mon, june 14, 2010

insert caption here...


A. Close Grip Bench Press - find your 1RM
B. Seated Behind the Neck Press - find your 1RM
(bar starts on neck, not overhead, start in high bar back squat position, then sit back unsupported on bench, set it, then press)
C. Supinated 1RM Chin Up weighted
D. DB External Rotation @ 3010 - amrap/arm @ 10% A - 1 set per arm
(10% of A as DB per hand)

post exactly like this:
2. % of CGBP 1RM used for #2
3. % of CGBP used for #3 including bwt in # (i.e. 90# DB + 160# bwt = 250#)
4. reps/arm using 10% of CGBP 1RM
(i.e. 290#, 64%, 87%, 8 reps/arm)


Chris Fodera said...

Weighted Chin up is strict, kipping?

Kyle F said...


"I swear to God I'm going to pistol whip the next guy who says, "Shenanigans".

Chris Dunkin said...

This make my benis look bigger?

Lisa M said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa M said...

Hey MoFo you betta start running!!

Mike McGoldrick said...

"I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle..."

Craig said...

"You a BIG DAWG, beotch"?

Brandon said...

"When I say 'Unbroken,' I mean unbroken!"

Frank S. said...


B,C, and D are based of our CGBP?

PTS said...

1. 230#
2. 61%
3. 124% (100lbs +185 = 285#)
4. N/A don't have DBs.

5 min rest then made up the 10 min amrap Du's from friday
basketball later tonight.

Dawson said...

The new poster-child for WalMart.

Soren said...

1. 90 kg
2. 57%
3. 125% (32,5kg+80 = 112,5kg)
4. no db at home, tried with a 10kg plate and a 12kg KB, didn't work.
On 1, didn't have a bench, so used a old book shelf and my 3 year old was spotting!!!! well, not really, but didn't go 100%.


george spiridakis said...

is this really necessary? but a few days before that Hannah's breakfast...COME ON!!yes it looks like a starters' pistol but SO WHAT!
thats just bullshit!

John J. said...

I didn't see this in the FAQ's so if I am re-posting a known question I apologize. Will chin-ups always be designated as 'supinated' if they are to be done that way? In the past I have always done chinups as supinated grip whether designated or not, and pullups as pronated grip. Also, thanks for the programming. I am only a month in and seeing positive changes. I will start posting my data this week.

Garage Crossfitter said...

"going huntin BIG DAWG style.."

Andrew said...


1. 205lbs
--> didn't know the standard width, so did it with 14" between thumbs
2. Unable to do even with empty bar due to shoulder pain.
3. 130% (90lb in plates + 176lb bwt = 266lbs)
--> Huge surprise. I haven't been able to even hang off a bar with a supinated grip in at least 3 months, probably more. I've been doing a lot of painful pec and lat stretches in the past 3 days, so I decided to see if I could do this with bodyweight. Felt good, so I just kept going. I will definitely keep up with the painful stretching and hopefully continue to get healthy.
4. Unable to do even 5 reps with 5lb weight without bad pain in shoulder. Did some theraband external rotation exercises instead.

Joel B. said...

Caption: "Straight outta Calgary"

Geoff Aucoin said...

"This is how a tea-drinker holds his gat!"

George, don't know who you are but chill out.

Gord said...

A. 230
B. 60%
C. 38%

Friday night in NFLD

George -we work hard, but we also have fun...hence the picture. Relax dude.

Michael FitzGerald said...

Interviewer: "James, where do you think the run portion of the games will be this year?"
James: "Compton, mother f*$#er"

Anonymous said...


McLovin said it best. "Brace yourself fool!"

I agree with Geoff, Chill George. Know pain know gain. Know opt know pictorial sarcasm. Laugh a little.

Gord said...

C. should read 105% (155+88 = 243)

Michael FitzGerald said...

George Spiridakis
James operates this blog. He programs the WOD's as he see's fit. He breeds Big Dawgs. He puts content that he see's fit. He loves his daughter's - Hannah and Chloe (they are my nieces). So, if you are going to write on this blog ensure you are doing what is rx'd for the WOD, join the community when there is an opportunity (hense today), and don't ever shame James or my nieces.

