tues, june 29, 2010

part 1:
A. OHS @ 30X0; 5,5,5 - 70%; rest 60 sec
B. Power Clean - build to a heavy 2; rest as needed
C1. KBS heavy - 25 sec unbroken x 3; rest 90 sec
C2. GHD Sit Ups - 15 x 3; rest 90 sec

rest 4+hours

part 2:
Run 800 m @ 50,75,100,75,100%
Rest 6 min b/t 75 and 100% sets actively
preferably on a track

post loads and notes to comments


Sean LeFloch said...


I know you are big into reading, especially about what makes athletes tic. I was wondering if you got a chance to read the book Bounce by Mathew Syed. Its basically a compilation of ideas from some other current authors(a la Gladwell and Coyle) but this has the added benefit of being written by a world class athlete. Thoughts?


OPT said...

Sean will read and see, if you see it come up on the right side of the page you'll know i liked it..thx

joey warren said...

2010 (testing the back)
A. 145/155/165
B. 135/165/185/205 (coonservative, felt ok about 90%, maybe just felt weak)
C1. 53/70/70 (felt great, no problems)
C2. all UB and easy

part 2 later tonight

So for the runs, we run 800 m @ 50% right into 800m @ 75%, then rest, then 800m @ 100% right into 800m @ 75%, then rest, and finish with 800m @ 100%... is this correct?

Nathan H. said...

Hey guys,

Just an update, going through a strength cycle right now.

A1: Powerclean 5-5-5-5-5
A2: Bench Press 5-5-5-5-5
A3: Low Bar BS 5-5-5-5-5
+ supplemental/accessory

Progressively heavier to the last set which is heaviest.
Monday is heavy
Wed is light (end with 80% of heaviest from mon)
Fri is medium (end with 90% of heaviest from mon)

Every monday I retest and my weeks numbers change correspondingly. Throwing in lots of skill work, recovery runs and a few metcons.

Yesterday did:
PC: 255/3 + 2 highpulls
BP: 265/4
BS: 335/6

Will do this for another 3 weeks, then switch to a modified wendler + skills, recovery runs etc. for 8 focus weeks. Then back on OPT! I'm doing a cyclic low carb, with high carb PW, low carb/high fat/high pro through the day. One day a week very high carb/low pro/low fat. Looking to put on about 10 - 15lbs. Eating a ton.

I'll be back posting here consistently in a few months.

Ben Priestley said...

Movement question -
Is snatch grip push press done from the front rack or back rack?

Thanks! -Ben

Nathan H. said...

Ben, done from your back. Doing it from the front would be devastatingly painful on your collar bones.

Chris Dunkin said...

looking forward to confirmation on that answer nathan, as i did it from the back the first time it came up and then from the front the second time. collar bones are still sore to the touch.
because it was combined with the alt hand/wide grip chins, i have a feeling rx'd is from the front.

Anonymous said...

Quick question for OPT or anyone else. In my mind chin ups = palms facing you and pull ups= palms facing out. Is this correct for the chin ups being prescribed for workouts?

Brian said...

Resting today, will make some time at work for lacrosse ball work and stretching, if call volume permits.

deepak said...

Chin ups on this blog are what YOU call Pull ups. You will see supinated chin ups when you need to have your palms facing you

deepak said...


A. OHS - 155,155, 155 : was a little too easy.
B. worked up to 225
C1: 16.13.13
C2: as RX

BK said...

Part 1;
A. 135,135,135,135(first time since sectionals with moderate load, wrist pain...awkward.
B.185 (sharp wrist pain , no point in finishing)
C1: 12,12,12 -97pound KB(2.5?)
C2:fast easy

Part 2:
75%- 3.20
100%- 2.37
100%- 2.35.
Rested 6 mins between all efforts. Hope to hell that was correct??

Paul Klein said...


Thanks for answering my question yesterday. But now I have another question. I know that I need to get my strength numbers up (deadlift, Oly lifts and squats especially). After reading that Nathan H. is doing a strength cycle, I am wondering if it would be to my benefit if I took the time to do a strict strength cycle as well?

Spider said...

