wed, june 16, 2010

part 1:
21,18,15,12,9,6,3 rep rounds for time:
Front Squat - 185#/135# (from rack)
Chin Ups

rest 6+ hours

part 2:
Row 5 min @ 50%
Row 3 x [4 min @ 90%, 2 min @ 50%]
Row 5 min @ 50%

post times and notes to comments
double thurs, single fri and double sat for 2011
single on thurs, triple on sat and double on sun for 2010


John J. said...

Workout from 6/11
Back Squat @ 4010
135(12) 140(10) 145(8) 150(6) 155(4)
DB Split Squat @ 3131: All sets 8 reps @ 25#- Back foot elevated
Unanchored Tabata Situps- 12
I use the "soccer throw-in" arm swing to generate momentum/speed for the situps. Is this okay, or do you want them more controlled?

Melissa said...

as RXd: 20:31

front squat notes: started out with 7, then did
3s for first set. Most sets included 3s and the
occasional 2s. My sets of 9, 6 and 3 were
in singles. Tried to string the last 3 together,
dropped the bar, Spider cleaned it to the rack
so I could finish.

Pull-up notes: these felt good.

brian cilento said...

nice to have a spider around... hi mel

BK said...

Part 1; 11.08

FS - 21 UB
12- 6/6
pullups- UB

Sessiion was an absolute cracker... smashed me.

Michael FitzGerald said...

17:31 - had nothing. Felt smashed from yesterday.

DeeJay said...

16:57- felt like I was stuck in 3rd gear the whole time. Had no push...

Baltoe said...

Did running WO today - 10 x 400 m
negative split the overall,

with DU practice in between - 10 DU's and back at the 400's within 2.00 mins.

Good workout, got faster and stronger. I am looking forward to seeing what the WO are for the Games for the Master's so I can challenge them and see how I would have fared! Cheers all,


Chad Walding said...

2011 crew

**made up 6/14**

235#, 55%, 87%, 0 reps/arm

Anonymous said...

A: 126,136,141,146,151. Felt good and quick. I was making sure my catch was solid.
B1: 177,187,197,207. Brutal. My front squat is already weak sauce. Trying to get better at front squat and I think this will help out a lot.
B2: All unbroken. Really tough as well. All butterfly kipping.
C: Completed.
Part 2 tonight.

Lars said...

Did Part 1 of June 15th WOD today. Didn't have time/equipment for both yesterday.

A. 155x3, 155x3, 175x3 x 3 sets
B1. 175, 185, 185, 185
B2. 20 UB for all sets
C. 10 + 5, x 4 sets

First time doing FS or Cleans in 3 months due to a wrist sprain. Wore a brace today and did them anyways despite it not being healed - felt fine with the support.

Tall cleans felt pretty good and quick - didn't go heavy (wrist)

FS were tougher then expected, but went okay. Was careful with my wrist again.

CTB pull ups felt pretty good.

GHD sit ups didn't feel very good, did 10 rested briefly, did 5 more for 4 sets. These have always been tough for me, but have gotten much better.

Garage Crossfitter said...

I did june 14th wod today

A. CGBP 240 pr
B Seated behind the neck press 150
C Chinup 110 pr (290lb)
D 25lb x8 both arms, form pretty good, not 100% though.

Looks like most of my #'s are right on par except my chinup.

Chris Martin said...

OPT- I`m going to be trying out for search and reasue technician(Canada) in a year and a half.I was wondering your thoughts on how to mix your training program with military special operations in mind. Like most spec ops it is heavy with LSD running/swimming. I would like to continue your programming as I enjoy it alot. Obviously in order to be successful I need to add the endurance aspect to my training. Do you recommend using CF endurance with your training?
Thanks for any advice you have the time to give. chris

BK said...

Part 2;
1. 1.51.1 (ave 500)
2. 1.51.1
3. 1.51.1
Arse felt like i was being stabbed with a sharp knife and had to get up and jog for 20 seconds in the 2 min @50%

OPT said...

john j, vary the sit ups as much as you can, anchored, unanchored, knees open, closed, use hands, no hands (at temples), etc...

chris, the LSD stuff you'll get into is usually OK with the volume of the blog...and if the entry time is not for 18 months, settle in and just use the you can get prepped for that energy system in 10 days...

DeeJay said...

part 2-
/500m averages:

BK my arse felt the same way, holy f&%$ was that an uncomfortable 28 mins!

marcus filly said...

Part 1 - sub push ups for pull ups (shoulder bothered)

julie Migliaccio/Crossfit Performance said...

2010 Games prep

Todays workout part 1 as rx'd
1st set of 21 front squats unbroken
6 unbroken
3 unbroken
The fatigue in my legs hit me hard after heavy deadlifts last night...Was hoping for UNBROKEN...Alas it didn't happen

Pull ups feel better and better each time and they went like this:
although there were many singles they were aggressive and I am keeping up with BK's urging to get back on the bar IMMEDIATELY!

Total work time 15:10

Jenny said...

part 1 time: 14:16

did not do part 2. i'd planned to hit first part early and row in evening, but woke up at 5:30 feeling really sore from deadlifts, guarding one shoulder. decided to sleep in a bit, and i think it was worth it today, despite missing the row.

ROBO said...

Busy with Med School so i will hit this one tomorrow. Schedule is really hectic. but i vowed when i was back into condition that i would be back on here and posting. gonna catch up on some of the workouts this weekend. im turning into Unit were i am forced to do a weeks worth of WODs in a weekend.

Lauren said...

part one - 20:49 didn't pace as well as I should have - did too many squats in a row in the first rounds

part two- strangely made my quads feel a bit better. Tried to keep 2:00 average for row.

sHELLy said...

Part 1: 22:11
Part 2: Rowed, but had no pull

Still sore, still tired and adding stomach ache to the list. Let's see what tomorrow brings...

Spider said...

Knee was a problem today so I subbed GHD situps for Squats (couldn't do any kind of squatting- I know it's not the best sub) 8:46

Part 2:


Would have more numbers, but the concept two had no memory. Icing the knee for the next few days...

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

Yesterday's 2011:

Finished Part 1:

C: 25, 15+10, 15+10, 15+10

Part 2:

Row meters: 232, 228, 222
HSPU's 4 x 3, 9 x 2 = 30 total
Row meters: 225, 228, 222

Jonathan3sinclair said...

2011 wod from June 13

Part 1:

All eight sets approximately similar distances within a 20m range

Part 2:
A. 50kg x 8, 60kg x 8, 65kg x8, 70kg x7, 70kg x6 (grip was slipping a lot with no chalk)
B. 40, 45, 45, 47.5, 50 (all x4)
C. 15,13,13,14

Erik Luber said...

part 1:
A. 35 kg, 40, 45, 50, 45
B1. 40kg, 45, 50, 52.5
B2. yup

kat. said...

Workout from Sun, June 13, 2010

Part one:
Done on trail, uphill & downhill. Legs heavy.

Part two:
A. 8x 40 kg, 8x 45 kg, 7x 50 kg, 6x 50 kg, 5x 50kg
B. 4x 25 kg, 4x 25 kg, 4x 25 kg, 4x27.5 kg, 4x 30 kg
C. Sub: Good-Mornings 15x 25 kg, 15x 30 kg, 15x 35 kg, 15x 40 kg

Note: grip failure in A - sets 3, 4 & 5.