wed, oct 20, 2010

BD Rory Hanlin - 340 overhead; back in the pack for a bit
Anaerobic Alactic Endurance
8 reps - hang power clean high speed high load - you choose
15 unbroken box jumps - 24/20"
rest 2 min x 5
Active rest 5 min
8 reps - hang power snatch high speed high load - you choose
Row Sprint 15 sec @ maximal effort
rest 2 min x 5
(goal is high speed and efficiency - think speed, not strength)

rest 8+ hours

CP-Strength Endurance
alternating on the minute for 20 mins:
10 unbroken CTB chin ups
8 unbroken OHS - you choose
(choose OHS squat load such that 8 per set for 10 sets will be significantly tougher on last 5 sets - challenge the brain)

post loads and notes to comments
double tomorrow
shout out to my wife - we met 10 years ago today - life has never been better; well except for her today pulling 280# on a single for her DL


Heavy Evy said...

I took my wife to "The A Team" movie for our 10 year anniversery this summer........I'm still in the dog house for it, but I still think it was a well done remaking of a classic 80's T.V show!

Congrats for the 10 years, and the 280# deadlift.

kat. said...

Congratulations! :)

Soren said...

Good on you for remembering James, I think my wife and I are up to 11years! Dammed, I should know, you have put me under pressure now!

Pissed of knee today from pistols, so did KB swings instead of BJ

A: 60kg Power clean and 1½ pood KB.
Working on speed

B: 40 kg Power snatch, 15 sec row; 90,91,92,90,95 meters

Stiff upper body today!


Martin Altemark said...

part 1

A. 60kg HPC and unbroken boxjumps: fastest round 36s, slowest 39s.

B. 40kg HPS, 14-16s for snatches and row was avg ~1:25-ish tempo.

Felt really good today. Barbell movements felt efficient and faster than they used to and I recovered well.

David said...

A. 60kg and steady jumps
B. 40kg and 511m total elapsed.

ryandrew11 said...

A1. 95#, 105#, 105#, 115#, 115#
A2. unbroken

B1. 75#, 75#, 80#, 80#, 85#
B2. 93m, 92m, 87m, 85m, 87m

Drew said...

Congratulations James on the 10 years

A: 125# HPC/24" BJ

Everything unbroken, should have gone heavier on HPC

B: 105# HPS/subbed DU
23DU,:30/ 26DU,:32/ 33DU,:32/ 33DU,:32/ 32DU,:31

The rower is upstairs in the gym and running was out since it was like 30 degrees outside this morning so double unders seemed like a good idea

Joel Krigström said...

Part 1
HPC 50-50-50-52,5-55 kg
BoxJumps - check, AFAP
HPS 32,5kg
Rowing - Average only 1:37/500m but had the damper on only 5 to get the speed.

Bumped my forehead to the bar one time on the HPS, on the way up. To close to the body? No i thing i leand forward:)

Angelo Fosco said...

HPC – 145, 165, 185x3 all in #’s
BJ – All unbroken and fast 25-30 seconds
Row 5 minutes lightly
HPS – 115#’s all sets
Row – 84-90m each set

For the CTB chin ups in part 2 is kipping allowed or strict? Big congrats to you and your wife coach!

Chris Dunkin said...

Part 1:
135lbs. for hpc's, and hps's. could not hold highest speed with form on rows.

OPT said...

angelo, kipping is always the method UNLESS otherwise posted as strict, cool?

OPT said...

michael, we'll be rolling out the business systems course schedule as well as all other level 1 and level 2 courses in the coming weeks...look for it on the site

Trevor Salmon said...

Michael, email me and I'll get you on the email list for CCP news etc.

calebg said...

A. 135/135/155/185/205 & 24"

B. 95 for all sets of HPS

Hang power clean has never felt this good. It continued to stay light and fast as I climbed. But because of the heavy jumps, I decided to level out on the HPS. Good morning. Thanks for the great programming OPT.

Curt M said...


DU sub range from 24-40

Evy your a beauty.
Ours is comin up soon... now I'm thinkin jackass 3d.

Cngrats coach.

Derek said...