Part I:
A. 175 is max, so 70%=125 (all 3 sets)
B. built up to 165
C1. used the 88lb KB for the first time- wow, 7-10-9
C2. UB

Part II:
(ran with BK so rested the same- hope that's cool)
50%- 3:43
75%- 3:18
100%- 2:35
75%- 3:19
100%- 2:34

Michael FitzGerald said...

Pt 1 - in running shoes.
A. 135
B. 225
C1. 40 kg
C2. UB

Pt 2.
50% - 3:34
75% - 3:01
100% - 2:27
75% - 3:04
100% - 2:25

DeeJay said...

Part 1-
A. No go, knee pain still... Getting better though.
B. Worked up to 274
C1. 2.5 pood x 13 x 3
C2. UB x 3

Part 2-

BK you did it right...

Melissa said...

A. OHS: 70% for me is 91 so I did three sets at 95 - felt good.
B. Built up to 130, failed twice at 135
C1. 53# 15, 15, 14 (best these have ever felt)
C2: fast and hands to floor

Part 2:
After spending 6 hours in the hospital with Dad for a variety of tests and test results, I ran a relaxed, un-timed 5K after dinner. No more intensity needed today. Early to bed tonight, positivity tomorrow.


B-Rad said...

Part 1;
A. 115,115,115 (first time since sectionals)
C1: 13,12,147 with 75#KB
C2:pretty fast and easy

Part 2 in 90 mins or so....

B-Rad said...

oops..that should be 13,12,14 for KBS, not 147

PTS said...

Paul Klein:
I sent you an email to the address on your webpage.

Angelo Fosco said...

Question: I had a kickboxing tournament on sunday. I got pretty banged up, including a minor sprained ankle. Anyways I was rowing (lightly) today and after about 60 seconds something happened to my knee. Feels like it popped almost, but I don't think thats it. It's swollen and really hurts to fully extend...any idea what it is/how long it'll take to heal? Thanks!

Julie Migliaccio said...


A. OHS 105,105,105
B. Power clean 2RM 135
C1.KBS with 2 pood..this was a 1st..15 unbroken every set
C2. GHD sit ups all unbroken and fast

Part 2:
50% 4:07
75% 3:40
100% 3:29
75% 3:45
100% 3:27

I did sprints in place of rowing Sunday and legs felt tight and heavy today...numbers reflect i went out too hard on the 75% efforts...not a big gap between that and the 100%....

OPT said...

paul, not sure, try one and see

angelo, need more info before a Rx can be made...could be many things

Angelo Fosco said...

Sorry, I'm terrible at this...but When I bend my knee it feels extremely tight right above the knee cap. When I straighten it out all the way it feels almost out of place. I can extend it, bend it and put weight on it though. The small amount of swelling seems to be directly above the knee.

sHELLy said...

Pt: 1
A. 95lbs
B. 125lbs
C1. 13,15,15
C2. HSPU practice instead

Pt: 2
50% - 3:45
75% - 3:13
100% - 2:55
75% - 3:24
100% - 3:03

joey warren said...

rested 9 hours

part 2:
50% - 3:35
75% - 2:46 (got alittle excited)
100% - 2:22
75% - 3:00
100% - 2:28

reted 6 min b/t all sets

Jenny said...

a. 105
b. 155
c. 15, 15, 15 using 70# kb
d. 28, 27, 26 seconds per set

Lauren said...

part one
A. 95lbs
B. 155lbs
C1. 13,14,14 w/ 1.5 pood
C2. unbroken

part two
50% - 3:17
75% - 3:03
100% - 2:56
75% - 2:58
100% - 2:51

i don't think i gauged the runs at the 100%

b-mac said...

A. 140# used
B. 180#
C1. 70#, 13 on each
C2. unbroken

part two

tania said...

Pt 1
A. 95# bailed on last on last set, didn't warm up wrists enough
B. 115#
C1. 55# happy with this did around 13 reps per set and it's the first time I do that many unbroken with that weight (i remember a time when that kb would literally lift me off the ground)
C2. UB

Pt 2.
short on time - went for a trail run instead (5 min at 50%, 4 min at 75%, 3 min at 100%) x 2 it's a shame I would like to know what my real 800m times are. I always aim to not let B-Mac get more than 50 m ahead of me... does that mean I should aim for sub 3min??