Championship Series # 1 - Sep 26th/27th

1. Fight Gone Bad
2. OPT 3
3. Rhiannon

post scores to comments as well as video links as needed


David X said...

Best of luck to everyone! Get after it today DAWGs!!!

Martin Altemark said...

This is so much fun! Still not completely 100% after a crossfit competition (the first ever) in Sweden a couple of weeks ago, but will take on the challenge. Hope it's OK to post result without movies (camera is broken) just for fun.

Besides I still suck at double unders so total score will be pretty low anyways!

Also started early and did FGB yesterday, but will keep all workouts within fri AM and sat PM.

Will do the DUs in an hour and will post results then. Will probably be amazed with all of you guys results!

(sorry about my english - which might not make sense all the time - it's not a language I use everyday.)

/Martin from Sweden

unit said...

hope this helps to understand what i mean by 'softball grip'... had to quickly make a video this am before call at the hospital today...
torque athletic sells them for abt $30, but when i went to visit my brother in law [Rory], he had made some, so I figured I'd make some as well... costs abt $10 or less to make...


PTS said...

FGB- 355

taking video on this turned into a disaster. Let's just say my warmup was 1 full round of FGB.

Jason Anderson said...

Just doing this for fun today. No video went to another affiliate in town so no video anyway.
So far FGB. 374

Paul Klein said...

My camera only takes 30 second vids. So I will just post scores for the fun of it.

FGB = 345
Wall Balls 31, 21, 20
SDLHP 32, 20, 18
Box Jumps 31, 23, 23
Push Press 33, 25, 24
Row 19, 13, 12

This is a PR by 60! All a result of trying to keep up with the animals here at OPT. Thank you James for the programming, I can't wait to see what my scores do in another six months.

Ryan G. said...

Score- 250.

- In my head I had more reps than this but we had counters/judges. I do know that I had several failed PP reps due to not locking out and I also caught the med ball with my face in the last set of wall balls. This was my first FGB ever, next time I will be alot more conscious of my form so I don't waste energy on missed reps.

Over all was a great experience and I'm very happy that I participated with with my fellow Dawgs at CFC.

Thanks guys and well done to all.

OPT said...

PTS, rocky theme...loved it!
wider stance and closer grip and higher elbows on SDLHP
open hips more at top and stand taller on box jumps
start using your ASS on PP, you're all quads, arch that low back as the weight drops every time...more power endurance that way
it will help the no ass use on the rower as well and make that the same cals over time but will feel easier
all out great effort!

Ryan G. said...

Anyone care to share their strategy for FGB and how they plan to tackle the last two events?

Martin Altemark said...

12:00 - "Fight Gone Bad": 354 (huge PR). Tired last round, but still really satisfied with this.

15:00 - "OPT 3" 3xFront squat: 95kg/210 pounds (PR), 2xsnatch: 57.5kg/127 pounds (PR), 39 pullups (PR). Did 60kg snatch twice but failed second rep.

18:00 - "Rhiannon": 250 double unders. This was, for me, really good. Time to get a better rope than my $4 plastic one.

Total score: 354+95+57,5+39+250 = 795,5

This was so much fun! Thank you James!

Geoff Aucoin said...

FGB 358; pretty darn pleased with that seeing how the training volume has been lower these days. That's up there with my old PB, which was done with (probably) less-than-stellar form so 358 with good form is a good step for me.

Strategy was going well until 2nd round of push presses. Box jumps are usually my issue but I got 25+ every time so I guess the PP took the hit instead. Broke up the wall balls in the 3rd round, which pretty much never happens.

DJ was a beast today, he killed it.

Great atmosphere at CFC, gotta love it. Pt II & III tomorrow.

PTS said...

Thank you for the coaching advice/critiques. It is the only form of coaching I get and is invaluable to me. I will keep all those things in mind.

Garage Crossfitter said...

PTS- Ha awesome vid man, AWESOME ROCKIE THEME, had me real pumped up...wait till u hear what happened to me earlier...i'll be posting my results later tonight after i do the wod if everything goes as planned.....

Sweeney said...

FGB: 297

Sarah Scholl said...

can I wait to post all three of the challenges tomorrow? the guy that is taking the video for me wants to make one cd and then give it to it wil be done tomorrow afternoon...ok??
My FGB today was around 336...I have to go back and watch..I used a 25'' box jump which really takes a toll..almost half a foot higher each jump! and I think my wall ball was a bit higher too..I wanted to error on the higher side, rather than have them not count.

Jason Anderson said...

Just finished it all didnt have time to wait to do the last WOD. Strict form held no video I did it for fun anywho.
Start:10:45am @Crossfit Redline
FGB -374
Start 2:10pm End 2:52pm
OPT3- 3 rep FS 102kgs, 2 rep Snatch 70kgs, Max Pull-Ups 45 Grip Failed.
Rhiannon- 489 (Really dislike this WOD after the rest haha Thanks OPT)

374+102+70+45+489 = 1080

Thanks for these competitions OPT. You're the biggest dawg of them all. Not for being a badass for being a badass trainer, husband, competitor. I've only met you once in person at Crossfit Redline but thanks for all the hard work that you put into this blog.

rwcorson said...

The atmosphere at CrossFit Calgary was awesome. Great work by the Dawgs and the CFC community.
A big thanks to Todd & Kris for their organization of the event. CFC raised over $7000!
OPT 3 later today at OPT.
Nice work DJ & Geoff!

Jefff said...

FGB - 329

Helped to have Rob Corson, and Geoff Aucoin as my neighbors for this WOD. SDLHP gassed me as usual, but was able to make up reps on box jumps. My white/reddish color to on a nice shade of green after this WOD. Took atleast 30 mins after the WOD before I could remember my name.

Great atmosphere at Crossfit Calgary today.

Evan Johnston said...

275 for FGB. Would have liked higher but really didnt know what to expect with this. Great atmosphere and experience and looking forward to OPT 3 and Rhiannon to claw back into this!

Lisa M said...

Thanks so much everyone at crossfit Calgary it was awesome. Really great to put names to faces.

