day 1/45

total series points change for females based on number of competitors...i'll try my best to get other changes done as well...if i do not post them, i'm aware of changes, thanks...and will adjust points if they need to be adjusted accordingly...thanks for your patience
1. start with 40% of your OHS 1RM; on the minute for as many minutes perform 5 OHS and add 10 lbs per minute; how many minutes can you go?

rest 5 minutes

2. 30 man makers for time (35#/20# DB's per hand)
man maker - db's held at sides, drop into push up burpee, hold top of plank position and perform 1 arm rows per hand with elbows high, kick feet into db dead lift position, then hang squat clean thruster the db's, bring db's back to sides and repeat sequence

rest 5 minutes

3. 15 sec row intervals - 45 sec rest x 5 - what is the lowest average time per 500 m you can get on the screen in the 15 sec intervals?

post OHS minutes and weights, man maker time and low time for row to comments

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 35g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 35g prot/35g carb
below 8% - 35g prot/50g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 25g prot/20 g carb
12-14% - 25g prot/30 g carb
below 12% - 25g prot/40 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)

next comp - Nov 14th/15th


Amy said...

CFC Fight Gone Bad IV Video is all done. Here's the link:


Wes hendricks said...

1. Started w/ 75 made it to 155 (failed on 165)

2. No dumbbells so I did Burpee + squat clean thrusters x 30 @ 70lbs
Time - 3:38

3. 1:28/1:27/1:27 w/ damper of 5, 1:25/1:23 w/ damper of 7

Intensity wasn't there, not happy

2 scoops jarrow whey + 1 container banana baby food + 1 peach (going to try fueling under 8% BF for awhile, because I think I am roughly at 8%)

Martin Altemark said...

OHS: started at 32,5kg (72lbs) failed seventh minute on 62,5 (138). Added 5kgs.

30 man makers for time (2x16,6kg DBs - not hex ones: 9:57. First time actually doing the excercise. Liked it.

Row: Lowest 1:23, highest 1:25

Garage Crossfitter said...

Sub for man makers...?

Wes hendricks said...

Garage....I did a burpee then would squat clean thruster 70 pound

David X said...

Looking forward to getting started!!

A sub for manmakers are womanmakers. I don't think you want to know what that entails.

Rob Ottesen said...

Just for personal grad my I had 29 more points for comp 289 du.
Really need to work on technical stuff. LOoking toward to next comp.
Can't wait for todays wod been wanting to do ohs. Post after class

Chris Dunkin said...

1: 8min/155
2: 7:22 w/ 16kg kb's per hand
3: 1:17(damper 8)/1:18(5)/1:17(7)/1:16(10)/1:16(10)

pwo: 63c/36p refuel/whey

lacked intensity; didn't go to failure on OHS's.

Jefff said...

1. OHS 1RM = 195#
78,88,98,108,118,128,138,148(f) = 7 min (failed on 8th)

2. 10:18 - DB Thruster portion killed me

3. 129.1,130.3,133.9,139.5,131.9

Evan Johnston said...

1. 9 min/ 165
2. manmakers 6:23 as rx'd
- havent really done these before, tough exercise for large reps.
3. 1:22/1:22/1:23/1:23/1:26

felt good today, I think after seeing the results I had that extra mental push today.

Leighanne said...

Amy, so cool! thanks for putting this together. Just amazing.

Ryan B. said...

1) 45lbs - 115lbs, then 95 x 5 x 2
(really need to work on OHS, shoulders always fatigue, need to work on active shoulders)

2) 12:30 (wow, very difficult) very suitable name!

3) 1:24 (almost feel on the seat 1000 times haha) Damper on 7

any other firefighters on here??

Ryan B.

Kyle F said...

1. Started at 75#. Ended at 165#
2. 7:09 as rx'd
3. 1:33 (damper at 4.5)

Where should the damper be set if it is not specified in the workout?

Erik Luber said...

1. 20 kg, 22.5, 25 x 3
2. 9:50 (30 lbs)
3. 1:30 (7), 1:28 (6), 1:30 (5), 1:28 (8), 1:30 (10)

Tough getting my gears back on track after taking 6 rest days. OHS felt sloppy, and wrists hurt a lot... although only did my first OHS little over a week ago. Had to use 30lbs DB, all I had (was enough weight). Played with damper on the row after watching the video in the Xfit Journal last night. Short and fast strokes seemed to work best, because it kept me on the seat.

