Sun, June 13, 2010

Jaron and his bud Jason
RIP my friend, we'll continue to train because we can.


part 1:
Run 60 sec @ 85%
Rest 5 min x 8
(perform HSPU practice for 10 min b/t sets 4 and 5)

rest 4+ hours

part 2:
A. Snatch Grip Dead Lift @ 6011; 6-8 x 5; rest 2 min
B. High Hang Power Snatch - 3-4 x 5 - 80% effort; rest 1 min
C. GH Raises with bands @ 20X0; 12-15 x 4; rest 90 sec

part 1:
Run 4 min @ 5K pace
walk rest 2 min
repeat 5 times

rest 2 hours

part 2:
For 10 min on the minute:
2 Power Clean - 80% of 1RM
rest EXACTLY 3 min
As many total reps in 12 minutes;
5 unbroken HSPU
5 muscle ups
rest EXACTLY 3 min
AMRAP Double Unders in 5 minutes
(score is weight used in # for cleans + total reps in couplet + total DU reps)

post loads, times and notes to comments
Mon off for 2010, single for 2011
Tuesday single for 2010, double for 2011


Soren said...

Only did part 2, no running allowed yet and no rower in shed!

Part 2

A: 60,80,90,100,110 kg
Easy as tender in the hamstrings

B: 4 reps at 50kg x 5, working on speed

C: No GHD at home, so did Good mornings with 20kg


PTS said...

Did the 10 mins of HSPU practice.

Skipped the run as I ran ~3 miles with a ~25lb backpack to the beach yesterday and then did a bit of sprint work on the beach.

Will not get to part 2 as I will be traveling the rest of the day.

Training will be hit and miss the upcoming week as Thurs and Fri I will be playing soccer in the Police Olympics.

Lars said...

Runs felt good today despite my calves being wrecked from the D.U's.

HSPU's felt pretty good too after the first set and getting some cracks and kinks out of me. Did about 5 on the minute for 6 or 7 sets.

Will hit up the rest after my round of golf.

Dawson said...


Only did part 2 today due to having to work 1100-2300.

A. 135(8)/185(8)/205(6)/215(5 - grip gave out)/215(5 - grip gave out)

B. 115/125/125/125 (all 4) *not sure if we had to do 80% of 1 RM but I tried 80% (145#) of my 1 RM and couldn't get under it fast enough. So I dialed down the weight and worked up to what made reps 3 & 4 tough.

C. 15/15/12/12/12 (yellow band) Accidentally did 5 rounds instead of 4. Whoops!

Melissa said...

2010 part 2:

Cleans: 115

HSPU/MU: got first head to floor HSPU. Then did rounds of HSPU to ab mat and 5 ring dips (with a couple unsuccessful muscle up attempts each round). Total reps 34.

DU's: 302

Chad Hall said...

Ran at a track today, found it to be a lot softer on my joints. Each run was about 300M (consistent), felt good, but the last one was tough. Focused on shorter strides and picking up my feet.

Practiced freestanding HSPU from a headstand and practiced freestanding handstands.

Part 2 this evening after a couple baseball games.

joey warren said...

part 1 - done on track
4 min @ 6:04-6:16/mile pace

felt a lot better running today than last week

Melissa said...

2010 Part 1:

I have never felt so at ease on a run. 7:15 pace for each 4 minute run.

Last week my pace was 7:30, and that felt like way more work than this week.

Mike McNaughton said...

Part 1
Running felt good. Definitely challenging to hold pace. HSPU work felt fine. Worked on some holds and depth.

2 hour rest

Part 2
A. 135×6 all sets. Tempo killed the grip
B. 115×3 all sets. Sacrificed weight for form.
C. 8 with band/4 without x3. 6 with/6 without x1.

Thomas said...

Part 1:

Assumed that 85% was HR related..
So: 60sec @ 170-175BPM / rest 2min (had a tight schedule today)
HSPU max reps on the minute every minute; 4,3,5,3,2,1,1,4!1

4hr rest

Part 2:
50-60-65-65-60 Lower weights due to the rxd tempo, killed me anyway..

