sat, june 5, 2010

2011 Prep
A. As many 1-5 back squat ladders in 10 minutes
use 70% of 1RM high bar back squat
(perform 1 squat, rack it, perform 2 reps, rack it, 3 reps....up to 5, then start at 1 again, 1-5 one time = 1 ladder)
B. DB Split Squat @ 3131; 10-12/leg x 4 sets; rest 60 sec b/t legs
C. Anchored Tabata Sit Ups - low score

2010 Prep - 2PM start time MST
part 1:
Squat Clean x 1
Guys start @ 165#, Gals start @ 100#
Every 60 sec you increase weight by 10#, how far can you go?
Rest 15 min
part 2:
For time:
30 unbroken squat clean - 95#/65#
10 chin ups
20 unbroken squat clean - 95#/65#
20 chin ups
10 unbroken squat clean - 95#/65#
30 chin ups

post # of ladders, loads, times, sets and scores to comments
Sun off for 2011 prep, single on Sun for 2010 prep


Frank S said...

Pumped up for this one

Spider said...

2010 (145/m)

Part I: 165, 175, 185x

Part II: 10:41
-Hit 15 unbroken in the first set then sets of 5 touch and go's for the rest of the reps. Pull ups were 10UB in all rounds with sets of 5's
-Forearms were gone and legs are sore. Good workout!

Pistol - CFP said...

Part 1: 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150x

20 unbroken SQ
10 unbroken PU
14 unbroken SQ
10 unbroken PU
5 unbroken SQ
5 unbroken PU

Good stuff.

Jenny said...

Part 1: 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170, 180f

Part 2: 9:19

Garage Crossfitter said...

A1. Split Stance, 1 Arm DB Press @ 5010 x 4: 40,45,50,55(3-L,5-R)

A2. 7,6,6,5
HSPU (hands on 25lb bumpers): 19,10,6
L-Pullup (supinated grip): 12,13,15
Bent Over Trap 3 @ 5010 x 8: 5lb(8),10lb(8)

Teaming up with Dmarsh for the next few months working on unilateral training but keeping same structure to Coachs programming. Working 1 day behind schedule on purpose.

Poly said...

A. @315. 2 full ladders + 10 reps. Had time left to finish last ladder, but couldn't do it. Finished ladder @ 11:30.
B. 40x12, 45x12 50x10 50x10 these were devastating.
C. 12
Thanks OPT for taking the time to program for those of us looking towards next year.

Sean Cummings said...


A. 4 full ladders plus 1 squat @195 (Haven't got a 1RM in a while so used max from last August)

B. 40lbx12 on all 4 sets

C. 12 (tried to use 16 as my number but could only hold through 5)

Adam Rogers said...

A - 2 ladders plus steps 1-2-3-4 @ 205lbs. Limiting factor was mental state, trying to talk myself back under the bar.

B - 10/leg x 3 sets w/20lbs. Skinny legs were burning on these.

C - Low score = 14. Rounds - 15x3, 14x5.

Chris Biles said...

A. 205#- 3 full ladders
B. 15,20,25(10),25(10)
C. 13 on all rnds

Lars said...

Been following since October 2009, but haven't posted before. After the regionals and speaking with OPT I've decided to post.

One quick question that comes up frequently for me...if I miss a day due to work or other commitments is it best to just skip that day and stick to the program or try and make that day up and fall behind? Usually I catch up and end up doing 5 days in a row or something. What's better?

The other option that I've tried before is following 3 days behind so I can plan ahead and bring what I need into work to train, but then I'd be posting 3 days late. Hope that makes sense.

A. 2 full ladders plus 3 reps @ 275. Hamstrings were cramping and needed to stop and stretch which slowed me down. I think I was a little dehydrated.

B. 15 x 10, 3 sets, 25 x 10 1 set. The 25 felt the same as the 15's by the 10th rep.

C. 16

Carrie McG said...

A. 3 full ladders plus 1 squat at 140#
B. 15# x 10 reps for all - these were horrible after the ladder and at tempo
C. 12 (held 15 till last rd where I got 12.. Boo me)
off to donate blood now.. good thing tomorrow is rest! :)

Gillian Mounsey said...

A. 3 full ladders plus 1,2,3 @ 175lbs
B. 30#,40#,40#,40# - 10 reps each set
C. 16

Melissa said...

