Monday, June 7th, 2010


part 1:
A1. Bench Press @ 5010; 8,6,4,2; rest 90 sec
A2. Supinated Chin Ups @ 51X1; 3-4 x 4; rest 90 sec
B. Strict Muscle Up x 1/Ring Dips x 10; rest 90 sec x 4
C1. Depth Push Ups @ 22X1; amrap (-2) x 3; rest 60 sec
C2. Powell Raises @ 4010; 10,8,6/arm; rest 60 sec

rest 4+ hours

part 2:
Run warm up - 15 min
(hip and calf mobility, accelerations from dead...from running, 30 sec intervals on pace and posture x 3)
Run 5 min @ 80%, 5 min @ 50%
Run 4 min @ 80%, 4 min @ 50%
Run 3 min @ 80%, 3 min @ 50%
Run 2 min @ 80%, 2 min @ 50%
Run 1 min @ 80%, 1 min @ 50%
80% - is effort based, a pace you can maintain for the prescribed time; you're working hard but effective and controlled
50% - conversation pace, control, breathing easy, recovery effort

post loads and notes to comments
double on Tues, single on Wed and double on Thurs for 2010
single on Tuesday for 2011


Michael said...

Hi Coach,
I am following the Big Dawg programming but need to be a week behind for scheduling reasons.

Because I'd be behind, I wasn't planning on posting since the results would be late.

If you want the results for your data collection for the programming, let me know how you'd like me to post so you can track it.


OPT said...

Michael, post it on the current day, thx, with date you did the workout

Søren said...

A1: 65/75/85/95kg
A2: 4x4 reps with 10kg
B: 4 x10 reps, felt good and fast
C1: 13/13/11
C2: 5/7,5/8kg

Cant do run as knee is still recovering.
Wanted to do a row instead, but ran out of time - had to work, dammed!


dmarsh said...

Part 1 (w/ slight modifications as indicated):

A1. DB Chest Press (Fat Grip, Neutral Grip) @ 5010: 70,85,100,102.5(3)
A2. Sup CTB Chin Up (Fat Bar) @ 51X1: 8k,10k,12k,15k(3 CTB + 1)
B. UB x 4
C1. 11,11,10
C2. 12.5,12.5,15

Have a definite weak spot/hitch with my right arm on Powell Raises. Very hard to keep arm and shoulder "long" through the initial 6 inches of the movement. Have to stay light on these to remain as strict as I want them. 15 was too heavy for R arm.

Part 2 in 4.

Andrew said...


A1. 155x8, 185x(4), 185x(3+1), 195x(1+fail)
--> didn't realize how the tempo really saps pushing power, or how much I usually let the bar drop and rely on the bounce. Went too heavy as a result.
A2. 10lbsx4, 20lbsx4, 25lbsx3, 25lbsx3
--> pronated grip. Unable to supinate overhead due to shoulder injury I'm rehabbing.
B. 10, 10, 9+1, 7+1+1+1
--> bodyweight
--> no muscle ups until shoulder heals, so I subbed 10 supine ring dips per MU to work on a weakness
C1. 8, 9, 8
C2. 8lbs, 10lbs, 12lbs

OPT said...

dmarsh, if you have a practitioner who can help, you need some graston technique done (better than ART in this situation) on the ant bicipital groove of the R arm, when you close the joint in that position and retractors are fully lengthened, it is the closed position of the front part of the shoulder that causes the grief...usually in CF from too much overhead work and tight lats...

dmarsh said...

Sat 6/5/10

Lunchtime @ Level 1 cert in Milton

A. Back Squat Ladder @ 245# (a bit lighter than 70%): 3 ladders complete
B1. 1 1/4 Split Squat @ 4(010)111: 8kg/hand
(90s rest)
B2. GH Raise (to parallel) @ 4111: BW x 8
(90s rest)

A. Done with Boz, rested during other person's work, just went back and forth for 10 minutes. Could do more solo.

B1. 1 1/4 split squats done with both feet flat on floor, front foot slightly turned out, front knee out over toes. Grueling...

