sat, oct 9th, 2010

A. AMRAP Sets of 5 reps of BWT (male) and 3/4 BWT (female) OHS in 12 minutes
rest 20 min
B. AMRAP Sets of 1 rep of 1/2 BWT (male) and 1/3 BWT (female) Weighted Chin Up in 6 minutes
rest 10 min
C. AMRAP shoulder to overhead - 155#/105# in 3 minutes

bar must be reloaded for OHS onto back or rack b/t efforts
hands must leave bar after 1 rep for chin ups
shoulder to overhead anyhow for C

post score to comments
(i.e. A+B+C = score; 15+8+25=48 as score)


Soren said...

Just getting over a nasty flu that stuck around for a long week.
Just did the waveload PC, before I saw this, will ease into it.
Have lost 3-4 kilos! Not what I wanted, start all over again and will have to consume a cow or two to get the lost mass back on again!


Bear said...

Wondered where you went, get well Soren!

A: 0 sets - 80 kg
B: 3 sets - 41.5 kg
C: 12 reps

Went up early to se if I could do something before a road trip with the boys. Had to cut rest b/t A, B, C and used ca 10-12 min to wu. It wasn´t enough. Had 5x80 kg once (pb) BUT i didn´t lock out my hips in the top so no go. 41.5 for pu is a bit heavy, but I don´t think 40 would have made a difference. Stiff shoulders made C painful, SJ all the way and I could tell it was 2 weeks ago I did this movement (with great success). Anyway, glad to get something in before 6 h in a car!

Anonymous said...

annoyingly complicated as usual. blame canada.

PTS said...

0+4+13=17 not as Rx'd

190 BWT
OHS tried 3 times and got 2, 1 , and 2 reps. OHS is still a big weakness.

used HSPU instead of 155 because my foot is still tender.

Steve Smith said...

BWT = 190#

A. 10
B. 21
C. 47

Total = 78

- Very pleased.
- Probably could have snuck in another set or maybe two on the OHS
- Shoulder to overhead was the most difficult of the three

David said...

BWT 182

A. 35
B. 15
C. 32

Total 82

Very pleased with today's workout. This has been a rough week: Tues work out went horribly, tweaked back on FS on Thurs, took yesterday off but played soccer.
OHS felt great, squeezed the last set in and finished at 11:57. Pullups felt good. Failed on rep 33 of overhead, just missed lock out.

Chris Dunkin said...


Drew said...
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Drew said...

I failed 4 times on the OHS on rep 3 at the bottom. I used an adjustable DB held between my ankles for the pull ups. Overheads were all done power jerk. I could have gotten a few more pull ups in if I practiced with the db before hand. It kept rolling away. Overheads felt really solid. And Squats felt pretty good, minus the few misses.

@David: 35 set is crazy, awesome job.

David said...

Thanks, Drew, but now I'm wondering if I scored this wrong. I got 7 sets of 5 reps in for 35 reps. I thought this scored by total reps but if it's sets then: 7 + 15 + 35 for 54.

Steve Howell said...


Got my BSC compressions in the mail yesterday thanks again bro. can't wait to hit todays WOD in them.


Derek said...

BWT = 185#

A. 4 sets for 20 reps (failed 2 other attempts)
B. 10 reps
C. 33 reps

Score = 20 + 10 + 33 = 63 reps

When I read this WOD I totally did not think I could do either A or B. To my surprise I was able to do them so I am very happy with my results.

Martin Altemark said...

Welcome back Soren

A. 5 (failed one set at fifth rep)
B. 9 (not enough height on tenth, done on rings)
C. 19 (all from front rack)

Score: 33

Was almost about to push WOD til tomorrow because I didn't have my OLY shoes at home. Then I realised how stupid I was and did it in chuck taylors. Ok with result since I was out partying yesterday.

Pete @ CFN said...

5 + 20 + 16 = 41

BW 170. Shoulder to overhead needs some work. I did SJ; PJ or PP would be better.

Heavy Evy said...

For part C. what are most of you doing:

Front Rack position to overhead.
Have Barbell in high bar back squat position to overhead


I ussually would go front rack, but might be able to get more reps going back rack, like at the games Hell-in.

Just curious.

Pfeifdog said...

A: 0 @ 240
B: 2 @117.5
C: 44 Reps

OHS got a couple reps but couldn't keep the weight stable to string 5 in a row.

120 lbs. in PR for PUs

Jonathan Thom said...

8 + 0 + 24 = 32

bwt = 175 pounds

Soo close to getting a chin at half time. Happy with ohs. Hit a wall at minute 3 of the shoulder to overhead...felt strong before that though. All done as jerks from behind the neck.

Michael said...