Good form for being me :)

No rubber bands, and only a 45' bench so with 5KG plate:

15-15-12-12 @ rxd tempo.

Brent Maier said...


2011: Part I
Total Distance: 4.15 miles

WU: .71m
1: .18m @ 5:38m pace
2: .18m @ 5:25m pace
3: .17m @ 5:45m pace
4: .17m @ 5:48m pace
5: .16m @ 6:08m pace
6: .18m @ 5:38m pace
7: .17m @ 5:43m pace
8: .17m @ 5:59m pace
WD: .47m

Family and dog ran to the park for the WU/WD. Ran this like we did our 8 intervals months ago. The last 20 seconds of the 60s run was a 20-25 degree incline. 5 min active rests. Free standing HSPU practice with partner balance assistance half way through. 5 minutes seemed like too much at the beginning but was needed towards the end.

Part II: This afternoon

Jonathan3sinclair said...

2011 wod from June 11

Part 1:
A. 12@135, 10@155, 8@185, 6@205, 3@225
B. 10/leg with 15# DB's, 10/leg with 15# DB's, 8/leg with 20# DB's
C. 14

Rest 10 Minutes

Part 2:
339 DU's,

Michael FitzGerald said...
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Michael FitzGerald said...

135 - decided to do power snatch instead of power clean
4 rounds - I only did 5 minutes of the HSPU/MU combo. Don't really know why?
360 DU's

DeeJay said...

part 1 done, no idea how far/fast I ran... felt much faster than regionals...

Part 2 was humbling. 230# for cleans, these were simple. 4 rounds + 3 HSPU's on couplet, good news is all MU's were unbroken. only 185 DU's shoulders were smoked from couplet and I consitentl kept tripping up, couldn't find a rythem

score - 453, booooooooooooooo

Erik Luber said...

Accidentally did 2010...not sure why

Part 1:
Did this X-country style with my vibrams, felt great to run outside in the sun.
rest 1 hour
Part 2:
Cleans at 126#
5 rounds of couplet
335 DUs (60,50,40,30,30,30,30,30,30,5)
Final score = 126+50+335 = 511

Best workout I have had in as long as I can remember, just felt like I was flying. Cleans felt smooth, HSPUs getting stronger, and no trips on DUs. Failed on last rep of 5th round, had to rest, but got done unbroken. Tried 6th round, but only got 2 reps. Off to go and enjoy the sun!

k.jones said...


part 1: went well averaged about 300 m each run. HSPU didn't go that great only able to do 40

part 2:

a. 185-8/205-8/225-8/245-7/265-5
c. dint have bands so used 25# plate 15x4

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

2011: Part 2

A: 8 x 155, 8 x 165, 8 x 175, 8 x 185, 8 x 195
B: 5 Sets of 4 x 85
C: 4 Sets of 12 w/o bands

Part 2 when it stops raining in NYC

John said...

Sorry for my ignorance, but what is the meaning and/or significance of the 2010 versus 2011?

joey warren said...

rested 2 hours

power cleans- 215lb
couplet- 9 rounds + 3 HSPU
DUs- 342

score= 650

HSPU/ MU video:

Eric Montgomery said...

Part 2:
A. 80kg x6, 80x6, 80x6, 60x6, 60x6. Grip was giving out so cut back for set 4 and 5
B. 40kg x4, 50x4, 50x4, 50x4, 50x4. Pretty easy
C. Blue band. 12, 12, 12. First set was a little easy so put an extra twist in the band.

BK said...

Ran 5k race today in 21.51. My best is 19.57. Just didn't feel great throughout and toiled through to finish.
CFP team hit up Southeast Regional 4th WOD late yesterday arvo with a very fast time.
Joey..... ridiculous time from yesterday!

unit said...

hit up the hopper from yesterday...


have a video and will try 2 get it uploaded later if'n y'all r interested...