Chase said...


2011 prep

A1. 135#, 185#, 205#, 225#
A2. 4x4
B. rx
C1. 12, 10, 10
C2. 12#

Dawson said...

First day doing OPT's programming. After having a mediocre, and VERY humbling, performance at the Canadian Regionals I realized that I had to change things up a bit. When OPT had the group photo of the Dawgs at the end, I couldn't get over the number of them. And how well they placed too. I knew this shit worked but I guess I had to see it with my own eyes.

James... Great programming that weekend and awesome job with the organization. It was fun but painful at the same time.

Here are my results for part 1:
A1. 135#/145#/155#/165# (probably could have gone heavier but not much more)
A2. 4 x 4
B1. Rxd (muscle-ups got hard rounds 3 & 4)
C1. 10/8/6 (I was thinking that the '-2' meant 2 less each set after the first one)
C2. 12# (was a lot harder than I thought it would be)

PWO: PRO 40g whey (mixed w/ water) CHO ~10g apple sauce

david83 said...

Bench press
8 160/6/180/4/195/209/2 (I should have starte heavier,, weight felt fast and light today

Pull-ups(also should have gone heavier)
Body weight/4/bwt plus 30/4/bwt plus 40 lbs/4/ 2 sets

B1)- didnt have rings at my gym today-
sub weighted bench dips with slow tempo
45bls for 21 reps for 4 sets

C1.) depth push-ups weight (40 lbs vest)
C2)powell raises-12.5 for all

Runs later hopefully if I dont work work to late.

Chad Hall said...

A1: 175(7), 180(5), 185(3), 190(2)
A2: BW, 45lbs, 47.5lbs(3), 47.5lbs(3)

B: First 2 strict MU, then had to kip. First round strict ring dips, then kipped.

C1: 10, 9, 7, 7 (hands on 25+35lb bumpers)
C2: did my own shoulder rehab.

Did 2.5 hill sprints with 50lb sandbag (~250m steep hill). In place of running today, my achilles are really sore and don't want to run that much yet, so worked on a big weakness.

First day back after regionals. Felt pretty good. Bench smoked me for the rest of the workout. Worked out with a couple people today so prescribed rest times were about 30 seconds longer on average. It was good to workout with people though!

Brian Maier said...


part 1:

A1: 185(8),195(5),200(4),210(2)
A2: 30(4),40(4),50(4),60(4)

B: w/ 20lb vest - 4 X 10
first 2 rounds strict m/u and dips
last 2 rounds kipping m/u and dips

C1: 18,14,12 - hands on 45lb bumper plates
C2: 15,20,25
last set went too heavy and had to speed up tempo on last 2 reps

Brandon said...

A1. 225/245/265/285
A2. BW(5)/10(4)/20(4)/30(4)
B. No strict MU...2 kipping, then transition work + all ring dips strict
C1. On rings with feet elevated: 15/12/10
C2. 15/20/25

Frustrating day...nothing felt good and MUs were unbelievably bad today. Just need to get this one out of my head for later.

Lars said...

A1. 190x8, 215x6, 245x4, 275x2
A2. 27lbsx4, 35x4, 44x4, 70x3
B. 1+10 on all sets strict
C1. 8,9,10
C2. 15lbsx10, 20x8, 25x6

Bench press and pull ups felt good, should have started a little heavier. Muscle ups and ring dips were solid, but challenging by 10. I went too slow on the push ups at first because I was used to the bench tempo. Powell raises are always a challenge.

I will do the run shortly, legs are still sore from the ladder on Saturday.

Melisa C said...

A1. 95, 105, 115, 125
A2. 3s all at bodyweight
B. No rings, did a few parallel bar tricep dips
C1. 8, 8, 8 all on 25# iron plates
C2. all with 10#

May be lacking in the posts for the next few weeks, it's moving week! But I am going to try my hardest to get my training in. If nothing else, I can do CFE, no equipment required.

Anonymous said...

