thurs, may 3, 2010

Rory - OBD (original big dawg)

Dirty South Event 1- 335# from Garry Michael Martin II on Vimeo.

Games Prep 2010

7 sets:
5 unbroken muscle ups
rest 20 sec
10 depth challenging HSPU
rest 20 sec
15 GHD Raises
rest 3 min

post notes to comments
double on Sat, single on Sun

rest day - 2011 prep


Julian C said...


I'm looking into purchasing some glutamine and creatine. What are your thoughts on creatine? Do you think its useful?

Adam Rogers said...

I want to be Rory Hanlin strong.

Amazing stuff.

Brandon said...

Adam -
I think I would be happy with being 75% Rory strong!

Rory, that is just amazing. Great job representing!

Michael FitzGerald said...

That is savage. Nice work Rory. Probably should have lifted the camera up a bit, Unit!

Wes hendricks said...

Just checking in;

Been resting/relaxing/thinking alot since regionals. I am going to take a little break from the big dawgs for awhile to work on one of my 2010 goals of snatching 200 pounds. I want to have some fun working on my olympic lifting. DJ, Mike, and Joey you guys are going to crush it, good luck.

unit said...

lol!... mike... if only that were me filming... but I'll let robo know ur thoughts on his filming...
and congrats btw mike!... studly...

Chris Dunkin said...

For full competitor/community benefit I'd like to see video posted of these "Games Prep Wod's"

Heavy Evy said...


Nice lift Mr. Hanlin.

Melisa C said...

That is intense Rory! Nice work!

Melissa said...

2010 Games Prep

Don't have a muscle up yet so did 10 minutes of technique/attempts prior to WOD. Then substituted 7 rounds of 5 deep ring dips (leaning forward).

All ring dips and GHD raises were unbroken.
HSPU's were to thinnest part of ab mat. First 5 rounds were broken but got 'em done. Last two rounds I got one or two out then put my feet on a 24" box, got my hips over my head and went head to floor.

Garage Crossfitter said...

Du/Burpee wod from canada regionals
1 mistake with DU, burpees slow last 3 rds. first intense wod in 3 weeks, felt good to push hard.

no wod tomorrow for me

Adam Rogers said...

Garage, you and I must be on the same wavelength. I did the DU/burpee WOD today too.

Time - 3:50, all unbroken, cycle time on the burpees was slow.

Spider said...

All muscle up reps were unbroken (threw in a couple strict ones for BK)

HSPU's: 10-10-6-5-4-6-4
GHD's all UB

Lucas said...

On 05/13 there was a post about the Texas grass fed beef. Has anyone ordered from this site? I am considering making a purchase.



joey warren said...

Games Prep

MUs- all unbroken

10 HSPUs on 10lb bumper plates w DBs on top
set 1- UB
set 2- 5/2/2/1
set 3- 4/2/2/1/1
the rest were very broken

GHD raises- all unbroken

*Chris I got a video of todays Ill try to post later

Heavy Evy said...

Great, my wife is looking at me sideways, when I told her 'm waiting for new Joey Warren videos......."they're just Crossfit videos honey I promise!"

unit said...

new joey warren videos is what i call a movie night... can't wait for the new release!
nice to see you ass is only half sluggish today... keep up that hard work!

as opposed to resting today... i had lots of time and energy to get a WOD in...

A [squat snatch]- 135(3)/ 135(3)/ 135(3)/ 155(3)/ 175(1)... did full squat snatches and this is a 20lb pr for this movement... snatching is beginning to feel more and more comfortable... the 155x3 felt pretty ez...
B [OHS]- 175(5)/ 185(5)/ 205(5)/ 215(5)/ 235(f)... the set of 215x5 ties a PR... however, this time i know i had more reps in me and quit at 5... so i'll take it as improvement... the fail at 235 came on the jerk, it slipped at the top on the lockout... was bummed and wanted to try again, but called it gd.
C [muscle snatch]- 95(3)/ 125(2)/ 145(1)... this is a PR for the muscle snatch
D [YTM]- 20(4)/ 20(4)/ 20(4)


Anonymous said...

wow that was tough, did as Rx except only got 1 muscle up set unbroken, rest were broken. Really worked getting turn and lockout at bottom between reps, lost some reps at qualifier last weekend. Will not happen again!!