tues, june 8, 2010

A1. Stiff Legged DL @ 4111; 6-8 x 5; rest 20 sec
A2. GH Raises @ 2020; 8-12 x 5; rest 20 sec
A3. KBS light - 21 unbroken x 5; rest 3 min
B. Jump Switch Lunges - amrap in 30 sec; rest 60 sec x 4
C. Side Bridge - 90 sec/side x 3 sets/side; rest 10 sec b/t sides

part 1:
A. Hang Power Clean - 3,3,3,3,3,3,3; rest 4 min
B. Freeze Box Jumps - 4 sets of 6; rest 90 sec
(pause at bottom with 1/4 squat, then explode up; rehearse in head "squat, freeze, explode, control landing at top, step down, repeat)
C. Max Vertical Jump - 3 attempts per set x 3 sets; rest 5 sec b/t attempts; 2 min b/t sets

rest 6 hours

part 2:
3 sets:
rounds in 6 min:
3 thrusters - 155# from ground
10 unbroken CTB chin ups
15 unbroken double unders
rest 10 min b/t sets - keep effort at 85-90%, no red lining; should be same output per 6 min interval

post loads and notes to comments
Wed off for 2011, single for 2010


Melissa said...

Good morning James,

A question and a comment:

What is the women's weight on the thrusters?

Soreness in shoulders, traps and back woke me up this morning!


Søren said...

A1: 65,70,75,75,80kg
A2: 12x5
A3: 21 x 5 with 1.5 pood

B - knee issues, didn't even try
C: 90+90, 80+75, 90 + 90

Got soft on the second round of Side brigde!


Eric S said...

2011 Prep:
A1: 185, 195, 205, 215, 225
A2: 12x5
A3: 1.5 pood
B: 32x4
C: ouch

Anonymous said...

what is a slide bridge, or a good sub?

Jenny said...

2010 pt 1

A. 3x 105, 115, 125, 135, 140(1), 135, 140
B. freeze jump to 24" box
Notes: cut rest by 1 minute across the board. Worked out indoors, tried max jump but was easily hitting ceiling. Will make up later.

Andrew said...


A1. 155x8, 175x8, 195x8, 205x7, 225x6
--> straps at 195 cuz that's what failed me last week, robbing me of posterior chain work. Hope that's ok.
A2. Subbed good mornings: 135x12, 135x12, 135x11, 135x10, 135x10
--> felt tougher than last week, wanted to keep reps high, keep good control of tempo
A3. 2pood x 21 unbroken x 5
--> probably too heavy, but it's the only KB I have with me while i'm out of town.
B. 32/32/30/26
--> last two sets hurt so good
C. On elbows, 25-30s each side before breaking then finished rest of 90s trying to do as much as I can, usually 5-10s more.

Melisa C said...

A1. 155(8), 165(8), 170(8), 175(6), 180(6)
A2. All 12s
A3. 35# all UB
B. 30, 31, 30, 29
C. UB, right UB/L Broken, B/B

Legs are still cooked from the split squats/BS ladder on Sat. I think I went too heavy the split squats.

PTS said...

A1. 145,185,210,230,240(6)
A2. 12 x 5 sets
A3. 55lbs x 5 sets

B. 39,36,39,37

C. 1st set unbroken, couple breaks in remanider of sets.

Melissa said...

2010 Part 1:

A. 105, 115, 120, 125, 130X, 125 (2), 120
B. 6 X 30" box, 6 X30" box, 6 X 30" box with 25# plate, 6 X 30" box with 45# plate
C. Vertical leaps about 18" - 24" above reach. Forgot to measure before I left. If the lines are still there when I come back for part 2 I will specify.

As I said in my earlier post I was incredibly sore and tight when I woke up this morning. In fact, the soreness woke me up! But after 20 minutes of movement prep I felt pretty good. My mid back was sore on the hang cleans - had to fight to stay tight and keep shoulders back.

Chris Dunkin said...

rx'd means exactly 3min b/t 5th set of A3 and B, and 60sec b/t B and C.

