WGM - phase 2

the Maier Madness

for loads:
Hang Power Snatch - 3,3,2,2,1,1; rest 180 sec b/t sets
(video it and slow it down; focus on body position)
rest 2 min
for time;
75 box jumps - 30"/24"
(hips to full extension at top, step ups not allowed)
rest 7 min
for times;
Row 750 m, rest 30 sec, Row 750 m
(try to hold 3 sec faster than your 2K row average per 500 m)

post loads and times to comments

post wod fuel male:
above 12% - 30g prot/20g carb
8-12% - 30g prot/35g carb
below 8% - 30g prot/50g carb
post wod fuel - female:
above 16% - 25g prot/20 g carb
12-14% - 25g prot/30 g carb
below 12% - 25g prot/40 g carb
eat a balanced PFC meal 45-60 min after post wod fuel for everyone (P=protein, F=fat, C=carb)


rwcorson said...

Coach, I haven't done a 2 km row. Best 1 km is 3:10.8. What pace should I shoot for? Thanks

Sweeney said...


Do a 2k row first, then rest 3 min then do the WOD as prescribed.

Steve Smith said...

Coach, if I understood you right, then you offered to have me post a second workout here for those who would like to try. If I understood right, I'm down. If not, let me know.

I will try to take a look at the systems coach is working, and what we've done recently, then try to post what I'm planning on doing for my second WOD early enough for those who want to join.

- I will be listening to my body, so these may not be appropriate for you or your goals.
- I do doubles as my schedule permits. That includes both time for the second workout, and adequate time for sleep and diet.
- I am new to this.
- This is Steve Smith, not OPT. No claims to greatness or brilliance here.
- I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Second workout (today from CFendurance):

Run: 2 x 3/4 - 1 mile hill repeats holding fastest possible pace without deviating more then 1 minute and recovering 1 min before descending hill easy. Repeat after 1 min recovery at bottom of hill... treadmill use 7% grade, recover 2 min and repeat

PTS said...

hps- 3x115,3x115,2x125,2x135,1x145,1x135. 2 min rest btw sets. kept it light to keep good form.

box jumps- 4:13. my wind was fine. power in the legs was limiting factor. I;m still sore from tuesday's squat cleans.

row first 750m- 2:30.2
2nd 750m- 2:39.
only 2k row was 3 months ago in 6:59. My splits should have been 2:33.

My legs are wiped out. Steve: I don't think I'll be joining you on those hill repeats.

rwcorson said...

What time you going @?
Let me know, then we can do the 2 km row together.

Chris Dunkin said...

Hang/power snatch: 135×3, 135×3, 155×2, 155×2, 155f, 155f
Box jumps: no clock 75reps on 36″ box (punished myself for lack of intensity)
rows: 1:37.1 on each.

40p/63c dream whey/refuel

lack of intensity/focus today.

Gord said...

98/108 X 3
118/123 X2
130/135 X3

box jumps 7:03

rows wanted a 1:50 pace
row1 1:49 pace - time 2:49
row2 ??? pace- time 2:46

No idea my pace on the second row as the computer got stuck on 1:46 at one point and stayed like that until the end. I figure it was about 1:49 pace based on the time.

KurtGP said...

154, 47y


75 30in box jumps- 7 min

row- 2:53, 3:09

KurtGP said...

Sorry I am 46yrs old- need more fish oil- memory going.

Erik Luber said...

HPS - 40 kg for all
Box jumps - 4:40
Row - 2:52.5/2:53.1

Figured I would bite the bullet and try non-split snatches. Still can't do them very well, but significant improvement over last time. A little press at the end, but getting better.
Box jumps unbroken (expect on rep 51 when failed spectacularly). 2009 games standard, full hip extension, but not full foot on the box. Pushed hard on this one and finally found a good tempo, legs were smoked after, really had to dig in on the row.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Attention all Big Dawgs:

In case you were wondering what I have been doing - or even if you weren't. I have not abandoned you all, I have just been testing myself against benchmark WOD's and my own workouts for the past few weeks. Reason being, I wanted to see where I was compared to the best numbers in CrossFit (well the best I know of)at these WOD's, and because I haven't done any of these workouts in a long while. Also because I am getting surgery on my right shoulder tomorrow morning (Bankart's repair for the interested). Recovery is long, 3-4 weeks in a sling, then so much time with limited exercise. 6 months is the estimated timeline to be back to 100% functioning. Seeing how I am a Big Dawg, I hope the recovery will be faster. Either way eventually, I don't know when, I will back with the Big Dawg WOD's.