Part 1
A1: 173, 183, 193, 203
A2: 5x25lbs, 5x30lbs, 5x35lbs, 4x40lbs, 4x40lbs
B: Completed
C1: Feet elevated on on the rings. 12, 10, 10
C2: 10lbs x 10, 15lbs x 8, 15lbs x 6

Part 2 tonight

Jonathan3sinclair said...

2011 wod from June 5

A. 3 ladders + 10 reps (not really sure what my 1RM is)
B. 12, 12, 11 all with 10# DB's (could have used more weight)
C. 15 (16 until the very last rnd)

Brent Maier said...


2011 Part I:
A1: 155/165/185/225#
A2: 25/25/25/30#
B: All Unbroken
C1: DPU on DB's turned up on end: 7/6/6
C2: 25/25/20#

Notes: Very strict tempo. Today is an improvement from the other day.

Part II: This evening

derb said...


A1: 160/165/175/185
A2: 40/45/50x2/45x3
C1: 15/13/12
C2: 15/15/15

I don't know how everyone else feels but my legs are extremely sore from saturday. Part 2 is going to be fun.

Andrew said...


Part 2: 6 hours after part 1.
Legs really stiff from Saturday. Took a good 20-25min to feel loose enough to give this a good go.

I usually run on a treadmill at 3% incline. It is much much harder to run on pavement and actually have to generate that horizontal movement instead of just lifting up and having the belt move underneath. I will need to do some more real running.

Andrew said...

The following is a re-post, which I wrote on Saturday, in Friday's thread. I didn't realize that I should always post on the day-of. It is in regard to Friday's WOD and my question on HSPUs.
Hi Coach,

Sorry for posting this late, but I couldn't find the charger for my camera battery.

First video is the wide stance HSPU I used to use, which feels easier, as less ROM and I can do more reps with:

Second video is the narrower stance HSPU I'm using now. Feels tougher, I can do much fewer reps (like 50% less) but I've read that it is the "proper way" to do them.

Sorry, I don't know how to flip the video...

Thank you for offering to take a look.

PTS said...


A1. 170,190,215,225
A2. 30,40,45,50

B. 1 stric MU, 3 kipping.

c1. 9,11,10
c2. 15lb barbell for all sets

skipping part 2. playing basketball instead. my legs are still smoked from saturday squat ladder so this should be interesting

Søren said...

i am so 'happy' that i am not the only person whose legs are dead meat barely hanging on...
that ladder was tough!
I didn't post it as I did it late sunday night, time difference and still recovering from watching Matt Lalonde all night here, but got through 6 rounds with 80 kg!
Also noticed the back was pretty fired up!
There was some girly-man noices all of yesterday when I was hitting the foam roller...
and yet, we are back for more!

Anonymous said...

A1. 170/170/185/205
A2. 30/40/55/65
B. strict muscle ups with dips unbkn/bkn/bkn
C1. 10 x3
C2. 15/15/20

strict tempo on bench, really difficult.
ring dips were difficult.
push ups felt good.

Norm said...


B:no strict M.U., ring dips went

C1:had a tough time with count, paying to much attention to tempo but 10-15 per rnd

Brent Maier said...

Andrew, the biggest suggestion I can throw out for thought is to point your fingers up towards the wall on the wide stance similar to what you do on the narrow. The only reason I say is because in competition if wide stance is allowed without the use of paraletts, there are usually width restrictions and your fingers are robbing you of the width you love. I have seen countless OPT WODs where he gravitated to fingers turned inward on burpees and the likes. I can't speak for him but after trying it, it was more efficient for me. I started throwing that variation in the mix over a year ago and have had good results with it. Do what works best but mix it up even if you take a performance hit for that workout. My 2 cents anyway...

LuLu said...

I am going to Rob O's seminar and will be doing his comp. Was wondering if I should stick to the program or do a pure strength bias until the end of August and go back on the big dawgs then? I really need to work on my strength more than anything but not sure what to do here?

LuLu said...