A1. 255,275,305,315,325x7
A2. 5,10,15,18,20x10
A3. 1.5pdx5
B. 36,36,34,28
C. 1 break/side, 3 breaks/side, 4 breaks/side

did side bridge on straight arm.

Jenny said...

Quick note about the Hybrid Summer Challenge: it's on August 22d, not 21st as was posted yesterday. The Strongman Seminar is August 21st. (I just checked with Hybrid Athletics about this.)

Steve Howell said...


A1: 180/200/225/245/260
A2: 12 for all 5 sets
A3: 1.5 pd for all 5 sets unbroken
B: 34/34/34/33
C: 1st felt fine, 2nd got tough, 3rd was hard couple breaks.

Chad Hall said...


A1: 135, 155, 175, 185, 195
A2: 12 for all ... alternated hands at chest and at head
A3: 1.5 pood

B: 28, 28, 29, 29

C: First 1, 2, 3, 4 bridges as Rx'd, then held plank for 1:30, then switched sides 4 times during last bridge.

Tempo was maintained the whole time so really hapy about that. Really want to maintain tempo every workout this cycle. Could have gone a little heavier, but didn't want to push too hard first week.

I sweat more during the side bridges than ever before I think, these were tough!

Brandon said...

A1. 245(7)/265(7)/285(7)/305(6)/325(7)
A2. 10x5 w/25# at chest
A3. 1.5 pood ubx5
B. 26/26/26/25
C. all broken after 60s

Lisa M said...

Check out the .com there is video up of the Canada regional run WOD - sweeeeeet!!!

yes i am still lurking just not ready to come back yet...

Chris Biles said...

A1. 135,155,175,185,195(7)
A2. 12x5
A3. 20KG unbroken
B. 29x4
C. First rnd each side made 90s. Last two rnd broken but better than last time.

Figured this was coming again after yesterday. Glad it's over.

Poly said...

Hammy's still a mess from squat ladders. Plus battling a bit of e-coli poisining, tried but wouldn't start. Dammit.

Paul Smith said...


A1: 235x8,245x8,255x8,265x6,275x6
A2: Subbed 135lb Goodmornings: Did 12 reps on each set but lost tempo on the last two
A3: 60lb all unbroken

B: 32,33,33,32

C: All broken up. This was very difficult for me.

Lars said...

A1. 225x8,235x6 x 4 sets
A2. 12,10,8,8,8
A3. 21UBx5 with 1.5pd
B. 26,26,26,28
C. 60sec x 3

A1-A3 was tough on the lower back, grip felt weak on the DL's too. Split lunges felt smooth and solid. Side bridge sucked, never really done that before, needed to break at 60sec each round and sweated like crazy on the side bridge.

BK said...

Part 1: 155,175,1/205,185,2/195,2/185.
Dropped bar on every rep..its a start.

Any Big Dawgs heading to Rob's joint MUST come up here in August. CFP is 20 minutes up the road... contact me to connect.

Benny Ahlstedt said...


a1 70-70-80-80-80kg
a2 12-12-10-10-9
a3 1,5pood ub

b 30-28-27-24

c 3x60sec + 3x30sec

Alex Duncan said...

A1. 145, 160, 170, 185, 200 All sets with 8 reps. Started too low. This was only my second time doing these. I think they will help develop my weak posterior chain.
A2. 12 all UB, hands on chest, unweighted.
A3. All UB and easy with 1.5p
B. All sets 30 reps. focused on full hip extension at the top of the jump. Smoked my legs.
C. All sets broken with 3-4 breaks. Couldn't go more than 45 seconds. Very tough.

Signed up for my first OPT CCP cert in September. I'll be looking forward to it all summer!

A. Maloney said...

A1 145x8/165x8/185x8/195x7/200x6
A2 12/ 12/ 10/10/10
A3. 21/ 21/ 21/ 21/ 21

Grip was failing me towards the end, Lower back sore when jumping onto GHR but used a riser to get a little more depth while keeping my back nice and flat

B. 32/32/30/26

C. Alot harder than i expected!!

Mack Lar said...

