results are in...

Congrats to Colin Jenkins - top male and Katrina Burton - top female and all other competitors
Thanks to Shane Savard, "Mount" Gordon, Kris, Trevor, Todd (CFC crew), BrOPT and all others who made the 1st one a successful one
Please reflect on your performances and remember that we're doing this to learn and fine tune to enable us to perform at our best when its time to do that, thank you for participating!

Colin wins an OPT hoodie, an OPT ReFuel and OPT VMG and lots of high quality fish oil
Katrina gets to compete in the next event wearing a Lululemon outfit compliments of OPT
"spirit of OPT" award goes to Unit for his effort on the 3RM front squat, clothing is coming Garry (thanks for the Anvil shirt - "ass to grass" - love it!)


Jefff said...

Great weekend. Super happy with personal performance on FGB. Definitely pushed myself past mental barriers on this WOD.

Great to meet some local Calgary dawgs I had never met before (Ryan, Eric, Heather, Evan, Lisa). Look forward to the next one.

This blog is becoming a great community of its own within the Crossfit world. Thanks for the great job James.

Gord said...

Way to go Colin and Katrina. The competition is getting tougher which is great for our training.

For those that care I have had a clean diet for the last two days!

rwcorson said...

Congrats to everyone, especially Colin & Kat. It was a great weekend.
And congrats to Gord on keeping it clean.

Brent Maier said...

James, thanks for pulling this together it was a blast and congratulations to Colin and Katrina on your victory.

Katrina, you are like a little rabbit, simply amazing. And Joel... My family watched your video in full last night and laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes. I loved seeing your spirit and dedication! Rob, I didn't get to meet you at the games this year but you get the "most composed" award while smashing out an insane amount of DU's in 10 minutes. And great job to everyone else that took the time to compete this weekend! Great job!

I had a few PR's this weekend but was about 15 points shy on my olympic lifts this weekend. Olympic technique has got to improve going forward. I've grown resistant to dropping under the weight of a snatch the last 12 months or so. Double unders are coming around! I'm usually pretty hard on myself but I feel this weekend was a great opportunity for me to view and reflect my performance in a different way.

Two specific words of advice that I do regret:
"I'm not a wimp if I use a weight belt!" and "Yell DJ Power a little louder next time to pull me through the last rep". Thats all I needed to catch up with Geoff!

Ouuuu Big Dawgs!

Surrey Sterling said...

Good times!

A huge thank-you to the OPT Crew for all their hard-work!! It was awesome to watch the numbers roll in and checkout everyone's videos!
Sarah I hope your knees get better!
Katrina Crazy!
Colin, Rory and Unit! Congrats brothers your all beasts man!
Joel yes your videos were funny dude!
Joey I'm gonna summon some of your FGB force next kick at the can!

Things I learned.

Don't bloody stand around during FGB. Go hard and when your gas tank is empty keep going as best ya can!

Make sure there is enough film in the camera.

My DU's are 300x better then 6 months ago.

Can't wait for the next one!

Well done everyone!

ryan said...

Congrats to all!!!

i should of put my scores for wod 3 in... i cant really do double unders yet (working on it) but i skip pretty well, so i did as many regular skips as i could in 20 was 1716 i believe...but i know that doesnt count for the comp.. anyways congrats again!!

p.s. any pointers to help with the du's? i just cant get technique down

for now im subbing 3 times the skips when du's come up in a wod..

im not sure if James saw my post a few days ago, but im also a Newfoundlander.... James, u know of any other newfies doing your programming? (besides your bro)

Ryan B. said...

just changed my name .... from ryan to Ryan B.

Lisa M said...

Thanks James for everything and all the crew at CFC and OPT you are all amazing. I love the crossfit community and how no matter who you are people always take the time to help you out and just chat it is an incredible group of people.

Kat i knew you were a beast when i met you at the cert 1 in Calgary - keep rockin it girl!!! Total inspiration for us old fogies.

Great job to all the guys you are all inspirational and not bad to look at too... ha ha. Love all the videos i will continue to share them with everyone i know to try and inspire them to drink the kool aid.

It was really great to put names to faces this weekend.

Great job on the clean diet Gord!!

I learned that i need to push myself mentally and that i still need serious work on my oly lifts

Now where is todays WOD!! I am ready to get down to business now.

Katrina Burton said...

Thank you James (and your crew behind the scenes) for putting on these challenges. I don't want to speak for everyone, but I know they have helped me in trying to better myself each and every time. I don't want to say 'get to the next level' because I know I'm always looking and wanting more as I reach my goals.

I don't think I say it enough to you James, but the things you have done for Chad and myself have been over the top and we can't thank you enough.

Can't wait for the next one!

Congrats to all competitors and I think we all agree that we learn something new about ourselves each time something like this comes up. Everyone should be proud of their efforts.

Joel B. said...

Thanks to Coach and everyone that hand a hand in setting this competition up. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot too. Now I need to learn how to do a music overlay.

Strong work everyone! I loved watching for results and checking out the videos. I am still getting to some of them too.

I lurked on this site for a long, long time before jumping in. I don't know why I waited so long! Looking forward to more.

David X said...

Congrats guys and congrats to everyone who can walk away feeling some sense of accomplishment from the three WODs.

Thanks to James for his excellent programming and being a really cool guy in general. Many of our conversations over the course of the day on Saturday were CrossFit related, but more specifically about how this programming has made us better athletes and healthier people in general.

