Canada Day, 2010

"...the true north strong and free..."

A. Dead Lift @ 21X1 - 3,3,3 - 70%; rest 1 min
B. Bench Press @ 30X0; 5,5,5; rest 3 min
C. AMRAP Double Unders in 3 minutes
D. GH Raises @ 2010; 15 x 3; rest 1 min

post loads and notes to comments

Cheoff Geoff's summer "coolie":
1 cup goat's milk
2 big scoops of cococamino cocoa powder
vanilla extract
frozen banana
1-2 shots of espresso
blend that sucker up and pour it over ice. iced latte action. or if you have a good blender and lots of ice, blend it up with the ice for the smoothie action. sofa king good.


Geoff Aucoin said...

Jaysus, I just made that bad-boy today and there it is; cut and pasted on the big blog! It was soooooo gooooooood.

My word is 'oproded.' Like James 'oproded' my recipe to his blog...

Anonymous said...


Kyle F said...

Sounds good.

Is there a version with booz in it?

Eric S said...


A. 225, 245, 265
B. 155, 165, 175
C. 167
D. as Rx'd

Good times. Pretty happy about closing in on the 1 DU / sec mark.

Pfeifdog said...

A. 365
B. 245,255,275
C. 118
D. unbroken

C. I have never been great a DU but they were not good today. Calves crapped up halfway through.

PTS said...

A. 225,225, 235. probably under 70%

B. 185, 205,205
C. 202
D. unbroken.

hoops game later tonight.

Chris Dunkin said...

A. 365
B. 245,265,280x4
C. 264
D. 10lb,15lb,25lb (bumper held behind neck)

thanks for the bp target pfeif.

trap3: 15lb/handx10, 20lbx10x2
powell: 25lbx10,28lbx8,30lbx7
ext rot: 30lbx10,33lbx8,35lbx7

Thad said...


A. 3x250
B. 155, 155, 160
C. 167
D. Subbed good mornings 3x15@ 95#

Left shoulder still weak and fatigues quick, holding me back on BP and DU's.

MrsPTS said...

A. #135,#145, #155
B. #65, #75, #85
C. 102
D. Unbroken

PukeNMike said...

A. 345#
B. 205,235,235 (I liked the tempo, made it challenging.)
C. 120...bleh, getting a little better.

I am loving the unloading week. I feel healthy and am fired up for this weekend.

mhamilton said...


A. 275, 275, 275
B. 155, 175, 175
C. 26!
D. 15x3 UB with #25

Yes, I have a serious problem with DUs. I think maybe a witch doctor is in order.

PukeNMike said...


Side effects of Orthorexia include: weight loss, euphoria, and the sudden loss of the ability to do Double Unders.

I'm suffering as well.

Poly said...

A. 315 325 335
B. 185 195 205 - Either an early fireworks show outside my window, or my shoulder disagreeing with this lift, either way a lot of pops to be heard
C. 163 - bought faster rope off of rogue canada website, big difference, but I still suck
D. 15x3, getting better

Hope everyone has a good time tonight, and to our American brothers you should be able to cure your Orthorexia with hotdog crushing comp on Sunday!

brian cilento said...

a. 245-265-275 (still playing baby with my back, but these felt good)
b. 205-215-220
c. 115 (used rope with weighted handles)
d. @ rx

happy canada day... hosers

Melisa C said...

A. 220
B. 105, 110, 115
C. 188

Anonymous said...

how long do you rest between sets

Jonathan3sinclair said...

A. 225# (felt under 70%)
B. 135, 135, 145#
C. 175
D. Unbroken

Andrew said...


A. 365, 365, 365
B. 155, 175, 175
C. 163
D. 25lb plate UB x 4

DUs felt fine, but I got really tired in the shoulders and chest after the first 80. Didn't miss any, legs/calves felt fine, but I could only do them in 5s and 10s afterward because it was so hard to keep swinging the rope.

Marshall said...

A. 235/235/235
B. 185/195/215
C. 172
D. 15x3 all UB

DU's have come a long way. New PR with 100 UB today. This altitude is killing me, I was dead after the first 100.

LuLu said...

Melissa C,
Send me your email address:
We will be in your area this weekend, we need to hook up. Sent you a note on the blog about your last visit but it was probably too late.
That drink is outta hand. LOVE it.

