monday, oct 11, 2010

Fatty Fat Fat

Aerobic Power/IWT:
12 unbroken power snatch - 115#/80#
90 sec AirDyne @ 90%
rest 2 min x 3
rest 5 total minutes b/t sets
12 unbroken push press - 125#/85#
90 sec burpee broad jumps @ 90%
rest 2 min x 3
rest 5 total minutes b/t sets
5 sets:
15 knees to elbows
10 sec rest
15 push ups
10 sec rest

rest 8 + hours

Run 30 min @ Z1 pace
(conversation pace)

post notes to comments


Jakob said...

everything went just fine until the shit hit the fan during Knees2elbows....broken into hell :/

Martin Altemark said...

A. scaled to 100lbs/45kg snatches & DU instead of airdyne: unb/86, unb/67, unb/51

B. as rx'd, all rounds unbroken

C. first round unroken, then very, very broken

Tried to focus on leading with hips on burpee broad jumps, but mostly succeeded with looking like an idiot I think.

Soren said...

Hard to be back, too many noises in my head saying this was crazy but happy I pushed through it!

Part 1:
3 sets of UB Power snatch at 50kg,
90 sec uphill run
2 min rest

Part 2
12 Push Press at 55kg
90 sec Broadjump burpees (17,22,17 - was more like 75%, just don't have it in me today)

Part 3
5 sets
15 Knees to Elbows
15 push up
Both broken

Long holding time with the bar, but didn't let go of bar!

great to sit here and enjoy a late dinner, knowing I am back

Björn, Martin, great to read the comments!


PTS said...

A. broke last set of ps into 7/5. cals were high 20's. felt more like 80%.

B. unb. small jumps on burpees b/c of heel injury.

C. 1st rd unb other rds steadily got more broken.

part 2 will probably be on airdyne as heel still isn't ready to run on.

Bear said...

Great to see you back Soren!

A. 52.5 kg + running across the room
B. 55 kg
C. Done. KTE ub the first 3 then not that broken, PshU very broken after first 2 rounds.

On A: not touch and go, but maybe unbroken, depending on definition. I let go of the bar and stepped back to regrip when I started pressing out. Had to try a different sub for airdyne so I ran short sprints.
On B: Pretty ok with PP but burpee-BJ was just ridiculous, should´ve caught it on film ;)
On C: KTE was ok, but pshu was nasty.

Chris Dunkin said...

used 125 for power snatch
used 135 for push press
all unbroken and not timed

sets 4, and 5 of knees to elbows broken

Drew said...

A.115# ps and subbed DU for airdyne:
Unb/100, broken/98, broken/101. Rx'd, all unbroken

C.rds 1 and 2 unbroken, 3-5 broken

Pfeifdog said...

A. Sub'ed rowing all set unbroken and rowed 450 to 452 all sets

B. all unbroken 11,12,12

C. first 2 rounds unbroken then had to break the KTE up. 6:45

matt shannon said...

A. 3 sets of 5
B. 11
C. 36

total = 50

Notes: Not sure what happened but on the last rep of my 3rd set of five I got a horrible exertion headache. Dropped the bar, checked the time and laid there for most about 20 minutes. Headache never fully went away but did but did parts B and C anyway. Have not had that problem in years.

It's now 2 hours later and it's just finally leaving.

If I feel well enough later I'll do the Z1.

Gord said...

A. Had to scale to 98# to do it UB

B. Had to scale to 110# to do unbroken. broad jump is a loose term as my jumping ability is poor. managed 22/25/29 due to short jumping distance.

C. did only 3 rounds of the KtoE. Abs still killing from the GHD workout a week ago.

Lots of work to do to get caught up

Poly said...

My wife got me the OPT nutrition DVD's for my Bday, just started on them yesterday. Going to start a journal for food starting tomorrow. Really interesting stuff so far.

Just got close enough to a target weight, so as of today moving from a ketogenic diet to a more performance based diet.

A. UBx3, subbed sprints
B. UBx3, 18, 16, 15
C. Ub 1st rd, badly broken for 2 rds, called it after that.

Jay said...

