sun, oct 17, 2010

A1. Ring Dips weighted @ 20X0; 2-3 x 3; rest 1 min
A2. Single leg DB Dead Lift @ 2020; 8-12/leg x 3; rest 1 min
B. 100 TGU - slow and steady for tech, not time - 16kg/12kg
C. Row 20 min @ Z1

post loads and notes to comments


Arjuna @CFN said...

Fellow Big Dawgs, What's a TGU? Can't remember

Brandon said...

Arjuna -
Turkish Get Up

Arjuna @CFN said...

Oh yeah. Nice! Thanks brother

Joel Krigström said...

A1. 3x10 - 3x12,5 - 3x15(kg)
A2. 12x24 - 12x26 - 12x28(kg)
B. 50 reps with 12kg DB
C. Changing to winter tires on the car.

Took it easy (still tough) with the TGU. Problems with my neck and shoulders..

Martin Altemark said...

A1. 3x24kg, 3x32kg, 2x40kg
A2. 3x8/8xw 2x10kg DBs
B. 100 reps done

AMRAP with my wife (famrap?) as per my ambition to do one outside metcon together every weekend. Today was done over stairs at the Uppsala castle.

20 min AMRAP of 30 double unders, down 1 stair and back with 40kg sandbag (2nd round 2 stairs before turning, until 4th round 4 stairs then it started over at 1 stair) for total double unders: 300

broke my buddy lee after fifth round and had to use cheap crappy one. Awesome workout in cold but amazing and sunny autumn weather.

bso said...

A1. 45 - 55 - 70
A2. 45/h - 55/h - 55/h(8)
* really wanted to work on balance; barefoot; when balance got wonky on 3rd round I called it a set.
B. Substituted work on KB OHS.

David said...

A1. 3 x 3 with 20 lb vest
A2. 12 reps with 50 lb db each hand
B. 100
C. Done

Really dragging going into Friday night's workout. Woke up Sat morning feeling completely wrung out so rested instead of testing. Today's recovery workout was on the mark.

Jon Sinclair said...

A1. 40, 40, 45# (all x3)
A2. 20, 25, 25# db's (all 12/leg)
B. 50 TGU with 16kg kb

Ran out of time, had to go to work

Andy said...

Under the weather for a few days playing catch up

WOD 12 Oct
Rows for ave watts

rest about 8 hours

20k chin 5 reps, 60k OHS 7 reps
amrap 15
8 rounds plus chin ups

all in all a good day

Fraser O said...

A1. 45(3), 70(3), 90(2)
A2. 35(12), 50(12), 65(12)
B. Completed 100 straight alt. each rep
C. Completed, no idea what Z1 means. I was doing a laid back pace

Arjuna @CFN said...

@ Frazier O

My understanding was always that Zone1 was a conversational pace, Zone3 was an all out sprint, and Zone2 was somewher in between.

So Z1 wld be a nice relaxing/recovery type pace

Bear said...

Totally destroyed today, but at least I ran to the evening class I was teaching at our box:

16-17 min @ Z1-pace

Had in mind to run home also, but my calves started to ache really bad so I begged one of our members for a ride home. Thanks Jonty!

Anonymous said...

A1: 70,80,90#
A2: 40(12)*3
really focused on balance, right side of body not nearly as activated as left.

B: completed

C: completed 4768meters
(Felt good but my glutes and legs started to go numb/ fall asleep.)

joey warren said...
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joey warren said...

A. 65x3/85x2/85x3
A2.45/hand, 55/hand, 70/hand x 9/leg
B. 100 TGU in 25:23 - monotonous but good work
C. 5054m in 20min

Drew said...

A2. 35/hand x12, 53/hand x8/ 53/hand x8 balance more of an issue on right side than left
B. 50 TGU @ 16kg. only did half because knees started to bother me. doing TGU on concrete garage floor is not to fun.

Heavy Evy said...

Lugged my rings, 50# powerblocks, backpack, and 4 yr old to the playground for this one.

A1. 40#,50#,50#(couldn't stuff any more weight in backpack)
A2. 30#,40#,40#/hand all 12/leg
B. 100 reps +or- 10 reps may have lost track.
C. Subbed Farmers walk/DBs in Front rack carry.

Steve Howell said...

A1: 32kg x3 for 3 stes
A2: 16kg/hand, 24kg/hand x 2 sets all 12 reps
B: Did sets of 10/side
C: 4700m in 20 mim

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

A1: 28kg x 3 for 3
A2: 30lb DB/hand/side
B: 30lb x 30, 20lb x 20, 8kg x 40, 30lb x10 (took over 30mins to complete)
C: 4300m in 20 mins

Brian Gregory said...

Day behind due to deer hunting.

10-16 tester results:

Total time: 24:47

Pt. 1 - 15:21

2.5 hrs rest

Pt. 2 - 9:26 (all UB)

Notes: Did not properly warm up due to time constraints. Part 1 could have been a lot faster, K2E tough and down to singles pretty early, was not able to keep kip for long. Part 2 surprised myself with no misses! Could have took a few less breaths btwn sets. I believe these results would have been better without the day of sitting in the deer stand.

Chris S (NZ) said...

What is Z1? Are there any other acronyms I need for intensity?

PTS said...

A1. 60,70,70
A2. 25,35,35

B and C complete

Jay said...

A2.35#/hand, 12 reps all sets
B.Done over about 20 minutes...5 at a time.
C.No rower today, took a 30 minute trail walk with a vest.