DAVID X said...

Happy Canada Day, now can you please take Justin Bieber back?!?

Nathan H. said...

Thought I'd share this.

Made me laugh.

Chad Walding said...


A. 275x3
B. 185/195/205
C. 150 WTF (need to shorten rope)
D. UB x 3 with 25#plate

irongirl said...

A. 140,140,140
B. 65,75,75
C. 150
D. 15,15,15

Joel B. said...

A: 205X3X3
B: 155X5X3
C: 235
D: ub@bw

Happy Canada Day up north.

kat. said...

A. 75 kg, 80 kg, 80 kg
B. 40 kg, 45 kg, 45 kg
C. 126
D. Sub: Good-Mornings: 26 kg, 31 kg, 33.5 kg

Alex said...

@ Melissa C : Wow! Good job!

A- 170-170-160
I have not deadlifted in some time, need to get back into that more regularly...lost a bit of strength
B- 95-95-100 Not bad
D- GHD at bb gym where I was has horrible pads ... and my glutes/ hammies are needing lots o' work..

Did 2X 15 three second static holds at 60°, and ended with 15 good mornings with 50 lbs.


Brandon said...

A. 405/405/365
B. 275/285/295(f-3)
C. 100-110 lost track 90 seconds in
D. BW x 3

Notes: I strained my back on the 2nd set of deadlifts and it made the DUs really tough. In retrospect, I should have shut it down but I am stubborn. Strain is limited to the erectors so ice, trigger point, rest and I should be good for the weekend.

Drover said...

A) 225# / 225# / 235#
B) 135# / 135# / 135#
C) Subbed 3 min AMRAP 24" box jumps = 63
D)unbroken back extensions

DL, on second set felt great and decided to up the weight.

As for the DU, didn't have a rope, so subbed for box jump amrap

Due to no GHD machine, just performed back extensions

Alex Duncan said...

A. 276x3 all sets
B. 155, 165, 175 No spotter, so went light
C. 133 very disappointing, new Buddy lee Rope
D. UB w 10#, Body Weight UB, BW UB

Happy Canada Day to all. Went swimming in a hidden lake in the wilds of New Brunswick today under sunny skies. Made me appreciate our great country even more.

Stephen B. said...
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Stephen B. said...


A. Deads felt strong after first set, so I jumped 10#...weight was about right for today
B. should have gone heavier...thought I was shooting for 70% effort on these too...fck!
C. first 100 UB, then went for sets of 25 UB...broke second and last set of 25

Garage Crossfitter said...

Check out this link...
This is written on the athletic page of this university (close to my home, Division 1) on how athletes should eat....good shit..

Paul Klein said...

I'm pretty sure I do the exact opposite of everything in that article Garage Crossfitter posted. I'm pretty excited to see they like pancakes and waffles for breakfast "on the run"....sign me up I love pancakes!

A. 285/285/285
B. 195/205/205
C. 170
D. All broken

PukeNMike said...

@Paul Klein

Haha, I quit reading after I saw the food pyramid.

Dawson said...

Garage Crossfitter... Thanks for that article. It now gives me a better understanding on how to become an elite athlete. I guess coach had it all wrong. Hahaha. Whatever.... I was looking and waiting for the disclaimer saying that this was a joke but never found it. WTF??? Hahaha.

Rob Sifton said...

That is one great article. It finally lets me have the meals that both DJ and I really feel are best for the performance of all athletes. Hell it even says that I can get "High performance meals" in almost all restaurants.

DJ give me those FitKits back and I will buy you some Chicken sandwiches from McDonalds. I will even buy the first round once we arrive in LA!

PRM said...

A. 225,245,285
B. 135, 145, 150 (Floor press, close(ish) grip, no bench avail.
C. 185
D. bwt x 3 unbroken

Lars said...

No WOD today, had a firefighter combat challenge event - 1st of the year. Didn't PR, but felt really good at the end of the run, could have pushed it a lot harder. Good to know considering I hadn't done any specific training for it AT ALL! Anyway ran a 1:41...but very pleased with how easy that felt and knowing there's more in the tank.

Poly, I'd say this training was a great help with the combat challenge. Now I need a little bit more course practice and I'll be kicking ass and taking names.

Julian Cruz said...


Lucas said...