My last few benchmark WOD's
Aug 23 - Nancy = 13:40, next time Aucoin
Aug 26 - Karen = 4:43, next time Aucoin
Aug 29 - Diane = 3:00
Aug 30 - Michael = 14:42
Aug 31 - Elizabeth = 5:46
Sept 2 - Grace = 2:18
Sept 2 - 2k Row = 6:38.9, thanks DJ, your next.

This is the best I have ever performed, including the recent Games. So, I guess it is good to leave on a high note.
I will be keeping tabs on everyone. Especially as we get closer to the September Competiton.

Train smart, get fit.

Wes said...

Snatches - 95/115/135/140 x 1/145/150(PR)
Box jumps - 3:53
Row - 2:37 (1:45 avg)
2:46 (1:49 avg)
Best 2k row 7:31

Snatches felt ok, 150 was ugly. Box jumps were tough worked on linking sets of 3-4 at times. Row sucked, got to be honest that my rest was more like 45 seconds between sets, I had trouble strapping back in. I taped my snatches, any feedback would be greatly appreciated


Geoff Aucoin said...

Worked up to 157 for 1. Missed it the first time and then nailed it after a rest so maybe 162 next time.

Box Jumps in 3:55; did a met-con-like jump up, little pause, jump down and back up. Pauses got too long but hard work overall.

Rows were 2:35 and 2:38 with a 1:44 ave. Damper 10 on the 1st row with slower SPM, killed me for 2nd row with a higher SPM and a damper of 7ish.

Best of luck to Mike tomorrow; you'll bounce back quick and then start scaring people again. Until then, I'll enjoy not staring at the back of your head for every WOD.

Happy Birthday to Trevor, one of the original Big Dawgs and the backbone up here at OPT. Are you 47 or 74, I can't ever get the numbers right. Owwwooooooooo to you!!

Erik Luber said...
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Erik Luber said...

I am going to buy a pair of rings and an OPT hoody from the online OPT store. Any chance I could get the dimensions for "small" and "medium" hoddies, i.e. width and length. Thanks.

SteveC said...

Still working on technique on hang snatch
95/3, 105/3, 115/2, 115/2, 125/1, 125/1

Box jumps: 3:23


Chris Dunkin said...

Thanks for the update Mike. Keep us updated on your recovery.

deejay said...

PC - 155/175/198/208(f)/208(f)/203
Letting the bar get ahead of me. Third pull was too early and wasn't getting the hips fully open.

Box jumps - 4:00 with a big wipe out at rep 60ish and 20 secs or so of limping around the gym before the pain went away enough to finish

Rows - Never done a 2K for time before so went with Mike's 2k. Couldn't maintain....
1st row - 1:37.8
2nd row - 1:46.6
could have probably kept 1:40 pace...

rwcorson said...

HPS-88,98, x 3, 103, 113 x 2, 123f x 2
box jumps - 3:58
used 7 mins as 2km pace (1:42/5oom pace)
1:46.4/1:53.2 No gas at all for this.

Pfeifalife said...

Any sugestions on what to do with no rower on hand? Hoping no one says SDHP with the bar but I'll do what I have to.

Leighanne said...

60,65,67.5,70,70,72.5 - still need something to "click", doesn't come natural

bj's 4:30, non-stop, jump up/step down

row: 2:04/2:06, goal was 2:05

good luck Michael!

Pfeifalife said...

Are these 2nd workouts all going to be some type of movement wod or will it be a mix of G,M, and W? Also is it suggested to do these shortly after OPT wod or at seperate points in the day? I'm looking at these, assuming the modality and task to be performed, as a means to (as you stated body/time/nut/etc. perameters permitting) shore up and improve my most apparent weaknesses. Is this being coordinated with coach's wods in with regards to wods 2 or 3 days out? So if I was to do the the 2nd run wod today and assuming there was an OPT wod tommorrow I wouldn't get smoked w/ a huge run wod from coach having done a tuff run wod the day prior? Feel free to disregard my incessant rambling as I am quite interested.

Scotty Hagnas said...

HPSn: 120x3x3;125x2;127.5x2;132.5x1;135x(m) 132.5 new PR. On video review, I need to keep the bar a bit closer, and stay back on my heels more.
Box jumps: 5:35'
Rows: 2:38.4';2:41.4' Last 2k (a year ago) was 7:15', so I tried for a 1:45.5 pace. Mostly made it on round 1 - 1:45.6; fell to 1:47.6' on rd 2. Av=1:46.6'
PWO: 30p/50c chicken sausage, yams, applesauce.

Good luck Michael - I've had the Bankart repair as well. Def. worth it in my case.

