BL.

I love lifting heavy weight...

Kathleen said...

CF SFO rds in 8 mins lowest reps counts
Power snatch @ 65#
Ring dips
4 rds with 5 reps each
How were the meds Mike?

Grant said...

@SFCF with 7:30AM class. Shoulder not happy with ring dips so K Star had me do 8x225# front sq & 400M run. 3 ends. Then K&I walked to GG Bridge and watched the seals. Life is grand!

Gord said...

Mike Fitz- get well soon. so many jokes came to mind when I saw the picture....but I am going with just get well soon.

Paul said...

Rowing instead of running today

200M Sprints

That didn't feel all that terrible, I think I missed on my actual 90% or maybe because of the rowing sub I should have done 250M? Anybody have any comments on that?

18.00 5K rowing goal (current PR is 18.53) Target pace 1.48 (approx 282avg watts)


Sam Edwards said...

200m 33,33,33,35,37,36

time with out rest for 500m runs- 8:41

depaul said...

Suppose I should have introduced myself as well when I started posting. I'd been doing these workouts on and off with Garry (unit) for the last year but started them consistently after my last strength cycle ended. Really appreciate the positive attitudes and intensity, and the varied programming!

Name: Paul St. Romain
Age: 23
Ht: 5' 10"
Weight: 175
Affiliate: None

Sprint times: 32, 30, 32, 32, 32, 35 (in parents' yard, measured to .13 miles with phone GPS)

Runs: subbed running football routes with Dad for a half hour. He saw me running outside and wanted to come join...wasn't going to turn him down : )

After dus, bjs, and now running, my calves would like to request something non-ballistic for tomorrow...!

Laura said...

No running for me today--knee is still aggravated, hopefully tomorrow I can test it out again. Did "Lynne" instead--wasn't really planning to, was working on Benchpress and actually got a rep at my bodyweight (116) so decided to go from there. Total score was 113 (only got 2 benchpress reps, but that is better than none) I think a PB by at least 6 pounds, handstand push-ups and heavy "Dawg" workouts must be the key.

Brian Maier said...

200's - 30,30,30,30,29,28 (felt really good, had several more in me)

500's - goal is 18min 5k pace(1:48/500m)

1:44/1:46/1:49/1:58 (1:49 ave)
hit a wall on the last one.

post wod: recoverite and muscle milk (40c/30p)
30min later - fruit and cashews
1hr later - 3egg omelet w/ avocado, chicken, onion, peppers.

4 hours later:
6 mile bike sprint - 17:20 (20.3 mph pace)
need to start getting ready for sprint triathlon in October so will be adding swimming and biking to my workouts for the next 45 days.

post wod: 40c/40p

SteveC said...

Pre fuel: balanced pfc meal (about 1.5 hours before)

I did this at a really crappy track that had no markings and was pretty much just dust/rocks. I measured out what seemed to be half the track

1- 28s
2- 28s
3- 27s
4- 28s
5- 30s
6- 29s

The 500m I just ran at a good paste without a timer

Post 30g p + 1 banana

Leighanne said...

did James's 930 am CrossFit class this morning:
1 min row for calories
1 min Box Jump 20"
1 min db burpee thrusters (10#)
3 rounds; 3 min rest after the 3 rounds x 3 sets (total 27 min)
i pushed it hard, was a team wod

Yesterday upon picking up Michael at the hospital, the nurse asked him what sport he injured his shoulder in, he said "fitness", she took a double take as though she was thinking "is fitness really a sport?"... it sure is.

Garage Crossfitter said...

No wod for me today....but i was still busy

I bagged, loaded and unloaded 750lbs of coal and then put in 9 replacement windows with my father. Functional...you bet ya....

"Fitness".. i love it, I get the same reactions mike..... HOWLLLLLLLL WHOOOFFF DAWGS!

Rory Hanlin said...

Fitness... Nice one Mike

Depaul, Welcome to the Dawg Pound

good to see another Dawg coming out of the Rory/Unit corner. Have fun training with Garry, come and see the Anvil sometime...

Brent Maier said...


200's: 35/35/35/33/32
500's: 2:02/1:56/1:58/1:59

PTS said...

had guests at the lake. didn't have time for the runs, so I warmed up quick and did "Jeremy" 21-15-9 95lb OHS and burpee. 12:38(PR). strength for the OHS was limiting factor. did this in 18mins in February so was pleased. The OHS is getting better.

joey warren said...

200m x 6
500m x 4
2:02, 1:53, 1:56, 1:42

pre wod fuel- nothing 15 hour fast
post wod fuel: 30gp whey, banana and dried apricots
30 min later- hanful cahews
1 hour later- 4 egg omelet w broccoli, peppers, fruit

deejay said...
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deejay said...

did this in the AM but accidenttly did 400m run instead.
can't exactly remember the numbers. know that my first was 1:27 and last was 2:00
500m runs - 2:18/2:18/2:20/2:18

PM - 100 bwt squats @ 206# in as few sets as possible. 25 situps between sets
5 sets of 20

Scotty Hagnas said...

Done Sunday in the mountains on a gravel road, 6000' elevation. Road was steadily uphill for the odd numbered runs, downhill on the even ones.
200m: 30/27/30/28/32/28 sec.
500m: 1:57'/1:53'/2:04'/1:45'
Haven't run a 5k in a few years, used 20' as goal pace.
Pre-WOD: buffalo patties, banana
Post-WOD: small can tuna, 2 banana 22p/52c
(camping, using what we had on hand)

Steve Smith said...

200m Sprints:
00:24, 00:25, 00:26, 00:26, 00:26, 00:27

- These were measured with my GPS. After looking at my times, I think it was probably short.

500m Run:

1:44, 1:50, 1:50, 1:51

Again, measured with GPS.

Brent Maier said...

1000m time: 3:15:28

Fastest time today was in my heat at 3:02. Every one of you flashed through my mind during the dark and lonely second lap.