I've been trying to locate a local testing center to have a food intolerance test done to complement the food log I've started. Today I found foodintoleranceusa.com which conducts a 300 food and 300 non food test using hair samples for around $80. This seems like its too good to be true considering most of the other companies I've found that conduct this testing charge considerably more. I was hoping to get your take on it. Digging back through some of the early Big Dawg days I think I remember you mentioning a few companies in Canada that do this testing as well. Thanks.
Its absolutely killing me not to be back in the gym right now but I'm sticking to the plan of taking three weeks off. Really looking forward to getting back at it.

Joel B. said...

A1: 155, 165, 175, 185, 195X8
A2: 12 for all
A3: 1 pd
B: 31 on all
C: all broken, but only once per set as opposed to last time and went longer before breaking than last time even with less time off between sets.

huge improvements today vs. last week on these. partly due to improved form on the sldl (reviewed demo on performance menu). Felt good...besides quads being still quite tender from squat ladder!

A. Maloney said...

Coach, quick Q for stiff leg DL's - If its the grip thats hindering us, would you recommend the staps (if we do it again) or just do what you can?

chris martin said...

yesturdays wod-
A1. 155,175,205,225
A2. 16kg-4,3 12kg-3,3
B.1+8,1+7,1+6,1+5(focused on depth for dips, which ruined me for the Push ups.
c1. 10,8,9,10-not impressed
C2. not rx`d , forgot to look at demo before leaving . did something like one arm bent over butterfly using the rx`d rep scheme.

DeeJay said...

2010 part 1:

A. 220-240-250-265-275(2)-275(2 + 1 HSC)- only 6 sets
B. 28"-30.5"-33"-35.5"
C. I jumped...

BK said...

2010 part 2:
1. 4 rounds 3th+6pu
2.3 rounds 3th+ 10 pu+11du
3. 1 round 3th+ 9,8,8,8,pu

second round tripped 3 times on DU.
Third round speaks for itself with the bitch of a nine ....
Loved the sesh.

jay rhodes said...


Part 1:

175 (UB)
185 (UB)
195 (UB)
200 (re-grip on 3rd rep)
205 (re-grip on 3rd rep)
205 (re-grip every rep)
205 (re-grip every rep)

**first time using hook grip on cleans. Felt pretty good. Shitty bar and no bumpers, so I was weary of dropping the bar. Don't think I'd have the same regripping problem with a good 28mm bar.
Have hit 225 for 6 consecutive HPC's in the past (with straps) Still taking some getting used to working without them.

B. 4 sets at 44" box

C. All jumps within 1" under or 1" over 10' basketball rim
**used a power step

My schedule did not permit 6 hours rest time, so I rested 10 min and got at it.

Part 2

Set 1 - 3 Rounds + 3 thrusters
Set 2 - 3 Rounds + 3 thrusters, 3 c2b pullups
Set 3 - 3 Rounds + 3 thrusters, 6 c2b pullups

Gillian Mounsey said...

A1. 165(8), 175(8), 185(8), 185(7), 185(8)
A2. All 10's
A3. 1 pood UB
B. 35,34,33,32
C. All UB

dmarsh said...

A1. Single Arm Barbell Farmers Walk (opposite hand behind head): 60kg x 40 yds each arm x 4 sets
(rest 75 sec)
A2. Supine Hip Ext w/ Knee Flexion (single leg, swiss ball) @ 4010: 8 x 4 sets
(rest 75 sec)

B1. Double Arm Barbell Farmers Walk: 60kg/arm x 40 yds, 20 yds, 20 yds (grip fried)
(rest 75 sec)
B2. Good Morning @ 4010: 60kg x 8 x 3 sets
(rest 75 sec)

Wanted 4 sets of B1/B2 but I was cooked. Left arm grip weaker than right on farmers walks. QLOs fried!

Carrie McG said...

A1. 95, 100, 105, 110, 115 - last week I only got 100x6 so this is a huge improvement!
A2. 12 across the board
A3. 1 pood UB
B. 28, 28, 28, 25 (the lactic acid burn in these were horrible!)
C. 60 seconds a side, all broken

didn't workout yesterday because of a head-splitting migraine (i haven't had one since I was 12!). Super weird. I hate missing days! happy with today.