Brent Maier said...

"Know Pain, Know Gain... Last person to cross the finish line gets a cap in the ass! Now... 3, 2, 1 go!"

jay rhodes said...

"Everybody on the ground!! now back up, full hip extension, hands BACK DOWN ON THE GROUND!!"

Well said, Mike Fitz.

Spider said...

Did yesterday's 2010 partII this am (rested yesterday)

-145 PC
-8 full rounds (1st 2 rounds of MU's UB)
- 232 DU's (had no arm stamina and had to break)

Steve G said...

"There's only one thing I gotta feel lucky punk? Well do ya?"

Love the hand on the hip!

David said...


Brent Maier said...

Dawgs, my wife and kids (age 10 & 13) are coming down to LA for the games this year and we plan on staying in the Orange County area the rest of the week as a vacation. Does anyone have any suggestions on a nice place to stay within 30 minutes of the stadium?

Also, anyone know if kids are free and if so, what the age cutoff limit is?

Feel free to fire me an email:


unit said...

sorry, realized the links i posted yesterday were for mobile devices... here are the links that should work:
had to split in2 2 parts... sorry bout the poor filmography...

part 1- row

part 2- couplet


unit said...

let's see what's in style this season for the canadian gangsta in the brisk summer months. you can see james 'opt' fitzgerald stylishly demos his flamboyant 'pistol' workout and outfit to match. no canadian gangsta would be complete without the hoodie [being sure to cover his ears at risk for summer frost-bite] and padded 'puff daddy' jacket, allowing himself to represent himself by appearing much larger than he actually is...


Lars said...

A. 305 @ 16"
B. 64%
C. 113%
D. 4 reps

Bench press felt pretty good, just missed 310:(
Presses were tough behind the neck due to lack of shoulder flexibility.
Pull ups were good.
External rot = boooourns.

Anonymous said...


hahaha! tea drinker..WalMart..Compton..

thanks for the laughs!

unit said...

'is this really necessary? but a few days before that Hannah's breakfast...COME ON!!yes it looks like a starters' pistol but SO WHAT!
thats just bullshit!'

perhaps he missed a few words...

'is this really necessary [that i have to feel threatened by your piece]? but a few days before that Hannah's breakfast [was so inviting and scrumdiddlyumptious looking]...COME ON [STOP PLAYING WITH MY EMOTIONS]!!yes it looks like a starters' pistol [that just made me wet my pants] but SO WHAT [AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH WET PANTS?] !
thats just bullshit [that i didn't even think to bring extra clothes to the WOD with me]!'


Brandon said...

A. 335
B. 49% (165)
C. 99% (110+222)
D. L-4/R-0 @35# (7/6@25#)

Coach, if you don't mind, could you give us an idea of where you would like us to be with these percentages/reps?

Brent, will send you email later.

Anonymous said...

Way to make an entrance George! Your first post (at least that i've seen) and you're insulting the top dawg? Go "wet your pants" elsewhere dude.

Unit's unedited version is brilliant!

Paul Klein said...

I love "straight out of Calgary" only because of the winter attire in June! I broke a sweat here in NC just cooking on the grill this weekend!

Unit, love the comments!

As this community grows we will have more of these guys like George hanging around. Just like what has happened on the main page. If we ignore it, will it go away?

Chris Dunkin said...

1. 325
2. 48%
3. 106%
4. 8 reps/arm (used 33lbs)

brian cilento said...

caption: "burpee mother fcker, BUR-PEE" or "i said BACK THE FCK UP george, that's my baby's vitamin"

1. 235lbs
2. 62% (145lbs)
3. 106% (170+80db =250)
4. r=20, l=21 @ 22.5 db

DAVID X said...

Alberta's Most Wanted: The Notorius O.P.T. -- The world's fittest gansta.

Is George more incensed by Hannah's breakfast or the gun? WTF?!? HA-ha!

Poly said...