PTS said...

did the HSPU on the min that CDunkin gave me 3 reps/min for 10 mins

OHS on the min

no DB's so did burpee then squat clean thruster with 95lbs- 30 reps - 5:20.

rows best I could get on the avg/500m was 1:27.

using the /500m I was in the 1:18,1:19 area. Not sure which one we were supposed to be reading, but pulled my hardest 5x so it works.

Rob Ottesen said...

Damper is what ever you want not specific just what works. I find short duration higher setting is better.

Gord said...

The red rocket and hobbit united today for this wod and will continue to do so. So clean off the rear view windows gentlemen.

OHS- started at 68. made it to 128. failed at 138 (1 rep)

Manmakers- 7:27

row 138.7/143.5/143/144.6/141.7

Jefff said...

PTS - The row score is the average at the end of the 15 seconds, not the lowest you see on the screen during the 15 seconds. You got it right with your 1:27. 1:18 would be blazing!!!!

Jefff said...

...thats how we read it!

Ali Loach said...

Amy that video was Fantastic!!!

WOD didn't get off to a good start. My IPOD crashed right before I started and my OHS were JUNK thanks to my wrists. Anyone have any input as to what I can to do help them heal? About 2.5 months ago I failed trying to pop the bar over my head for 1RM OHS. The bar basically landed on the base of my palms and ever since then I can't flex my wrists back or put much pressure on the part of my palm at the base of my thumb.
I've rested it but it doesn't seem to be getting any better and I'm getting so FRUSTRATED.
Manmakers: 5:36 (need to get more comfortable with being uncomfortable)
Row: 1:47 Pleased with this...I finally felt like I had a breakthrough with my rowing stroke

Lisa M said...

Holy crap Amy that was amazing!!! Wow alot of work, thank you for doing that everyone needs to watch it.

I don't know what my OHS 1RM is any suggestions on where to start - should i try and do a 1rm or guestimate it.

Evan Johnston said...

Wow I just realized I totally read the row wrong and posted the lowest numbers I saw, NOT the avg. My apologies.

Amy, unreal video. That really captured the CFC FGB experience. Thank you for that!

deejay said...

Evan, my interpretation is that he doesn't want the average. You did it right. Jefff you are wrong. I believe this is similar to a while back, when he wanted us to record the highest watts we could get on the screen...

Sweeney said...

I interpret it the same as DJ.

Jefff said...

We did it as per BrOPT's instruction. I guess the scores will differ, but effort out doesn't really over that short time frame. I did notice that my lowest instantaneous 500m was 1:17 or 1:18 on the first row, and did not record the rest. Was able to achieve that pace within 8-10 seconds into it, and it was lost after that.

Jefff said...

Gord and I were wrong. Do as per DJ, Sweeney, PTS.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Ali have you gotten any physio/chiro/massage for the wrists?

Lisa M just start light and work up from there.

Garage, do you not have DB's?

Ryan G. said...

A. 155lbs - 3/2 @ 9min ( No shoulder pain today but right side was quite weak. )

B. 7:38 as rx'd... Yuck!

C. 500/m average per 15s row. ( I wrote the number that was on the screen as 15s came around, I found that the wind down adds a second or two. ) 1:20/1:20/1:21/1:23/1:26

( My pr on 500m sprint is 1:24 or 1:25. )

Garage Crossfitter said...

Geoff- I only have a 25, 40 and 55lb Db' pairs...weird i know... I am subbing...
5 reps burpees
5 reps squat clean thruster with 95lbs
6 sets...

Geoff Aucoin said...

Thank you, James.

It's so impressive how the top 3 competitors performed so well across the board. Well done, guys/girls. Now take a comp off, you've got a ton of points already!!

YoungManRumble said...

1) Started with 75lbs made it to 145lbs did not attempt 155lbs

2) 7:42 - That was the first time I have done those and I hope it was the last. It sucked. I tried to psych myself up but I was down to 2's very fast.

3) 1:21 / 1:19 / 1:18 / 1:19 / 1:18

There is an awesome ROWING video on the Crossfit Journal today check it out.

Surrey Sterling said...