I was pretty disappointed with my score of 235. I really wanted to get over 250. This was my second time doing FGB I am sure that doing it with judges makes it tougher but more realistic. I got home and was looking at my scores and to my delight I realized that my judge/scorer was an amazing cheerleader but not much of a mathmetician and he didn't add my first round properly so my actual score was 255 - yeah!!!!!! Still no where near the big dawgs but I am much happier with that score. It looks like he didn't include my first round of PPs. I am trying to rectify this with CFC but will take my score card to OPT this aft as proof.

Holy s*^% Sarah you are truly a beast very inspiring girl - amazing. Great job everyone!!

Steve Smith said...

Got back off patrol (11 hrs) and went straight to the gym. Unfortunitly had little to eat all day. Just finshed FGB. Will to the next two and post vid tomorrow morning.

Score: 351

- FGB was my first Crossfit workout two years ago. Haven't done it since. Previous score = 299

- Was a bit disapointed. Think I should have pushed harder, like 49 points harder. Mental.

See everyone in the morning.

Steve Smith said...

Forgot to mention that I subed burpees for the row.

Lauren said...

felt awesome the first round, but lost it after the second set of wallballs. Thanks Grant for counting, coaching and encouragement!!

Fun to wod up at CFC today, great job everyone!!

Joel B. said...

Disappointing 294
R1: 115
R2: 95
R3: 83

WB: 27, 21, 20
SDLHP: 21, 22, 15
BJ: 27, 20, 17
PP: 23, 17, 18
Row: 17, 15, 14

2 things going on here...shot my wad on the first round a bit, and I got distracted a bit in R3 with the kid zoo antics. Oh, and I forgot to hit start on the tunes too. So, this is the first time I have video taped myself. Also, never been to an affiliate really so movement feedback is always welcome. Enough excuses... I know this will make me better. R3 is really embarrassing.

OPT 3 and Rhiannon tomorrow.

tusk said...

11:30am - FGB - 314
had never done wallball before; finally made one last night, which added a learning curve to this one today.

3:45pm - OPT 3 - FS 102kg, snatch 66kg, pullups 42

wish i had a video camera for this... would love some feedback on my form.

Wes hendricks said...

David X is posting my footage and his(hopefully, I am an idiot w/ a camera sorry bout that again. Hope I got it all buddy, if not I owe you burpees)

I just wanted to say thank you to him for letting me do FGB & OPT 3 at his garage today. I just think its pretty sick that I can send a guy a message that I have never met before asking to go to his house and workout. Now a days your not going to find someone to willing to let a random stranger off the internet come into your home. Thanks again buddy, and hopefully I can make it back soon!

Surrey Sterling 39/175/5'10" said...


YMR and I hit it.

Disappointed with my score of 280.

Whatever its been a month of off and on training with vacation. Glad its over and can get back on track. Achilles hindered box jumps. Whatever it is what it is. Still crushed me.

UNIT: that is really really cool! Tahnks for the video. I imagined something like that. Nice work man, strong grip. Can wait to see you FGB video. Mr. 400 I'm sure.

Brent Maier said...


WOD#1 (FGB): 332 (pr)

WOD#1 Notes (12:00am): I wanted to pack it in after round 2. It has been a long time since I've done this workout but I wanted to pack it in after round 2. Two weeks wasn't enough time to mentally regroup from my last competition. It is a PR but I wanted 350 really bad!

JoelB, I loved watching your video man. Keep up the hard work! Great job to everyone else.

Coach, sorry for having breaking this up, tube only allows <10m videos.

David X said...

It was great fun having you come out today, Wes. Anytime!

FGB!: 374 (PR 386)

FS: 225 PR by 10#!!!

Snatch 155# PR!!!!

Max rep pullups 40!

FGB!: 301 (old PR 327). I watched the tape again and I felt that mentally I blew it. No excuses.

FS: 255x3 (New PR by 10#)

Power snatch: 175# (new PR)

Max reps pullups: 13, but considering my form was extremely better than the video I submitted last week. I'll take it.

Also my buddy got his first muscle up!!! It was areally fun afternoon!

Vid will be posted ASAP!

Garage Crossfitter said...

Ok...what a i tackled FGB at 10:30 this morning and i get to the rowing portion and the monitor stops at 7 calories, not cool, so i spent my entire 1 min break trying to clean the sensor and started round 2 still gassed, rower monitor worked this round...onto round 3...some camera problems etc and i get to the rower and it wouldnt move past 0 calories and yes I was rowing, ha. So my total reps caught on camera and the 23 cals on the rower, i got 326, again...not anywhere near my 400 goal...pissed off for 1 hour...i email coach for advice because i wasnt sure if i should try again or call it a day and tackle the remaining two wods tomorrow....after some advice from coach i decided to kill this wod again 7 hours later...i went into the wod with a mindset that i will give everything i have......

scored a 360, not a pr but i'll take it, two fight gone bads in 7 hours...smoked but this made me much tougher thanks

any help with my form appreciated....thanks dawgs

rwcorson said...

Rob-FS - 95kg,Snatch - 65kg PR,pull ups - 35 total - 195
did 2 reps of FS @ 100kg, Snatch - 1 rep at 67.3 kg and I only had 1:50 left and did my last rep of pull ups when time ran out.
Liz-FS 60kg PR, Snatch - 36 kg PR, pull ups - 30 PR Total - 126
Awesome atmosphere @ OPT. Great work Liz, all PRs!!
Note: Mike Fitz was the rules enforcer. Once you put weight on the bar, the hour started.

Geoff Aucoin said...

FGB twice in one day? Josh you're a freak, that's nuts. Nice work on redeaming yourself, now go have two post-workout meals!

Evan Johnston said...


FS- 220# x3
Snatch- 144# (got one rep at 152 but dropped second)
Pu's- 23 (chin through both planes)

Thank you to all the Dawgs for encouragement today. What an incredible group

Wes hendricks said...

Garage I freaking commend you for doing it again, that is almost sicker then scoring 400

PTS said...

Garage, crappy luck, but impressive mental fortitude. Are you going to compete in the Crossfit Dewitt event on Oct 18th? Shoot me an email.

Lisa M said...

