As many rounds in 30 minutes:
30 unbroken double unders
30 unbroken thrusters (65#/45#)
Rest 6+ hours
For time:
15-1 HSPU/1-15 L-Ups
(Descending hspu's by 2's...15,13,11...ascending L-Ups by 2's...1,3,5... alternating with hspu's)

Post total complete and only 1/2 rounds,time and notes on your hspu width of hands to comments

NOTE: if you break 30 at anytime in wod 1 you start again...and only count full or 1/2 rds, NOT partial rounds


David X said...

Okay, for those of us scoring at home...if I fail to do 30 unbroken doubleunders in a row, I cannot move on to the 30 thrusters, even if I try to get 30 DUs in a row for the full 30 minutes? Hahahahahahaha. Lovely.

David X said...

It is possible to have zero rounds in 30 minutes. Yeah I just wanted to say that out loud.

Michael FitzGerald said...

David X, the answer is yes. You can score 0 rounds if you are poor at DU's.

David X said...

Poor? Let's say I'm "broke" at DUs!

Tomorrow I have a date with my buddy lee rope.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Is there a proper way of measuring width of hands for HSPU? from a certain finger?

Garage Crossfitter said...

Part 1

7 rounds

*last set of thrusters i rested bar on back of my neck 2x, not sure of the rules on that...if thats considered broken then my score is 6.5 rounds*


Jefff said...

4.5 Rounds

Got to 20 thrusters on last round and failed at 20 reps. Last round of thrusters rushed to get them in under the 30 mins. Another minute of rest, and I may have gotten them.

Failed at least once per round on DUs, and had to start over except for first round straight through.

Thrusters killed me!

Garage - I wouid condider your last round of thrusters broken, but don't go off what I say. I would lave loved to rack the barbell a few times myself.

David X said...

Totally underestimated myself with these double unders. I made the doubleunders my bitch.

5 rds (pending ruling on resting barbell on shoulders 4.5). I rocked through the DUs until the 5th and start of the 6th rd (15 dus as time expired).

Thrusters were so tough in the latter rds and I really focused on my rest between movements to insure an unbroken set. I thought about what PTS was saying in the wallball wod the other day and justbpaced myself. I wanted 6 full rds but I really fell off the rd per 5 min pace halfway through. Oh well happy I didn't end up with zero rds.

Brent Maier said...

Why did it have to be thrusters!? I just healed from last weekends thruster fest. James, you have a crude sense of humor!

Paul said...

AM: 4 rounds

This is what it took to get the 30 unbroken double unders:
20, 19, 26, 30, 2, 5, 30, 2, 6, 22, 19, 22, 2, 30, 30, 2, 16) 283 double unders to get 4 unbroken sets of 30. I am getting better at them, not long ago I couldn't do 20 in a row. I am using a nike speed rope. Can anyone tell me if the Buddy Lee rope is worth the money or should I just keep practicing with what I have?

The thrusters were brutal, I really had to dig deep to keep moving for the last five reps of each round. Nice mental test.

David X said...

@Paul: As someone who has really struggled with doubleunders in the past (note how I've now made them my bitch), I have found that the Buddy Lee rope is well worth the $12 investment. So much so, I immediately noticed a jump in the number of consecutive DUs I could do from the very first time. I think it was 5 at that time. HUGE.

Anyway, ditch the NIke rope and get the Buddy Lee one. Pronto.

PTS said...

5.5 rds.
did 12 thursters towards rd 6.
Double unders fast and smooth. Had to rest a great deal before I took on the thursters each round.

My g/f said she heard me yelling through the closed doors and windows of my detached garage. If she heard this today, my neighbors have heard it countless times and probably wonder wtf goes on in my garage.

PTS said...

David X- nice job with the DU's. Once that hurdle is behind you, you will never worry about it again.

David X said...

@PTS: That's great. My neighbors KNOW I'm a freak. A couple weeks ago I ran by a couple while I was carrying my 70# snadbag and they stopped talking as I went by and just stared.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Am: In reality-0 rounds
Decided ahead of time to scale a round to 2 unbroken sets of 15. I surprised myself by getting 26 straight right off the start...was thinking maybe I could do it Rxed! Couldn't get close again, so got 15 and moved on. From the second round on, 15 unbroken became almost impossible... scaled further to 3 unbroken sets of 10. Thrusters weren't bad, since I had so much rest b/t sets.
Scaled version: 3 rounds.
PWO: 30p/60c Refuel, whey, greens

David X: I'm taking your advice... the rope I was using today broke w/15 sec to go... second Sat morning in a row. Ordering Buddy Lee right now.