Mike McNaughton said...


A1. 185/205/225/245/265
A2. 10/10/10/8/8
A3. 60# x 5. All unbroken
B. 28/28/22/26
C. UB/45/45(elbow)

Julian Cruz said...

A2:12x5 Goodmorning 50lb
A3:621b 21UBx5
C:Very broken

Sean Cummings said...


A1: 185x8, 185x8, 205x8, 215x8, 225x6
A2: 12, 10, 12, 12, 12
A3: 1.5 pood; broke on 2nd set

B: 31, 32, 32, 31

C: Side Bridge: 1st two sets unbroken, 3rd set broke at 1:10 both sides took 5 sec rest and finished

Where should the foot position on the GHD bench be? I tried below, level and above the quad pad prior to workout to feel the difference and above was much more difficult. Is there a standard for GHD raises?


Michael FitzGerald said...

Part 1
High - 221 for last 2 sets
Rest 20 min
Part 2
4rd + 10 C2B
4rd + 3 Thruster

Mike Molloy said...

2011 training

A1: 225-225-245-255-255 (x8)
A2: Hands on back of head x 12
A3: 1.5 pood

B: 30-31-31-31

C: UB-UB-then very very broken for 3-6

Spider said...

Team CFP 2010:

Part I:
135, 145, 155x1, 150x3, 155, 165x1, 155
30", 33", 33", 33"
C- forgot to measure, but alternated L and R

Part 2:
4 rounds (hand pain inhibited the last 2 rounds of thruster so I did 3 FS)
4 rounds (did 3 FS then 3 HSPU and completed the rest as rx)
3 rounds plus 3FS

No rest before HSPU's, pullups, or DU's. Long rest before the Clean- limiting factor.

Eric Montgomery said...

A1. 185x8, 205x8, 215x8, 235x6
A2. 12lbs x8, x10, x10, x10
A3. 20kg x21 x4
B. 32, 33, 34, 35.
C. 90s, 3 sets per side

Cut part A to 4 rounds based on how long it took my hamstrings to recover from last week's SLDLs and GHRs. Side bridges went a lot smoother than last time.

Yelvi said...


A1. 255/275/285(7)/285(7)/285(6)
A2. 10 lb plate, all sets of 10
A3. 1.5 pood

No time to finish the rest. Used straps for hands.

Yelvi said...


A1. 255/275/285(7)/285(7)/285(6)
A2. 10 lb plate, all sets of 10
A3. 1.5 pood

No time to finish the rest. Used straps for hands.

Lucas said...

A1 225x8 for all
A2 12 reps at tempo for all
A3 1.5 pod for all
B 31, 30, 30, 31
C. Broken badly and just plain ugly, but I got it done. My legs are very sore.

Melissa said...


Part 2: 105# Thrusters

1. 4 rounds + 1 thruster
2. 4 rounds + 1 thruster (but last round of pull-ups I got hung up in the bottom of swing several times. Consulted with BK and decided not to allow that in next set).
3. 2 rounds + 3 thrusters + 4 pull-ups.

3rd set took three attempts to get the first round of 10 pull-ups without breaking my rhythm. 1st attempt got 5, 2nd attempt got 6, 3rd attempt got all 10 but had to slow down the push away at the top of the bar for the last couple.

Looking back on this WOD I'm really happy that I was able to do 7 sets of 10 unbroken pull-ups before the rhythm gave me problems.

I also felt great on the 105# thrusters- and that's a definite first!

Dunsey said...

Part 1
A. 125, 130, 135, 140(1), 140, 135, 130 (last 2 sets for solid form)
B. 30", 32.5", 35", 37"(5)
C. High 21", Low 19"

Part 2
1. 4 Rounds + 3 Thrusters (105 lbs)
2. 3 Rounds (failed 2 times on pullups at the 9th pullup and had to re-do... wow!)
3. 3 Rounds (failed on one of the pullup sets & had to redo)

Pullups are really tough for me to sustain right now. Have laid off them long enough to decondition my pullup endurance due to this elbow. Also wearing a brace to keep my wrist straight, which further complicates the process. The battle here was less about the actual pullup and more about keeping my mind right and not getting frustrated with where I am. Just accepting what my body is giving me right now :)

Chad Walding said...