FS 139 (63.18)
snatch 80 (36.4)
pullups 21

done at OPT thanks for everything guys!!

deejay said...

FGB - 386
OPT 3 - 145/195/31 = 271

David X said...

Here are Wes' videos . Still working on the FGB.

Front squat


Max rep video:

rwcorson said...

Lisa, Evan & all other Dawgs-remember, OPT 3 FS & snatch is in kg.

Gord said...

FGB- 304
Wanted 300 so I was happy. Wallballs are not my friend.
Thanks to Ali for the awesome support while counting for me today!

Front squat 214LBS (97.27kg) huge PB -very happy with this.
Snatch-126 lbs -57.27 kg. I attempted 130 twice but I either pressed out or my knee touched the floor on the split. Overall happy
Chins -30 . Wanted 50 but had some difficulty meeting the standard while doing the butterfly. Basically did chest to bar and left part of my tooth at OPT. Tried traditional kip in warm up but it has been so long since I have done it this way that it just wasn't goona happen today.

Great atmoshpere at OPT and CFC today.

so score to date

304 + 97.27 + 57.27 +30 = 488.54

Figure I only have to beat DJ by 300 DU tomorrow to make it close. Maybe if I start now. HA

Good luck to everybody tomorrow

Gord said...

Garage crossfitter that sucks but you are a beast. Good luck tomorrow have had enough bad luck for a while.

Evan Johnston said...

Rob, thank you for the note, my mistake.

Total thus far:

275 + 100kg + 65kg + 23= 463

Garage, huge props man. I can't imagine how your feeling tonight after FGB x 2

Brian H said...

Missed PR by 5. Tried to pace round 1, and I couldn't make up the reps.

funinthesun said...

FGB - 248
Front Squat 131lbs =59.54kg
Snatch 66lbs = 30kg
Pullups = 19

Fun day! Great atmosphere. Looking forward to tomorrow.

EHR said...

Eric R.
FGB 297
FS 102
Snatch 64
Pull ups 36

It was nice to meet everyone today. I really appreciated all of the help.


rwcorson thanks for the clarification on FGB.

FGB - score 290. Surrey and I hit this up at 9:30AM. I'm not too happy with the score it was quite pedestrian. However....that is what I get for 6 weeks of inconsistencies with training and life.


Front Squat 255lbs (116kg)
Snatch 135lbs (61kg)
Pull Ups 41

Score thus far - 508

video coming...

I'm hoping for a big Rhiannon

This has definitely motivated me to get my %^&# together and put a good all around effort in the gym till XMAS...

Lisa M said...

Hey Rob yup i posted in pounds with kgs in brackets

So FGB 255
FS 63
Snatch 36
Pullups 21

Score 375

gonna have to do a crap load of double unders tomorrow - yikes

Colin Jenkins said...

"Fight Gone Bad"
Score - 396 (PR)

"OPT 3"
FS - 136 kg (PR)
Snatch - 79 kg (PR)
Max Pull ups - 37
Score - 252

Total So Far - 648

Hard day! Can't wait for tomorrow's wod! Thanks for setting this up OPT!

-Colin Jenkins (CrossFit Ventura)

rwcorson said...

Colin, huge #s.
Rob-541 after WODs 1 & 2.

dontpanic356 said...

Did FGB late today, I only had 15:47 min left of recordable disk on my camera so I stopped it for rest periods.

Rest Between rounds 2 and 3 was about 1 min 15 sec due to camera beeping and acting up.

Hopefully the vid posting works out here....never tried it before

FGB score: 356

Ill be running to best buy tomorrow to pick up a couple more disks.

Double Unders will kill me....Dreading it.

Katrina Burton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katrina Burton said...

FGB - 310

11 points shy of a PR, but I'll take it. I over shot my abilities the first round and paid for it big time in 2 and 3.
Looking forward to the lifts and double unders tomorrow.

Brent Maier said...


FGB: 332
OPT3: 241
- FSx3: 120kg
- Snatchx2: 75kg
- Pullups: 46


Day 1 Total: 573

Notes: FS were below my PR by 10kg, I think FGB had something to do with that along with strange form today. Didn't want to drop under the snatch today once I got to 80kg. Shut that down and swore to make it up on the pullups. I wasn't going to drop until my grip gave out, and it did.

Surrey Sterling said...

Brent and Joel!

fine job fella's

Joel you have way more patience then me in the middle of a Crapstorm! My kids know the rulz, dad's training means stay back 10 feet and no interupting:) Your wife was cracking me up! That is a pretty comical video. Your smashed on the floor while your kids in the crib and daughter is truck'in around. Great job!

That was awesome man! You smoked my sorry ass. Well done!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Brent, what did you say before you missed that FS rep? 46 pull-ups, that's awesome!

I'm seeing a few form faults in some of the videos, usually with the SDLHP not reaching the proper height. Not you, Colin, you're an animal. I hope you suck at doubles...

David X said...

Here are my vids from the OPT 3. The file size for FGB is too big to upload to Vimeo. I'll keep working on it.




Jefff said...

Great job to everyone!!!! Vids are great, but must say that Joel's is by far the best. Loved the side commentary. "No sweetie, don't do that to Daddy's truck", and the pleasant converstaion with the neighbor while Joel is killing himself.

Joel B. said...

Thanks Brent and Surrey. I usually workout when the kids are asleep. And the neighbor just had a kid and the wife didn't want to ignore him in the driveway. Also, I just opened the vimeo account and figured out how to post video yesterday. It is a very raw cut. :) I love seeing the similarities and differences in all the garage gyms too.

Watching all you people that crushed me in FGB I think I could improve my score by employing a bit of strategy. Not enough to catch the monster scores, but certainly a few points.

I am going to do OPT 3 and Rhiannon during naps today and skip the kid zoo hopefully! At least turn on some music maybe.

Brent Maier said...

Hah, your awesome Joel!

Geoff, I knew things were going horribly wrong after the 2nd squat so I yelled "DJ Power" in hopes that yelling his name could pull me through the last rep. Fun weekend!

deejay said...

oops i made a typo my snatch was 95kg not 195

PTS said...