Hang power clean @ 115#
BJ all unbroken at 24"

Hang power snatch @ 65#
Row was ~1:30 tempo

Did this early this am and was not feeling strong at all, hence the lighter weights.

Stahl said...

No time for double, so tried to combine per Coach's instructions from a few weeks ago. Took a little over half of each part and put it into one WOD. Hope that was right.

Part I. - all weight in kilos
A1. 70,70,70
A2. UB x 3

Rest 3 minutes

B1. 50,45,45
B2. Done (Avg. 1:27 w/ damper on 5)

Rest 8 minutes

Part II. Same WOD, but cut down time from 20 to 12 minutes.

OHS - 70 kilos, all UB

Part I
Tried to go heavy but keep smooth, so had to drop to 45 kilos on snatch. BJ didn't feel good. Back tight from DL and pistols.

Part II
Very tough. 70 was a good weight for me - very tough on the last 3 sets and got that OHS wobble. Really had to stay focused mentally.

CTB - UB but missed a couple times on the last 2 sets and had to do extra reps -- brutal. Also got two big tears in my right hand.

Brian Maier said...

155# HPC
30" BJ's
all rounds 39-42s

115# HPS
all rounds 44-46s

Bear said...

Should´ve rested this weekend, didn´t listen to my body, and I´ve fekt like crap since. A lot of this and that and too much work will keep me from the program this week. Will try to do "something", lick my wounds and come back next week.

Michael said...

Part 1
HP Cleans @ 135, 155, 155, 165, 175
Box Jumps @ 24" all unbroken fast

HP Snatch @ 115 all sets
Row- meters- 80, 75, 75, 73, 73

Martin Altemark said...

part 2 with 50kg OHSQ.

Missed unbroken CTBs 6th round, and broke them up there. Last 3 rounds was unbroken regular pullups.

no rack for OHSQ, and struggled last couple of rounds. Missed it 6th round dropping the weight after 0, 2 and 4 reps... Thought I was done there, but came back and made it the rest of the rounds.

It was only 1 degree celsius (33f?), and the bars was awfully cold... Why do I wanna live in Sweden, now again?

bso said...

to go easy on SI joint I went with:
AirDyne Sprints:
20 sec @ maximal effort
2:40 rest spin lightly x 6

was planning on doing the 6 minute rest and another round, but I was too nauseous after I got off the bike.

last meal was 2 poliquin primal bars 3 hours before the workout... didn't work for me.

bso said...

oh yeah, I won't be doing part 2 today... mostly because I can't rx the rest period, but also I'm still trying to ease my way back into this.

Chad Walding said...

I'm back...after a month off to heal injuries to knee and wrist. I've done absolutely nothing in the physical sense outside of walking. Still have some moderate to severe pain in the wrist so it will be a while until I can put any type of load over head or press. I'm pretty sure I suffered a partial tear to a ligament on the last day of the last cycle. Knee feels great though!

Having said's good to be back moving with you guys again.

Part 1
-rest 5
PVCx5 with strong 15 sec row

Notes: Unable to load overhead for now

Christa said...

Part 1
Kept it light today, only time for 1st part, will make up 2nd part this week.

cleans - 95lb
snatch - 75lb

Joel Krigström said...

Part 2
50kg OHS
Did "really high" PU. Nothing on the bar to touch. Most of the reps like C2B but maybe 7-10 was regular PU.
All unbroken.

dontpanic356 said...

HPC: 175
BJ: Unbroken

HPS: 135
Row: each over 100m in 15 sec. high of 117 m, low of 101 m

Wont be able to get to part 2 later so I did 10 sets of 10 strict pull ups and 5 front squats at 185 on the min

Lisa M said...

Congratulations to you both on 10 wonderful years, and amazing job Leighanne on the DL - ooooouuuuuuu!!

Running a day behind, yesterdays WOD:
A1. 185/205/215/220/225 grip issue
A2. 9/3/3/3/3 last 4 with 10lbs
B1. yup
B2. 3/4/3/2 just regular as i haven't done these in a very long time
C. 110/7/9/9/10
OUCH these were way harder than i thought they would be and extremely pathetic!

matt shannon said...

