Friday, June 25th, 2010

The amount of happiness that you have depends on the amount of freedom you have in your heart.


late PM start
Run 1 mile @ 90%
rest walk 2 min
repeat 3 times

part 1:
A. Muscle Snatch @ 11X1; 2-3 x 3; rest 2 min
B. High Hang Power Snatch @ 11X1; 2-3 x 4; rest 2 min
C. Power Snatch @ 11X1; 2-3 x 7; rest 2 min
D. GH Raises @ 20X0; 15 x 5; rest 90 sec

rest as needed

part 2:
7 sets:
15 burpees
20 unbroken box jumps - 20/14"
25 unbroken double unders
rest 2 min

post loads, notes and times to comments
single on Sat for 2011, double for 2010


Chris Fodera said...

recovering/building back up after knee surgery. Box Jumps and DUs (any really repetitive pounding) don't feel so hot on the knee yet...any suggestions on what you would sub in place of part 2?

I am thinking to keep the Burpees and do some single leg squats. Thoughts?

Wes hendricks said...

Chris Dunkin and any other Oregon Big Dawgs, I just recently relocated to Oregon anytime you want to get a WOD in I would love to just email me at

Soren said...

A: 40,45,45
B: 50,50,50,55
C: 59,55,55,55,55,55,60
D: GHD Back Ext, 15x3

Sore knee, really not happy with Snatching of any sort, same story last time, so had to take the weight down this time, but now I am sitting with an icepack, as it is sore!
So, lesson learned and confirmed!

No part 2, that would make that knee more than angry!


DAVID X said...

A. Muscle Snatch:135x3/145x3/155x3
B. High Hang Power Snatch:125x3/135x3/145x3/150x3
C. Power Snatch: 140x3/145x3/150x3/155x3/160x3/165x3/170x2 (x3F)
D. GH Raises:BWTx15/BWT+10x15/BWT+15x15/BWT+15x15/BWT+15x15

Part 2 tonight.

Eric S said...


Had to cut Part 1 short to complete Part 2. Concentrated on form for Part 1.

A. 95#x3x3
B. 95#x3x2
C. 95#x3x3
D. skipped

Part 2:
13:38 total work time.

OPT said...

chris, think more in terms of the energy system used, the % of AnAl to AnL and the rest time and make something up...its not about the movements for this 2nd one, its the times required and effort

Chris Dunkin said...

Wes, you're always welcome here in GP. I'll email you.

Part 1:
A. 145,150,155
B. 145,155,165,170x2
C. 145,150,160x2,160x2,160x2
D. 5lb,10,15,20,30
10min rest

Part 2
11:32 total working time
had to restart the box jumps once on the 7th set

Brandon said...

2011 -
Needed to switch Part 1/2 to fit schedule today, so...

Part 2
Total working time: 21:42

DUs were terrible today and I really let the misses get in my head. It took until the last 2 rounds before I could focus on the work and not the fact that I was repeating sets over and over. Very frustrated with myself as I thought I gotten past this mental block.

I'm really glad I get to lift later; need to put this workout behind me.

Poly said...

A. 95x3
B. 95 115 135 135
C. 135 145 155 165 175 185 195x1
D. scaled to 10 reps x5

Ran out of time/ too excited to focus for part 2. Taking the little 16 month old to world water park for first time today. Wife is in San Fran so going to have some fun.

Who we taking tonight, Hall or Seguin? I got Hall, and holding on to impossible dream that we sell farm to Boston for second pick once they realize Hall is off the table.

Lars said...

part 1

A. 135x3, 155x3, 165x3
B. 155x3, 165x3, 170x3, 175x3
C. 155x3, 165x3, 175x3, 185x2, 195x2, 155x3, 155x3
D. 15x5sets all UB @ Bodyweight

rested 5 min

Part 2

1. 1:25
2. 1:25
3. 1:27
4. 1:30
5. 1:35
6. 1:37
7. 1:40

Part 1 - things got pretty ugly in the middle of the power snatches, so I brought the weight down and focused more on form.