Chris Martin said...

part 1-
covered on average 320-350m
hspu-21 total
part 2 - 3 hours later
a. 145-9,165-8,185-6,205-6,225-6
last couple sets used normal grip hook grip was too painful.
b.115-4, 135-3,125-4, 130-3, 135-4
c.15,12,11,12-did not have any bands but these were hard enough.

rwcorson said...

Unit, WOW!

Erik Luber said...

Holy crap Unit!! That is one monster of a time, I am excited to see this video.

marcus filly said...


ran around track and covered 3.15 miles not including walking, pace slowed a bit on 3rd and 5th run

part 2:
rested 5 hours due to golf outing

power cleans - 215 (don't have an accurate 1rm, this felt very managable, caught them all very high)
couplet - 68 reps
DUs - 337

score = 620

Chad Hall said...

Part 2 DNF
Drained after a couple games of baseball. Warmed up, didn't feel great, foam rolled, hit part A, form was off, didn't feel great but got through it anyways.

Then part B rolled around and SMOKED myself in the forehead on a HHPS... immediately shut it down.

But, good news is part 1 from this morning felt good, which is my weakness so I'm ok with that.

Joel B. said...

Part 1
Outside at park. Not sure as to distance run each time. But the rest felt shorter the deeper into the sets I got. HSPU I worked on being as freestanding as possible. I actually did a few that way which was great. Worked on feeling the balance with my fingers and heel of hand. Good progress. Went slow and shoulders were pretty tired after 35 reps in 10 min.

Part 2
A: 135, 145, 155X8; 165X6X2
These were long ass sets. Thumbs/grip killed most and limited...did get a bit toasty on the posterior too though.
B: 85, 90, 95, 95, 95X4
Adhered to the 80% effort instruction so didn't go higher on the loading.
C:12, 12, 12, 12
Green band on "roman chair against a wall and braced in place" contraption. I believe I will spring for a GHD. Any tips anyone? I know Sorinex was well spoken of by a few last fall when others had this conversation.

Alex Duncan said...

Part 1
Only had time for 4 sets, did them on a 400m track.
350m, 340m, 320m, 330m Felt great
HSPU practice was very useful

Part 2 only 2 hours later unfortunately
A. Very hard on the hook grip 135, 145, 155, 162.5 x6, 162.5 x6
B. Felt great today: 115x4, 125x4, 130x4, 135x3, 135x3
C. No GHD available!

Lars said...

A. 155x8, 175x7, 185x6, 185x6, 185x6
B. 135x4, 135x4, 145x4, 145x4, 145x4
C. 10lb plate x 12, x 4 sets

On the deadlifts, I was using a snatch width grip, but not a hook grip - should I be??
I find my regular grip more solid, but still challenging when doing this tempo.
HPS felt good and controlled.
GH raises were quite tough with only 10lbs.

tania said...


part 1 done, beautiful sunny day trail run by the river, don't really know what distance I covered

Part 2:
Cleans: 100# for cleans, this felt way too easy.

HSPU + MU: 5 (or 6?) complete rounds + HSPU, had to redo a bunch of HSPU when I missed on the 4th or 5th rep. couldn't get a good kip going on the MU's so I mostly did strict singles

Double Unders: 238 reps in sets of 25 to 35 but with too much rest in

Score: 100+55+238= 392

Pfeifdog said...

Part 1:

average about 300 meters each round.

Part 2:
A: 225 each set at 6 reps grip was the biggest limiting factor
B: 135x4,145x4,155x4,165x4,175x3
C: 12 reps each set with a purple band.

Yelvi said...

2011 Part 2

A. 134/155/165x6x3
B. 95 for all sets
C. 12/12/8/8 with red band

Notes: Grip and lower back were thrashed at that tempo for the SGDL. GHR were very hard.

Sean Cummings said...


Completed Level 1 Cert today.
Did a KB swing, pu, run team WOD at cert. Also, got first strict muscle up, had a kipping but never a strict til now.

jay rhodes said...