2010 Prep

110, 120, 130, 140(PR), 150x - slow elbows! Dropped the bar in the hole.

Part 2

30 UB squat cleans, 10 pull-ups (5 and 5)
20 squat cleans (12 UB), 20 pull-ups in 5s and 4s
10 squat cleans (broke at 5, dammit), 30 pull-ups in 5s, 3s, and a few singles.

LEGS and forearms smoked. Great workout.

Jonathan3sinclair said...

Could someone explain the DB split squat for me? I haven't done those before and don't know whether its more like a lunge or a split clean type of thing. Thanks

Joel B. said...

A: 3 ladders + 1, 2, 3
not sure what 1rm is, so I did it on 225...sadly.
B: 15, 20, 25X10X2
C: 16

Andrew said...


A. 2 ladders +1 at 225lbs (1RM 335lbs 8mos ago).
--> Definitely rested too much, but didn't want to get stuck re-racking a 4 or 5 rep round...
B. 15lbs x 12, 25lbs x 11, 20lbs x 10, 20lbs x 10.
--> The tempo on these was killer.
C. 6 (!). 16/15/12/10/6/6/7/7

You guys are beasts.

Great question, Lars. I've just started and was wondering the same.

Mike McNaughton said...

DL beforehand: 3x3 275/310/347

A. 2 full ladders plus round of 3 on 3rd ladder. @ 255.
B. 20x1,25x3...tempo was closer to 3121.
C. 12

Dunsey said...

Still experiencing elbow tendonitis in my left arm, so I am avoiding movements that may cause me to load the elbow with a slightly bent wrist. So I made some substitutions...

Part 1: Subbed Front Squats for Cleans. Hit 160, failed at 170. Really need to increase my Front Sq.

Part 2: Front Squats at 85lbs and Supine Ring Rows. All unbroken. 8:04.

Dustin said...


2011 Prep

A. 3 Squat Ladders in 10min
B. 4 sets of 10 - 45lbs
C. Low Score 11

Wow - I'm not going to be able to wipe tomorrow.

Dustin said...

Forgot to post weight on squat latter - 225lbs.

Eric Montgomery said...


I did them like this though I tried not to let my knee go forward of my ankle.

2011 Prep
A. 3 rounds + 1 @205lbs. That stopped being fun in a hurry.
B. 20lbs x10, 25lbs x10. Only did two sets with each leg and kept it pretty light since I haven't done these in a while.
C. 20, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15.

Lucas said...

A. 3 full ladders at 215
B. Barbell split squat, 3 rounds with barbell
c. Low score of 15

jay rhodes said...

First day back since Regionals. Started a WOD on Tuesday and it started well but went downhill fast...took a few days of much needed rest.

2010 Prep

Squat Clean x 1, on the minute, increase by 10#
Starting weight - 165#, stop at failure to make weight

165-175-185-195-205-215-225-235 PR-245(f)

235 is a PR for squat cleans. Got more than enough height on the bar with 245, just didn't receive the bar in good position...
No bumpers and shitty bar, so it makes it a little more difficult.

Rest 15 min

For time:
30 unbroken squat clean - 95#
10 pullups
20 unbroken squat clean - 95#
20 pullups
10 unbroken squat clean - 95#
30 pullups


30 SC's unbroken
20 SC's broken 15-5, almost against my will. I tried to keep going, I just couldn't hang onto the bar at that point
10 SC's unbroken

Pullups were very hard. Grip strength was smoked.
10 was 5's
20 was in 4's and 3's
30 was 4s, 3's, 2's

Hit my shin on one of the first squat cleans, felt it but didn't look until near the end of the workout....blood all down my leg and into my sock. Definitely got some "wtf" looks.

PTS said...


A. 3 rds +1,2,3,4 @ 205lbs

B. barbell split squat 45lbs,50,55,60.

C. 16- had to fight hard for these as abs were smoked from yesterday.

Lars and Andrew: Quick answer to your question would be to make time for the training. I don't think your question can answered specifically as it depends on the workouts. In most cases 5 consecutive days from this blog will wear you out. For example I know I would not have wanted to do the last 4 from 2011 prep without a rest day. Lastly listen to your body. If you are trying for 5 days in a row and on day 5 you feel shitty, then rest. At that stage the rest will do you more good than an 80% effort WOD.