FS- 245 lbs x 3 (20lb PR!) = 111kg
Snatch 145lbs x2= 65kg
Had 155x2 but pressed it out the slightest at the end so didn't count it
chins = 34

DU's= 535 couple misses early doors cost me my goal of 600.

FS= 111
PS= 65
CU's= 34
DU= 535


videos for the lifts and DU's to follow.

icing of calves to follow. they are already throbbing.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Yeah Brent you probably yelled that when you thought his snatch was 195!

Wes hendricks said...

Double Unders - 578 (video will be posted in a little)

Garage Crossfitter said...

Front squat 113.6 x 3 (pr)
snatch 70.4 x 2
pullups 42

total= 226

Total so far= 586

Caper said...

FGB at CFC 250
triple FS 98kg
double snatch 55kg
PU - 13

skipping to follow

ryan said...

FGB- 330 PR!

SNATCH : 130 X 2 PR!
CHIN UPS: 11 (dead hang) PR!(sadly)

David X said...

Finally done after some (more) technical issues with both my camera and video camera.

FGB: 301
FS in Kg: 115.7
Snatch in Kg: 74.8
Max Rep pullups: 13
Rhinannon: 347
Bog Dawg Total: 851.5

Nap time!!!!

Wes hendricks said...

BWT - 145

FGB - 374
Front Squat - 102.2(225lbs)
Squat Snatch - 70.4(155)
Pull-ups - 40 (CTB)
Double unders - 578

Total = 1164

All the videos I have seen are power snatches, so now I am not sure if we were suppose to do powers sorry I did squats. Squat snatch at 155 was a new 1RM as well as 2RM. 225 FS was a 10 pound PR. With the pull-ups I can't do normal kipping, so I did chest-to-bar pull-ups.

Double -unders

If you guys notice the video I am moving up in the world, I recently just got a 150 sq foot storage unit. I am not longer working out in parking lots. I also looked at houses today for next semester, it had about a 800 sq foot garage....its beautiful

Sweeney said...

FGB: 297
FS: 110
Snatch: 65
Chins 32
Rhiannon: 522

Total: 1026

tusk said...

Rhiannon - 501

Total score for weekend:

Can't wait for the next comp!

Gord said...

OPT 3- total-185.54
Rhiannon-425(PB) prev was 285

Competition total=913.54

I am very happy with the improvement in my training. I always want to place better but I had a PB in FGB, front squat and Rhiannon. My snatch is steadly improving. Hard not to be happy.

My next challenge is to not sabatoge myself after competition. I have a history of eating poorly for weeks after a competition and then spending the another 2-3 weeks of trying to get my food back on track. The result is a step backwards in training and minor injuries. I was lacking motivation since the regionals last May, but this weekend got me fired back up.

rwcorson said...

Rob - 541+540 Dbl Unders=1081total
Liz - 388+497=885

Jefff said...

FGB (Yesterday) - 329

Front Squat - 103.2kg
Snatch - 58.2kg
Max Pull-ups - 46

Rhiannon - 407

Total - 943.4

Snatch and DUs need lots of work.

Geoff Aucoin said...

FGB - 358 (yesterday)
OPT 3 - 107.7 + 71.8 + 39 = 218.5
Rhiannon - 545
Total - 1121.5

Pretty darn happy with that. The old gaucoin was shining through this weekend. Set some PBs today, too!

Good job to everyone!!

Paul Klein said...

Front Squat 111kg

Snatch 66kg

Max Pull Ups 31

Rhiannon 359 (No video as my camera wont' take videos of any length)

FGB 345
OPT3 208
Rhiannon 359
TOTAL Score 912

Geoff Aucoin said...

Colin, we're a little concerned about your 1st 23 pull-ups, your chin is definately breaking the plane on the next batch (when you switch to conventional) but you can see your chin is well back from the bar. Gord is a butterfly pull-up guy and he had a tough time getting the chin to break the plane of the bar.

Wes, CTB pull-ups probably aren't gonna cut it, man. Sorry.

Wes hendricks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wes hendricks said...

bummer if they don't count.....contest was still super fun to do.

here is the link to my pull-ups

Rebecca said...

Thank you Gord for talking me into this....
Fight Gone Bad: 229(done at CFC on Saturday)

OPT 3:(done at home)
Front squat-59kg
pull up-23

Rhiannon:(done at OPT)

Total: 876

This was fun!

Gord said...

Rebecca---Great work this weekend. Way to go. Next time we get Blaine in to.

Colin....Great scores all weekend man. you an animal, but I am with Aucoin regarding pullups...I had to do this little chicken head bob thing for reps to count. I had a number of reps taken away that were similar to yours. Sorry buddy, Just my opinion.

Wes- Great scores...but in the video can't see chin or bar

Brent ---We are currently discussing a t- shirt with DJ Power on it. Funny funny stuff.

Caper said...

FGB - 250, at CFC
OPT3 - 166 at CFC
Rhiannon - 244 front sidewalk

Total - 660

Ali Loach said...

Awesome Job Rebecca!
Sad that I couldn't participate but glad that you decided to give it a go.
Next and I, Sister Act!

Ryan G. said...

FGB 250
FS 114
Snatch 63
CU 23
DU 336

Total 786.

Over all I am fairly pleased with this. FGB could have gone better, I look forward to my next attempt. I fell off the bar on my 23 round of chins and landed on my ass. I got a pb on Rhiannon. ( If im not misteken by over 100 reps. )

I would like to thank everyone at OPT today for their support and encouragement. What a great group of people.

Wes hendricks said...

Haha I know, david X and I had our fair share of camera trouble on saturday. I completely understand why it can't be considered legit

PTS said...

my FS, PS and Chins.
And DU's.

DU's were done 7 mins after the chins.

I envy those that got to do the WODS with someone, I'm sure it raised the energy. We might have to get a group together for the upstate NYers next time.

Scotty Hagnas said...

Well, that was a lot of fun. Some big disappointments, but also some nice PRs.