Erik Luber said...

1.5 rounds

That was extremely humbling. Previous pr for unbroken thrusters @ 65 lbs was 18 reps...had to dig in to a place I have never gone before to get those unbroken 30. Was white as a ghost and dizzy afterwards. Tried again twice for the thrusters, only made it to 18 and 17.

deejay said...

I would consider unbroken as constant movement. That means no resting on back or in front rack

Sarah Scholl said...

10.5 rounds fellas :)never had to restart...just had to take some time between rounds because my shoulders were too tired to attempt the 30 thrusters unbroken.
this is my first post with OPT..David X pointed me in this direction and I am so pumped about it. Look out!

Joel B. said...

AM: 6.5 rounds
DU's went fine...thrusters required rest between rounds. I didn't think I had to re-start at all, but I did have to rest in the rack position a couple times. So...bar didn't get put down, but the reps were not non-stop.

How do you all address warm ups for successive WODs on the multiple WOD days? I am thinking a shortened warm up (depending on how ready to go I feel) but interested in what others do.

Pfeifalife said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pfeifalife said...

AM: 4 rds (couldn't quite get 4.5, only made to 23 & 22)

all thrusters were unbroken and non-stop to med ball

this was a journey. first set of DU's my jumprope broke on 20 right at the handle, and i was burning through these w/ no problem. then had to grab others. went through a total of 3 jumpropes today, and sadly the one that I can breeze through DU's w/ broke on the first set. thrusters dropped my legs in Novocaine and molasses. after round 3 I couldn't string together 30 straight to save my life, spent 10 minutes here. my coordination was fine w/ the beaded jumprope, but my arms were too tired and kept slowing down too much. tuff tuff wod. did i mention yet that thrusters were killer, and that i hate them. didn't take what felt like an enormous amount of rest before thrusters, as after about a minute i've recovered all i will in a short amount of time, and they're going to suck anyway is the approach i took. was ultimately trying for 6, but DU's thwarted me. 5 wasn't out of the question though.

now off to watch my little bro's football game...till we meet again PM:

Paul said...

thanks for the advice. I will order a Buddy Lee rope today. Maybe I will get a pair of those American flag pants with suspenders that Buddy rocks out in. My neighbors would really think I lost it.

David X said...

Wow, Sarah! Nice job. Looking forward to seeing more posts in the future! Looks like we have a new Big Dawg in the pack.

Ryan G. said...

Uggh! I feel terrible. ( I have been feeling very depleated the last few days even though I've been eating like a champ. )

5.5 rnds

- Unable to achieve lock out after about the 10th rep on the 3rd rnd of thrusters due to some pretty severe shoulder pain. Several attempts. finally just went to 65# front squat.

Gord said...

5.5 rounds

Went head to head with the 10th fitness man in the world.....DJ wickham. Thanks for the push big man. Thanks Rob for the support.

My understanding for the unbroken thrusters was no resting the bar on the body once you start

Gord said...

Great job Sarah and welcome aboard.

Martin Altemark said...

OK. I couldn't make 30 double unders to save my life, and I wanted to do the thrusters as well, so I had to scale the first one. I chosed to do 15 unbroken DU instead of thirty. In hindsight I should have done like Scotty and do 2 sets of 15 unbroken ones. Well, well.

DU/Thrusters: 5 rounds. Thought both DUs and Thrusters sucked. Humbling.

HSPU/LPU: 18:51. Felt the thrusters from earlier and the dips from yesterday.

deejay said...

6.5 rounds as rx'd. Not happy, PM WOD is going to be killer

no pausing anywhere on set of thrusters.

Ali Loach said...

7 rounds + 30DUs + 8Thrusters
as RX'd - no pauses anywhere; 2 misses on my second last set of DUs.
Thanks to my Bro for making me finish the 7th round and carry on into the 8th even though I wanted to simultaneously start crying and barfing.

I feel great now though!

PM WOD should be a doozie as well! Looking forward to it.

Wes said...

7.5 rounds + 6 thrusters

Don't feel so good right now. This is exactly why I don't program for myself. I would never do a 30 min WOD.

Wes said...

I should also include I stopped at times in the front rack position

CrossFitBWI said...

6 rounds unbroken
1st round back to back
2nd round back to back
3rd: Thrusters 22, then 19, then 30
DU: 10, 10, 15, 20, 30 sucks
4th: back to back
5th: DU 10, 30
6th: back to back

Did not rest enough going into the 3rd round but fixed that. Could have done 7 or eight if I planned my rest better. Live and learn

rwcorson said...