All power snatch and push press unbroken. Subbed rower for the airdyne. 1st round of KTE/pushups unbroken...all others broken...mentally drained by rd 2 of KTE/pushups

matt shannon said...

Opps -- sorry fellas -- forgot to mention my post earlier was for Saturday's triple.

Kevin said...


Saturday's triple--performed yesterday

A. 0 (got a couple of reps at 225, but couldn't get 5; tried about five times to keep working)
B. 0 (epic math fail--did 5 reps at 101.5, thinking it was 111.5)
C. 46--really wanted to get 50, but lost it behind my head at 2:50; tried two from there but couldn't lock them out

A. UB and subbed rowing 465m, 435m, 445m
B. UB, but BBJs were BRUTAL. Didn't count.
C. Terrible. First round UB, rest very broken. K2E are very slow for me, so forearms get smoked

Marcus Filly said...

First set of power snatches brought back my pounding headache that started during ohs yesterday. Bagged it. Plan on a week off from training. Pretty scary. I'll check back in about a week.

Joel Krigström said...

I´m new to you (exept Martin & Bear) Need to get a lot stronger withot loosing any Metcon. Think OPT will suite me perfect, but i will scale a lot.
A. Unbroken but scaled to 40kg and running.
B Unbroken and scaled to 50kg. 13-14-15 focus on öong Broad jumps (wasn´t that long)
C. 1st set ubroken, then broken as hell.. Time 10:50

Stephen B. said...

Been rockin some pretty good pain in my right shoulder the last few days. Gonna play it safe and back off for another day, then attack Saturdays triple tomorrow and follow a few days behind for the time being.

Brian Gregory said...

A. As Rx´d - Pwr Sn UBx3, Approx 55,53,49 cals on Airdyne
B. As Rx´d - PP UB,11/1,11/1 BBJ-16,16,15
C. 9:40 and very broken, pushups are a big weakness, especially after B.

Notes: No lunch before WOD

Marcus Filly said...

@ BK

BSc pants just ripped a giant hole in the butt while I was squatting. Right along the seem. Have you seen that happen? Do you think this pair was faulty? Have not had them more than 2 months.

Bear said...

Welcome Joel!

Part 2
15 min @ Z1
Conversation with my buddy Sven
15 min @ Z1

Felt good, that´s funny, I´m starting to like running :)

Jon Sinclair said...

A. Used 115 for round 1 and barely made it UB, used 40 kg after that UBx2, subbed burpees for airdyne
B. Used 57 kg for round one and barely made it through UB, scaled to 50 kg after and UB x2, subbed 20" box jumps for burpees (no room for horizontal burpees.
C. Can't do any exercise where I hang as I am still in pretty intense pain (possible bruised or broken rib) so subbed back extensions = 5:52

Michael McCabe said...

power snatch ub, 10+2, 8+4

push press used 115, unbroken but very challenging

those two couplets hit me hard, by the k2e/pushup i was going through the motions, broken into sets of 5 for the last 3 rounds. tough.

better to do part 2 on 3 hrs rest or do it in the morning pre-breakfast and hit tomorrows wod in the p.m.? i guess i'll see how i recover...

Michael said...

Row sub for airdyne

First 2 things unbroken and felt pretty good

1st set of K2E unbroken
2nd set broken then went to sit ups b/c i thought it needed to be unbroken but I see a lot of people just did it broken.

Push Ups all unbroken.

All flexion of the core (K2E, Sit Ups, GHD Sit Ups, L-sit) are major weaknesses for me. I guess I should add one of these movements to my warm-up every day.

Running tonight.

Anonymous said...

A: Unbroken + Airdyne at 70rpm*3
B: Unbroken + (20burps/jumps)*3
C: 2-unbroken,
1-broken but did not come off bar, 2-came off bar (5,5,5)
Push ups-all unbroken

Snatches were good until reps 6+. Not touch and go's but hands never came off bar and only enough time on floor to reset feet.

Steve Howell said...