Part 2 - felt good for the first 3 rounds, but then really started to gas out. Burpees got much slower, and brakes b/t movements got slightly longer - non the less happy with my performance.

I'm off to a cottage this weekend, so I'll be doing some running and HSPU work, no weight equipment or internet available:( Back at it Monday.

Brian said...

Rest today. Gonna try to do some mobility and stretching. Hamstrings still sore from wod on Tues (Stiff DL and GH raises). Lats and shoulders sore too.

Anonymous said...

2011 part 2

Rd 1. 3 18
Rd.2 3:20
Rd 3. 2:50
Rd 4 2:35
Rd 5: 2;15
Rd 6. 3:20
Rd 7. 3:25

Let me explain the times/variance in times.

First 2 rounds, burpees/ box jumps were fast. Not very good at double unders so they were 2/2/2/2/2 etc..

Rounds 3,4,5 started to hit more unbroken and in round 5 I hit 15 unbroken. Box jumps were 10/10/5

6,7 I was gassed burpees were decently quick, box jumps were heavily broken. Again double unders became 2/2/2 etc..

Going to save part 1 for tommorow when I do O lifting. Also found a new gym with bumpers ,kettlebells and a Tire!

Thanks Coach.

Melisa C said...


Not sure what time we are going to be there yet but I will let you know.

My email is, fire me an email so I have yours or your number so I can text you when I know timings better.


Lisa M - get your butt down here. I miss training with dawgs, it gets lonely doing this by myself!

Sean Cummings said...

Part 1
A. 95, 95, 105
B. 105, 115, 115, 115
C. 115, 115, 125, 125, 135 x2
D. All 5 rounds unbroken

Chris Fodera said...



A. 105x3, 110x3, 120x3
B. 115x3, 125x3, 130x3x2
C. 130x3, 115x3, 120x3x5
D. UnBroken x 4, broke for 2 seconds affter 10 on set 5

- Lowered weight in C after 1st set because I was pressing it out.
- Landing wide in Power Snatches
- Part 2 later on at home

Chris Fodera said...


What is your take on form for the Olympic Lifts in CrossFit? In Oly Lifting, it is a missed lift if you press the weight out overhead. In CF competitions, it doesn't matter if you press it out as long as you get the weight over your head.

When training, should we push for max loads even if we must press it out? Or should we train with proper Oly Lifting form/technique in mind and allow the heavier loads to come as technique improves and overall strength increases from dedicated training?

Nicholas Burgett said...

Part 1:
A. 89x3,99x3,99x3
B. 99x3,99x3,109x3,109x3
C. 109x3,109x3,119x2,119x2,109x2,109x2,109x2
D. 15x5, bwt only

Part 2:
2:32,2:45,2:57,3:05,3:12 (all unbroken), box jumps @ 18"

OPT said...

Chris Fodera, it does not matter which sport you ask about, when learning and teaching the lifts, practice them at perfect argument would be that if those that are "originally" strong and got better at the lifts through proper technique first, they would still "win" and lift comes down to the chosen Big Dawg way that folks might take a while to get...we train mostly, and test sometimes, so that when tests occur that matter, we're ready...take the same approach for the lifts and discount the bad ones when "training"... otherwise a pressout of snatch will be tough to do when it counts most in a heavy met con...

Poly, i hope they sell it off for a big D man and scoring winger...they need change NOW as far as i'm .02

Michael FitzGerald said...


Joel B. said...

Part 1
A: 100, 110, 120X3
B: 100, 110, 120X3, 125X2
C: 115, 125X3, 135X2X2, 140X2
stopped here due to time contraints
D: no GHD at skipped...time again too.

Part break
1. 1:25
2. 1:19
3. 1:24
4. 1:26
5. 1:30
6. 1:29
7. 1:31

working time: 10:04

bj's were more like 16"

Brent Maier said...


2011: Part I

A MSnatch: 50/60/65kg (143#) - All 3's
B HHPSnatch: 65/67.5/70/72.5kg (160#) - All 3's
C PSnatch: 72.5/75/77.5/80/82.5/85kg (187#) - All 3's except for last of which I failed going for the 2nd rep.
D GHDRaise: All 15's - Hands crossed at chest for all reps.