Part 1:

HPC – 155# all sets - did all UB
BJ – All unbroken

Row 5 minutes @ about 20 pulls per min

HPS – 115# 1-3 and 125’s 4&5
all sets UB

Rowing 76-89 meters

Congrats Mr and Mrs OPT!

Brandon said...

Part 1
A. 155/165/175/185/195; UB BJ
B. 115/125/135/135/135; row done

Everything felt fast until the last set of each. Ripped my pinky finger good on the HPS. I'll have to see about CTB later, plus two sick kids....who knows whether or not I'll get to part 2.


Lars said...

Need a rest day today, did 3 days in a row trying to catch up. I played soccer this morning too, and I'm feeling very 'Broken'

Plus I have 3 toonie sized blisters from soccer today and can't walk...hope I can hit this one up tomorrow.

Adam Rogers said...

Part 1 -

135 for HPC, felt fast and solid
Box jumps unbroken and quick

75x2, 85x2, 95 for HPS, started light to make sure things stayed quick
Rows all between 90 and 100m

Martin Altemark said...

To illustrate my question of "why Sweden?" - my gym, and my wife from todays part 2:

Darkness. Cold. In this is just the beginning. God damned.

Ali Loach said...

No WOD for me - saw my chiro and then tried to do something.....anything but just wasn't feelin' it. Felt like if I did anything I was going to undo everything he just did.
Will do something tomorrow - hopefully this if my back cooperates.

PS. Congrats James and NICE WORK Leighanne!

Alex Duncan said...

Part 1:

HPC: 135/145/155/165/165 All at max speed, touch and go off thighs
BJs: all UB

HPS: All @ 95# to keep proper speed/effort
Rows (Damper 10): 89m/89m/87/87/87

Angelo Fosco said...

Part 2:

Pull ups all unbroken
OHS: 155x3, 135x7

On the 3rd set I failed at the 5th rep with 155# so went down to 135#. Sad to say I failed the very last rep of the last set at 135# (rep 8 on set 10). Harder wod then expected!

David said...

PM, Part 2:

All chest to bar, rounds 1-5 unbroken, rounds 6-10 broken. OHS done with 60kg and all rounds unbroken.

Perfect Trifecta activity day: AM workout, soccer at lunch and PM workout. Work in between and now the rest of the evening with the family.

joey warren said...

Part 1: 930AM
A. 155lb for all sets- fast touch n go off thighs
A2. BJs all UB and fast
rest 5 min
B1. 115/115/125/125/125-UB
B2. rows got down to approx 1:20/500m pace

Pete @ CFN said...

Only time for modified part 2 today:
10 unbroken CTB chin ups
8 unbroken BS @ 200

BS rather than OHS to rest tweaked hand a bit.

Rory Hanlin said...

Snatch technique work for 10 min prior

Part 1:
HPC: 155, 175, 185, 205, 205
HPS: 135, 155 for rest

didn't do part two. still ramping up after the comp. good to be back

Steve Howell said...

part 1;
HPS @ 70kg
Buprees: All unbroken and fast ( 36-38 sec sets)
5 minutes of skipping
HPS @ 60kg
Rows: 86-91m damper @ 8
30 minutes rest
part 2;
OHS @ 60kg all unbroken
CTB Chins all unbroken

Steve Howell said...

Congrats Coach and Leighanne!

Jon Sinclair said...

Combined part 1 and 2

A. 115# and 15 UB box jumps (3 rounds)
rest 5 min
B. 95# HPS and 15 seconds of DU's (3 rounds)
rest 5 min
C. 10 minutes instead of 20 (used 135#, 135, 115, 115, 115)

Thad said...

Part1. HPC 145# all UB felt good and fast
HPS 105# felt good and fast

Part 2. OHS 120# all UB should've been 5 maybe 10# heavier
CTB all UB

Part 3. Playing hockey later tonight

Joel B. said...