Saturday, noon. FGB regional in Hood River, OR. A beautiful day, though very windy. After helping run the event, I jumped in the last heat. The wallballs went nice and smooth at the start, sumos ok. Legs on fire by the box jumps, didn't have the rebound I've been working on... went downhill from there. Just didn't seem to have the muscular endurance today. I wish I could blame it on bad food, sleep, or something else, but I can't. Everything was pretty good, except maybe sleep quality. No excuses.... It has actually been 3 years since I've done the regular FGB- this was 35 reps lower than that year where I averaged <5 hrs sleep the week beforehand.....

FGB- 271

Watching myself, I see I am pulling sumos too high, no arm drive on the box, and need to stretch my biceps so I can get better lockout on the PPs.

PWO: refuel, whey, greens, lysine 30p/60c

Sunday 11:41-12:41 OPT3

Felt great this morning - body was pain free and flexible right at the start.
FS: got 225, or 102kgx3 for a PR.
Snatch: got 125x2 last time we did this, got 135x2 today or 61kg. 10lb PR, so happy with that. These were power snatches - practically muscle snatches...I really need to start practicing the squat snatch regularly again. Should be good for quite a bit more than this....
Pullups: did 29, but upon review I disqualified at least 4 - so 25.

OPT3= 188

Rested 30 minutes(1 scoop refuel), then did "Rihannon": 213 in 10 min. This is a big improvement for me - wanted 200 and got it.

PWO: refuel, whey, greens taurine. 40p/60c

Total for challenge 1= 672

funinthesun said...

GB 248
Front Squat 60kg,Snatch 30kg, Pullups 19, Rhiannon 448
Total 805

Fun weekend!! OPT great atmosphere.

Colin Jenkins said...

Thanks for your thoughts guys, I'll respect any final decision on how many pull-ups of mine should count.

Score - 585

OPT Challenge TOTAL:
FGB: 396
Front Squat: 136
Snatch: 79
Pull-ups: 37 or 14*
Double-Unders: 585

Total Score - 1233 or 1210*

(*if first 23 pull-ups are not up to standard)

Sarah Scholl said...

FGB: 331
I used a 25 inch box jump...that took a lot out of me.
the night after FGB, someone let my dog out of my apartment( the road is right next to me and she is a small terrier that is not allowed off her leash for good reason) I ran after her as fast as I could down a flight of steep wooden stairs..I tripped and fell face first, and landed on both of my knees. I am in severe pain, but I am praying that there was no damage done. I fought through the rest of the challenge this morning in tears:
FS: 145
Snatch: 85
Pull ups: 25
Double Unders; this the top score?
does anyone know anything about knees? If I did the FS today..I cant possibly have done any damage to my ligaments right?
Thanks so much OPT for this challenge..I loved it and cant wait for the next.

Geoff Aucoin said...

585? Colin where have you been hiding out, dude? You are a big scarey man! Nice work, I'm looking forward to watching your progress...

The 'DJ Power' shirt is in the works; this is my new mission in life. That and trying to get people to like me.

Garage Crossfitter said...

570 Double unders


thanks coach!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Sarah I can't say I'm a knee expert but I know bone bruises hurt. I doubt any squatting or snatching should damage them further seeing it's local, acute pain as opposed to damaged/torn/sprained ligaments. My thoughts are you're safe, just ice those suckers a bunch.

Now, do you have any video of your WODs or of you falling down stairs? I'm sure both would be good viewing at this point.

597 doubles?! That's incredible.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Josh I only counted 569 but I did blink once or twice.

I'm only kidding, man, great effort this weekend. Now go get some lights for your garage, it's like a cave in there.

Me and Corson just had a beer and I'm like a giddy school girl. Results = me posting anything that pops into my head until I get sleepy enough for a nappy nap.

Lisa M said...

Well i was procrastinating my double unders and then when i finally decided to get down to business i couldn't find my video camera. So an hour after tearing my house apart and going through my messy car three times i finally found it in the pocket behind the drivers seat????? Who knows how it got there. Anyways i will now attempt to upload my video - having never done it before who knows.

Here are my results

FGB 255
FS 63
Snatch 36
Pullups 21
Double Unders 454

Total 829

Was quite happy with the double unders since last time i had a hard time doing 300 in the ten minutes!!

First official attempt at FGB will go in with better stategy next time or shall i say a strategy!!

Great job everyone it was a lot of fun.

Wes hendricks said...

Colin sick job....I liked the strategy, sets of 25 worked pretty well for me

Evan Johnston said...

Rhiannon- 370 (big PR)

Total for the weekend
275 + 100kg + 65kg + 23 + 370= 833

Feel like FGB could have gone a lot better, but felt great about my first crossfit competition. Thanks to all at OPT and CFC for the great support and encouragement this weekend. Congratulations to all Dawgs on a great weekend. I absolutely love this and can't wait for the next challenge!

Geoff, sign me up for a "DJ power" t-shirt.

Scotty, great numbers this weekend was definitely thinking about you guys at CF Portland.

Bob Cook said...

I am posting for myself and my friend Dustin (he is the smaller of the two of us). We are in Vancouver, Washington and did the WOD's on friday and saturday, because we always take sunday off. I didn't post any PR's on FGB, but both Dustin and I got PR's on everything else. Thanks James for the competition and outlet for this. It's alot of work and greatly appreciated.
FGB 290
Front sqaut 265#
Snatch 175# ? more than 2sec on ground, pushing to get overhead.
Pull ups 33
Double unders guess at 200 because our video went out at 3 minutes.
FGB 284
Front sqaut 265#
Snatch 135#
Pull ups 26
Double unders 225

We have videos at "The Workout Crossfit" on Vimeo, but I have not figured out how to get a direct link on here like others have.

Some impressive performances out there! Nice work guys, keep it up!

deejay said...

FGB - 386 (PR)
FS - 145kg (PR)
Snatch - 95kg
Pullups - 31 (PR)
Rhiannon - 527 (PR) - last time 87
Total - 1184

OPT 3 and Rhiannon done in the comfort of the OPT premisis, judged by non other than Mike "BrOPT" Fitzgerald. Also known as the 11th fittest man in the world. FGB done at CFC judged by non other than my favourite "aunt" Liz. Muhahaha
Colin you are a beast, where the hell did you come from? Unit and Rory, where the heck are your scores/videos??? I want to see your beastly results...

deejay said...