This weekend was great fun and it was a nice opportunity to meet a local Big Dawg and hit some PRs with him.

I look forward to the next challenge. While I'm a part of the Big Dawg pack, I feel a little bit like a chiwawa or a bichon frise, but I'm hunger to move up that list!

Surrey Sterling said...

Eh Joel I'll shoot you an email with some ideas on editing. I noticed your just down the I5 in Renton. Were just on the otherside of the border. Next event lets hook up and we'll get er' done together!

Joel B. said...

Surrey, awesome ideas. Thanks! I am fairly familiar with the lower mainland, although the border crossing isn't what it used to be when I had a CanPass heading up to Richmond and Kerisdale all the time. We'll figure something out though for sure! I'll look for your email too.

Ali Loach said...

Congratulations Colin & Katrina.!
Just got a chance to watch Katrina's snatch video and I'm inspired. This is my worst movement and you make it look so damn easy! Kudos to you and thanks for lighting a fire under my @ss to work at improving my technique!
Gord - way to go, Keep it UP!!!

dontpanic356 said...

Had an awesome time. Thanks for the competition. I'll be working on double unders before every workout for the next year.

Great work everyone.

OPT said...

ryan, just b/c you mentioned you were a Newfie does not mean you have to change your name to Ryan B..being a Newfie is just fine, Geoff Aucoin and my bro are and basically all of my staff are in one way or another....our screech ins up here involve kissing the floor and drinking the kool aid as all do here...welcome aboard me son!

OPT, aka James F.

Rory Hanlin said...

Can't wait until the next comp...

For those of you who care, we are ordering another batch of Anvil shirts since they have become pretty popular. If anyone wants an Anvil Shirt that hasn't yet contacted me, email me at

We can get your size if you specify. I'll wait a few days before ordering the next batch.

Chris Dunkin said...

Great event and a ton of fun. Thanks to the OPT crew for putting it all together, and having a vision that included all of us. Thanks to everyone that competed and those who filmed and supported.

Congrats to Colin, and Katrina.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Nice work to everyone, I'll use my 10th place to motivate me more for the next competition. There are some beasts just lurking around every corner now!!

Ryan B, whereyefrom?

Gord, have some ice cream, willya?

PTS said...

Thank you to James and all those that had a helping hand in this.

Ryan B. said...

james, being a newfie is better then fine!! its the best haha
im a pround newf, as im sure you are too...

i just changed my name because i wanted to... "ryan" was a bit too plain

thanks for the welcome...i love following your wods, and im a huge fan of both you and michael, congrats to you both on your games performances this year!

Thanks again

Ryan B.

Colin Jenkins said...

Thanks for all the support everyone. Great job to everyone who competed this weekend, watching your videos was inspiring!

OPT and crew, thanks again for setting this competition up and providing us whose sport is CrossFit with a chance to compete year round and practice for our regionals! Since I first started CrossFit, you've been a huge inspiration for me and I will be wearing my OPT hoodie proudly!

Thanks again!,

-Colin Jenkins

Geoff Aucoin said...

And mark the date, folks, next competition is Nov 14th/15th!!

Evan Johnston said...

Congrats to everyone, Colin and Katrina fantastic work. James thank you for putting this together. This was a fantastic first competitive experience with crossfit and I loved every second of it. All the Calgary Dawgs thank you for the awesome support this weekend.

Paul Klein said...

Thanks to everyone that organized this competition. I think that we all recognize the effort that OPT put into this. I had a lot of fun and set a few PR's along the way. I gained 60 points in my FGB and my 3 rep front squat went up 20lbs!

Rory, hopefully next time I will be able to make the trip to do the workouts at Anvil (if I am invited again of course).

I definitely intend on improving my 27th place finish!

Brian Maier said...

Congrats to Colin and Katrina and everyone else that competed. I was so bummed that I couldn't compete this time around. I spent a week in Cancun just prior to the competition, came back pretty sick and still not fully recovered. However, looking forward to making some noise in the Nov. competition.

Rob Sifton said...

Awesome work Katrina and Colin. Amazing performances.

I am stoked about hitting the Nov Comp with the rest of you all at CFC.

Thanks James.

KSC said...

Inspiring numbers by so many individuals.

I wish I listened to Lauren or knew how to upload a video with out errors. Next time I will be prepared on the back end.

All in all, I did have pbs throughout this challenge,I do feel some success.

Thank you OPT for the programming.

I also want to thank rwcorson for all of the tips and pushing me through FGB at CFC.

I look forward to being "ready" for the next challenge.

unit said...

everyone did such an amazing job with a heck of a tough challenge... congrats Colin and Katrina!... there sure is some great competition going on here, and I feel honored 2 b a part of this community!
thank u coach 4 the awesome comp!... and the pathway 2 ultimate fitness... I'm glad u received and like the shirt!... if anyone wants one just let Rory or me know... it is highly encouraging 2 c interest!... and yes... all r welcome at The ANVIL in november!...

WOD 4 2day...
5 rounds for time...
1000m row
150 double unders

~33:29 (row time 18:29)


Trevor Salmon said...

Congrat so all that competed. I had the pleasure of watching many of my friends and a few new ones push hard at FGB and then again at OPT for the OPT3. Watching each of your cheering and helping each other is amazing.