1. 295 as high as I was willing to go without spotter
2. 46% - shoulder DID NOT like this one
3. 110%
4. 0 - could not do a single one. Feeling pretty depressed about today. Shoulder problems might be a little more significant than I expected.

George, it's big dawgs, not big dawnkeys.

Stephen B. said...

I'll be a day behind until after the next rest day. Will have to play catch up. Missed yesterday. Will post on appropriate days.

Chad Hall said...

1. 235#
2. 66%
3. 123%
4. 15/arm (15lbs ... no 25lb DB)

Tied PR for bench, felt alright, went higher but got stuck about 1/2 the way up.

First time doing behind the neck press, tough on shoulders.

Tie PR for chin up. I'm ok with that.

Only had 15lb dumbbells, still really hard after A,B,C.

Agnew said...

You down with OPT,
Yeah you know me,
Who's down with OPT
Yeah you know me,
You down with OPT
Who's down with OPT...

brian cilento said...

agnew... that is classic!

unit said...

29/ M/ 190/ 72"
A- 305 (14")
B- 51% (155)
C- 107% (135+190)
D- 9 reps/arm (30lb db)

Roch said...

George Explain yourself please on the previous comment.

As you can see, if everybody took it the way they took it (read above) there is a reason for that, reflect on this.

Everybody on the blog are sharing for free and try their best to make it fun and instructive, I can't see why you would get offended at anything that James would post...

Anonymous said...

1. CGBP 235 lb
2. 58%
3. 100%
4. 3 reps L/5 reps R

Mike McNaughton said...

George is just frustrated that "external rotation" doesn't have anything to do with grabbing the lotion and flipping on Cinemax after mommy goes to bed.

Katrina Burton said...

1. 120#
2. 67% (80#)
3. 152% (112# BWT, 60# PB)
4. 10 reps R, 13 reps L

First day back. Feel great physically and mentally. Excited to be back training... If you would have asked me that last week or even the week before regionals the emotions would have been much different.

And to our new "friend" George... We bleed positive energy around here. If you are not going to be positive please don't ruin our positive energy by posting your crap here. Thanks!

Thomas said...

1. 187#
2. 65% (121#)
3. 67% (77#DB+172#BW=279#)
4. L/5 R/6

rwcorson said...

Shit George, your first post and you've brought the wrath of the Dawg Pound down all over yourself.
Having an opinion about the photo is okay, but I think you need to have more information about the photo and the man in photo.
The photo was taken at the start of the run at the Canadian Regional, it isn't an endorsement for the NRA or violent crime.
You'll never meet a finer person than James FitzGerald.
Don't take my word for it, find out for yourself and then fire out your opinion.

Alex said...

1. 110#
2. 88% -Bad shoulder problems..doing what I can
3. 37.5# in plates + 138# of me = 175.5#
4. Used 10# DB...could do 5 reps per arm...

Geoff said...

1: 225#
2. 51%
3. 132%
4. 8 reps/arm

53 yom/218#/5' 11"

Paul Smith said...


3.102% (100# db + 200# BW)
4.4 each arm

Chris Fodera said...


1. 250# (14")
2. 54% (135#)
3. 112% (105# + 175# BWT)
4. L=7, R=9

Chris Martin said...

Don`t want to make excuses but i had to wake up at 3:30am for a "surprise drug test"(only 4 hours sleep). Then spent 11 hours on the rifle range instructing.So I didn`t put anywhere near 100% into this.

1.CGBP 1RM- 255
4.Skipped due to time, will make part of reg. routine, along with more core work.

Eric S said...


1. 170
2. 58.9%
3. 161%
4. 18

No spotter so had to stay light.

Mike Molloy said...

"Don't mess with my gansta style, eh"

Love this community. George, get your act together man. No one wants to deal with your negative attitude here.

1: 215
2: 63%
3: 128%
4: 10 reps per arm w/ #20.

Johan Lindvall said...

1. 205 CGBP
2. 54%
3. 134%
4. R 8rep / L 7rep

dmarsh said...