Part II: This evening...

So I could have gone heavier on the HHPS but wanted to seamlessly transition from A->B->C and feel the weight get incrementally easier as I hit each tier without crossing that mental boundary where the brain shuts down the attempt or I have to result to bad form to muscle it up. Felt good today!

Mizar said...

Hola big dogs,

I am still alive, surviving a move (just purchased my 1st home – very happy about this!!!!)... I am in the process of painting and fixing the place a bit. While doing this manual labour, I realized that I needed time to rest and get my thoughts aligned - pursuit of hapiness... I am missing training, posting, and most importantly sharing with this exceptional group!... one does not realize what one has until its gone...

Having said all this, I am not sure I understand today’s quote... why does happiness depends on freedom... aren’t we free?... or what makes us chained?

... Lisa, I have red your post regarding Porter... I hope he is doing better!... I was sad to read what happen to him. Please give him a big hug on my behalf, i hope he will soon go back to his bike!

Andrew said...


Part 1:
A. 115x3, 115x3, 115x3
B. 115x3, 115x3, 135x3, 135x3
C. 135x3repsx7sets
D. 25lbs plate for 15 UB reps x 5

Snatch technique didn't feel good today, so I kept it on the light side and caught it high. My shoulders didn't feel good with the catch until the final few reps. I was focused a lot on hip drive and left my shoulders too loose during the catch.

Part 2 (10min rest):

First 3 rounds felt great. By round 4, I was having problems pushing off the ground on burpees due to my shoulder injury. Round 5, I started to feel like my shoulders were getting tweaked in a bad way with each rep. Rounds 6 and 7, I subbed air squats for burpees. Later on, I figured that reverse burpees would have been a better choice, as it would give me floor to full extension in range of motion, without the pressing that my shoulders need full rehab to be able to do well.

Wes hendricks said...


Part 1:
A. WU 65 x 3 ….95-105-115 x 3
B. 115-125-135-145 x 3
C.135-135 x 3-140x2-140 x 3-145 x 1-145 x 2-145 x 1
D. 95 x 5 x 15 good mornings

Part 2:

First day back decided to call it at 5 sets, no need to push it yet.

Coach/anybody 2 questions:

Is it safe to assume that since I was able to Hang power snatch more then I could power snatch could it be that the path of my bar on the power snatch is possibly curving/arching out….I am loosing the bar forward.

Second question is the gym I just started working out at has a GHD bench but I could not change the height of the bench today and I spent a good 15 minutes trying. Any suggestions, I was thinking possibly WD40.

PTS said...

Part 1:
A. 65-65-65-65
B. 95,105,115, 125,135
C. 135x3
D. 10

Part 2:
Didn't record the individual times as I dropped my pen in the lake while doing the workout. times were in the ~1:30 range with a bunch of walking between movements so I could jump on the approriately sized stump.

Chris Martin said...

part 1-
A. 145-2,145-3,150-2
stayed at 135, focused on staying tall.
C.135-3,155-3,160-2,160-2,160-2(Fon3rd),165-1(F on 2nd)These felt pretty good tonight
5min later part 2..............
and the shit show began.
1-2:42 2- 2:40 3-3:02 4-2:52 5-2:27
only did 5 sets.
This was my first 95% rx`d WOD since hurting my hip a few weeks back and I could definitely notice my legs got alot weaker. D-unders took at least a min on every set, would hit close to 20 then had to start again , wanted to cry.

Brandon said...

Part 2
After this morning's DU disaster, it was really good to lift.

A. 135/145/155 - all 3's
B. 135/155/165/155 - all 2's
C. 115/125/135/145/155/165/165/185/135
D. 25#/35/35/35/45

Notes: Did an additional PS which tied my PR and another light set of 3 to reinforce the movement. PS felt really good and I was getting under the bar well which was nice.

Julian Cruz said...