A. 14 sets
B. 20
C. 22

still a little tight from yesterday since i made up thursday's wod yesterday but still pleased with this performance. May be some extra energy b/c I got ENGAGED last night!

Anyways, shoulders were shot from OHS when I got to part C.

Total- 56

Sean LeFloch said...


Got a bunch of doubles in the OHS, but no sets of 5. The last set before time ran out, I dug deep and hit 4 reps before failing. Not too disappointed since my 1RM is 190.
Easy to become disheartened after a tester like this, but didn't see it entirely that way. All I could think about during rest periods was,"Why is OPT putting these exercises, reps, and time domains together like this, and I am I getting the desired effect?" Wish I knew the method to the madness!

Anonymous said...

Bodyweight 160#

A: 14
B: 11
C: 30

Total= 55

OHS- No failed sets

Alex Duncan said...

Wrist still injured.

Did yesterday's ES WOD using hill sprints and a 30lb backpack. Smoked the legs.

Arjuna @CFN said...

185 is my weight

*dropped the 5th rep on rnd 8 with 2 sec left*

B. 0 *got 25 with 35#s. This movement is real tough on shoulder. had to scale*

C. 24

Robin Lyons said...

Made up wods all week since coming back form usa/crossfit comp..

So tight/fatigued in the shoulders I struggled to brace 95# above my head for OHS...and a 95# OHS is usually a warm up for me!

Subbed Sq Cleans/OHS
Everything else Rx'd

BWT 160lbs


Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

bw = 155#

15 + 15 + 6 (ground to overhead, read it wrong!)

Chelsea said...

bw = 142 pounds

did not have enough time to rest as rx'd so i rested like 4 mins between exercises

A. 9 sets of 5 reps @ 105# (wrists were killing me!!)
B. ONE!!!!! at 45# probably a pr for a weighted-strict pullup :)
C. 24 reps @ 105#

Score: 34

joey warren said...

Unit: here was my warm-up today
100 butterfly pullups for time (every odd minute that passed 1,3,5...ect, run 300m)

A. 11 sets of 5 OHS @ 185lb
B. 9 reps w/ 90lb DB
C. 42 reps


Brandon said...

BW = 211


Really happy with first two. Thought I would get more on the last one.

Jay said...

BWT 175
Failed 3 attempts at OHS. Wrist and shoulder felt sore. Weighted pullups are a definate weakness of mine ever since i started kipping with crossfit, pullup strength quickly went downhill and it needs some work. Part C went ok...think i couldve pushed it more...overall felt tired today...been getting 9 or more hours of sleep.

Brian Maier said...

BWT - 195#

A: 0
B: 15 (95#)
C: 38

Total: 53

OHS a major weakness of mine. Hit 195# today for 1RM...previous PR was 165# a month ago so making some major progress.

Post WOD:

10 rounds on 90sec intervals:
10 k2e's
50 D/U's

Ali Loach said...

BWT = 150
A. 10 sets @ 115
B. 0 sets at 50# so did 7 sets at 30# which is what I thought my 1rm was. Guess I need to retest this.
C. big surprise here my pushing, on any plane, is pretty crappy.

W said...
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W said...


A: 0 sets

B: 1 set - 80# db

C: 11 reps - 155#

Brendan said...

Working days behind due to crazy midterm schedule but working on catching up..

1st part of Tuesday= one of the hardest workouts ive ever done. Low back couldnt handle going fast on GHD situps.

2nd part did today: around 145 ish pace... 64DU

Brian Gregory said...

Total = 50

A. 12 sets @ 170# BW

B. 10 reps @ 85#

C. 28 reps @ 155#

Notes: First time in past 4-5 wods I actually felt good. Shoulders went fast after OHS. Gauged OHS and pullups wrong and could have gotten more. Probably 5 more reps on pullups for sure. C was all push jerks, I had no shoulders left.

Adam Rogers said...

A- 2 sets of 5 @185lbs, missed on third
B - 21 reps @+90lbs
C - 24 reps

Total - 47

Notes - can't help but be excited with the OHS, previous 5RM was 155. Was expecting 0 there. Chin ups felt good, did with mixed grip, seems strongest for me. Part C was mostly PJ's, wanted 30 but am ok with the result.

Steve Howell said...

Body Weight = 84kg (185#)
A: 11
B: 10 @ 42kg
C: 32

* heavy high rep overhead stuff smokes my shoulders real quick.

Michael McCabe said...



Rudy Tapalla said...


A. 5 sets
B. 9
C. 21

Total: 35

Started off very hesitant to get back under the bar. Last two sets done in under 2:30 so good learning experience.

I need a lot of overhead work.

Siu said...