OHS - 75-155# 9 minutes

ManMakers- 40# DB's 7:53

These things suck big time. I was nicely smashed by these badboyz!

YMR won the coin toss for the 35# DB's

Rowing- Was reading avg. Pace in the small window on the screen for the first two rows.
1:23 - 1:25

Switched to the big numbers for current pace time for last 3


Leighanne said...

starting new 40 day workout plan i got from my cute trainer.

I look forward to joining you big dawgs in a month or so... i hope to go from a poodle to a pit bull by then! (a cute pit pull that is)

rwcorson said...

1RM OHS = 181#
40%=72.4# used 74# as start
7 minutes + 2 reps @ 144
That got hsrd fast, lost it forward on the 2nd rep, cleaned it and on the 2nd then lost it foward om 3rd and ran out of time.
ManMakers-7:05 the row on the right side was tough to start and then the cleans got me about 18-20 reps into it.
Row-1:23,1:22,1:21 for the rest

Bowser said...

Well after a week and a half off, due to work scheduling and moving I'm happy to be back training with the Big Dawg crew, specifically Surrey, and YMR:


65#-115# 6 Minutes

Man Makers 30# DB - 9:00 even

Limited by equipment today, YMR(35) & Surrey(40) got the heavier DB's

They really sucked. Nuff said.

Row intervals:

Good times, glad to be back!

Lisa M said...

Now that was a FUN workout. Thanks to the weekend i have new fire in my eyes and really am going to try and push myself and pretend every wod is for points!!

OHS 7 minutes 105# I think i could have gone to 110 but as i dropped the 105 on to my conrete floor in my basement i have visions of it cracking and my in floor heating bursting - YIKES my mind instantly started designing a platform - does anyone know if you can just buy one???

Man makers 6:03 these hurt but i loved it my shoulders were officially baked at about the 12th round but i sucked it up and pushed hard.

Rows 1:35 no matter what i did couldn't get it any lower played with damper, shorter stroke, and couldn't for the life of my keep my ass on the seat??? Any suggestions for that - i must be doing something wrong.

Garage Crossfitter said...

OHS failed at 155, lost focus...

subbed man makers for...
6 rds
5 burpees
5 squat clean thrusters 95lbs

*pretty sure i did 7 rds, i lost count, my dad stopped by and started talking*

1:22, 1:22, 1:22, 1:22, 1:21

Lisa M said...


Does it hurt if you put pressure in the "snuff box" area which is where if you open your hand wide and where the base of your thumb meets your wrist put pressure there and see if it is tender, and let me know. There are many bones in the wrist and with a trauma like that something could be out of alignment and therefore the wrist cannot move through its normal range of motion and with any kind of weight forcing it, it will be quite painful. It might be as simple as getting it adjusted and potentially some ART to help with the muscular stuff that is probably going along with it. There is potentially a more serious issue if you have pain in the area i said... so if you want to email me and i can try and help you out the best i can

Jefff said...

Lisa - Building a platform is easy. Most guys in here who have their own home boxes have built something or other. Or, just put stall mat down if its your floor you are most concerned about (like the floors at CFC/OPT).

Lisa M said...

Thanks Jeff - will that stall matt be enough cushion to prevent the floor from cracking if i drop the weights?? I assume it would be cheaper than buying or making a platform

Oh and Surrey - your rock that stuff you showed me worked awesome thank you sooo much

Joel B. said...

OHS: 75-145, or 8 min complete. No mas after 145.

30 man makers: 8:51
1st time doing these. had to use a 25# db and a 10# db in each hand, which sucked. These are hard anyway!

15 sec row intervals: 1:28/1:29/1:29/1:28/1:28

joey warren said...

OHS- 9 min, 175lb
failed on 3rd rep of 185lb

30 x MM- 6:57

15 sec row- 1:22, 1;23, 1:22, 1:22, 1:24
played with the damper- worst was at damper 3

Rob Ottesen said...

Good day today I introduced a guy in my platoon to Crossfit and the big dogs today. he faired well but have never done any of the movements required for Crossfit. but all in all it was good to get him started on the program.

40% of 210
i made it 10 mins. maybe could have busted out 185 but i dont know 175 was getting rather tough.


i had to use these stupid DB that you slide a thing in the side and it sets weight. they are shaped like a box if anyone knows what im talking about.

lowest recorded 119
the rest as followed 120,120,122,124

tomorrow i think we have a ruck march but will try to get WOD in if i can.