D.95lb goodmorning 15x5

rest 10 min

Part 2

Part 2 was brutal. Double unders are easy for me and I only managed to get one round UB. Jumped to a 24' bc i don't have anything smaller

mhamilton said...


Part 1:
A. 85,95,105
B. 95,105x1,95,95
C. 95,95,95,95,95,105x2,105x2
- snatchs are getting better and there was a definite improvement from even the last time doing this one.
D. 15x5 with 10lb

10min rest

Part 2:
3:30, 5:00, 6:15, 8:09
- I am brutal at double unders and this combined with being gassed made this a bit ridiculous. Decided to pack it in after 4 rds.

deepak said...


tania said...



A mile is way longer than I remembered it. I don't have a portable GPS or a track nearby so I used Google pedometer to map it on the road, but realized today that I enjoy trail running a hell of a lot more than road running. Running alone in a straight line on the pavement sucks.

Erik Luber said...

A. 35 kg, 37.5, 40(2), first time doing these
B. 40(2), 35, 37.5, 42.5
C. 37.5, 40, 40, 40, 40, 42.5, 42.5(2)
D. 10, 10, 10, 10, 9

Benis, beniS, benis! More benis.

Melisa C said...


Part 1

A. 45(3), 55(3), 55(3)
B. 55(3), 67(3), 75(3), 88(3)
C. all 88x2

Part 2 - rested 20 min

Total working time - 15.14
2 misses on DUs in 3 round at 23 and 4th round at 14
Used 18" box as all I had

Yelvi said...


Part 1

D. BW/5/10/20/25

Part 2


Notes: Didn't do any snatches because I need to let my wrist heal.

This will be my last workout for awhile. I am being transfered to New Orleans and I get on my ferry tomorrow. Goodbye Alaska! If any of you Dawgs are in the New Orleans area and are looking for a training partner let me know. Im leaving a good one behind. Its been a pleasure Craig.

b-mac said...



Carrie McG said...

2011 Part 1
A. 65, 75, 80
B. 80, 85, 90, 95F (commitment issues)
C. 80, 85, 90(2), 90, 95(1), 90, 95(2)
D. All UB
happy with the snatches.. each was 5# heavier than last time we did this. also 95 is my 1RM for power snatch.. possibly higher now? :)

no part 2 because I tweaked my knee in the first round and I didn't want to push it (I've had 2 patellar subluxations in the past on that knee). I'm disappointed, I was really looking forward to this part! :(

Stephen B. said...

part 1:
C.135(1)/134/145(2)/145/155(1)/155(1)/155(f)...not feeling powerful on lifts today

rest 15 min

part 2:
1:14/1:13/1:54/1:21/2:23/1:37/1:27...all sets UB**(2 re-dos on box jumps)

**missed on 19th box jump of 3rd set and 18th box jump of fifth set...swore first time, laughed both UB...learned an important lesson today about the cumulative effect of fuckin up an UB a hard time recovering between sets after first the UB WODs big time!

Stephen B. said...

oops...that's 135 on second set of C

Melissa said...


6:26 (PR by 19 seconds - which I haven't even been able to match in over a year)



Not happy with the inconsistency but happy with the PR. I will say I had to do this at noon in the high heat and humidity - 2nd and 3rd miles were major head games. And HOT.

unit said...

only had time 4 one quick wod... so did part 2 with the following mods...
24" box
60sec rest bw sets...

1- 1:15
2- 1:24
3- 1:13
4- 1:20
5- 1:22
6- 1:49 [2 missed sets of DUs]
7- 1:26

total ~9:49


Craig said...

A. 95/105/115
B. 105/110/120/130
C.125/135/140/145/150(2/PR)/150(2)/150(2 press out)
D. bw x4/10# x1 X15

1:20 miss on d/u
1:22 miss on d/u
Part 2 was tough.

Julie Migliaccio said...

1st mile 7;47

2nd mile 8:09

3rd mile 8:15

I would say that I was pretty close to 90%.

Chris Fodera said...


2011 Part2

Didn't want to have the continued pounding on the knee (recovering from surgery), so I waited about 5 hours between workouts until I got home.