The wods for Rob O's seminar are not set in stone, this is just an example of what they may be like. You can sign up for the event via the gym I train at:
Rob has a link to paypal on this site. Hope to see a few of you there, it will be amazing :)

Julian Cruz said...

B: Complete had to kip on last set

Will complete part two in three hours

Andrew said...

Thanks a lot, Brent. I will give the fingers to the wall a try next time with the wide grip. I think mixing it up is key, even if the numbers take a hit.

Is there a right or wrong to the HSPU, though? I saw on CF Santa Barbara once that the tripod/narrow is proper, and I saw the same on I just want to know if I'm contributing to injury with either style. If the wide grip is less stable, then I'd save it for when speed/reps is the goal, but do the narrow grip the rest of the time during training. If wide grip is fine, then I'll tend to stick with what gives the best numbers.

Thanks for the input, much appreciated.

Alex Duncan said...

This is my first day back since the Regionals. One full week off felt great and I felt 100% all over when I woke up this morning.
Starting back with training in a whole new mindset after the experience I had in Calgary last week. Going to take rest and recovery much more seriously and tackle each workout and exercise carefully, methodically and with 100% focus and effort.

Part 1
A1. 155(8), 175(6), 185(4), 195(2) Loved this tempo, very challenging
A2. 35#x4, 35#x4, 30#x3,30#x3
B. Sets 1 and 2 UB, Set 3 Dips broken 9/1, Set 4 UB
C1. 10, 9, 7 Done on Rings, very tough, chest tight at this point
C2. 20#x10/arm, 15#x8, 15#x6

Part 2
Done on an outdoor 400m track. Really focused on posture and form. First two intervals where tough and recovery wasn't easy. Got much better near the end.

Eric S said...

Part 1:

A1. 135, 155, 165, 175
A2. 45, 55, 60, 70
B. No rings so sub'd
C1. 10, 10, 8
C2. 12, 12, 16

Dawson said...

Part 2 was very challenging. The active rest period was welcomed each and every time. Unfortunately I had to break at least once in each 80% set. I also found it hard to gauge 80%. Was trying to keep track of distance with the meters marked on the road but ended up losing count because my focus turned to not puking. But I got it done and "looking forward' to tomorrow.

Yelvi said...

A1. 185/195/210/235
A2. 55/65/70(3)/75(3)
B. Slight Kip on MU
C1. 10/10/10
C2. 15/15/20

Yelvi said...

A1. 185/195/210/235
A2. 55/65/70(3)/75(3)
B. Slight Kip on MU
C1. 10/10/10
C2. 15/15/20

Poly said...

Part 1:
A1. 185, 205, 225, 245 - took it easy, shoulder does not allow much bench
A2. BW, focused on very strict form and tempo
B. I need a ton of work with these, strict is absolutely out of the question, and I need to do a massive kip and catch myself at about half depth of the dip portion to avoid shoulder pain. So I would do the strict portion and fight through and hold as long as I could, grab a bench and jump up for dips. Definitely not RX'ed.
C1. 12, 11, 9
C2. 20, 22.5, 25

Adam Rogers said...

A1 - 135(8), 165(6), 185(4), 205(2), these were real tough, tempo took its toll in later reps of early sets
A2 - 45lbs x 4 x 4, easy, maybe could have gone heavier but wanted to keep tempo

B - MUx1/Dipsx10 x 4 - Muscle ups were kipping, dont have strict muscle ups yet. Dips were hard but do-able, have stayed away from them for a while because of some elbow pain but felt ok today.

C1 - 9 x 3, hands on 45lb bumpers
C2 - 20lbs, 15lbs, 15lbs. PAINFUL.

Mike McNaughton said...

A1. 155/185/195/205
A2. 30# x 4 - all sets
B. MUs kipping (getting closer to strict)all dips unbroken. Missed MU on third round. Got it on 2nd attempt.
C1. 8/9/10 (used 15# and 45# bumper)
C2. 20/25/30. Was able to keep tempo but was ugly and probably more difficult than it should have been.