Ali Loach said...


Left side - pain when I put pressure on the "snuff box". Not excruciating to touch but def. pain.
Right side - no pain in the "snuff box" but pain near my radius on the back of my hand when I flex my wrist backwards.

Hope this makes sense......
appreciate your help

Chad Action Brandt said...

1.) OHS on the minute = 8 + 4
4 reps with 155, got stuck in the hole!
2.) Man Makers = 4:13
3.) 1:25 was my low

depaul said...

OHS: 75 -> 135x4; (the fifth rep was like a quarter squat and then it was stand up or lose the weight). This was 7 sets but it actually took me 10 minutes due to time under the bar and changing the weights; I just went as fast as possible.

Manmakers: 6:47. I was all proud until I realized that I accidentally left out the pushup component, I have no idea why. Sigh.

Rows: 1:35, 1:34, 1:31, 1:30, 1:29. Lisa I also have difficulty keeping my butt on the seat.

KSC said...

OHS) 85-155 -8min
Row) 1:21/1:22/1:24/1:23/1:23

Sailorcrew said...

A. start at 85 lbs, 9 mins, failed on 5th rep of 165 (rookie move, lost concentration, already thinking of 175)

B. 8:36

C. 1:37 (no straps)

Ali Loach said...

I'm at work....
if one more person asks me what the best exercise to get rid of belly fat is I think I might lose it!!!!!

Oh and after reading the posts regarding the Row I realized I posted the wrong number...should have been 1:40.

Scotty Hagnas said...

OHS: 7 min; 70 to 140, miss 4th rep at 150. Shoulders gave out.
Renegade MM: 6:45' Last time we did these, it took me 10:06' (I think 35 reps then)
Row: 1:23'1:21'1:22'1:24'1:23'
PWO: 35p/50c squash, applesauce, tuna

Michael McCabe said...

OHS - started at 75, completed 145x5, then couldn't find proper plates so threw on 165 for next minute, got 2 reps

30 manmakers - 7:19

row (lowest 500m split appearing within the 15sec): 1:22, 1:21, 1:25, 1:21, 1:23

Mark R said...

OHS, started at 55 and got to 115, missed @125.

Manmakers 16:48 need a lot of work here.

Average rows
1:35, 1:34, 1:33, 1:33, 1:33

bowlinpro said...

OHS - 65-145, stuck at 4 @ 155. No idea what my 1 rm is
MM 5:04
Row - 1:19,1:22,1:23,1:24,1:26
PWo: 40p/35c whey and fruit

Geoff Aucoin said...

Wow, I'm still feeling the weekend. I chose to just play with 5RM OHS instead of timing it as I'm at the hall so I just worked up to a comfortable 150lbs.

Timed the Man Makers with a sundial - 9:10. I had zero pop here. Nada.

Lowest # on the row was 1:20. Kept the damper between 5-7 after reading the CF Journal yesterday. It's an older Concept II, just like the one from the Journal video, but that shouldn't have affected my performance.

Chad! You're back and your Man Maker time was insane!

Does anyone else feel funny about girls talking about their 'stuff boxes?'

Jefff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Surrey said...

LMAO Geoff! I was thinking the exact same thing. I'm like you might of hurt your what?

Oh and I've got to take a DNF for the ManMakers. I missed the dam pushups too!

deejay said...

OHS - 1RM is 287# - started at 115#, made 7 mins @ 175#. This just murdered my wrists.
Manmakers = 7:56
lowest /500m rows - 1:13/1:14/1:15/1:16/1:16

Surrey Sterling said...


When they ask you that, ask them what they had for lunch. I get asked that all the time. I'm like you can do your gay little crunches till your F#$Ki#g blue in the face and you'll still have your gunt there sugar.

Quit stuffing your pieHole with your healthy Bagel and "Light" Cream Cheese with pasta salad for lunch. Unless you change your diet your ass will always be fat.

Have a nice day.

They don't ask me anymore because I give everyone the gears about their lunch choices.

That sh#t, just drives me insane!

David X said...

Tell em to quit stuffing their snuff box.

Sarah Scholl said...