I took a while to warm up. I'm so sore in the upper back between the shoulder blades. The KBS took there toll on me.
4.5 rounds, I hit 15 with just around a minute left and mentally died. I rested a minute and did 15 more just to prove to myself I could do it.
Great work DJ & Gord.
Sarah WOW!!!

Sarah Scholl said...

thanks everyone! I am so excited to join OPTs programming..for a lot of reasons, hes always been my favorite crossfitter. like OPT, I am also a poliquin trained strength coach ( who holds crossfit #1 in my heart). ..I own a small gym in CT, where I train athletes one on one...I train by myself..no one else knows what goes on in this gym...now you will...my floor is covored with sweat and tears...I was absent from the games this year due to a broken ankle..Im back now, stronger than before... lets get to the games guys!!

Randy V said...

5 rnds

did not maintain constant movement in rnds 4 & 5 but did not drop the bar.

rwcorson said...

Welcome Sarah!
Dawgs, make sure you note in your comments if you rack the bar in the thrusters or modify the DU's. There's no shame in where you are at. We are all doing the program to improve and support each other while we improve.
Great work everyone.

Brent Maier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris Dunkin said...

9 rds du's/8.5 rds thrusters

each set was unbroken. I had 4 restarts on the du's. I had 5 total tempo breaks in the thruster rounds, each in the lockout position; felt like a fatigue induced lack of coordination. Time ran out on the 17th thruster of the 9th round. I was committed to not doing any 1/2 rounds but rested too long before last round of thrusters.

pwo: 44p/63c whey/(opt) refuel

Brent Maier said...


6.5 as rx'd

I paused three times on the front rack during the last round for an extra breath. 65# sure felt better than 95# but the 30's started to add up. My goal was 7 rounds but after the 2nd round, I was mentally regressing into last week. I'm scarred for life.

Nice job Sarah, Garage and DJ! Scotty, your a fighter, keep it up!

Lauren said...


great numbers out there, great job Sarah and welcome, great job too Ali.

joey warren said...

7.5 rounds

8rds DUs/ 7rds Thrusters

2 breaks for DUs and restarted
No pauses on thrusters

Brian Thurmond said...

5.5 using 30lb db's
I couldn't seem to do a single round of unbroken thrusters. I never put the weight down however, I did pause for periods. Nevertheless, my butt was proper kicked. I had to start over on just about all 30s of DUs 2-3 at least. Just tried to Know the pain to Know the gain on the thrusters. My guide to pause was if I vomited in my mouth during a 30 I would pause to swallow it back down and then a few cleansing breaths before starting again.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Scotty, nice work on posting the Tri-Tip marinade in Sept's Performance Menu!! I may have to do that one again!

Stu said...

3.5 rounds...score of 0!
each set broken, i found myself pushing out reps of 15x2 for the thrusters (30lb)...these were pretty rough considering my legs were still sore from thursday!
DU were all broken as well, i was maxing out at three in a row so i merely did my 30 broken reps and then carried on.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Part II

-Middle fingers 30 inch apart
-Crown to floor
-No falling off the wall reps
-strict L-ups, mostly doubles and triples after round of 7 reps.

Part I
6.5 rounds

(finished that in 25:45, with no pauses)
started last rd (7) of thrusters at 29:00 but only got to 22 when i had to rest on my back, so that round doesnt count.

Joey & Wes, monster performances for no pauses...awesome dawgs

Sarah welcome....david X where did u find this firebreather?

Scotty Hagnas said...

Pm: Had to hit this one a little early, have a bike demo to ride in today.
11:13' as Rx'ed w/28" hand spacing.
Oddly, I felt really good on this in spite of all the previous shoulder work.
PWO: 40p/30c Greens, sweet potato, and chicken soup. (see Oct. P-menu)

Geoff: That tri-tip was tasty enough that I decided to write it up!

Sophie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Greg Soneff said...

AM: 4 rounds Rx'd plus 3.5 where I dropped the weight by 5 kgs in order to maintain the unbroken streak. Definitely the thrusters that set the tempo here...DUs were unbroken in all but 1 round

PM: 24:39 - HSPU are definitely an area I need to work on but am making progress. My hands were shoulder width on HSPU.

Happy rest day.

Wes said...

Nutrition ?
do people consume fat along with their post WOD carb/protein meal and if so how much. I have cut fat totally out of my post WOD meal for the past couple of months, I am not sure if I would benefit from a little fat post WOD. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

PTS said...

Part 2:
Not Rx'd - 55:20.
Crown to floor until rd of 9. Then added a 1" plate rest of way.
L-ups felt good, due to the mass amount of rest from the HSPU's.
Hands approx 24" apart.