A. 295x3
B. 185x3
C. 211
D. As Rx'd

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

First day on OPT programming, hoping to be a big dawg one day

A. 235
B. 155, 165, 165
C. 98 (cardio-endurance needs lots of work)
D. subbed with a reverse-hyper. One of the lucky few with access to this. Is it an appropriate sub?

OPT said...

phatty, the reverse hyper is a hip ext movement, the GH raise is a knee flexion and hip ext movement if you can do some nordic raises (youtube it) as well as the reverse hypers, you'll have her made as the rev hyper is superb!

Chris Dunkin said...

Exactly 1min b/t last set of A and first set of B. Then 3min b/t B and C, and 3 min b/t C and D.

Chris Fodera said...

A. 335x3x3
B. 185, 195, 200
C. 208
D. Unbroken

- First time DeadLifting since knee surgery and it felt a little heavier than 335 normall would.
- Only did DUs one other time since surgery and stopped after 15. Felt pretty good today so stayed with it.
- Hammies were on fire for 3rd set.

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

A: 265, 265, 265
B: 160, 160, 160
C: 82

Rainer Hartmann said...

A: 295 x 3/3/3
B: 135/140/145 x 5
C: 60 (first time since I busted the left knee)
D: Unbroken

Kyle F said...

A: 295/315/315
B: 225/225/225
C: 176
D: Subbed Nordic Raise

Had to pull back the reins on the DL, felt good to get some poundage but I heard coach in the back of my head "...take caution...". DU's were bad, in the second minute I only did 30.

Robin Lyons said...

1. 245lbs
2. 135, 145,145
GRACE: 2:31
3. 148...i think GRACE f'd up the d.u's :-)

Heavy Evy said...

A. 308# felt good.
B. 187,197,207, Huh just looked @ log book 197&207 were pr's.
C. 165 fffff shoelace came undone and I flamingo'd the last 2 minutes, dumbass!
D. Ub,ub,14/

Ben Priestley said...

A. 205# x3
B. 150#, 160, 165
C. 219 reps
D. UBx3
(had 1 hr break between B and C because of coaching duties)

Notes: DL felt a little heavy today until last rep of last set. Bench felt great, Louis Simmons cue of pulling bar apart was helpful. By end of C, felt like I was flapping my arms like a bird, but that rope kept moving.

DAVID X said...

A. 280x3
B. 185/20/225
C. 136 wanted 150
D. BWT x3 sets

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...
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Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

I youtubed glute ham raise, and it seems like the hip and spine is stabilized in extension (throughout the movement) and is mostly a knee flexion exercise. Am I correct?

Brian said...

June 18 wod for 2011

A. Push Press/Push Jerk/Split Jerk - 1.2.3 x 5; rest 4 min
B1. Snatch Grip Push Press @ 12X2; 5,5,5,5,5; rest 2 min
B2. Wide Grip Alternating Strict Pull Ups @ 2010; 6 x 5; rest 2 min
(pull chin over alternate hands per rep)


A. 155, 165, 175, 180, 185
B1. 135, 145, 155, 160, 165
B2. Rx'd at BW

Rested less than 10 min -

3 rounds for time:
12 supinated weighted chin ups - 1/3 BWT attached
12 depth challenging HSPU

Metcon - with 55.5#DB and Parallette HSPU to approx 2 - 2.5 in below palms in **21:40.**

Chase said...


A. 335/335/335
B. 225/225/225
C. 173
D. Unbroken

Eric Montgomery said...

Forgot to post this Thursday.
A. 365, 365, 365
B. 245, 245, 245
C. 106. Couldn't get any rhythm going.
D. 15x3 unb

Rooney said...


A. 325,245,355
B. 215,225,235
C. 178
D. all ub

PR'd on consecutive DUs to start the three mins--68, but paced poorly after that. DL and Bench felt good.

Michael said...

2011: 6/30 WOD performed on 7/8
A. 275,285,295
B. 205,215,225
C. 191

A - DL didn't feel as solid as I hoped.
B. Felt alright - 225 was tough
C. Solid. Shoulders burned out quickly. Need to keep good form and stay tall when they start to burn.

Like yesterday, feeling a little sluggish. Didn't get the bounce-back others seemed to. Not sure if it's mental or physical. Hoping this weekend goes better.