Warm up:
3 rounds max DUs
OHS: started at 65, went to 105 easily..115 couldnt get it overhead! I think I would have done better with a 5 pound increase.

Manmakers; I used 30 lb DBs..4:40

did another wod later today with a training partner ( I promised)
20 body weight squats
rest 2 minutes
20 pull ups
rest 2 minutes
4 rounds

Brian Maier said...

"Tell em to quit stuffing their snuff box."

David, now that's some funny shit.

Surrey Sterling said...

Yip from now on I'm gonna call it the Snuff box! LMAO over here. Dam that is funny!

unit said...

this rotation is really gettin rough... not a lot of time during the day 2 fuel appropriately... I say this bc I weighed myself 2day at 187 (a loss of 6lbs in the last 6wks or so)...

A- 95-185 (failed at 195)... this is a 5rep pr...
B- 5:43 (32 reps bc twice I realized I didn't do a pushup)
C- 1:14 / 1:14 / 1:15 / 1:13 / 1:12


Brent Maier said...


OHSx5: 9 Rounds (92#->172#) Failed to even jerk the 182# up. 235# is my PR.
Manmakers: 5:50
Rows: 1:20 (1:22/1:20/1:21/1:36/1:31)

I saw Chad's time on manmakers and got fired up. I approached this like you would 30 burpees for time. At about 11, I was thinking to myself, good lord these are taking forever.

David X said...

A.) started at 75/85/95/105/115/125/135/145 (F@3)
B.) 6:01.22
C.) 1:30.1. I played with the lower damper and I didn't like it. I, too played with the damper settings and shorter strokes and I actually reared the front of the rower up in the air like a might steed! WTF?!?

Let's see, we have OPT, CFC, Anvil, now CrossFit Snuff Box! I'm calling dibs on that name for us garage crossfitters here in NY! Look for the t-shirts at the next OPT challenge.

"You ain't up to snuff in our box!"

Paul Klein said...

75, 85, 95, 105
I had to stop after 105 cause the pain in my left wrist go so bad. This is getting old, I have been icing it 2 - 3 times a day and I have all types of stretches but it is just not getting any better. It maybe time to see a dr.

ManMakers 8.57 with 40lb dumbells (no 35's)

Rowing portion
Those are average 500M for 15 seconds

Lisa M said...

Ok boys i too am LMFAO as well now. I will try to leave the ladies snuff boxes out of the comments i wouldn't want your concentration to be thrown off...

Ali sounds like it is probably just an alignment issue - my worry is injury to the scaphoid bone which is located "you know where" can have some serious issues. I would go see your chiro and if you don't have one i can find one for you near you that can take a look... i will make sure he is cute, you wouldn't want anybody probing your snuff box that wasn't - hee hee.

Ali Loach said...

LOL who would have thought me complaining about my wrists would end up being so funny!!!
Geoff.....should have known you'd be the first to pose the question :o)

Surrey.....those are the same thoughts that go through my head. Funny thing is that the few I've told the truth to, as in it's all your diet, end up coming back when they see a different trainer to ask them though "what I put in my mouth can't POSSIBLY be the reason I have a buddha belly...that chick doesn't know what she's talking about"
David - next person that asks me I'm dropping the "Stop stuffing your SNUFF BOX" I'll report back to let you know how it goes over :o)

You guys are fricken hillarious!

Ali Loach said...

Oh and Lisa....thanks for your advice on my "you know what". I have to see my Chiro for my shoulder so I'll ask about the wrist as well.
I'll probably just call as ask the receptionist if I can make an appointment to get Geoff to look at my snuff box........

EHR said...

Eric R

80-150lbs failed on 4th rep at 150

7:03 misread and did 35 reps

1:32 1:29 1:28 1:28 1:25

Brian Maier said...

2 weeks off w/ vacation and illness. Starting to feel better but can't afford any more time off....definitely paid the price on this one.

OHS....need some work here. I really struggle with technique/flexibility on these as it seems to take more effort to keep bar positioned back in plane than it does to do the actual lift.

Manmakers(RX) - 9:28

i think the rower moved about 2 feet from where I started during this 5 min interval. had a really tough time staying planted on the seat.

Lisa M said...

Ok I am howling...

David I want my shirt to say "Get Snuffed in My Box"

Geoff Aucoin said...

Yer all sick in da head.

Blaine said...