BW = 145lbs

10 sets (@109lbs) + 13 (@48lbs) + 17 = 40

Was pretty happy about today. Missed one set of OHS at around the 6 min mark when I pitched slightly forward on my 4th rep. The sets of 5 were interesting, as it’s such a mental test on whether or not your ready for the next set given that 4th and 5th rep tend to be a little shaky. Yet every time I went for a set, I was always ready. Need to find that balance.

Massage and yoga tomorrow, then likely the next cycle off to let the bod recover a bit.

BK said...

Steve Howell!
Glad ya got the gear mate, let me know your thoughts on the new longs.

A. 1@ 200#
B. 0
C. 30

score= 31.

session done on lunch break at CF Calgary.
3 x3 reps and 2x2 on A , real tough.
B nothing doing with 100. Hit 4 reps @60
C. Behind neck split jerks, solid.

Jennifer said...

Hi Everyone. It's my first time posting. I had to cut the rest time down because of my time constraints. Felt good overall.

BW 133

A. 100lbs. 15 sets
B. 45lbs. 15 reps
C. 105lbs. 30 reps


unit said...

Joey... awesome!...
didn't get a chance 2 do the wod 2day (moving)... but plan on it 2morrow, and now I know what warmup will b!... the challenge is on...

Stahl said...

No go today.

Got a wicked cold from my daughter, and felt terrible. Got through 5 sets of OHS in about 9 minutes but then just shut it down because every set made me feel worse. Lots of travel and stress has hammered my immune system.

Hoping I can recover and be back by Monday or Tuesday.

Brent Maier said...


A: 9 sets @ 200#
B: 20 @ 100#
C: 25 @ 155#

3 minute rest between exercises. That is the most BW OHS I've ever done in one session. For A I had to clean the weight up from the floor for each set. For B, had to go from front, can't lower weight to back. Tried once and it almost ended in disaster.

Eric Montgomery said...

Didn't see much use in posting a 0 for A and B so scaled it to 3/4 BW on the OHS and 1/3 BW on the pullups.


Notes: BW is 205 so used 155 for the OHS (1RM is only 220) and 70 for the pullups. Tried a few pullups at 1/2 bodyweight but wasn't happening today even though I've gotten BW+10 before. Tweaked left shoulder started acting up again so had to slow down on OHS after getting 5 sets in the first 6 minutes.

155 for the shoulder to overhead. Push press for first 6 reps then push jerk after that.

matt said...

A.2 @ 200 failed on 3 twice
B.22 @ 100lbs
C. 40

Former max ( prior to OPT 2 months ago) was 185 OHS, so I was happy with improvement. Still need to get better at OHS. Overhead felt great, mostly push press.

Anonymous said...

BWT 155#
Done at CFC on lunch break so had to shorten rests up.

Jon Sinclair said...

A. 6
B. 5
C. 12

Total = 23

Definately feel like one of my ribs may be bruised. Feeling brutal pain during pullups.

Jesse J WellRock said...

BW= 175

C)26 from the rack

Total = 35

If i would taken less rest between my 1st three sets on the OHS I may have been able to get another round or two. The weighted chin up looks like something I need to work on .

Have a great weekend everyone

Curt M said...

B)6 w/2x45plates


Really happy with a+c. Most bw squats iv ever done. Pullups especially weighted are definetly a weakness.

Marcus Filly said...

Life told me to take yesterday off. Did this here in CA at 6:30am Sunday.
A: 16 sets @ 185bw
B: 19 reps @ 92.5#
C: 37 reps
Total: 72

*Fucking pounding headache right in the middle of OHS sets. Still not gone. Ouch!!!! More water perhaps.

Gord said...

A. 0 (hip issue-No OHS until Jan.)
B. 7
C. 19
Score- 26

Heavy Evy said...

BWT= 85kgs


A. 3 failed sets @ 3,2,3 but still happy as that established a 3rm, and a 5rm.

B. Had 4 no reps due to chin height.

C. From front rack, pj after 6pp.

Was good to have "Barbell" Luber there to keep me honest on those chins!.....I think it makes his day to no rep me.

Joel B. said...

Done on 10.10

failed 3rd rep of 5th set on A or might have gotten 7 sets but had to start over. 165 on OHS, 82.5 on cu, 155 overheads.

├╝ber Bania said...

bodyweight = 175lbs
OHS @ 175: 7 sets of 5 in 12min
Rest 5min
Pullups @ 90lbs: 19 sets of 1 in 6min
Rest 5min
Push Press @155: 33 reps in 3min

8 sets of 50 double unders, and 1 set of 100 double unders in 10:07 afterwards

Anthony Skvarka said...

body weight 180lbs
A. 5 sets Under estimated my capacity and timing could have hit more sets. not a good measurment of my output

B. 14 reps at 90 lbs

C. 36 reps
Total = 55