sun, june 6, 2010

2010 Prep
A1. Bench Press WaveLoad @ 30X0; 3,2,1,3,2,1; rest 120 sec
A2. Clean Grip Dead Lift @ 51X1; 4-5 x 6; rest 120 sec
B. Split Jerk - 3 x 3 - 80% effort; rest 90 sec
C1. GHD Sit Ups - 25 x 4; rest 60 sec
C2. DB Ext Rot @ 3010; 6-7/arm x 4; rest 60 sec

post loads and notes to comments
double Monday for 2011 prep, off for 2010 prep
thats the last time i'll use the word prep

note: goal for db split squat is 1/3 BWT per hand x 8 reps per leg @ 3010 tempo for this group


Justin Flynn said...

Thought I would share a bit of laughter with you guys. Here is my buddy Mike Kos going for 50 pullups in a row and the ending is classic...

He splintered my plyo box almost in two.

joey warren said...

That is hilarious Justin, I was laughing for like 5 min

Michael FitzGerald said...

Justin, that was awesome. Mike from video, "I hope you got that". Stellar.

Melissa said...

Ha ha ha oh Wow.

Mike "I hope you got that" is hilarious! 45 kips plus a flip is pretty cool.

unit said...

lmfao... glad u got that...

Brent Maier said...

lol, I loved his little laugh just before he said I hope you got that. What a champ...

LuLu said...

That is exactly why I started putting my thumbs around the bar. That was HUGE and HILARIOUS. The person shooting the video handled himself accordingly, no laughing till the victim laughs.

Anonymous said...

34/m/200 lbs
No bench so used rings with weight 3-1 pood, 2-1.5 pood, 1 2 pood
DL 185
CJ 185
GHD as Rx
split squat 1.5 pood in one hand, 2 pood in other got 8 ,7,5,4

joey warren said...

A1. 245, 255, 265, 255, 270, 285
A2. CGDL: 265, 285, 305, 325x4, 325x3 (grip failed), 325x4 (w straps)- dont know if straps are OK?- felt great here today
B. 195, 195, 205
C1. UB
C2. 12, 15, 15, 20 all 7reps

Pete said...

Awsome Vid!

This is my first time posting since the Sectionals so feel free to skip past this post, it might be long.

After a full week off I'm ready to get at it again.

Canadian Sectionals was an amazing experience. It was extremelly humbling to be surrounded by such amazing atheletes and competitors.

Congrats to Mike Fitzgerald, DJ and all of the other Dawgs that gave all they had. It was truly inspiring to watch you guys (and girls)and to compete along side you.

Lisa M, thank you so much for the hospitality and kindness. I saw your daughter cheering for you in the stands for event #5 and she looked so proud of you. You are an amazing example to her (and to the rest of us). You were a machine out there!

Lulu, Emily, Jackie, Roch and Mizar you guys rocked. So proud of all of you for putting yourselves out there and giving it all that you had.

Big thanks to Roch for being by our side coaching us for every event despite having to compete for yourself. And also for helping me keep things into perspective. You have become a great friend.

James, other dawgs say it all the time, but it deserves repeating. Big thanks for everything that you do for us. You lead by example and you encourage us to achieve more than we realize that we can.

I finished near the bottom of the pack but I know I gave everything I had in me at the time. The 5k run crushed me and it was a struggle to stay positive that night. But I'm proud of myself for pushing on, getting a PR on my snatch, for not losing my cool when I kept tripping up during the double-under WOD, and for facing my fears and fighting on against the top in the country.

Welcome to all the new dawgs, I've only been following this site for six months myself and can't wait to see what a whole other year will bring.

And good luck to Mike, DJ, Joey and the other dawgs continuing on to represent at the Games. We'll be cheering for you.


rwcorson said...

That was hilarious.
I think his back may be a bit sore tomorrow.

MikeE said...

OMFG... That was awesome! Feels more natural to have thumbs around like you Lulu.

BTW... My word verification is "Spill" How fitting!

Michael FitzGerald said...