A: PS were unbroken and subbed rowing for airdyne.
B: PP were unbroken and BBJ 18/20/19
C: All K2E and push ups unbroken.
15 minutes rest
Run: running felt really good today which was surprising after the first part of todays workout.

Arjuna @CFN said...

A. First 2 unbroken then last set dropped bar from top on last 3 reps. Picked it right back up but did let go of bar
B. All unbroken
C. 7:36 after first 2 sets had to break up K2E

Had a bad weekend of eating. I just couldn't quit eating

Part 2 tonight. Going to run about 4.5 miles

joey warren said...

A. all unbroken, subbed row for airdyne- 1:38 ave pace/1:42 ave/1:46ave
B. all UB/burpees= 22 all sets
C. UB,UB/UB,UB/UB, 8-7/ 8-7, 8-5-2/8-7,8-2-3-2

pushups got very difficult

Unit, nice warmup yesterday, lookin good!

David said...

Reversed order
Part 2, 6 am: Run on mill, easy, 3 miles.

Unb, 75 DU (no airdyne)
Unb, 60
6,3,3, 70

Unb, 12 Burpee broadjumps
Unb, 12
6,3,3, 12

Done, slow and broken

Alex Duncan said...

Still babying a hurt wrist.

Only did the last couplet (1st three sets UB) and the run (with 45lb rucksack).

Off to the field for three days.

dmarsh said...

A. Snatches unbroken. Airdyne around 70-75 rpm.

B. PP unbroken. 18,14,15 bbj.

C. Sets 1-2 unbroken. Wheels came off after that. 8:41 total time.

Been training on an empty stomach for the past few weeks and performance is noticeably worse when doing so. Today was done with some good food in me and felt way better.

Going for run shortly.

Anonymous said...

A.Subbed UB/95, UB/105, UB/105
Subbed exercise bike challenging resistance
B. SubbedUB/115, UB/120,UB/120
C.1-4 KTE UB, 1&2PU UB; 6:47

Weights were just right to stay UB

Part2. will be hockey tonight

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

New to OPT and this is probably a stupid question, but when the workout says chin-up, are your palms facing towards you or away from you? I know that sometimes there is a difference between pullup and chinup. Just wanted to make sure


unit said...

thx poster boy... likewise!... keep em comin!...

lots of injuries out there... hope y'all rest well and lick those wounds... heal up now while it's early...

A- subbed 135lb... fastest set was :28 sec; airdyne felt ok...
B- subbed 135lb... felt gd... BBJ- 60/63/67 yards
C- all unbroken

5min rest

30min run- ~3.75mi... relaxing/refreshing...


Michael McCabe said...

4hrs rest, hit part 2

run felt good, despite the abundance of hills in victoria.

happy thanksgiving to all the canadian dawgs.

Christa said...

A: Broken sets (drop and reset)
subbed row for Airdyne

B: Unbroken sets
14 burpee broad jump..distance got short by 3rd set

C: K2E unbroken, Push Ups broken

Only had 4hr rest between P1 and P2.

Run Z1 - felt ok, was really fatigues from Part 1

Adam Rogers said...

Only got one set of the snatches unbroken, and even then was pausing a lot at the hang position.

Two unbroken on the PP. Burpee broad jumps were new and awful.

Then 3 sets of the knees to elbows and pushups, all unbroken except the last set of pushups.

Brandon said...

Part 1
A. UB x 3/Subbed row approx. 425m each
B. UB x 3/18,17,17 burpees
C. K2E on rings - all broken
Pushups - UB/UB/12-3/10-5/10-5

Part 2 later


Stahl said...

Had to take a knee again today because I'm still really sick. Hoping I can recover by Wed.

Disappointed because I've been trying to take care of myself (sleep, eating, etc.). Guess it happens sometimes

Brent Maier said...


A/B: All unbroken. Burpees were nasty.
C: Broken but done

This workout felt like the USAW triplet strung out for an hour. I'll be jogging part 2 sometime in the next few days.

Krazy said...