Question for Big Dawgs. What strategy should I undertake to immprove HSPU? I've added them to daily warm-up it just doesn't seem to have helped much. Should I keep plugging away with singles and doubles with crown to floor or develop better competency with head to 2" plate, then 1" plate and so on? Feel free to send an email response to keep from clogging up the posts here.

Paul said...

PM: 18:45

This was not a Rxd. I currently only have about 15 HSPUs so I did legit ones till total failure then switched to assisted. I hang a wooden stick between my rings at about neck high. Then hook my feet on the stick and do the hspu's as close to vertical as I can handle. I also go from parallets to get a bigger range of motion.

L Pull Ups all good till set of 9 then I had to start breaking them up.

Gord said...

I don't have fat in my post wod fuel. My understanding is it slows the absorption of the protiens and and carbs.

I do have it in my post wod meal 60 min later.

Jefff said...

L-ups = Legs straight (toes above knees) from dead hang, remain straight as chin goes over bar, and remain straight until fully extended at bottom with arms fully locked out AND extended (ears visible in front of arms). That to me is one rep. Dropping legs before fully locked out and extended at bottom is failure. Thoughts/comments? I'm hitting this shortly.

Joel B. said...

PM: Done 4.5 hours after AM due to scheduling with fam.


L-PU were my best ever. Not many form issues and when they occurred, they were not nearly as bad as in the past. HSPU broken from 5 reps at a time and up (first round did 8 in a row) and L-PU broken from 9 reps and higher.

HSPU index fingers 20" apart and 9" from wall.

Minimal warm up consisting of a couple rounds of pullups and db push presses and some arm/leg swings and stuff. Fighting off a cold. Sleep hard tonight!

Dang Scotty, you smoked the PM wod.

Randy V said...

part 2

Used various hand positions for HSPU

depaul said...

3 rds for AM wod. Didn't check the wod until about an hour ago and gym closed 5 minutes after I finished so going to have to take a rain check on the PM.

Those thrusters were killer but I was able to do them. The double unders, on the other hand...I am thinking my 10$ Dick's Sporting Goods rope might not cut it. The third round of dus took me 10 minutes to get...I hit my foot in the 20s at least 5 times. Not cool.

Also forgot to post yesterday, but - worked up to 135 x 2 in the snatch,
- 15/15/12/8/8/7 in dips (on straps for ab raises),
- 24/26/20 on swings (Russian - can't hold the 70 lb DB overhead)
- 12x4 GHD raises

Looking forward to a post from the Anvil today!

Jefff said...


20:57 Rx'd

HSPUs slow, L-Ups much faster until last 2 rounds. Doubles and singles for last round.

Thumbs 39-42" apart on HSPUs. Started narrow, and ended up a little further apart as fatigue set in. Constantly changed hand position.

L-Ups - focused on toes above knees for entire up, and entire down, and full lockout & extension. This got nasty on last 2 rounds.

rwcorson said...

Hands about 32" apart. HSPUs slow, even with kipping.

Erik Luber said...


Hands ~28" apart, crown to floor. Still can't kip though. Very happy with this result. Last time I did this WOD in January it took me 38 min and I didn't do the set of 15. HSPUs have come a long way.

Gord said...


head to head with DJ and Rob. Nice work boys. Always more fun to work out with others.

shoulders are cooked. Rest day...here I come

deejay said...

31:51 - all L-pullups were singles, started reverting to kipping hspu on the round of 11...
discounted a few of the l-pullup reps due to not keeping the "L" position throught the entire ROM...

Chris Dunkin said...

PM: 44:00* not rx'd

did legit hspu's till rep 9 of the round of 11, and then started over at 15 using band assisted.

L-up's strict form. was able to get round of 9 unbroken, then finished w/ 3's, 2's, and 1's.

PTS- Scotty had the following advice: one of the best ways to increase volume is to pick a target number you want do in a row (ex: 15)- double the number and do rep sets on the minute until you reach the number: (ex: 15 sets of 2 on the minute)- increase reps/round until you reach 6 or 7, and then take one minute breaks between rep sets (ex: 5 sets of 6reps w/ 1 min breaks between)- when you're able to get 9-10 reps per round you ought to be able to get your 15 in a row when well rested.
do this once every other day, or so to ensure good recovery.

Brian Thurmond said...

Part 2
hands 29"

joey warren said...