A1. 185/205/225/235(6)/235(6)
A2. 12x5
A3. UBx5 w/1.5pood
B. 31/32/31/24
C. R: 52/50/52
L: 55/51/50

derb said...


A1: 135/165/175/180x7/180x5
A2: 12/12/10/11/11
A3: 55
B: 30/27/26/22(legs are still smoked from saturday)
c: first set UB rest of sets broken

Dawson said...


A1. 185 (8)/205 (8)/225 (6)/235 (6)/245 (6)
A2. 10/10/10/6+2+2/5+3+2
A3. 1.5 pood unbroken - rounds 4 & 5 got pretty tough
- lower back was just screaming at the end and hamstrings pretty fatigued

B. 32/27/29/32

C. Broke once each side each rep - haven't done any bridge work in a VERY long time

Jenny said...

2010 Part 2, using 105# for thruster

1. 4 rounds + 3 thruster
2. 3 rds + 3 thruster*
3. 3 rds + 3 thruster

*all rounds counted here were unbroken ctb and d-u, as rx'd. in the second round, i also got 9 ctb and broke without enough time to try for 10 again, so i finished that set + 15 double unders. was really psyched to get 10 rds of pull-ups unbroken!

Aaron said...


**I'm constantly amazed at what people are doing here. Good job, I hope to be as high performing as some of you :)

A1: 185x5+1 185x5+1 185x4 165x6 165x4+1
A2: 9 9 8 8 8
A3: 35 lbx21 35x21 30x21 30x21 30x21
B 20 18 18 16+2
C 50/50sec 30/30 20/20

Pfeifdog said...


A1: 185 felt good probably should have increased
A2: 12x5
A3: 1.5 pood

B: 17, 17, 19, 19
notes legs feel dead from yesterdays run.

C: broken once each side all sets

A1: 65,65,75,75,85
A2: 12x5
A3: 25#

B: 20,22,22,22

C: broken once each side all sets

Erik Luber said...

A1. 55 kg, 60, 65, 70(7), 70(6)
A2. 9, 8, 8, 5+3, 5+3
A3. 1 pood
B. 29, 28, 27, 25 (focused on more hip extension and lunge length..legs were toast by the end)
C. All Unbroken...this just about killed me felt like I was going to puke my guts, btu after doing the first 2 unbroken I couldn't not do all three.

Norm said...

A: did weighted reverse lunges instead because of back issue still lingering, 145lbsx8
A3:45lbs, also due to back issue

B:must have done these wrong looking at other numbers but 39/35/40/40

C:first set each side unbroken, otherwise broken

the box i workout at was doing grace wich i have never done so i did it prior to todays wod, i was wrecked even starting this workout

Brent Maier said...


A1 SLDL: 65/85/115/125kg (275#) - 8/8/8/6
A2 GHR: 12/12/12/12 - Brief pauses in last 2 rounds at times to let back recover.
A3 KBS: 55/55/55/55# - Unb
B JSL: 30/30/30/30 - Ran over a few seconds on the last 2 rounds just to hit 30.
C SB: 1st round unbroken - Round 1 & 3 were arms straight, & 2 was on elbow.

I was going to skip the lunges because even today I was taking the elevator at work and walking down stairs backwards at home just this morning. It's amazing what a little warmup will do.

joey warren said...


A. hang squat cleans - 195, 205, 210, 215, 215, 220(2+f), 220(2+f)
B. 34"/36"/38"/40"
C. felt slow

rest 5 hours

5 rounds +3 thrusters for all rounds (85-90% effort)

Dustin said...

A1. 8-225, 6-245, 6-245, 6-245, 6-245
A2. 2 sets 12 bw, 3 sets of 8 using 10lbs
A3. 21 unbroken 1.5 pood
B. 32, 31, 32
C. first 2 unbroken - last one struggled through.