No Part 1 today. Going to throw in some more running this week.

Part 2

used 185#, was easy

9 full rounds, muscle ups were good. HSPU's felt harder than normal today, R shoulder was a little sore to start out but loosened up.

248 DU's, very broken, shoulders were smoked.

Score - 523

Mike Molloy said...


Part 1: Complete

Part 2:
A: 195x6 for all sets.
B: 75-85-95-105-105.
C: Sets of 12 unbroken.

A: This was very very hard. Used straps.
B: Usually I catch very high in the power snatch. Worked on catching a little lower in a squat, but obviously still above parallel.
C: The band definitely ups the anti on these. Feeling it big time in the hamstrings.

Carrie McG said...

Part 1:
done at a track, each round alternated between clockwise and counterclockwise around the track. felt good! avg approx 250m per 60 sec.
HSPU practice - partner assisted, headstands, handstands and handstand walk practice as well (starting to take a few steps!)

6 hours rest
Part 2:
A. 95, 100(6), 100, 105(7), 105(6) - limiting factor was my grip.. weight was easy
B. 65x4 for all - the turn over was bothering my R lat, but they felt fast and solid
C. No band, 12 reps for all - thought I was going to strangle myself.. Glutes still smoked from split squats so they were hard still.

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

2011 Part 1 Runs Done
HSPU's tomorrow

Andrew said...


Part 2 (did before part 1 due to gym availability):
A. 155x8, 175x8, 185x6, 185x6, 185x6
--> killer tempo
B. 95x4, 115x4, 115x4, 115x4, 115x4
--> focused on speed and technique
C. BWx15, BWx15, 10lbsx15, 25lbsx12
--> first time doing this exercise, didn't know what to expect. Love it. Couldn't set up a band, so used plates.

Part 1 (10hrs later):
Treadmill 3% incline:
5min/mile pace
5:27min/mile pace
5:27min/mile pace
6min/mile pace
HSPU practice -- played around with stance and tripod/no-tripod. Still working around shoulder injuries.
6min/mile pace x 4

Would've liked to run on ground instead of on treadmill, but had to go for convenience today.

julie Migliaccio said...

Julie/Crossfit Performance

Did only part 1 of todays workout plus the 5 minute AMRAP of double under's.

CFP team did WOD 4 from Southeast regionals yesterday afternoon after doing the Row/Push jerk/pull up workout at 6am.

Legs felt like lead on the runs...
hit 800 meters on track 2x and just shy the other speed.

double under's 300....kept going 20 at a time as calves and hamstring were smoked!

Brent Maier said...


2011: Part II

A SGDL: 70/80/90/95/100kg (220#) - x8/8/8/8/6
B HHPS: 40/50/60/70/80kg (176#) - x4's
C GHR: 5/10/5/5# - x15/12/12/12 Plates held at sternum with crossed arms. Calf cramped on round two.. bit off way too much but finished it out.

No back pain... Held good form on the 80kg snatches. GHR's, I had to pause at the top in brief spurts to relieve lower back burn.

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 1: at the track: approx 300m/run
did hspu's on the minute. was trying for 5/min, but it went: 5,5,5,3,3,3,3,2,2,2

6hr rest

Part 2:
A. 225,230,235,240,245x6 (used straps)
B. 135,135,135,135,145
C. 12 reps/rd w/ blue band.

Kyle F said...

Part 1:

Did not run today

Part 2:
A: 185/185/185/155/155
C: did GHD sub

Only had time for one workout today, chose the snatches. Had trouble with tempo on A. Hang PS felt real good.

Craig said...

A. 135/155/165/170/170
B. 95 (4) X 5
C. 12//8/7/6

A. Felt good, killed the grip.
B. focus on turnover speed. good weight.
C. used the thinnest band we have, tough movement.

unit said...

it's a pretty crummy vid but I did what I could...
had 2 break it in2 2 parts... and they overlap a lil...