First workout in my garage, just installed a pullup bar.
Felt great tonight, ready for the rest day, my shoulders agree

Hands about 27" apart from middle finger to middle finger. kip involved
Did not break L pullups until round of 11 reps

Post wod fuel
AM- 55gC, 36gP (banana, dried apricots, 2 scoops whey protein)
PM - 30gC, 36gP (yam. 2 scoops whey protein)

Brent Maier said...


Part 2:
Time: 19:43 (1:32/2:43/2:45/2:43/2:46/2:28/2:16/2:17)

Width: 30-31"

Notes: The last time I did this was in March '08 in 16:46, before that was Feb '07 in 39:44. Although today was slower than last year, I didn't do 180# thrusters or wash/wax my truck that same day. I would have liked to see the same time under these conditions but it's been a rough 2 weeks.

First round of HSPU's were 5/5/5. Most of the LPu's were singles except the early rounds where I pulled off a 2-3 sets of 5.

KSC said...

4.5rds as rxed am

So cooked, mentally broke down.

Time to fix my sleeping and eating habits.

Pfeifalife said...

PM: 19:50

hands ring finger to ring finger 33"

did kipping HSPU's after 1st round of 15. abs felt fine on L-ups, my shoulders are just fried and completely smoked.

thank god for a rest day...

Chad Action Brandt said...

Sept 19th/09
45min of POSE running and running drills.
A.) Complete Rep Rounds for time UNBROKEN of:
30 Double Unders
30-20-10 Thursters 65#
TIME = 9:40
I rowed 6114m for our Rowing Challenge

Sept 20th/09
15-1 HSPU / 1-15 L-ups
TIME = 20:16
1.) :59 15-1 (got to 13 strict PB)
2.) 2:16 13-3
3.) 3:21 11-5
4.) 2:34 9-7
5.) 3:04 7-9
6.) 2:14 5-11
7.) 2:51 3-13
8.) 2:57 1-15
Trained at 8am, this has been the best I have physically felt in the past 3wks.

Lisa M said...

6.5 rounds

frig i wanted 7 rounds so bad but had major brain fart in my 6th round of dus and went like this 26/20/30 all other dus were done first try!!!! thank you buddy lee you rock! it also really helps to have a good song with the right beat to keep your rythmn because it is all about timing, timing, timing at least that is what i have found

those thrusters were very challenging once you hit about 20 more like squat with push press

I am finally getting the OPT method of planning your rests and recovery during those rests because before i would have gone all out right out of the gate and probably gassed myself so bad that i would have only completed maybe four rounds. Thanks James and Geoff and Rob for the words of advice and encouragement - i will be a big dawg one day if it kills me.

Ali Loach said...

37:18 for HSPUs/LPullups
First 2 rounds were to a mat, next 2 were to an ab mat and the rest were done to an ab mat sitting on a 5# plate.
L pullups were more like kipping bent knee ups

Pfeifalife said...

Mega pumped!!!

went on a 4 mile ruck this sunday morning w/65# load. need a better way to pack up this weight as 2 db's don't load well and just sit slumping in the bottom of my pack, which meant i was carrying the load mostly with my shoulders. oh well i guess.

time: 48 minutes (12min mile pace)

first time ever rucking i felt great. ran the downhills and just kept powering it out on the uphill and flat land. moderate mix of hills and flat land, some town but mostly country roads. felt powerful and feel like i could have gone all day like this! Man this shit works!!!

Thank you Coach and Rory, just made my day.

Rory Hanlin said...

No prob Matt, Glad I could help

Did WOD #2 today, did not time. Worked on form for each one.

Took it a bit easy after yesterday's Anvil Challenge. It was an inspiring day yesterday. Nice job to all Big Dawgs who attended. Way to let it all on the line and get comfortable with uncomfortable.

unit said...

the opt challenge at the anvil was a blast... thank u coach for being flexible so that we could get it done!... thanks 2 all those who came as it was an awesome atmosphere and def had the spirit of opt...

for WOD 2day... took a bit of an ez day 2day in preparation for my flight back to Kansas City...

5 rounds [untimed] w/ 1-2 min rest b/w sets...
5x softball grip pullups
5x 2pd KB snatch, each hand
10x 2pd KB swing
10x toes 2 bar

i'd like to try WOD #2 at some point... probably around nxt wknd or later this wk...

time to go play bball!...


Sweeney said...

2 days later:

Pt 1: 4 rds thrusters killed me! DU felt easy compared to the thrusters

Note: Never wear core shorts for high rep thrusters

Steve Smith said...

AM Workout:

7.5 Rounds. Really frustrated with myself for not getting to 8 rounds. A hungry want more good kind of frustrated though.


16:14 minutes