Stephen B. said...


did yesterdays part 2 run before today's WOD (dumb move)

rested 1 hour

A2. 8/8/8/8/10 (first 4 sets ub, last set broken)
A3. UBx5 (1.5 pood)...easy
B. 38/42/41/42
C. first 2 sets each side UB, last set each side broken...these hurt!

DeeJay said...

2010 part 2:

5 rounds
4 rounds
stopped because my shoulder was acting up on both thrusters and pullups...

Mike McGoldrick said...

First day back since Regionals. Looking forward to following the program for a while.

A1. 185 x(8) for all sets.
A2. 12 for all sets.
A3. 55# unbroken
B. 30 for all sets
C. What a mess. All broken up. Haven't done these since highschool.

Ben Priestley said...


Did part 2 from Monday. Went ok, adductors were incredibly sore. Felt good to move.

Heavy Evy said...

A1. 220# 6,7,8,8,6
A2. 12,10,10,8,7
A3. 55#KB ubx4, last set was 21 reps though they weren't all american, some were barely eastern europeon. Grip was shattered by the end of this series.
B. 32,35,33,34
C. 1set/side UB, then it got ugly, real ugly. Porkchop around your neck so the family dog will play with you ugly.

deepak said...

Part 1
B. 4x6 frozen box jumps: 28",32",36"40"
C. high:37" low: 30"

Part 2: 155lb thrusters are freaking heavy!

3 rounds +1 thruster
3 rounds
3 rounds + 2 thruster

Geoff said...

2011 (did this 6/9):
a1: with DB's - 50, 50, 55, 60, 60
a2: just BW - 12, 12, 12, 7, 8
did these back to back, then did
a3: 40# DB, 40, 40, 45, 45

B: 29, 30, 30, 29

C: 80sec, 40 then best I could do, 30 then best I could do

53 yom/218/5' 11"

Anonymous said...


A1: 183x8, 197x8, 207x8, 217x8, 227x8
A2: 12 all five sets
A3: 1.5 pood all three sets, unbroken
B: 32, 31, 30, 30
C: 60 seconds all attempts. That is brutal.

tania said...

Part 1:
A. Hang Power Clean 95(3), 100(3), 105(3), 110(3), 115(1), 110(2), 105 (2)
B. Freeze Box Jumps: 30" box
C. Max vertical Jump: didn't measure but pleasantly surprised to see it was a good foot and a half above max reach

Part 2: used 85# for thrusters
Set 1: 3 rounds + thrusters and 5 pullups (first two rounds only unbroken)
Set 2: 3 rounds + thrusters (first round unbroken)
Set 3: 3 rounds (only first round unbroken)

pullups felt great on first round of each set but after that had trouble getting my chest to touch even though the height was there.

kat. said...

Sunday 13 June 2010

A1. in kg: 51 (8), 61 (8), 61 (8), 63.5 (8), 66 (6)
A2. 8 all five sets, but does this look even remotely okay?? Video
A3. 12 kg KB, unbroken all five sets
B. 19, 18, 20, 18 (much better than a week ago)
C. *very* broken.

Rooney said...


2011-performed 6/15/10
A1. 185(8),205(8),225(8),235(7),245(8)
A2. subbed 115lb Good Mornings: 10,11,10,10,10
A3. 1.5 pd
B. 26,27,28,27
C. Straight arm for first 4 sets, elbow for last two. First five ub, last set broken after 60s.

Didn't know if I was going to make it through today with how sore I've been since Saturday's ladder/split squat combo. Def felt better after than I did before.

Michael said...

2011-performed 6/15/10 w/ K. Rooney

A1. 175(8),185(8),195(8),205(8),215(8) - focused on perfect form.
A2. 8s for all sets didn't go up because my cadence was a little off.
A3. 44lbs x 4, 53 lbs. for last one. 53 didn't feel light.
B. 25, 28, 28, 28, 28
C. Very broken. Straight arm could hold for 60 seconds, then dropped and finished. Disappointed it wasn't better.

Still crushed from Sat. and my groins and hammies are cramping regularly.