Part 2 at about 8:30 EST

A. Maloney said...

Hey All,

Back with you big dawgs, working on 2011 Prep and excited!

Have started from day 3, but haven't been online to post.


185x8/185x6 (Slowed it right down) / 205x4 / 210x2

55x4/ 65x4/ 65x3/ 60x3




MrsPTS said...

part 1:
A1. 55,60,65,70
A2. 5,5,5,5 pullups

B. 10 Dips with Red Band

C1. Push ups 11,8,9
C2. Powell Raises @ 4010; 10,8,6/arm; rest 60 sec, #8

rest 4+ hours

part 2:
Run. Done.

jay rhodes said...

2010 Rest Day Fun

4.7 km run (on bike trail)


Steady pace, felt better than the run in Okotoks that's for sure.

Going to mix in a lot more running, and rowing on off days to build up the endurance.
I have a good background in running (48sec 400m) and was surprised how badly I got left behind on the run.
A 5k is much different from a sprint, but it still tells me I've got to train it more.

Gillian Mounsey said...


Part 1
A1. 135, 145, 160, 175
A2. 35#x4, 44#x4, 49#x4, 49#x4
B. All unbroken
C1. 20,20,13
C2. all 10# - first time doing them

Part 2
Run was devastating. Legs still sore from Saturday. Quads and adductors cramping. Did not finish last 6 mins of work.

Chad Walding said...

part 2

done on treadmill, screw the heat

5on/5off - 8.5/5
4on/4off - 9.0/5
3on/3off - 9.5/5
2on/2off - 10.0/5
1on/1off - 10.5/5

I haven't run in a long time so this felt good!

Chris Biles said...

Part 1
A1. 135,145,155,165
A2. 20,25,30,35 (4 on all- last set was tough)
B. No prob with strict mu. All I could do to get 9 and 10 on last set of ring dips.
C1. 7,7,7
C2. 10# for all

Part 2 -

Lucas said...

A1. 155, 175, 195x3, 195
A2. 10kg KB for all. Only got 3 reps at tempo on last set.
B. Had to Kip the last set of dips.
C1. 8,7,7 feet on a Swiss ball and hands on paralets
C2. 10lbs, 15, 15

Run was completed 13 hours later at rx'd tempo. My legs are destroyed!


Mike McNaughton said...

Part 2.

Felt surprisingly good considering the legs are shot from Sat. Covered about 3.5 miles. The recovery phases consisted of brisk walking and baby-jogging. Really focused on staying on the fore foot during the running and maintaining momentum forward, POSE style.

Sean Cummings said...

Part 1:
A1: 185x8, 205x6, 225x4, 235x2 (probably should of went heavier on last set)

A2: 1st 2 sets used 1 pood kb x4, 2nd 2 sets 1.25 pood kb x3 (tied kb around waist with dog leash)

B: All with kip (tried 4 times strict but ended up kipping to complete)

C1: 12 (using Dynamax balls), 16 (on 45# bumpers), 14 (on 45# bumpers)

C2: 25# DB

Erik Luber said...

Part 1

A1. 61 kg, 63, 65, 67
A2. 10 kg, 12.5, 15, 20(3)
B. Yup, felt strong
C1. 10, 9, 9
C2. 7.5 lbs, 10, 12

Bench all 1 kg heavier than last time, all very challenging except set of 2, could have gone heavier. Dips felt much stronger than last time. Powell raises very challenging, really enjoy these.

Eric Montgomery said...

A1. 210x8, 225x6, 235x4, 250x2
A2. 58x4, 63x4, 63x4, 68x3
B. 10, 10, 10 on dips. MUs weren't strict.
C1. 9, 9, 10. Feet on stack of plates, hands on boxes at same height
C2. 15x10, 15x8, 20x6.

Bench went better than last time--5lbs more on set of 8, didn't fail on rep 4 at 235, and 250 went up fairly easy. Finished all dips unlike last time when I hit muscle failure, but didn't have enough strength left to do MUs strict.

Brent Maier said...