Intensification 1
Unload Week

A1. Incline DB Press (Neutral Grip, Fat Gripz) @ 51X0 x 4-5 x 3: 80,85,87
(100s rest)
A2. Strict Pullup (Fat Bar) @ 51X0 x 4-5 x 3: 10k, 12k, 15k
(100s rest)
B1. Close Grip Bench Press (Fat Gripz) @ 51X0 x 4-5 x 3: 155,175,195
(100s rest)
B2. Pendlay Row @ 51X0 x 4-5 x 3: 120,130,140 (too light)
(100s rest)
C. DB Cobra @ 2010 x 12 x 2: 15,15

John J. said...

Workout from 6/9:
a1. Press; 105 110 112.5 115 120
a2. Strict c2b; 5 4 3 4 3
amrap; 12 minutes
amprap hspu; 10 5 5 5 4 5 4
12 ub chins; ub ub ub 10/2 10/2 ub 7/2/3
cool down- rowed 5 min; 1000m

all weights in pounds

Mike McNaughton said...


A. 225
B. 56%
C. 138%
D. 7/L;15/R. 15# DB

Left shoulder tweaked in WU. Nothing a little ice and ibuprofen can't fix.

Dawson said...



A. 245#
B. 59% (145#)
C. 112% (195# BW + 80# = 275#)
D. R arm 10 @ 25#; L arm 0 @ 25# (5 @ 10#)

Left shoulder feels very fatigued and has been for a number of days now. No pain. Even holding a 12# KB at my side fatigues the trap and deltoid. It definitely kept my lifts down today. Frustrated about that.

IntheHood said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
IntheHood said...

30/ M/ 225/ 74"
A. 255#
B. 49% (125)
C. 122% (85+225)
D. 9 reps/arm (25# db)

george spiridakis said...

hey people i GET it. i can see the humor...but the image is so completely unnecessary especially coming from james, who i've only heard good things about.
for someone at the forefront of all that is so good about getting fit and being positive, i think its careless.

Alex Duncan said...

A. 217#
B. 58%
C. 133% (bodyweight 196# + 92.5#=288#)
D. 20# DB, 10 reps each arm

Awesome workout, got a 10lb PR on the chinup.

Carrie McG said...

OPTizzle, yo!

A. 110 (PR) @14"
B. 68% (75)
C. 147.5% (150+12.5=162.5) - strict
D. 6R/7L
strength is coming.. I'm not light and short so bodyweight stuff is hard for me.. but I'm getting there!

derb said...


A: 205
B: 58% (120)
C: 114% (90)
D: R: 7 reps, L: 4 reps 20lbs

Brandon said...

George you're missing the point. People who know James have come on here and tried to explain to you context, etc. You choose to disagree which is your choice but clearly this isn't the place to come and voice it repeatedly especially when no one sees you posting your workout results. You have no "bitching capital" built up. Be a member, earn respect and then you can post objections. Otherwise leave because you are the one ruining positivity!

LuLu said...

Hi Big Dawg Friends,
Just wanted you all to know that I miss you :) did my first workout since regionals today and it felt G-R-E-A-T. Starting my pure strenght program for the Strongman comp next Monday :) I will be lurking in the background and will say hi now and then. CU all August 30th, be back on the big dawgs then, will keep you posted on PR's. Getting huge time, grrrrrrr.
Oh, the pic of games was great, looks like he was just about to set of the start of the EPIC weekend that was Regionals. Thanks again James. HUGS FOR EVERYONE.

george spiridakis said...

oh my god brandon sorry i dont fall into your narrow criteria...ya thats really positive as well. no one sees me posting?! so what. i go to opt to get inspired and see whats going on. i just dont want to see a gun waved around. period.

LuLu said...

My caption :

3,2,1, BANG..................... leave nothing behind.

jay rhodes said...


Did the running from 2010 part 1 yesterday.

5 x 4 min, exactly 2 min rest


James, for future reference, would you like me to post this under today's or yesterday's comments?

Geoff Aucoin said...

Alright George, you've made your point and digging in your heels isn't going to win anyone over. Either man up and post consistently or keep all your opinions to yourself.