Jonathan Sinclair: check here for video demonstration:

Also for anyone else new to the blog the FAQ here is an excellent resource and covers pretty much everything and is something I still occasionaly go back to and I've been following here from the start in Jan 09.

matt caldwell said...


A. 3 full ladders plus reps @ 225lbs

B. 30, 35, 40 45 all @ 12 reps

C. 14 lowest reps

Erik Luber said...


A. 3 ladders + 1,2 @ 60 kg (high bar)
B. 15 lbs (12), 20(10), 20 (10)...thought it was 3 sets
C. 15 (PR)

Really enjoyed the squat ladders. Focused on execution trying to make every rep as perfect as possible, felt good. Split squats were painful as usual. Probably could have got 16 on Tabata, finished every round with 4 secs left expect last one was on the buzzer. Helped to have someone timing. Time to go and enjoy the sun!

derb said...


A: 3 ladders + 1,2 reps @ 170

B: 10x20 for all sets(these were really hard to keep tempo on after the ladder)

C: 12

Andrew said...

Thanks for the tips, PTS. I have a hard time missing WODs, but after my last bout of severe overtraining (at least twice this past year), I hope to have learned my lesson. I've noted a lot of commments of people stopping a workout or taking time off to recover, which is good to see and a good reminder of doing what's best and not just pushing through. After my occasional nights or 24h of work, I'll take the next day off!

unit said...

as a challenge 4 those that can do 30 squat cleans unbroken, but are breaking the other rounds...
in order 2 do the workout as rx'ed the times
that are posted with broken rounds are not accurate 2 what is written... if u need more rest in order 2 get 20 or 10 unbroken.... then take it while the click I running... otherwise u need 2 do those rounds over until
u get the rx'ed reps unbroken...
otherwise, it tells a different story abt an athlete when th times between 2 people are the same but one does the unbroken sets as written and another does not... coach rx's this many times in various workouts, so if ur new here, I'd recommend trying it out and getting used 2 it a it'll benefit u in the long run...
I'm reminded of a wod a few months back with rowing and 20 unbroken pullups... (Joey... I'll never forget this wod of urs)... and Joey took 3 attempts 2 get the last round of 20 unbroken... first attempt was 19, then 18, then he had 2 rest 5+ min or something b4 finally accomplishing the task at hand... this was a great example of determination as well as the lesson that he may have needed 5 more sec of rest on that first attempt in order 2 finish...
anywho... this is just my 0.02

joey warren said...

Unit, it's funny you mention that, cuz now I'm scared any time I see "unbroken" in a workout. Todays WOD I probably rested too much before the last set of pullups. Too conservative today!

Games Prep:

As RX'ed all unbroken 8:58

1st half of WOD:

unit said...

gd shit Joey... keep up the strong work brother!...

A- 255lb; 4rnds +1 +2
B- 25lb x12 x4ea
C- 15


BK said...

My fault on the requirement of 'unbroken'and
thanks for clearing that up, the crew at CFP will be following that religiously from tomorrow.
Today was the first time I have cleaned since the 'Serious 7' at sectionals and it was great to get under the bar.
Warmed up, slightly feeling the wrist then it built with awkward pain with every set 165-175-185-195 Stopped there wth everything to lose.
SC- 30 UB, 10/10,10UB
Pullups- 10UB,10/5/5, horribly broken.
WOD smacked me....grip!

Brian Maier said...

A: 4 ladders + 1,2,3 @ 205lbs
B: 25lbs(10) X 4 - had no legs...part A destroyed me

C: 15

Julian C said...

A: 195lb 2+12 reps
B: 26lbx4
C: 13

Brandon said...

Unit -
Good stuff man! You get to deal with the mental aspect of the workout much more this way.

Warmup: Mobility, Max DUs (62), Snatch Balance @75%
A. @305: 3 ladders + 1 rep
B. 45/40/BW/BW
C. 14

Notes: Tweaked hamstring really good on the squat ladder. Tried to do weighted DB SS but it was too much. Finished with BW at tempo.

jay rhodes said...

With regards to unbroken reps, I didn't realize that standard was to rest until you can absolutely go unbroken.