Part II: Total 3.2 miles

Ran this on a hilly concrete running trail in 90 degree heat. This was an excruciating run with my legs as sore as they are. Need new shoes, got blisters too. Blam, this was a good day.

5:00: 6:42mi pace
4:00: 7:52mi pace
3:00: 8:06mi pace - By far the most difficult for me
2:00: 6:56mi pace
1:00: 7:18mi pace

Steve Howell said...


* First day back since Regionals.

part 1;
A1: 180/200/215/225
A2: 20/30/40/53x3
B: All muscle ups were strict, dips unbroken and felt good
C1: 10/10/10
C2: 25# for all sets
part 2;
- No time for the running today.

Kyle F said...


Part 1
A1: 205/205/215/225
A2: 25/25/30/30
B: Unbroken
C1: 18/15/12
C2: 10 (only dumbell at home)

Part 2
As Rx'd

Part 1 felt good. I've recently put on about 8-10 lbs (need to get stonger) So I definately felt that on the run.

紫倫妍勳 said...


Sean Cummings said...

Part 2:

Felt good throughout run. Foam rolled before run because my legs were a bit sore from the weekend and it seemed to help quite a bit.

Brandon said...

2011 Part 2
Done - approx. 3.5 miles

The first three (5/4/3) felt great. Last two were much harder. After this morning's MU debacle it was good to have a decent effort.

Pfeifdog said...

A1: 185,205,215,235
A2: body weight did realize should have weighted.
B: Muscle-up progression (1st Muscle up on my to do list this year)
C1: 7,9,9
C2: 5,5,10
Part 2: 3.4 miles run felt good.

A1: 50,55,65,70
A2: banded
B: Muscle-up progression
C1: 2,5,5
C2: 2.5,2.5,2.5

Nice change of pace from CFFB, I need to work on my muscle endurance.

Stephen B. said...
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Stephen B. said...

First day back in a week and I'm feelin good

Part 1:

A1.205/225/245(3)/255(1)...jumped too much after 225
B.MUs strict (full ROM w/ turnout at bottom)/dips UB
C1.?/15/12...did "true" push-ups...first set I lost count of reps focusing on tempo...
C2.15/20/22.5...first time doing these and found them pretty tough

Part 2 tomorrow

Heavy Evy said...

A1. 165,185,195,225
A2. 15#,20,30,40
B. No Access to rings today, so I did 3 Bar MU's then 15 bar dips.
Never done a bar MU, suprisingly got them quite easily, kiped last 2reps of every set. Dips were tough sets 3 and 4 did all strict.
C1. 8,9,8 on big round dumbells
C2. 15#,15,20

A1, A2 felt awesome today!

Runs as rx'd, ran approx 7.5km including warm up.

Ben Priestley said...

A1. 140#, 150, 155(2), 155(1)
A2. 17.5#, 20, 22.5, 22.5(3)
B. Strict-10, Kip-7, Kip-6, Kip-5
C1. 11reps, 14, 13
C2. 9#, 10#, 10#

Notes: A1. needed a second to reset breath at the top for set 3 and 4...perhaps means I went too heavy since I was not keeping tempo.
B. Tried for a strict MU on sets 2-4, and went to kip after 1 fail.
C2. focused on strict form

My plan to fit in two wods today failed, so no run.

Dustin said...

A1. 8-225lbs, 6-235, 4-245, 2-255
A2. 4-50lbs, 4-60lbs, 3-65lbs, 3-70lbs
B. Strict Muscle Up x 1/Ring Dips x 10 Unbroken
C1. 17, 15, 15
C2. 20lbs

Wasn't able to get the run in - I'm pissed. My legs are soarer than they have ever been from Saturday.

Joel B. said...

A1: 115; 130; 145; 160
shoulder doing better...still hurts some, but better
A2: 35; 40; 45; 53X3
B: all complete. 4th set broken at 7.
C1: 9, 9, 9
C2: 12.5; 12.5; 15

Part 2
Exactly 4 hours later. Legs are brutally sore, as it sounds like lots of people have the same. The 3@80% was the hardest for me. Hill were involved. Long ones, but not daunting grades.