Oh and Brent, love the video. I am honoured by your attempt to summon my "DJ POWER"... I just about killed myself laughing. Awesome work by the way!

Joel B. said...

OPT 3:
FS 3rm: 195#'s--88.63, call it 88kg's
SN 2rm: 140#'s--63.63, call it 63kg's
PU's: 43--pr by 10

FGB: 294
OPT 3: 194
Rhiannon: 485

Total: 973
Just reading the comments that were posted while I was doing this. Due to the pu bar situation, and the camera angle it does not show irrefutable evidence that my chin is breaking the vertical plane. It was if video evidence is required I guess these might not count? Hmm...well, the video should be loaded in a bit and I'll post the links. If people want to let me know that's cool. Still no video pro's in this house, but this one is a bit better I think. No kids.

Rhiannon: 485

EHR said...

Eric R.
FGB 297
FS 102
Snatch 64
Pull ups 36
Rhiannon 478 (thanks for counting Sweeney)
Total: 977

Rob Sifton said...

Well I wish I could have been at CFC for the event there yesterday. The intensity I have on my own I know is less than with the energy that fills that place.

None the less here it is....

R1. 20,20,35,15,20 = 110
R2. 18,20,33,11,15 = 79
R3. 13,13,28,10,12 = 76
Total = 265

Video is on the camera, but I just finished this and I have to do OPT3 and Rhiannon as well tonight with 2.5 hours rest.
Work is REALLY getting in the way.

Was hoping to do OPT3 and Rhiannon tomorrow, no such luck.

Will post the videos once i get some time to think

Some crushing scores out there on this. Impressive.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Geoff- My wife just bought me a new PSE Stinger Bow for hunting know what that means...I have an extra bow for you...haha...lets go bag some deer...and we can wear our DJ Power shirts, only if they come in camo....

awesome job dawgs, a big WHOOOOFFFF to everyone that put their guts into this weekend....

Time for some rest....

Mack Lar said...

All WOD's completed between friday night and saturday morning. Apologize in advance for the video quality. Angles weren't the best at all times to show full ROM but it was there I swear. I had my kids filming for me and I was trying to get FGB done before it was dark. Had a great time and I appreciate Coach setting this up.

FGB 354
OPT 3:
FS 102 kg (PR)
Snatch 66 kg(PR)
PU 41
Rhiannon 544
Total 1107


5'10 - 175lbs - 29yrs old.


FGB - 290
Sept 26, 2009 - 9:30 AM
***should have went wat harder in the first round, I kinda coasted at first***

OPT 3 - Front Squat 115.9kg
- Snatch - 61.3kg
- Vertical Plane Chins - 41
*** I used the full squat snatch I also have a power snatch done the same day at that weight***
Sept 26, 2009 - 4:30 PM

Sept 26, 2009 - 5:45 PM approx
***hard to put the running count at the bottom of the screen. My partner in crime Surrey Sterling counted this twice and 633 was the number. Please feel free to count and scale back any reps that were not legit in the eyes of the big dawg crew. SURREY STERLING THANKS for the VIDEO WIZARDRY and the HOSPITALITY.


Like I said before in my first post, this was a lot of fun. The last 4 to 6 weeks have been pretty dodgy in terms of training, injuries, and my diet is non existent. However this was a spark I needed to get myself back together. 700 RHIANNON is totally within reach.

Also what a great community! Huge shout out to Colin, Deejay and Garage WOWSERS I hope to know what a 350+ FGB feels like you savages.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Josh the only bows I use are the ones I put in my shoelaces. Can you even find your bow in that garage, it's like Blair Witch Project video footage!

Sifton I wanna see six hundy for Rhiannon!

Geoff Aucoin said...

633? Jesus H...

Rory Hanlin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Katrina Burton said...

FGB - 310

3RM Front Squat 140# (63.5kg)

2RM Snatch 105# (47.6kg)

AMRAP Pullups 43

Rhiannon - 659

Total = 1123.1

Great weekend. I was alittle too ambis]tious in the FGB and paid for it in rounds 2 and 3 so I was 11 under by best score. I guess I know for next time. The front squat tied my 3RM PR, and I have never went for a 2RM snatch and was pleased with the result. AMRAP pullups with the vertical plane standard are crazy tough compared to the C2B butterfly style that I usually do. Double unders are always a favorite, but I think a 700 is do-able.

Great job all around dawgs! It was fun! If it wasn't for work and meetings this whole weekend I would have been up there in a flash. Hoping to be in Calgary for the next one!

Rory Hanlin said...

Just returned from a great wedding in Minneapolis MN.

Ate and slept like shit... Got back on the train today with some BWT OHS work. Trying to get to 15...

Results of the Anvil Athletes can be seen at

Rory Hanlin
FGB: 354
OPT 3: 159/102/31
Rhiannon: 584
Total: 1230

FGB: 368
OPT 3: 125/79/31
Rhiannon: 590
Total: 1193

Rob Otteson
FGB: 295
OPT 3: 116/75/21
Rhiannon: 259
Total: 766

We ran the comp as a 5 hour, one day event last weekend. We had our own judges scoring each event throughout the day. I guessed wrong and made the standards on the box jumps in FGB the same as Canada West, that is, full foot on box. The standard on the Wall Balls was ass to grass.

Unit received the Spirit of OPT Award for his monstrous effort on his successful 3RM Front Squat PR of 275lbs. The moment was truly motivating.

Nice job this weekend, Big Dawgs. We have some serious competition of which I am proud to be apart.

Joel B. said...

Video finally is available for the OPT 3 and Rhiannon. Totals once again were:

OPT 3:
FS 3rm: 195#'s--88.63, call it 88kg's
SN 2rm: 140#'s--63.63, call it 63kg's
PU's: 43--pr by 10

FGB: 294
OPT 3: 194
Rhiannon: 485

Total: 973

OPT 3 and Rhiannon:

Thanks so much for this challenge weekend. I had a lot of fun doing it, and watching other folks video too. Although I had a disappointing FGB (maybe 1st time on camera shyness with kid issues to boot!?) the OPT 3 and Rhiannon results I was really happy with. Sure, there is loads of room for improvement, but take my word for it, it is an improvement from when I started just back in July.