Chase said...

A. 8 @ 135, 4x6 @ 225 working on hook grip it was hard on my hands, pace was probably faster then 6, I'll slow it down next time.
B. 105, 115, 115, 115, 115 4 reps each round, really working on foot position and hook grip.
C. 12 reps no band on 1st set, remaining 3 sets used band but could only get 8.

Anonymous said...


Part 1: ran consistently 350 meters. Reduced the rest to 3 minutes due to time constraints but I felt fine. Will Have to hit the HSPU practice later.

Part 2:
A: 153(6), 168(8), 177(8), 187(7), 202(7)
B: 89(4), 104(4), 114(4), 119(4), 124(4)
C: 15(no band), 15(purple band), 15(purple band), 15(purple band). I finally figured out how to do these and they are hard.

Eric S said...


Part 1: on a 400 meter track. Nearly the full length every time.

Part 2:
A. 185#x6x5 (grip was limiting factor)
B. 90#x4x5
C. 15x4. No bands available.

Chad Walding said...


Part 1: done at track. Around 320-350m. HSPU did 5ub then 3, then 1 every 20 sec until 10 min was up.

Part 2:
A. 155(8)/165(8)/175(8)/155(8)/155(8)...grip just doesn't hold with 6 sec drop.
B. 115(4)/125(4)/135(4)/135(4)/145(2)
C. 15x4 with 15#db

Stephen B. said...

2011 (june day behind)

part 1:
runs completed...all felt about right
hspu practice: holds, negatives, and reps at various widths

part 2:
A.205(8)/235(8)/245(7)/255(5)/255(6)...with straps...tempo was tough
B.115(4)/125(4)/130(3)/125(4)/130(4)...kept it light and focused on speed and third pull
C.15/20/ band and only had time for three sets...these are getting much stronger

├╝ber Bania said...

Part 1:
Not happy with my 2mile time so I did 1/4 miles around the track.
8 1/4mi, 4min rest.
avg 81.1 sec.
high 85.1
low 70.7 (raced a buddy one lap)

Part 2:
SGDL @6011:
135x8, 165x8, 175x7, 175x7, 175x4 + 1 + 1 (grip fail on last 3 sets)
95x4 (ripped hand), 105x4, 115x4, 125x4, 135x4 (poor form)

GHD: 15x4sets, @2020

sHELLy said...

Part 1:
Outside on path. Approx 850-950m each set.

Part 2:
HPC - 115#
HSPU/MU practice. Kipping HSPU's to abmat. 0 MUs - did a bunch on Friday, but can only seem to do them if someone is watching!?
DU's - only 200. Shoulders sooo sore from Saturday - all sets of 10.

Michael said...

Had to flip parts I and II b/c of access to gym and Father's Day festivities.

Part II:
A. 155, 165, 175, 185, 205 (all 8s).
B. 95, 100, 105, 110, 115 (all 4s)
C. 15, 12, 10+2, 9+3

A. First time doing snatch DL, need to start higher next time. Grip was limiting factor more than legs/back. Tempo was tough.
B. Felt good.
C. Form started to break down on last two sets. Could only hold good form for 9-10 reps, then it got janky. Those need lots of work.

Part I. Hoping I can squeeze it in tonight.

Michael said...

Part I - (Parts I and II performed 6/20/10)

Don't know the distance covered, just ran an out and back by my house.
HSPU work was ok - still a glaring weakness.

Rooney said...


2011-performed 6/20/10
Ditto what Michael said, except wife put the kibosh on my plan to do Part II later in the day on my first Father's Day.

Part II:
A. 155(8), 185(8), 205(8), 225 (6), 225 (6)
B. 115, 125, 135, 145(3), 155(3)
C. modified: no bands. all 12s

A. Grip went first. Tempo was killer.
B. Felt pretty good except still have a problem with landing too wide. Probably should have landed a little deeper, too.
C. First time doing these right since I started. Still have a ways to go.