Geoff said...

Part 1
A1: 140x8, 165x6, 180x3, 195x2
A2: 15x4, 20x4, 25x3, 25x3

no B

C1: 9, 9, 8
C2: 15x10, 17.5x8, 20x6

all weights in pounds;

Part 2 4.5 hrs later
covered; used treadmill with 2% grade
2.73 miles covered - walked at 3.8mph during recoveries

53 yom/218/5' 11"

Old Dawg said...


A1: 155(8), 155(6), 155(4), 155 (2)
A2: 35(5), 40(4), 40(4), 40(4)
B: 10, 10, 10, 5+5 (Kipped all MU's)
C1: 22, 18, 16 (using 25 lb plates)
C2: 10lbs

Will make up Part 2

Wes Kimball said...

A1: 185(8), 215(6), 235(3), 235(2)
A2. 4,4,3,2 (Bodyweight only @ 260)
B. 3,2,2,1 (Jumping Muscle-ups)
C1. 13, 13, 11 (Parelletes)
C2. 15,20,20

Starting a week and a day late 4th rep of 3rd set pinned me on the BP.

Did the the runs about 45 minutes after the warm-up was pinched for time. Runs pace dropped after about a 1 minute each 80% effort, recovery efforts were 75% brisk walk, 25% slow POSE practice.

Felt good all thing consider, my training for the last 2 month has been heavy oly training and thats about it. Good to breath hard again

DAVID X said...

Playing catch up here.
A1. Bench: 175/190/205/220
A2. 45/50/55/55
B. 3 kips, failed on last set
C1. 14/10/9
C2. 25/25/25

Welcome aboard, Mrs. PTS! Maybe you can convince Mrs. X to join up now!

kat. said...

this is my first post on this board. I started following the Games 2011 preparation program about a week ago, and I'm 5 or 6 days behind. I'm 39 & not yet able of doing the WODs as Rx'd.

Saturday 12 June
A1. 30/32.5/35/37.5 kg - seemed heavy a week ago, now seemed a bit too easy
A2. (violet band assisted) 4/4/4/4 (approaching failure in the last set)
B. assisted MU / bar dips with violet band, felt stronger than a week ago
C1. 4/5/4
C2. 2/4/6 kg DB (last set heavy, poor form towards the end)

4.950 m, my first long run in FF.

Kevin said...


2011--performed 6/14/10
part 1:
A1. 195, 215, 235, 245 (tempo might have been too slow going up on set 4)
A2. 15(4), 22.5(4), 30(3), 30(3)
B. Bricked three attempts at kipping MUs every round; going to need to sub pull-ups until I can get these. RD: 10,10,10, 8/2
C1. 9,8,9
C2. 22.5, 22.5, 30

Didn't have time to rest, so did Part 2 right after. Not ideal, but I've got 12 hours behind a desk ahead of me and a baby at home. Legs are very sore, so run was pretty brutal, but I imagine it helped with the tightness.

Michael said...

2011--performed 6/14/10 with K. Rooney.

A1. 175, 185, 195, 205 (tempo was probably slower on the way up - was hoping to hit 225)
A2. 15 (4), 20 (4), 32.5 (4), 42.5(4) - will need to start higher next time
B. UB. Very pleased since I only got one strict MU last time. Focused on leaning back a little and pulling to my sternum.
C1. 11, 10, 11 (first round should have been a couple reps higher - getting used to the amrap (-) reps.
C2. 12.5, 15, 22.5 - last was too heavy so tempo turned into 3 count, but we don't have any DB in btw those weights.

No time for rest in btw part two for same reasons as Rooney. Legs started to loosen up and form felt better at end. Now, though, I feel crippled.

Mack Lar said...

A1. 185/205/225x3/225
A2. 55/65/70x3/70x3
B. All UB except last rd 1-7/3
C1. 10/10/10 Dont off of 45 and 25 lb bumpers stacked.
C2. 20/20/25