Looks like I'll be sitting out the next cycle, the fam and I are heading into the mountains to hike and camp for Labor Day weekend. See you all next week!

rwcorson said...

Good luck Mike, brake a... shoulder.
Happy Birthday Trevor Salmon!!!!

Brent Maier said...

Geoff, I'm goign to try a different strategy just to see how our times may differ. It may not be that different with only 75 of them but we'll give it a go.


Garage Crossfitter said...

125,130,145,155(1), 160(f), 160

Box jumps= 5:37

2:44 (hams were done at this point)

Fri and Sat rest, construction job sat and my body is toast, see ya Sunday dawgs

Mike good luck with everything, we will be here when you get back, whoof dawg

Steve Smith said...

OK, so, this whole two-a-day thing may be short lived. I think I may be gong down hill fast!!

WOD #1:

HPS: 155, 155, 175, 175, 195, 195
- Felt strong the whole way through. Stayed light to maximize speed.

Box Jumps (30"box) - 4:10. OPT standard (Feet fully on box, hips fully extended). No problem with lungs, legs were fine, accuracy, however was another issue. Ouch.

Row (2K row time unknown, no rower on hand, Sub 75 SDHPs with 65#):


Was suprised at how much I slowed down on the second one.

WOD 2:

Run 1 - 3/4 mile, about a 7-8% grade, about a 7:20 pace.

Run 2 - 3/4 mile, about a 7-8% grade, about a 7:40 pace.


Steve Smith said...

Pfeifalife, and anyone else interested:

Here are my thoughts on the second workout, and answers to your questions:

"Are these 2nd workouts all going to be some type of movement wod or will it be a mix of G,M, and W?"

- Each one will be different. The primary factors considered when picking a second workout will be one, how I'm feeling physically and mentally, two, what we have done recently/will do that day, three, what I think addresses weakness I have, and four, what I think looks like fun.

"Also is it suggested to do these shortly after OPT wod or at separate points in the day?"

- My plan is to wait a couple of hours after completing the OPT WOD. I'm in a unique situation right now though where that is possible. For shorter workouts, a 15-20 minute rest may be OK. I will, however, complete the OPT WOD as my primary workout, then, assuming all systems are a go (diet, sleep, etc) hit the second WOD.

"Is this being coordinated with coach's wods in with regards to wods 2 or 3 days out?"

- No. No guarantees. We may end up shooting ourselves in the foot some days. As I see it though, I'm down for the possibility of having to work the same system twice in a row. There are no guarantees, for example, that after doing a heavy pull-up/box-jump WOD (or whatever) I won't go out on patrol and end up chasing some dude down jumping onto and then climbing over walls all the way. So, while I'm sure it's not ideal to repeatedly stress the same system, there is no guarantee that life won't require me to do something I just completed in a workout. Of course, I'm willing to go in any direction Coach asks.

One more disclaimer: Just so you know...this isn't my job. My job is chaotic sometimes, and sometimes slow. Right now it's slow (which is a good thing). There may be weeks at a time when things are chaotic where I don't post a second workout.
Coach - Please tell me to shut my trap and go back to posting my reps, loads, and times if this gets out of control. I'm a little embarrassed to be throwing my ideas around on your website. As far as I'm concerned, you are, after all, my Coach.


Joel B. said...

Regrettably not going to be able to do this today. Wife's b-day and I've had the kids all day. Next cycle I'll be at the cabin with family too. Not bringing the jump rope or kb either this time. I'll pull up some crab pots and hopefully a salmon though! I'll be looking forward to getting back at it.

Evan Johnston said...


Best of luck to you with the surgery. I'm sure you'll be back and killin it in record time!

Jefff said...

Hang Power Snatch-
2/120 (not good)
1/125 (form??)
1/125 (form??)

Box Jumps (30") - 3:57

PB 2k row - 7:07 (1:46/500m)

1. Row 750 - 2:37 (1:44/500m)
2. Row 750 - 2:49 (1:53/500m)

30 sec rest was brutal. Probably did not start 2nd row until after 35 sec rest which helped kill the second row time (had 750m/30 sec intervals set on C2)

Sweeney said...
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Sweeney said...

Big Day....

Best of luck Mikey..thanks for the update.

Happy b-day Trevor!! When you reach 47 do they say 47 years young? haha


Happy Anniversary to the Aucoins (Geoff and Amy)

Paul said...

HPS: 125, 135, 145, 145, 150, 155

75 box jumps 30": 4.22

Row 750M: 2.29
Row 750M: 2.42

EHR said...