And don't bring anyone's kids into the conversation. Ever.

Gillian Mounsey said...

A. 195 lbs
B. 56% (110 lbs)
C. 118% (BW 140lbs+90lbs =230lbs)
D. Totally screwed up and forgot all about it

rwcorson said...

Okay now Dawgs, we've all had enough to say.
George, as I said before, you are entitled to your opinion.
Let's all move on and get back to the task at hand, preparing to do our best each and every day that the WOD is posted by James.
George, bring it, be part of the community.

Yves said...

The pix aren't always '' a propos'', OPT doesn't need to justify himself or an army of devotees to do it for him and George is entitled to his opinion.

Boys ... Can we get back to training now?

DAVID X said...

Well said Geoff and Corson. Let's nip this in the butt.

We all know you don't you don't tug on Superman's cape, you don't spit into the wind, you don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger, and you don't mess around with James, da do da do...

1. 225#
2. 60% (135#)
3. 124% (BW 195#+85#=280#)
4. 11 reps/arm

Joel B. said...

A: 195
B: 59%
C: 136% (99#, 165BW, 264#'s)
D: 10 reps both arms, 20# db

Adam Rogers said...

1. 260lbs @ 16in (tied PR for regular grip bench)
2. 52% (135lbs) felt awkward
3. 118% (192BW + 115lbs)
4. Used 20lb DB
Right arm reps/left arm reps
6/8, 7/7, 7/6

(for some reason thought part 4 was for 3 sets, no idea where that came from, but was painful)

Pfeifdog said...

A. 325#
B. 54%
C. 102% (245+85 = 330)
D. 5/5 @ 35#

Lucas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lucas said...

A. 235
B. 64%
C. 84+173=257 102%
d. 7 right, 6 left

Yelvi said...

A. 265#
B. 64%
C. 124%
D. 9 reps/arm

OPT said...

jay, post on the current day.
brandon, 64% for #2, 100+% for #3, 8 reps/arm for #4

david83 said...

Hello everyone
1.) 275 pr
2.)150 -55% very challenging I found from the seated position
3.)bwt-190+126 pounds -116%
d.) 20 per hand -hard.
good wod alot of fun today, felt really good.
I was surprised by how hard #3 is.
thank you

A. Maloney said...

1. 230
2. 63%
3. 115%
4. 10% WAS 23LBS - Had 20 or 30, chose 20lbs and able to get 11/ arm

Yesterdays Wods
Runs felt great, was able to keep the same intensity fairly constant throughout, the 7th + 8th slowed a bit and was short about 20m. I didn't have a wall unfortunately to practice HSPU's as I was at a track.


Weight wasn't the problem at all, was my grip which was giving out since I was snatch grip, not mixed grip like I would normally take for DL's

95lbsx4 x 5

15 each time - No elastics to put under, but really tried to slow it down on the way down.

Feeling great and glad to be back with you guys!

Eric Montgomery said...

A. 280lbs @16"
B. 53% (150lbs)
C. 114% (BW 204lbs + 115lbs of KBs=319lbs)
D. 5 reps/arm scaled down to 20lbs--couldn't do any with a 25lb DB.

Notes: CGBP PR by 8lbs. Weighted chinup PR by 15lbs. First time doing 1RM on behind the neck press. I couldn't find a video on the FAQ for the external rotations so I did them laying on my side--was that correct? Some Youtube videos showed them sitting, some were laying down.

Craig said...

1. 245
2. 55%
3. 112%
4. 11/R, 7/L

rwcorson said...

Eric, go back to 29/10/2009. There's a video of James doing ext rot.

Craig said...

Lighten up George!!

Erik Luber said...

A. 163 lbs
B. 61%
C 136%
D. 6 left arm/8 right arm (15 lbs was closest I had)

Rough day today...felt pretty out of it.

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

A: 170 lbs
B: 68% (115 lbs)
C: 138% (155 lbs BW + 80 lbs = 235 lbs)
D: 15 Reps each arm at 15 lbs (9%)
(Suspect I didn't do these correctly)

Mike McGoldrick said...