Finally got my airdyne today. 200$, more than i hoped to spend but worth it. Shes old, but shes a beauty.

matt shannon said...

Today's work:

A1. 3x65, 3x75 and 3x85
A2. 40#ers per hand x 12

I did some weighted muscleups and supinated chin ups too.

Also did 10 minutes of jump rope singles, unbroken.

Will do getups and row tomorrow.

10-16 tester:

Time: 18:43

Pt. 1 - 13:09

3 hr rest

Pt. 2 - 5:34 (all UB)

I only did 50, 30 and 20 reps.

I made a huge mistake and had some milk Friday night -- wasnt even thinking about it -- and it made my chest super congested and very phlegmy. Woke Saturday morning and it was still the same.

So instead of driving my system into the ground I did a lower volume wod and only went at about 85%.

Quads were pretty sore today and those DB deads and jumping rope worked it out.

matt shannon said...

@Chris S

via Arjuna @CFN said...

"My understanding was always that Zone1 was a conversational pace, Zone3 was an all out sprint, and Zone2 was somewher in between.

So Z1 wld be a nice relaxing/recovery type pace"

There ya go!

Lars said...

Just got back (7pm), from being away this weekend and had to do something.

Part 1 from yesterday

21:33 with row

Felt pretty gased and needed to break up the k2e way too much. I was hoping the moose, and hungarian partridge that I ate this weekend were going to give me super human abilities, but they didn't.

May hit up part 2 tomorrow, IF the gym gets it's wall balls back - they were lent out.

Chris Castillo said...
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Stephen B. said...

last tuesday's WOD:
A1.Clean-grip deadlift:275/325/345/365(2)/365

A2.Ring dips (w/50# vest):11/11/10/8/7

B1.KB pistols:25#x3/35#x1...last set felt best

B2.3/3/3/3...subbed hspu off of 24" box...never done these before in a wod and realized quickly it's a skill i'm gonna have to practice

C.?/18/13/12/12...messed up timer on first set

Brent Maier said...

45 pre-workout with heavy weight

A: 25/35/40kg
A2: 55# db's - x12 per leg all rounds
B. 100 reps

Chris Castillo said...

A1. 70x3-85x3-85x3
A2. 60#each hand 3x12
B. 22:35 alt hands
1 min rest
C. 2k total
start HR 138
5 min-144
10- 138
15- 134
20- 134

no rower subbed 10 min forward/ 10 backward run

Jordan said...

A1: 24kg x 3
A2:16kg/hand x12 x 3
B:100 reps done

Angelo Fosco said...

A1. 90x3, 115x2, 115x2
A2. 30x8, 30x10, 35x10 (Legs toast)
B. Done, slow. (35ish minutes)
C. 4500m

Never done a TGU before today, so was ok with the super slow time. Legs were demolished from yesterday, the tempo on the deadlifts was terrible.

Stahl said...

A1. 30# (no rings)
A2. 15# (wasn't sure so did straight legged DL on one leg)

B. Done - 35# DB. Alternating sets of 5 with each arm.

C. ~ 4500 m.

TGU - for some reason that sucked mentally for me. Really long, monotonous and my knees and elbows were getting raw.

Row - my ass and hammies started to fall asleep and my upper back tighten up. Long time to be on the rower.

Michael said...

Subbed 500, 400, 300, 200, 100m run for bike
17:42- Knees to elbow killer

Part 2 after 1 hour rest

A1. 70, 70, 100lbs
A2. 53lbs/hand all 3 sets
B. Turkish get up practice, GHD sit up practice, slow toes to bar practice
will Row tomorrow due to time constraints

Jonathan Thom said...

A1. 35/40/50x2
A2. 35/40/45x10 ea leg

Rushed for time a bit so probably wasn't totally warmed up during part time for rowing either. Got those tgu's done more efficient as I went along.

Tomorrow will be a day for some serious mobility work.

Kyle F said...

A1: 50/50/50
A2: 95/95/95*
B: As required

* Subbed 95 lb barbell single leg DL

Anonymous said...

A1. 3 x 3/32kg
A2. 35#DB/hand x 12 x 3
B. 35#DB alt mostly sets of 5 with each arm

No time for row today

Jesse J WellRock said...

A1) all 3 sets at 24kg
A2) all 3 sets w/45lb DB's
B) 100 reps alt. every 5 reps
C) Complete

Jakob said...

those TGUs killed me :/....
do you guys recommend some starchy carbs (sweet potatoes etc) or something faster like chocolate milk after a work out like this?

Gord said...

A1. 30/35/40
A2. 25/30/35

Brandon said...

Posting Late
A. 45/70/90
B. 45#/hand x 10x3
C. Cut to 50
D. done ~ 4650m

DB Deads were suprisingly difficult today. TGU are brutal on my abs, cut down to make sure I recover well for next week. Row felt really good. I'm digging the 20-30 Z1 stuff for recovery...helping a ton.

Brian Gregory said...

Day behind, results on 10-18 post.

Anthony Skvarka said...

A1. 65lb, 70lb, 70lb

A2. 2 65lb DB 8 reps each leg

B. broke up into sets of 10 per arm, approx 30 min.

C. Light 4500 meters

Chris S (NZ) said...

@matt shannon, thanks man, and thanks for today's post James, great stuff as always.

Pfeifdog said...

A1: @45lbs 3,3,3,
A2: @45lbs dbs 12,10,8

B 100 reps done

C: will do tomorrow morning

I could feel my hamstring knot-up by the end of A2

Stephen B. said...
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Stephen B. said...
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