Eric R.
HPS 125(3),125(3),135(2),135(2),145(1),145(1)
Box Jumps 5:27
Row-2:39 1:46/500m
2:44 1:49/500m

Heather R.
HPS 65(3),70(3),75(2),75(2),80(f),80(f)
Box jumps 5:23
Row 3:28 ~2:16/500m
3:25 ~2:15/500m

Brian Maier said...

HPS: 135(3),145(3),155(2),155(2),165(f),165(f),165(1),175(f)

30" box jumps: 3:58 (hips full extension)

Row: 2:34/2:37 (1:44-1:45/500m pace)

arches really sore immediately following box jumps

Leighanne said...

i've been hanging with Rob too much (lol), need to correct my post... the row times posted were my pace as that was my focus for the rows... too tired to do the math

Happy Birthday Trevor, we look forward to celebrating a healthy and strong "47" year with you at OPT!

Rory Hanlin said...

HPS 175x3 180x3 190x2 200x2 210x1 225x1 230x1 (PR)

Box Jumps: 4:09

I did hill sprints this morning, so I didn't do the rows.

Felt great on the HPS, so I went for bust and made it.

Good luck with recovery Mike.
Happy B-day Trevor!

Nice gym, I love the Maier mania

Kathleen said...

Michael nice work on the benchmarks! We will be toasting a successful surgery to you while drinking our "I am Grateful" smoothie from Cafe Gratitude. You have the fountain of youth on your side and all of dawgs sending you positive energy for faster healing. Woof.

Brent Maier said...


HPS - 60/70/75/80/82.5/85x (82.5kg 182# PR!) Last PR was 70kg (154#) on June 4, 08.
Box Jumps 30" - 4:14
Row 1: 2:24 (1:37/500m)
Row 2: 2:36 (1:44/500m)

Box Jumps: I had this idea last time we did 30" but forgot how high 30" was. Stretched real good and gave it a shot this time. Jumped up and down the first 10 and then started stepping off in the 20's after full extension. Took a little practice but got it down once I learned to loosen up. With 75 reps, it wasn't measureable but with 150 for time, I think stepping off for those that can, I think it could work to your advantage by saving the beating on your calves/shins. I found myself getting too comfortable between 40-50 and kicked it back up with the finish line in sight.

Rows: I don't have a 2k row time logged, so I used my 1k row time which was 3:11 (1:35/500m pace). The goal today was to stay under a 1:40 pace. The last row started to break me mentally towards the end.

Happy birtday Trevor and good luck with the surgery Fitz. We're all pulling for you to have a quick recovery!

Mack Lar said...

Doubled up today to get caught up.
AM Yesterdays WOD
Skill work as RX
300 DU in 4 sets 62/81/81/76
Amrap 222 total

PM Todays WOD
75 Box jumps 4:23
Rows 2:43 & 2:45
No explosiveness left for snatches. Cant quite get good speed built up when starting from the hang.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Trevor!!! Hope you had a great day!!!

Hey Michael...pretty awesome outcomes for the benchmark WODs!!! Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking about you and sending lots of positive energy your way...The very things that make you such an amazing CrossFitter will make for a better recovery!!!

Pfeifalife said...

Hang Power Snatch-
2/176 (epic fail)
1/187 (fail, felt flat on these big time)

Box Jumps (33" - into back of dad's truck) - 4:55
pace felt good, but at the end I felt I could have pushed harder. stepped down from the top each time, which def slowed down any potential speed I might have found, but my shins are still recovering so I frowned on this idea.

didn't have rower so did 45# SDHP 75 reps

1. 2:13
2. 2:10
grip got tired, had to break it up to re-chalk hands as center of bar is slick and i was sweating my ass off in the basement. two seemingly slow sucks at the end. def wish i could have rowed.

Laura said...

60/66/71F/71 complete/73.5 F/73.5 complete. No go on anything else--knee shot for today!

Good luck tomorrow Mike.

Trev--hope you had a good one!

Geoff and Amy--way to go. Amy--I don't know how you put up with that guy, epecailly all the singing.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Thanks Sweeney! And double muchos thanks for letting my kid hang out with your kid while Amy and I went out for a yummy din-din.

And no, it wasn't paleo...

Kathleen said...

Well the venue was awesome but not the wod. We had the pleasure of wodding at CF SFO
53. 58. 63 63(2f) 63 63
4:55 BJ
Rows. 3:06. 2:04/500m
3:16. 2:08/500m
Feels like I am on vacation - oh ya I am!

depaul said...

Caught up today:

hps 95, 105, 115, 125, 130, 130

form shaky on first single so did it again right

bjs 3:57

rows 3:10 / 3:06. Why do I suck at rowing? This was damper 3/4 with 29-31 strokes/min.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, those were the days...