OHS - 65/75/85/95/105/115/125/135(f)
30 Manmakers: 8:29
Row: 1:21/1:23/1:21/1:22/1:23

Brent Maier said...

Cara Maier:

OHS: 45/50/55/60/65/70x (5# increments)
Manmakers: 16:31 as RX'd
Row: 1:43

My row times earlier were the AVG 500m pace, not the instant row times. Pulled one more for S&G's after Cara and I pulled a 1:13 500m pace in the 15 seconds. My times were a little off.

Brent Maier said...

Ali, here's some snuff to think about.

I had the same issue in the snuff box area a while back. Snatching and heavy OH Squats was the culprit. At the time, I had a VERY wide grip, out to the ends of the bar and that position activated it. A therapist may be able to help but I taped them for anything over 135# and dealt with the pain for anything less. Narrowed my grip about 2 inches on each side and over time, it has gone away. Thats my experience with it but it is very painful.

Ali Loach said...

I've been taping for about 2 months and some days it helps...other days it doesn't make a difference. Stupid thing is the day that I hurt "said area" I was finally realizing that my grip was too wide to begin with. Ever since, I've narrowed it but there was obviously some damage because it hasn't changed the pain.
I appreciate your inputregarding my "SB"

Anonymous said...

OHS -7 min

30 manmakers

15sec rows

dontpanic356 said...

OHS: 95 to 185. Didnt try 195, wrists were hurting pretty bad.

MM: 6:15

Row: 1:26, 1:22, 1:19, 1:19, 1:21

Did todays WOD right after work....I hate working out late.

Justin Flynn said...

Here is todays wod

1. 75,85,95,105,115,125,135,145,155,165,175,185. I fell off the minute scheme here. But felt real solid so I kept going. 195,205,215,225fail. Happy though as 215 is a PR for me.

2.Man makers. Only have 30s and 40 pound dbs. So I went with 40 and my time was 9:09.

3. My row splits were 1:16, 1:17, 1:16, 1:17, 1:17.

Mack Lar said...

1RM 195
Started at 75lbs, got to 155, failed on 3 of 165.

Manmakers: 6:15

Row only paid attention to low number at the end of 15 seconds. 1:23

David X said...

So where do you buy snuff box tape, exactly? I'll ask my pharmacist this morning.

Pfeifalife said...

Last wod was wednesday wrere I strained my back on presses. Still have a knot in my back and now my lower back and the ouside of my right hamstring aches. Family stuff came up last night so couldn't get to it till this morning. Time crunch to get to work so a little row and warm up with the bar for OHS.

1. 8 min: 105/115/125/135/145/155/165/175/failed on 2nd rep of 185
not sure if better warmup would have made difference, wasn't shakey, shoulders were fatiguing and just lost it forward.

2. 8:36 - Only had 45# db's so these sucked a little more. Feel like if there was a min rep per set requirement I might have done better. Had a hard time staying immersed in the suck, but it could be attributed to a number of things right now.

3. Just rowed as hard as I could for each interval. Don't have a C2 and the moniter was so eradic on telling me my speed that I couldn't make any sense of it what so ever...

David X said...

Sorry, Brent, but I'm gonna have to request a moratorium on dudes talking about THEIR snuff box issues.

Lauren said...

1. 55/65/75/85 - right wrist hurt alot

2. 7:40

3. lowest was 1:34, highest 1:35

David X said...


I use a couple stall mats from Country max or Tractor Supply Co and I drop weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, myself on them and they have held up great no damage to the garage floor underneath.

tom perry said...

48 / 176
A 60-70-80-90-100-110-120(3)
B 9:54
C 1:27-1:26-1:27-1:28-1:29

Will said...

I: Completed 165
II: 5:42(wasn't sure if they were with a pushup before the plank rows or not, so I did the pushup)
III: Lowest average time @ 1:16

Brian PCF said...


1. 85-145rxd, 155x2
2. 6:53* (I didn't do the row movement, just burpee, to clean, to thruster...doh! Read it wrong.)
3. 1:11/1:15/1:18/1:19/1:18

Post WOD: 7.5 oz Talapia, 4 oz Sweet Potato (5P/2C Zone Blocks)

Big L said...

man that was a good wod.
those man makers kicked my ass. this will be a good 45 days. I cant wait until day 2