mon, oct 25, 2010

OPT Client David Weaver leaves tracks 12,000 ft up - Mt.Rainier

Give us your feedback on the Vibram 5!

Interesting method to determine when glycogen stores might die and when...

Nice Andrew Charniga Jr translation of a study on tempo for beginner lifters (0-2 years trained weightlifters) - 2.5 sec tempo I believe referred to the total time it took to do 1 rep; something like 2 sec down, 0.5 sec up is what I'd guess - interesting to note there were differences seen even from 2 sec to 2.5 sec to 3 sec in tempo. As with tempo, there are many reasons to have speed associated with lifts - for 1. control, 2. test/re-test, 3. pick on weaknesses in movement, 4. establish a hormonal response based on the tempo given, 5. elicit more or less potential of muscle fibre activation based on concentric prescription....and more (which are covered completely in OPT CCP Assessment) well as sometimes when speed should NOT be associated with lifts.

Aerobic Recovery:
Run 10 min @ Z1
4 sets of 2 min @ Z4, 2 min @ Z1
Run 10 min @ Z1
rest 10 min
Muscle Up skill work - 15 min

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AM - CP Speed Strength
PM - AnL Power
AM - Aerobic Power
AM - CP Speed Strength
PM - AnAl Power
AM - Anaerobic Test
PM - Strength + Aerobic Test


Stephen Flamm @ CFN said...

I certainly hope that's just an unfortunate abbreviation for Friday's PM session...

Adam Rogers said...

Anaerobic alactic Steve, get your head out of the gutter...

Good to see you working your way back buddy

Soren said...

A bit of MU for warming up for Saturdays test, no running at the moment.


Anonymous said...


Sunday did part 3, followed by 1 hour of yoga.

70 +3 + 70 = 143

Kevin said...


Only had time for parts 1 and 3, ten minutes apart.
Part 1:
41+19; 275; 31= 366

Part 2:
175, 10, 110=295

Total: 661

Embarrassed. All potential explanations are just excuses, so I won't try.

On the other hand, running felt great today. Bearing down for these next three weeks to try to acquit myself in the second comp.

ryandrew11 said...

Resting today. Ran a 5K race yesterday after completing the triple tester on Saturday. My legs felt like they had sandbags tied to them. Still finished in a respectable 21:16.

Stahl said...

Running - Done.
No rings for MU work this morning, so did extra mobility and stretching.

Had to run on basketball court. The stops and starts added a nice little variation.

Hips and lower back were tight from KB swings and pistols.

Arjuna @CFN said...

Part 1 Complete

2000m for warmup at Z1
ran approx. 550m on each set of Z4
2000m for cooldown at Z1

Going to do triples on the minute for 15min once back at gym.

Bear said...

Thanks a bunch for posting training days! Will be one day behind this week.

Michael McCabe said...

soccer tonight so just muscleups this morning

was able to string 2-4 together today but i have trouble reaching full extension at the bottom... it's partly a shoulder flexibility thing and partly losing my false grip. does anyone have drills to work on this stuff?

Joel B. said...

Run complete. Felt hard. Missed tester this weekend not feeling well. Run felt hard, but this is probably partly weather (windy, rainy) and partly 3 days off from not feeling best.

MU's: did 3 a min for 15. Worked on turning out grip at bottom.

Krazy said...

@ Michael

Personally I just forget about using the false grip during competitions. It's worthless since you're required to jump into it now.

I only use it for strict MU work

Stahl said...

Are we sure that the new MUs standard is that the athlete must jump up to the rings?

I know that happened in the Games, but in the Southwest Regional this year (just a few weeks before the games) and other CF competitions I've been in, you could set them at the height you wanted.

I guess it's a good idea to practice both, but I'd be curious if someone has seen HQ make a statement on that.

Alex Duncan said...

I think the Muscle Up standard should be looked at the same way the Chest To Bar pullup standard was after the 08' games. Everyone initially thought it was the new universal standard, but it isn't. It is just another standard to throw into the hopper.

10km full kit march at work with 2km run in the middle. Heavy and fast.

PTS said...

subbed airdyne for running to keep heel rested. used 1 min instead of 2 for middle portion.

muscle-ups felt good. sets of 3,4,5.

Coach I'm running in a 12 mile tough mudder obstacle course event in a month. I haven't run the last month because of plantar fasciitis injury. The injury feels about 80% healed. My question is how many runs and at what approximate distance should I try to get in to prepare for this. I anticipate waiting until Nov 1 to run on this injury. Thanks for any advice.

Jon Sinclair said...

First run in the cold snow, lungs felt shocked and didn't dress properly. Hard run but glad I finished it (perseverance builder).

I've been wanting to try Five fingers for a while, when I bought my Inov8 shoes with a very thin sole it really made a difference in my running so I'd be interested to see how it feels to run in those.

Lisa M said...

Running behind as usual


Part 1
total 214

Part 2
5 rounds + pistols + 9 KB snatch

The thought of that KB smashing into my arm one more time seriously slowed me down - ouch. I think i must have been doing them wrong because i don't think it is supposed to do that. i will definitely have a serious bruise tomorrow.

Oh yeah - I love my Vibrams!!! They are what taught me to forefoot run and i can't imagine running any other way now.

Steve Howell said...

Running today wasn't the best. I've been having some calve issues and today my right calve and knee where causing me some grief.

My zone 4 was more of a zone 3 today.

going to skip the muscle up work today and fit it in tomorrow.

David said...

Run on the mill @ 1% incline and with VFF's. Covered 3.75 mi in 35 min, continued on to finished 4 mi at just over 37.

MU: did singles, doubles, turned out and with a 20 lb vest.