A) 115# UB Rows 435m-423m-409m
B)rx'd don't know about distances
-focused on distance with jumps
C)UB first 3 rounds then 2 sets for both PU and K2E

Pt 2

Joel B. said...

Part 1
PS at 105 ub
PP at 115 ub

k2e and pushups were rough

11 hrs rest then 30 min jog on treadmill at station.

Jonathan Thom said...

Scaled snatches to 95#...was pretty perfect for me. Rowing instead of airdyne...kept a consistent pace but could have been faster. 125 on the first set of push press - 115 on the next two. Burpee broad jumps were sloww as was the couplet. Not totally dissatisfied with the workout though. Run in the afternoon felt good...working on pose form

Chelsea said...

did a different metcon but the run @Z1 as part 2 felt great! i also have gotten my diet under control, for now, so things are looking great!

Steve Pinkerton said...

Part 1:
A. PS U/B + Row instead of Airdyne. Averaged about 460m for all rows.

14/15/16 on Burpees

C. K2E and Pushups U/B for 2 sets, last 3 sets had to break up.

Part 2:
30m Run wasn't fun, not difficult, just not enjoyable. Doesn't matter how casual the run, never going to be fun for me. Just not something I will ever enjoy.

Rudy Tapalla said...

No AirDyne subbed sprints vs row as I already know my grip strength sucks

Broad jump burpees were sad, real sad,

1st set unbroken. The rest was scattered big time

Brian Gregory said...

No time for part 2. Spent time with family. Will shoot to make it up tomorrow some time.

Heavy Evy said...

Part 1 :
UBx3, rows 405m avg
UBx2, 8/, bjb 16,16,15
1 set UB, then very broke.

Aerobic Power definately needs work, K2E/Pu's took forever.

Part 2: felt good, 30min conversation with 4yr old on his bike, 5km or so. The boy was wiped by the end of it.

Chris Dunkin said...

11 hrs. rest

Part 2 done at the track

Anonymous said...


Z1 run


Run was strong, surprised since it was completed after busy shift tonight.

Dustin said...

Aerobic Power/IWT:
Calories - 40, 35, 35

15, 15, 15

5 sets:

7:02. Was very hard - did first three rounds unbroken then the rest broken

rested 2hours

Ran for 30 Minutes

** been out of town for the last 5 days and ate horrible. I seriously felt like I had never worked out a day in my life. It's amazing the role diet plays**

matt said...

A. UB, subbed 200 m run
B. All rds unbroken
C. Unbroken

Rest 10 hrs
3.45 miles easy pace, felt good

Snatches felt good. Burpee broadjumps did not.
K2E.PU felt great.

Ali Loach said...

Attempted Part 1 this morning but my back is still bothering me both pulling and pushing movements are giving me trouble. SO I did Rhiannon (1 min on 1 min off of DUs) instead.
= a total of 734! HUGE PB as the last time I did this was Aug 21, 2009 and maxed out at 566.
broke it into sets of 20 with a quick 2 breaths in between sets. worked very well.

Jesse J WellRock said...

first 2 rounds unbroken
last round broke at rep 10 not form was pretty bad

felt good all unbroken

C:able to stay unbroken had a great rhythm on my K2E's and push ups got really hard and slow

The runs felt really great , thanks for the meditative retreat.


Pete @ CFN said...

A. All snatches were singles. Done quick, but dropped at top each time.
B. PP: UNB, 9+3, 8+2+2
C. 7:50

I need to improve technique on lowering loads from overhead.

Danny Davis said...

A. UNB through first two sets. Broke at 8 on 3rd set of PS. Subbed swim (freestyle) for Airdyne. Got 100yds in 90secs on first set. 75 on second and 50 on third. Brutal.

B. Unbroken on all rounds of PP as Rx'd. Tried to measure distance for BBJs. Close to 35 yds covered each set.

C. Unbroken through first three rounds. Extended rest to 15 sec for set three. Redlined and wheels came off on round four. Called it. Could not will myself back on the bar. Pansy Status.

Anthony Skvarka said...

part 1 unbroken

part 2 unbroken

part 3 broke on 3 set. hips/abs/arms smashed.