7 Rounds of:
30 Seconds on AirDyne
KBS; 10 reps; 2 pood
Toes to Bar; 10 reps
2 minutes Rest

1. 1:16
2: 1:18
3. 1:26
4: 1:33
5. 1:46
6. 1:49
7. 1:45

Kept the AirDyne at (or above) Level 10 for the 30 second intervals. KBS were all fairly easy, but legs were smoked coming off the AirDyne after the 4th round and from then on.

Paul Klein said...

Good luck in New Orleans Yelvi. Work hard.

OPT said...

wes, b/c the order they are in today do not make an assumption on that, on a testing day of each of them individually, if it still happens it is something happening off the floor before the bar reaches your benis that might be needing a look at
as far as the bench, ?

Jenny said...


BK said...


k.jones said...


A. 135/140/145 all for three reps

B. 125/135/145/155

C. 145/150/155/160/165/170(f-1)/170(f-2)

D. all 5 sets unbroken


Rested 20 minutes

RD1 1:40/RD2 1:41/RD3 2:05/RD4 2:20/RD5 2:06/RD6 2:08/RD7 2:16

Mike McGoldrick said...

A. 95#,117,125
B. 135,145,155,165
C. 165,135,145,155,165,175,185
D. UB,UB,UB,10/5(hurt the berries),UB

Power Snatch felt great today. Lots of speed.

Rest 20 Minutes


HOLY DOUBLE UNDERS!! I don't know what the deal is. All burpees and box jumps were under 55 sec's, then complete break down on DU's. I couldn't string any unbroken so I stopped at 3 minutes to keep the intensity up.

What do you guys suggest? Keep trying for the unbroken set no matter how long it takes? Or just get to 25 and move on to the next round? It seems like the harder I try, I get worse at them.

Chris Fodera said...


DUs are a skill...just keep practicing them after Working Out each day. They'll come in time.

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

Wednesday's 2011 Part 2:

Row Meters: 232, 235, 235, 231
HSPU's: 5 x 3, 10x2, 1 = 36
Row Meters: 231, 231, 227, 225

Lisa M said...

Having some weird upper trap tension that just won't go away so thought i would give it an extra rest day do chiro, rolling, stretching...

Mizar - thanks for your concern. He has bounced right back and has since got back on his bike so all is good. I hope your move went well and you are enjoying your new place. We miss you posting too.

PRM said...

Part 1, kept light
A. 65/75/80
B. 80/85/85/85
C. 85/87/90/90/90/90/90
D. BW for all sets
Part 2

Lucas said...

A. 125, 135, 135
B. 135, 145, 155, 160
C. 135, 140, 145, 155, 135, 135, 135
5 minutes rest

1:37, 1:32, 1:24, 1:38, 1:23, 1:30, 1:34

sHELLy said...

Runs were hard today. Had to fight to finish each one.

I have a couple songs to add to the playlist. These are some oldies (but goodies)from my skatebording/punk rock show days.
1) Pennywise - Bro Hymm
2) Face to Face - Shoot the moon
3) Operation Ivy - Unity

DeeJay said...



derb said...


Part 1

A: 75/85/85
B: 75/85/95/105
C: 105/110/115/120x2/120x1/120x2/115

Part 2


Ben Priestley said...


p1.Subbed Bill Starr's Drill for A and B (Power Snatch, OHS, Hang Squat Snatch, Squat Snatch), 2 cycles per weight:
65#, 75, 85, 85, 95
C. 100#, 105, 110, 115(2), 115, shut it down after 5.
D. UBx5

5 hours rest, then
p2. 1:17, 1:16, 1:17, 1:21, 2:12, 1:33, 1:30

Notes: Dropped A and B because I wanted to work on my third pull and I really like this exercise. Tempo on C suffered at 115#, was more like 13X1, so I shut 'er down. Next time, I'll come at this with less weight and strict tempo. GHR felt great! On part 2, 5th set, I needed four attempts at the DU. All others were done on first try.