Great job all dawgs out there! I have more videos to check out and I can't wait.

joey warren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
joey warren said...

Final Results: I did FGB on Friday and OPT3 and Rhiannon on Sat morning because I left town immediatly after for a wedding.

FGB: - 422 -
I felt pretty sick afterwards, one of the worst feelings I have ever felt after a workout...after the video I laid on the ground and couldnt move for about 15min

OPT3 - 243
front squat - 111.4kg
snatch- 79.5kg
pullups - 52

Rhiannon - 481
Double unders have been a weakness for me, I have seen a lot of improvement, but there is still plenty of room - any suggestions on how I can work to make them more efficient is appreciated.

total = 1146

Brian H said...

I did this for fun. I may tape the next challenge.
FGB-336 (one of my weakest benchmarks, the wall balls kill me)
Pretty close to 1k. I feel very good about ROM on all movements, and my snatch is just off my 1rm.
Thanks, OPT. See you next time.

Lisa M said...

OOps posted my video in wrong blog. Here is my double unders

Took forever to download and upload the HD format from my Flip but hopefully it worked.

Geoff Aucoin said...

Good lord, if I wasn't at OPT today I would have like to have been at the Anvil. Nice intensity there, boys, I was cheering on Unit's 3rd rep of the FS.

Seeing how I have no life and am chilling watching football I'll keep up the banter.

Rory, I'd appreciate it if you could make 225lbs x 2 reps look like effort next time. Maybe throw in a huge fake scream so I feel better about almost spitting out my spleen at 158? Just kidding, that's unreal man. Gary, I'm afraid under OPTs guidelines your snatches can't count at that weight. Having to lock out your weight after you get it overhead isn't allowed in competition; that's not stated anywhere in the blog so you probably didn't know.

That rope you guys used in Rhiannon is amazing. I used one like it at CrossFit Oshawa and it nearly tore a huge chunk out of my arm when I missed.

Looks like a fun day at the Anvil, you guys f$%kin' rock.

Anonymous said...

Had to sub 14# ball and burpees for row on FGB, need to get a 20# ball and rower. Otherwise did the competition for fun no video's,hope to make it to CFC and OPT next time.

FGB 308

Front Squat 3rm 97.5kg
Snatch 2rm 57kg
pullups 32

Rhiannon 408


unit said...

geoff... yeah as 4 the snatch we didn't have a standard so in guessing we went with the games standard... figured it was a legit standard... however if need b I can put up my attempts at 165 2 c if they r better... and deduct 4pts...
coach, what would u like 4 me 2 do?...
it was a ton of fun at the anvil last wknd and hard 2 keep under wraps!... hopefully more can join us next time!...
thanks 4 the encouragement...
2days wod
worked on a version of a grip gauntlet and hspus and parallettes prior 2 playing intramural bball... a gd day of active rest!...
Rory, bro, thanks again 4 hosting the event at the anvil!... look 4ward 2 visiting again soon...

Chris Dunkin said...

Just finished Rhiannon

FGB 380
OPT3: 134/79/40
Rhiannon: 537

Total: 1170

headed home to rotate 2 video's counterclockwise, and get 'em uploaded.

Lots of traveling this wknd. Raised close to 4k for FGB4 at Cowboy CrossFit. Good friends good times, but no one calling me out on form faults so let me have it.

Thanks for all the great motivation.

Rob Sifton said...

Front Squat 81.8 PB
Snatch 38 (got higher but had to press it out, no good)
AMRAP chinups 40 (I did 41 but had to call fault on the last 1, just short)
total = 159

done with 1min to spare

Rhiannon to be completed in 30min

I know what my target is. Here it goes

Total so far

Brent Maier said...


FGB: 332
OPT3: 241
- FSx3: 120kg
- Snatchx2: 75kg
- Pullups: 46
Rhiannon: 547

Total: 1120

Notes: Finally got it uploaded after many technical difficulties wrapped around a busy day. I'll take a look at the videos I missed tomorrow. Great job everyone. There are some beasts out there! Man 'o Man!

Be sure to save me a few DJ POWER shirts! Can't wait... And Katrina, holy smokes girl! Still waiting on your Lauren.

Surrey Sterling 39/175/5'10" said...

What a weekend! Thanks OPT and thanks to my pirate training partner Mr. Young Man Rumble! This dude can skip!

FGB 280

OPT 3 - 102kg - 66kg - 33pu - 201

Riannon - did it twice. 480

280+201+481= 962

Congrat's to all you dawgs! Amazing numbers! The Anvil crew! Garage! Katrina! DJ! Mr. Aucoin thanks for your review and honesty with everyone! Brent and Joel! Well done everyone! Feels wicked to be part of this pound!

Surrey said...

Brent your video is gimped brother.

dontpanic356 said...


OPT3- 269

-FS: 139

-SN: 93
-PU: 37

Rhiannon: 327

total: 961

Double Unders killed. There couldn't have been a worse workout for me. And to make matters worse, I cant get the friggin video to upload. I'll work on it in the next couple of days.

Congrats and good work to everyone. Ive been seeing some awesome videos and great scores. Thanks for the competition coach.

deejay said...

I made an error, my Rhiannon was 522 not 527... total is 1179

Lauren said...

FGB - 301
FS - 83kg
Snatch - 43kg
Pullups - 26
Rhiannon - 510
Total - 963
(i think my math is correct)

Great weekend!! good times at CFC and OPT.

Geoff Aucoin said...

There are just some beasts coming out of the woodwork this weekend.

422 FGB? 659 Rhiannon? Un-frickin'-real.

Brent, I can't believe I got you by 1 point. Daaaaamn.

deejay said...

damn dirty double unders.... this competition has lit a fire under my ass... can't wait for next one! Nice work Anvil crew, I knew you guys would come out with scary numbers. Until next time....

Rob Sifton said...

Well the pain is over. Started this whole deal 5hrs ago

Part 1. 265
Part 2. 154
Part 3. 643 (awesome work Katrina, amazing pace that you held)
Total 1062

Awesome work everyone! Great to be part of this group. I will post all my videos tomorrow. Tonight I must sleep.