1. 285#
2. 54% (155#) (Felt very strange)
3. 93% (107.25# + 200# BW)
4. 8 reps (No way I could do 10%, I used 15# just to feel safe.)

Legs are still destroyed from Saturday. Can't wait to feel right again.

Mike McGoldrick said...

1. 285#
2. 54% (155#) (Felt very strange)
3. 93% (107.25# + 200# BW)
4. 8 reps (No way I could do 10%, I used 15# just to feel safe.)

Legs are still destroyed from Saturday. Can't wait to feel right again.

Kyle F said...

A: 255
B: 56.8%
C: 110%
D: 8 on right/7 on left

Kyle F said...

A: 255
B: 56.8%
C: 110%
D: 8 on right/7 on left

Brent Maier said...


A: 255
B: 56.8%
C: 116%
D: 15 per arm

Michelle said...

Well said, as usual, Rob C.
Hey everyone. I'm doing a 'rehab' program from James trying to get things in order with my back...Wish I could say I've been smart and only done the programs given to me by James, but I pushed it a bit last week! I can be a really slowww learner. Anyway...I'll keep reading and posting periodically.

As far as a caption...
James' comment to photographer...'Hey could you try not to get my birks with socks in the picture?'

Ben Priestley said...

1. 175#
2. 60%
3. 133%
4. 7 reps/arm (8.6% CGBP)

Heavy Evy said...

1. 245#
2. 68%
3. 124% (108 in KB + 190BW= 298)
4. 9 RA, 8 LA 25#DB

Hurt my neck in 2. fw hours later I could't even shoulder check while diving. Chiro says I had some strained ligaments and some vertabraes out of place. Can barely move this morning, going to sit a few days out and see how it heals.

Pic is awesome.

"I'm Coach Shady, I'm Coach Shady, all you other Coach Shady's are just imitat'n!"

Chase said...

1. 245#
2. 67% (165)
3. 111% (20vest, 62KB, 190BWT =272)
4. 27.5# 6 right arm, 2 left arm

Sean Cummings said...


A: 225
B: 56% (125#)
C: 113% (75# DB + 180# bwt = 255#)
D: 8 reps/each arm (20lb DB)

Norm said...

B:61% (175)
C:107% (100+205)
D:28.5lbs 4L 6R

Stephen B. said...


A.275 (14" width)
B. 56% (155)...major sticking point I couldn't break through about half way up at 165#
C.105% (120+170)
D.27.5#/4L + were tough...used a timer to keep tempo...first time doing these and they need work

Dustin said...

Mon, June 14th

1) CGBP 1RM - 275
2) 49% (135)
3) BW 180 + 128=308%
4) Couldn't finish due to time constraint

Dustin said...

Mon, June 14th (Day Behind)

1) CGBP 1RM - 275
2) 49% (135)
3) BW 180 + 128=112%
4) Couldn't finish due to time constraint

Screwed up on my percentage. Newbie

Ryan Thompson said...

A. 275 (could have done more but no spotter)
B. 63%
C. 112%
D. 7 Left/4 Right 10%

Anonymous said...

A. 120 (PR)
B. 54% (65)
C. 134% (25# KB + 136# BW = 141)
D. 11.5#, 4/R-4/L

Nicholas Burgett said...

A. 215#
B. 53% (115#)
C. 137% (235#BW+60#db=295#)
D. 20#, 1L-0R

Paul Klein said...

Done on 6/18/2010 after 3 week rest from regional competition.


1. 275#
2. 56%
3. 104%
4. 7/RH 4/LH

Rooney said...


2011--performed 6/21/10

1. 280# (stopped when form started to go--old bad habit of dropping right shoulder down and under)
2. 62.5% (tried to jump from 175 to 185--should've gone for 180 and hit 64+%)
3. 113%
4. 9/9 (30#)

Michael said...

2011 - performed 6/21/10 pm

1. 245#
2. 55.1% (shoulder strength a weakness)
3. 107%
4. 12R/14L (only had 22.5# and 30)