I still probably would have go at the 20 reps with the same amount of rest. I felt taxed, but good enough that I may be able to get 20. The bar basically fell out of my hands without warning.

I'm new to this blog, so I'll likely have some questions along the way.

I get the idea of unbroken, I like it. I probably would have been able to get the 20 unbroken had I taken another 10-15 seconds. In terms of metcon, I am used to going at the reps whether I am ready to hit them all unbroken or not.

Could someone explain the reason for going unbroken and perhaps hitting a slower time, than doing what I did (15-5). I'm got my own idea why, but I'd like some insight from others.

Katrina Burton said...

my understanding is to know and test your limits. without trying how do you know that you couldn't have done them all in a row. fight through the physical and/or mental pain because that is what is required. i know my limits have been pushed with the UB requirements!

DeeJay said...


part 1 - made 285, got under 295 but couldn't front squat it today
part 2 - 10:54 - felt very slugish and achey today

Mizar said...

First day back since regionals in Calgary.

I need to admit that my head is a mess; I had the honour of training and competing with amazing athletes. I have learnt and grown a lot from this event and need some time to let this experience embody my being. I know that I need to refocus and direct my energy towards achieving my dreams. It is not easy to let go... security, external & personal "expectations", external & personal beliefs... to be honest, I am scared!

Thank you to EVERYONE for making this event an awakening experience.
Thank you James for taking time to listen, it means a lot.

2011 training.

A. 3 ladders + 6 reps at 210lb

B. 12, 12, 12, 10 at 20lb

C. 14

Heavy Evy said...

A. 240#; 2 ladders +1+2+3+4
B. 30# DB's x10x4sets,tempo made me want to prolapse. Hello jelly leg!
C. 10

Tabata Breakdown(literlly)

Melisa C said...

A. 160# 3 ladders, finished up to 2 on the forth
B. 25(10)x2, 30(10)x2
C. 15

Lauren said...


part one - 170, felt good, but couldn't get 180 kinda up.

part two - 9:49 ....GRIP!!!!!

Michael FitzGerald said...

2010 Games
10:18. I was dead after first 30 UB. Still not recovered from last weekend. Have a slight sinus issue as well!

Brent Maier said...


A: 3 rounds + 9 reps @ 245# (354# max)
B: 45#/45#/45#/45# - All x10
C: 11 - Round 8, I did 15. 10 was the last recorded low on the full tabata this. I should have gone for 12 or 13.

I'll be lucky if I can walk the next 4 days. I honestly couldn't hold more than 45# dumbells without straps. My grip and shoulders were shot almost as much as my legs by the time I finished B.

Lisa M said...

Michael go to the health food store and get some euphorbium it is a homeopathic sinus remedy and is incredible. Spray it up your nose three times per day and you will be good to go in no time

Old Dawg said...


A: 2 Ladders + 1,2,3 @ 175 lbs
B: 4 Sets of 10 reps each leg @ 25 lbs
(Rested 2 minutes between legs)
C: 15

joey warren said...

forgot to post part 1

got up to 245, failed on fquat 255

Michael FitzGerald said...

Thanks, Lisa M.

OPT said...

lars, stick to the posted wods and days, if you miss, that's fine, rest is more impt, then come back and kill it
jay, as for unbroken, the only way to explain it is to try it, then see what it does for you...
split squat - bench @ knee cap height, step 3 paces in front of bench, then place back leg (top of foot) on bench; lower knee to ground, push through heel, keep ass working at all times, stay tall throughout - arguably the most potent exercise ever...

Brent Maier said...

Good work Joey. You make work look effortless. Thanks for the reminder James, I forgot about the back leg up on a bench. I saw some video that someone posted earlier with both feet on the ground and didn't stop to think twice about it.

Dillon said...

1 full ladder with 195, then 1 and 2 consecutive and 3,4,5 broken. 3 in total in 10 min

12 X 4 with 25lbs in each hand


Craig said...

A. 4 @ 175.
B. 20# db's, 4x10
c. 15. ab mat.

Quads smoked for SS.
surpasses last tabata of 13.

Yelvi said...