Jefff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rob Sifton said...

Thanks Jeff I tried my hardest. Shoulders were just to fatigued. Next tine I meet Rhiannon 750 for sure. I just did Rhiannon on Tues of last week and was lower by about 3 then.

Gord said...

Rory, Unit and Rob O

Boys love the videos. wicked atmoshpere. Exciting to watch. Unit the front squat was amazing.

depaul said...

Awesome job everyone! 422 FGB, 600+ Rhiannons...what a group, I am proud to be a part. Unit, that FS video was amazing effort, but damn it made my knees hurt! Speaking of which Sarah I hope your face and knees heal so you can continue to put up killer times. And yes, Rory snatched my FS...sigh.

Wasn't able to video this time but here are the scores:

FGB: 328 (pr although I must confess it was still with a 15 lb ball. I must get a 20).

FS 100 kg
snatch 61 kg (tied is the technique, not the strength, that is holding me back at this point),
chins 30. I felt like I could maybe have done more but I didn't have a high enough bar to do a full kip. These were gymnastics kip, I have no idea how you guys did butterflies.

Rhiannon: 384 (pr) I would have liked 400, but gave it a good push at the end. The arms were the limiting factor actually in my sets, in swinging the rope around, is this true for everyone?

Total: 903 (woof)

One question: I assumed FS standard was with a clean grip and went as such, but would a powerlifting grip have been allowed? (Cross arms over bar) I have done far more weight with this in the past, but 225 x 3 with clean grip was a pr for me. Just wondering.

sHELLy said...

FGB: 275 (at CFC. Thanks for the push Trevor)
OPT 3 (at OPT. Thanks for enforcing the rules Mike)
FS: 67.7
Snatch: 38.6
PU: 20
DU: 334 (at CFC. DJ counted, but I think he missed a couple hundred reps! I need to do these more often)
Total: 735

Fun weekend. Great scores. Good job everyone!

Colin Jenkins said...

oops, recounted my "Rhiannon",

on closer review, I got 589, not 585

Which brings my total to 1237 - 1214*

(*range depending on how many pull-ups counted for standard)

Justin Flynn said...

First time posting. Been doing these wods for about a month now. I love em. This is a great community. Thanks James for providing such a great blog. Look forward to competing in many more of these.
1. Fight Gone Bad 351
2. Front Squat 127 kg
3. Snatch 79 kg
4. Pullups 42
5. Rhiannon 394
Total: 993
Time for sleep. Will post video manana.

Chris Dunkin said...

Here are my video links. Upon review of Rhiannon, my count is 524, not 537, which makes my total= 1157. (380/134/79/40/524)






unit said...

loaded an early snatch that appears 2 be more adherent to the OPT standard...

takes score down to 1189


Sweeney said...

Rory, Unit, Rob...

Wicked Vid's.

Unit, that FS was over the top!!!

Are those Anvil T's?

Are they available for sale?

Rob Sifton said...

Upon further review of my Rhiannon Video, Counted 667 total DU's

Other videos are being added now.

Total is 1086

Joel B. said...

I am catching up little by little on the video entries for fun. Chris Dunkin...I can't view your WODs due to privacy setting...

Surrey! Love the OPT 3 vid! I'll have to have the camera set like that when I get my new pullup bar....if we have a pull up portion on a future challenge.

Brent Maier said...

Unit, you and I had the same knee dance going on this weekend! Good job.

Geoff, yeah that is crazy considering I've been on your coat tails for over 3 years now. I consider it an honor.

Can't wait to check out the rest of the videos this evening!

Chris Dunkin said...

Joel- Thanks. Should be fixed now.

Rob Ottesen said...

Why yes they were Unit had them made ill ask if for sale.
They turned out great. OPT we gotta see you in an anvil shirt.
Rory I did 289. Du

Surrey Sterling said...

Eh Joel, Ya I figure you can spot the rubber necking easier with the camera set at that angle. Eh I did a little post event crunching Got you in 19 and me in 20. I'm sure that will change a bit but whatever. Hell of great effort man!!

Rory Hanlin said...

Rob... oops
that would bring your total up 29 points.

Sweeney, yes! they are for sale. We have four left! They are a tad pricey at 30 dollars each, but they are Dryfit, so they are worth every penny. Email me your address if you want one.

PTS said...

Surrey and Young Man Rumble. I loved the Kriss Kross tunes for YMR double unders. I was laughing. Only thing that would have made it better is if you went totally krossed out with the clothes, haha. absoltely brilliant.

Bob Cook said...

Ok, I figured out how simple it is to post your videos from Vimeo, so here they are.

Bob Cook FGB 290 – thought I would easily break 300, but did not happen.
Dustin Ward FGB 284- this was a PR for Dustin

Bob FS 265#x3, Snatch 175# x2, Pull ups 33.
Dustin FS 175#x3, Snatch 135#x2, Pull ups 26.
Sorry for the long video, I thought to be “legit” we would have to show that we did this in 60 minutes unedited. No cool soundtracks either.

Rhionna Dustin 225, Bob 200
Video cut off at 3 minutes. Dustin knew how many he got, I lost count and was hoping on using the video to count, so this is a rough estimate for me.

Totals in kg and reps
Bob 290+120.5+79.5+33+200 = 723
Dustin 284+79.5+61+26+225 = 675.5

I know that we are automatically DQ’d due to no video for Rhionna and probably for pressing out the snatches for me, but we had a blast doing it! Neither of us trained for or “tapered” for this. We both like training so much that I just took 1 day off prior to the comp and Dustin did not take any. In fact to Dustin’s credit he did a 30 mile bike ride about 1 hour before we did OPT3 and Rhionna. He is currently preparing for a 100mile ride in the next 2 weeks.

Thanks again James!!!!!

Kathleen said...

FGB = 228
FS = 57.2
Sch = 29.5
DU = 310
Total = 624.7

Congratulations to all competitors. Thanks to the cheering squads. Atta boys/girls to those that PB'ed.

Rob Sifton said...

Videos for



AMRAP Chin ups

Could not get FGB as it was too big for my account apparently.