sun, june 20, 2010

Our journey to the Canada Crossfit Regionals from Louise Hodge on Vimeo.


part 1:
Close Grip Bench Press - find your 1RM

rest 20 minutes

part 2:
Run 5 min @ 50%
Run 3 x [4 min @ 90%, 2 min @ 50%]
Run 5 min @ 50%

post loads and notes to comments
next week:
2011 - Mon double, Tues single, Wed double, Thurs off, Fri double, Sat single, Sun double
2010 - Mon off, Tues single, Wed single, Thurs off, Fri PM single, Sat double, Sun double


Kyle F said...
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Kyle F said...

Fri, June 18,2010

A: 155/165/175/185/205
B1: 135/135/135/135/135
B2: 6/6/6/6/6
(~1 inch depth/65 lb DB)

Shoulders were fried. Snatch grip PP felt weird and kinda hurt shoulders to have grip that wide.

tania said...


CFW Father's Day Team Workout including rowing, power cleans, box jumps, pullups, wall ball shots and burpees. rested about 20 min.

Close Grip Bench Press 1RM 107# - confident I could do more. Next time.

Heading out for part 2 on the trail by the river...

joey warren said...

Hey guys, looks like there were some good workouts yesterday, Im disappointed I could not participate, but Im feeling better and more mobile everyday!

today I did a very light conservative metcon to test things out and felt better than expected:

6 rounds:
amrap strict pullups @ 2010
400m run @ 60%
25 x pushups

pullups- 15, 11, 9, 9, 8, 7
400 m slow but felt loose
pushups- UB, UB, UB, 15/5/5, 15/6/4, 13/6/6

Melissa said...


Working out solo today so will go for CGPB 1RM when I have a spot.

Did HSPU work instead and got 5 sets of 2 head to floor. Much happiness.

Running - great to do it in the high heat / humidity. Felt pretty good all things considered! About a 7:20 - 7:30 pace each 90% interval.

ken c said...


good to hear the back is better. whenever i've strained my back deadlifting (4 or 5 times over the past few years) it's always helped to do some ghd sit ups and back extensions as soon as i can do them without any real pain. hope it all works out.

Steve Howell said...

Cool video LuLu thanks for sharing.

DeeJay said...

CGBP - 245#, didn't have much in the tank today... long weekend

run was done in the hilly coulees in Medicine Hat, it is hot as shit here. Run was very hard mentally for me.

Jenny said...

CGBP: 165#
Have been stuck here for a while, feeling a bit frustrated with it. About to go for the run, hoping for a thunderstorm to break the heat/humidity.

Anonymous said...

June 19th
A1:187lbs,207lbs,231lbs,202lbs,221lbs,246lbs(1). I went a little too big on the last one, but I was close to finishing the lift.
A2:All unbroken except for the last set when I blew open a blood blister on my right hand. Only five reps completed the last set.
B:Completed, unbroken.

I will try to hit the second part today but if not I will make it up during the week. Does anybody know if we are supposed to make up things if we miss them in a 2 a day or just skip the missed part? I felt pretty freaking tired and I am going to enjoy the rest day tomorrow.

├╝ber Bania said...

Jun 19
Part 1:
A1. 185, 205, 225, 205, 225, 245lbs
A2. all unbroken.

B. All UB at tempo :) mentally painful! and a little physically, too.

part 2 tomorrow morning..bed time over here in sandyland.

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! to all fathers, hope you enjoy being with your families and fathers.

Old Dawg (Hari) said...

Yesterday's 2011 Part 1:

A1: 145, 155, 165, 150, 160, 170
A2: 25, 15+10, 15+10, 15+10, 10+8+7, 10+8+7
B: 8 x 18 UB

Lisa M said...

Was going to make up yesterdays wod today but fathers day stuff and swimming lessons and then a tragic wipe-out by my son on his bike in which i think he might have fractured his cheek. So thankful he had his helmut on or it could have been much worse. Now it is going to take some serious work to get him back on that bike again...but he was such a brave litte soldier. Guess i will just hit the double tomorrow.

Brennan McIntyre(a.k.a b-mac) said...

....couldn't make it in for part I, will make up. Part II was 1.04km, 1.03km, and 1.03km per interval. A little slow due to pedestrian traffic and the fact that my legs are still polio-esque from those front squats.

Melissa said...

Haha Brennan - I was looking for the right adjective for the front squat effect. "Polio-esque." That's great.

LuLu said...

Sorry to hear about Porter. I hope he is OK and give him a big hug from us. THANK YOU for posting the video OPT. What an unreal journey and so good to meet the big dawg family. Talk to you all soon. First day of the strength bias tomorrow :) STOKED.

LuLu said...

I forgot to mention that our friend Pat edited this video and Angie filmed most of it. Thank you both so much.

julie migliaccio/crossfit performance said...

Hit close grip bench today 155.I was happy because last week when we did this in a wave of 3,2,1 my grip was way too close and I struggled to get all the reps at 125.

Legs are still unbelievably sore from heavy front squats earlier in week..major DOMS

Did runs as rx'd...about 7:50 pace , 8:05 and finally 8:20...not great and def felt I was at 90 percent effort between the high heat and humidity and toasted legs.
Looking forward to an off day tomorrow.

BK said...

Hit the run in the soft sand of Newport Beach at the crack of dawn. Ran 4 minutes then body surfed out the back and cracked a wave, then back out get another. Repeated Run-Body surf gig 3 times . Felt awesome to get in the waves again.
Lunch WOD at cert:
2 mins 135 pound PC+SJ; rest 30 sec. 20 reps /19 reps
2mins quick feet and lateral shuttle sprints ;rest 30 secs
2mins resisted external hip ;rest 30 sec
Spent 2 hours listening to Matt Lalonde drill nutrition this arvo, which was a great preview to the CCP cert in August.
All in all a great weekend.

Kyle F said...

Sat June 19, 2010


A1: 225/255/275/245/275/295
A2: As Rx'd
B: As Rx'd

No part 2.

Kyle F said...

Sat June 19, 2010


A1: 225/255/275/245/275/295
A2: As Rx'd
B: As Rx'd

No part 2.

Michael FitzGerald said...

CGBP - 226.5 (pb)
Stamps/Roughriders Football game
Run - felt good. Soleus/tib post was super tight after first 5 min @ 50%. Same as last week.

kat. said...


June 17 workout

Part I:

in kilograms:
A. 3x20-3x22.5-3x25-3x27.5-3x30 (very hard)
B. 3x25-3x30-3x30-3x30-3x30
C. 3x30-3x30-3x30-3x30-3x32.5 (last two pressed out)
D. Good-Mornings: 15x30-15x35-15x40-15x42.5

Note: I don't seem to be opening my hips fast enough - second pull is my problem.

No Part II.

Lauren said...

messed up a tad and didn't notice CGBP.

Runs done outside in the SUN!!