A. 3 rounds + 6 reps @ 195
B. 30lb db's 10/10/10/8
C. 15

chris martin said...

a. 3 full ladders@ 210 - 70% of 300lbs.Which is were i think my BS is down to.
b. skipped this felt a pop in my hip on my second last squat. Scared me alittle so i opted to skip.
c. lowest= 11
reps= 15,14,14,13,11,13,13

Aaron said...

I'm really new at all this, so my results are embarrassing. However, I figure it's best to just put it out there. For the back squats I was driving my legs up first, then a back raise, not sure if that was wrong, or if backsquat is just traditional squat... Anyway:

A @ 135 lb, 3 rounds

B: 20 lb 10/10, 4/4, 10 lb 10/10, 10/10
**need to get better at form on this

C: 16 16 14 11 11 10 10 10

Chase said...


A1. 3 rounds at 255#
B. 35# DB 4x10
C. 11

├╝ber Bania said...

A. 3 rounds +3reps @265...brutal

B. 35x12, 40x12, 45x12, 50x12 but @2121...just couldn't hold the tempo slow.

C. 10 (started too fast, bonked on 5th round with 12, 10, 11, 10 for 5th-8th rounds)

Ben Priestley said...

A. 5 rds + 1rep @ 125#
B. 15#/ 20/ 26/ 30
C. 12

Notes: done on 6/6, after 80 minutes of soccer. Unsure of 1RM high bar squat; 235# is my 1RM low bar squat. I worked with 175# as my working 1RM. BW: 155#.

Jonathan3sinclair said...
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Robert said...

A. 1 ladder and 4 reps @ 175lbs
B. 35-25-25-25lbs
C. 10

Tough, no breakfast, felt really weak. Even though my max is 365lbs, I felt week at 255.5 so I lowered the weight.

DAVID X said...

Ladder: 3 rounds + 1,2,3, 4
Split squat: 40x12/40x12/45x10/45x12
Tabata: 15

tania said...

Part 1: 100, 110, 120, 130(f)
Part 2: Holy moly... really thought I could do them unbroken but apparently not
SC: 21 + 9
SC: 15 + 5
SC: 8 + 2
PU: 15 + 5 + 5 + 3 + 2

If we can't do rx'd unbroken, is it better to scale the weight or just stop once we reach max unbroken reps? I don't think going lighter on the squat cleans would have helped much, it was pretty light to begin with...

Rooney said...


2011--performed on 6/12/10
A. 3 rds + 1rep @ 270# (low-bar max is 400; not sure of high-bar, so used 385)
B. 4x10: 30,30,22.5,22.5--went down in weight b/c couldn't hold tempo. Almost gave up on last set on the left leg. Dropped weight three times and started over. Absolutely brutal.
C. 14

Michael said...

2011--performed on 6/12/10 performed with K. Rooney

A. 3 rds. + 1 rep. (used 225. Still recovering from appendectomy)
B. 15# for all. 10, 10, 12, 12. Stayed at that weight b/c these put incredible pressure on my lower abs where I had surgery. Last two rounds I started to breathe better and control the cadence.
C. 13.

Overall continuing to improve and recover. Hoping to be full speed w/in two weeks.

Geoff said...

OPT, first, pleasure briefly meeting you at the Games last year, and great site! Visited a few times over the past couple of years, but as the 2010 CF Games approach, I was curious to see how others are training during these final weeks. Decided to sub the metcon I had planned for today, which included cleans for this one.

Part 1 - Got to 265lbs on the Clean, just shy of a PR.

Part 2 - 12:22. This was a killer up here in Bogota. These high rep workouts with oly mvmts really take your breath away. The first set ended on rep 24 as the bar fell off my shoulders. The rest of the cleans were unbroken (I assume I could chill for a second in the rack position between reps, or holding the barbell at the thighs, please correct me if this is wrong). All the pull-ups were unbroken. I like the challenge of doing things "unbroken," really changes the workout and figure out your work/rest. Good stuff!

Hope you don't mind if I integrate a few of your workouts into my own 2010 Games training ;) See you at the Home Depot Center.

Mack Lar said...

A. 4 ladders at 215. Havent 1RM'd in a while but feel stronger so I added 10 lbs to old 1RM.
B. 45 lbs for all. 1st rd got 10 then fell to only 7 reps for rds 2 and 3. Shut it down there because I started to heavy and legs were trashed from Squat Ladder.
C. 16 on Abmat