A1. 205/215/225/207.5/217.5/227.5 (very hard)
A2. 217/227/237/247 x 3 sets
B. 155/165/175
C1. UB - relaxed
C2. 25/27.5/30 x 2 sets

Melissa said...

A1. 185 (4), 185 (5), 190 (4), 190 (3), 165 (5), 165 (5)
I went way heavier on these than I normally do. Lots and lots of GRIP GRIPING in the box today!

A2. 105 (3), 115 (2), 125 (1)
110 (3), 120 (2), 130X

B: 105, 115, 125 (3 each)

C1: UB
C2: 10#

Lisa M said...

OMG that was freakin hilarious. I love the Oh SH%^ then "I hope you got that". That definitely needs to be send to Americas Funniest Videos it is classic. I needed a good laugh after my pathetic display on the putting green the last two days - yikes!!


You are very welcome. It was a true pleasure meeting you and Ang. Setting a good example for my kids is actually one of the real pleasures i get from doing crossfit - especially my daughter so that she will grow up know it is ok and important to be fit, healthy, strong and have muscles!! Good luck with your move.

I still haven't decided when I will return to doing WODs maybe one more week of active rest then back at er. But i am ALWAYS watching.

Thanks for the pics Lulu those were fantastic especially the ones of you, Roch, and Mizar with the kids - priceless.

BK said...

A1: 205,225,235,225,235,245 F
A2: 245,285,315,3/335,4/315,5/315.
B: 65,95,115,135.Felt amazing to hold and throw.
C1: UB
C2: 15,20,20,20 x8

ROBO said...

Pretty damn funny. hahah good laugh. if anyone is in the NC or Sc area and is interested Sorinex is hosting Summer Strong III its going to be an awesome seminar. email me and ill give you info on it. its going to be June 26th and they are throwing Richard Sorin a big party afterwards should be fun.

jay rhodes said...

A1. 220, 225, 235, 220, 225, 240(f)
A2. 275 x 5, 285 x 5, 290 x 5, 295 x 5, 300 x 5, 305 x 3

B. 180 x 3 x 3

C1. UB
C2. 17.5lb x 4, 7 reps each arm

Bench was good, had to lighten the load a little bit to keep the tempo. 3 second eccentric is pretty slow! Almost got 240. Had it at the breaking point for about 4 seconds and then it pinned me. Deadlifts were tough with the clean grip. Did 1-2 reps each set just hanging onto the bar, then moved to hook grip. A few of the reps right near the end were definitely not 5 seconds on the eccentric. Thumbs were raw and just couldn't grip the bar even with taping. Had to re-grip a few times.

Split Jerks were okay. Still need to work on pulling myself under the bar rather than just elevating it. Second set was shaky, almost dumped the first rep. The last set was pretty solid.

GHD's were done on an incline bench, also raised with plates. Not the same, but it decently mimics the movement.

Jules Migliaccio, Crossfit Performance said...

A1. 120(3), 135(1), 135(1),125 (3), 135(1) 140X
A2. 205(5),215(5), 225(3)..lost grip 210(4),220(4),220 (4)

B. havent done enough of these lately and my last 3 rep max was 130...I hit 105,115,120..definitley underperformed on this move today.

C1. all GHD's unbroken
C2. left side noticeably weaker..dropped from 15lb dumbell to 10lb...6 reps on all

cheflin said...

New to the site! Was wondering if anyone could help me out with what DB Ext Rot? Any help is appreciated.

jay rhodes said...


dumbbell external rotation

Brandon said...

Cheflin (and other new people wondering),
Coach posted this video last year describing three assistance exercises that are really helpful. Link is to the blog post...scroll down to the video.


Jenny said...

A1: 135, 150, 160, 145, 155, 165
A2: 205, 215, 225, 235, 245, 255
B: 155, 165*, 155
C1: ub x 4
C2: 15, 20, 20, 20

*165 on the jerk felt like more than 80% effort so I dropped back down to 155.

tania said...

A1: 95,100,105,105,110,120(PR & it felt easy! have to remember to warm up more on bench press)
A2: 125,130,135,140,145,150,155
B: 85,85,85
C1: UB
C2: 10(7),12(5),10(8),10(8)