I've put a few hundred miles on my Vibrams, mostly on the treadmill but also outdoors. I really like them. The most striking point I can make is that the first time you run in them, your stride self corrects to shorter and onto your balls of your feet. I can tell when I'm tired because my foot strikes are louder (more heel contact) and it reminds me to focus on the mechanics.

joey warren said...

legs felt heavy after 1st z4 run - legs don't feel in running shape right now

MU practice-
8 unbroken took :35 sec
8 x 1 took :47 sec
I think the latter is more efficient

Nick Holmes said...

Did running in my 5 Fingers.

I love my VFF's. I had bought a pair of cross country racing flats to do a Duathlon in, but I just couldn't keep the VFF's off my feet, so I ended up running in my VFF and it felt GREAT!
needless to say, i returned the racing flats

Fraser O said...

A.First 10min was @ 6.5mph
2min @ Z4/2min @ Z1= 10.0/6.0mph 4sets
Last 10 was @ 7.0mph

B. Muscle-up practice, first time doing repeats I got 4 in a row. Also did a lot more throughout the 15mins

bso said...

Stayed active all weekend with ball hockey and mountain biking, so I skipped the run today and practiced my muscle-ups a little bit.

Thanks for the detailed plan for the week!

Anonymous said...

Legs were tight during runs.

Completed 39 muscle up's one at a time to work on technique.

Spider said...

Felt ok on the run. Focussed on foot speed and turnover.

Muscle Ups: Practiced jumping into the rings from games 2010 standards (just above your full reach) using the False Grip. It felt pretty good just keeping the wrists flexed and as ulnar deviated as I could. (BTW for Michael- I wrap a layer of athletic tape around my wrists and chalk them to prevent bad burns and still grip the bar. Hope that helps).

Rory Hanlin said...

all runs complete, felt decent

practiced straight bar strict MU
then straight bar kipping MU

Rory Hanlin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dontpanic356 said...

Running felt good for once. I normally hate running but tonight I felt quick and stable.

Shins have some tenderness post run, going to get some ice on them.

No rings for MU's. Did some light shoulder press and strict pullups/dips.

Jesse J WellRock said...

Run Completed felt pretty good today but I can feel there's room for improvement

MU work was on being quick in the transition + Upper body mobility mainly "hot elbows" and a bit of front delt tenderness.
looking forward to the rest of the week

Adam Rogers said...

Run - 10 min Z1, 4 intervals, 10 min Z1

Did 400m repeats with 1:30 rest, times were 1:11,1:13,1:11, and 1:08.

MU Practice - went well, did 5 sets of 3, last 4 sets did without a false grip, makes it much easier for me to come down to full extension and turnout.

Poly said...

I think the VFF's have their place, but the organic, minimalist approach many crossfitters have can be taken too far. I dove in too fast with these and paid the price. Our ancestors used to run and jump barefoot, but they did so on grass, not pavement and concrete. They also developed that ability over years since birth. I think that if someone takes their time getting accustomed to these shoes, their a great piece of equipment to add.

Still running full time until my shoulder is addressed. Going to run this one tomorrow... in running shoes.

Brandon said...

Runs done - felt slow for everything...legs still heavy from pistols. Remembered a KStar MWOD for post run that helped a bunch.

Worked on jumping into rings, with some difficulty, and the transition back down to link MU together. Only had one miss so it was nice.

Re: Vibrams
Love them for short stuff - up to 3k. Still like a little more cushion for 20+ minutes of running...@ a BW of 210-214, the pounding on the feet, ankles and calves gets to be too much. Lightweight flats work better for me. Hate them for Oly stuff, but really like for powerlifting sub-max weight work.

Pfeifdog said...

Running felt good , 3 and 4 sets I got a winded by the end of the Z4.

MU work went good went up to a 20 lb weight MU for the first time!

mhamilton said...

Back at it. Run felt great. Practiced form with false grip on the MUs.

Lars said...

Runs + muscle ups - Done

Felt a little sluggish on the runs, but overall, glad to get'r done. Speed seemed to be lacking in Z4.

Vibrams - got a pair last summer, and even though I have freakishly big toes, they still fit and feel good. Feet and ankles get tired if I wear them too long. Good for short runs, but gotta watch for small rocks cause they still hurt.

Anonymous said...

Runs and Muscle ups all felt good

Steve Howell said...


I picked up a pair at the games this year and I really like them. I haven't done to much running in them nothing really over 1k but I use them often when lifting or metcons

Dustin said...

Legs actually felt pretty good. Not sure how far I ran - had to be around 5 miles.

Did 5 sets of 5 MU. Tried to get the butterfly down, seemed to be hard on my shoulder.

Jordan said...

Runs felt pretty good.
Some limited muscle up work. I've always kipped that movement, so I worked on the strict version.

Jonathan Thom said...

Worked pose form, felt pretty good until the outside of my right knee started hurting...too much turning left on the track maybe. Stopped midway in 4th z4 interval. Pull strength on muscle-ups felt good, false grip wasn't the

Jonathan Thom said...

*wasn't the best. Mostly sets of 3 with some strict ones thrown in.

Anonymous said...


Run was okay. Feet starting hurting, so did 2nd 10 min @ Z1 on the AirDyne.

Worked on stringing MUs together, but unable to do so today.

Christa said...

Ran 2 - 1 mile runs to pace

then did WOD at gym: 5 rounds: 10 wall balls, 10 pull ups - 4:10

I need to work wall balls, and am preparing for hopper next weekend. I am tapering and only doing single workouts this week. Next week I will work out Mon, Tues and Thurs then I will be back on to the Blog 100%