Lauren said...

these felt hard

joey warren said...

part 1
A1. close grip bench x 2-3 @ 30x0 x 5 2 min
A2. power clean x 5
B. pushpress x 8 @ 22x2 x 4sets
C1. split squat x 12 @ 3010 x 3 sets
C2. amrap ring dips
D1. GHD raises x 15 @2020 x 3 sets
D2. toes to bar x 15 @ 2020

rest 4hours

part 2
row 5 min @ 50%
3 x (4 min @ 85%/2 min @ 50%)
row 2 min @ 50%

A1. 225/235/245/255x2/255x2
A2. 95 lb for all sets
B1. 75/95/115/115
C1. 25/45/60
C2. 33/30/21
D1. UB
D2. UB

felt great on everything today, back is coming around, ready to try heavier weights.

Thad said...

A. 95, 105, 105
B. 105, 115, 2/120, 1/120
C. 120, 2/120, 3/120, 3/120, 2/120, 3/120, 1/130
D Subbed good mornings 85, 85, 90, 90, 95

Kept weights light and really tried to work on form
10 min rest
Part 2
1:44 DU 21,9
1:37 DU 19
Tripped up on the first 1 in rnds 4 & 5 also.

Brent Maier said...


2011: Part II


Total: 10:09

Much better than last weeks when I tried the 5 rounder 10 minutes after part I. Felt better today but started losing gas on rounds 5-7. I had a friend timing me today so that also helped a ton!

Sean Cummings said...

Part 2


Only had time for 5 rds

Jonathan3sinclair said...


A. 30, 35, 40kg
B. 40, 45, 45, 50kg
C. 50, 55, 55, 60, 60, 60, 65kg
D. No issues

Part 2: (no skipping rope)
5 sets
15 burpees
20 UB box jumps (20")
=1.09, 1.02, 1.03, .56, .59

Paul Klein said...

2011 done on 6/26/10

A. 95/115/120
B. 120/130/135/140
C. 140/140/145/150x2/150x2/150/150
sets 6 and 7 rep 3 was a major press out.

3 hours rest

Part 2.
1. 1:24
2. 1:31 (two attempts at doubles)
3. 1:32
4. 1:39
5. 1:47
6. 2:19
7. 1:55
Total working time 12:07

Heavy Evy said...

Did on the Friday just haven't posted yet. Ball tourney, likely won't get to gym Sat/Sun.

A. 110,130,140
B. 110,120,133,133
C. 133x3,143(2)x4
D. ub
Not being able to fully dump weight at the gym SUUCKKS!

Part 2: rx'd
2:20 triped on box,& rope 2
1:50 trip @21 ugg
1:33 ub
1:28 ub

Rooney said...


2011--performed on 7/2/10

A. 125/140/150--all 3s
B. 145(3)/155(3)/165(3)/175(2)
C. 145(3)/155(3)/165(3)/170(3)/175(3)/185(2 plus an ugly one)/195 (2) (tried and failed at 205--think 195 might be a max)/150

Still landing a little too wide as it gets heavier and a little press on the third rep a few times, but definitely feel the improvement. PS set at 165 was the best set I've felt with the movement maybe ever. Wrist held up today with some tape, but hurts something bad right now. Dang desk job typing all day...

10 mins rest

Part 2.
1. 1:23
2. 1:42 (faied at 20 DUs on 1st attempt)
3. 1:29
4. 1:33
5. 1:36
6. 1:44
7. 2:46 (failed at 2, 6, and then got the DUs)
Total working time 12:10

Felt pretty good until the wheels totally fell off on the last set. Times were way better than last week until that last one.

Michael said...

2011: performed 7/2
A. 75,85,95 (all 3s and focused on speed and no dip)
B. 105,115,125,135(2-ugly)
D. - UB but tough

Part II - 110 minutes rest

Total working time: 8:40

Snatch still doesn't feel great. I feel like i am much stronger than my numbers, but I can't figure out what technical fix I need to realize that strength. I did focus on a more upright starting position, and that seemed to help some.

Part 2 - felt great again. This seems to be right in my wheel house because I wasn't even that trashed afterward. Nice and tired, but not smoked and I was pushing hard.