Part 1
HPC: 115
BJ: ub
hpc were fast

hps: 89
fast too felt good although started to fatigue in later sets

1.5 hrs rest
screwed up and overslept this morning and messed up my schedule

Part 2

ctb all unbroken
ohs used 105...dropped on rep 4 on last set so started that set over to finish 8 ub.

ub on all sets on the ctb feels great. I wasn't sure I could do it. Last 2-3 reps on most sets slowed down, but didn't come off bar.

Jonathan Thom said...

135# hpc
95# hpsn

All c2b unbroken
Ohs @ 135# except for first set at 155#

Fraser O said...

Part 1:

A1. 5 sets of 90 kgs
A2. UB 24"

B1. 50kgs, 55kgs, 3 sets of 57kgs
B2. Sub 130 pace

Part 2:

UB Chin-ups x 10
UB OHS @ 50kgs

Note: Should've gone a lil heavier on the OHS. The gym I go to doesn't have a good pull-up bar so its hard to judge CTB, tried my best to explode up.

Jay said...

HPC 145# all sets
HPS 100# all sets

OHS 120#
ripped my hand bad on the last set of CTB. All weights today felt good...all went fast...probably shouldve went another 10lbs on all lifts today.

Derek said...

Part 2:

Weight @ 115#

Did not have much time so only did 10 mins worth, but that ended up being enough. Pull ups were difficult for me and took most of the min which made OHS harder.

Michael McCabe said...

part 1
hpc 65kg then 70kgx4
hps 40kg then 45kgx4
felt good.

7hrs rest

part 2
bit off more than i could chew... tried 150# for ohs, ended up dropping the weight on my hand a couple rounds in... i'm kicking myself as i type this with one hand, knowing that i could miss some training due to my own stupidity. the iron never lies, eh?

PTS said...

part 1:
155lbs and subbed walking lunges or squats for box jumps


part 2:
went to low to start and kept adding weight. 95x3, 105x3, 115x1, 125x3.

Pfeifdog said...

A: 155 x2, 175 x3

B: 135 x5
distance rowed 90,89,91,92,95

I didn't get to part 1 until tonight and my body feels beat up. Will hit up the double tomorrow.

Brian Gregory said...

4th day in a row, will be resting tomorrow

A. HPC @ 155,165,175,185,175
BJ @ 24 and fast/UB
B. HPS @ 115,120,120,115,115
Row as Rx'd no monitor

Rest 5-5.5hrs

C2B as Rx'd / UB
OHS @ 155# / all UB

Notes: HPC all fast until 185. HPS got hard quicker than expected. OHS still had more, possibly 165.

Sean LeFloch said...

Part 1: 9:00am
A. 155lb for all sets
All box jumps fast and unbroken
rest 5 min
B1. 115-UB
B2. rows- 1:28 avg.

Rested 5 hours

Part 2:
OHS: 135(sets 1-8)115(set 9 and 10)
Pullups: All unbroken and chest to bar

Someone pointed out to me today that my knees collapse in when I change direction going up. I guess I am quad dominant and I am falling back on my strengths, and using less of my glute/posterior chain. This proposes the question, "How do I balance getting stronger, with perfecting technique?" In a workout like today, where we are going on the minute, should we slow it down and go lighter to perfect technique, or should I complete the work as best as I can and do supplemental tempo work to perfect the movement(ie when I am really proficient in something programmed, replace it with something like tempo OHS/front squat?)

Thanks, and as always your help is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...


A1: 145#,155,165,175,175
A2: unbroken and fast, good rhythm

Active rest-row z1

B1: 95#,105,105,105,105
B2: 85-95m on 8 damper

Cleans and snatches were strong with good extension in pull.

P.M. 4hrs rest

A1:CTB-unbroken within 9-12secs
A2:OHS @ 170# (10#+of bwt)

Perfect weight for OHS. One of the funnest days of training I have had in awhile.

Arjuna @CFN said...

Part 1:
135# all sets HPC
BJ's felt gd but not as fast as usual

95# all sets HPS
Back and forth with 89-90m for rows

Part 2: underestimated the awfulness

All CTB chinups unbroken but difficult after 6rnds
175#'s on first 5 sets (8,8,8,8,7)
165#'s on last 5 sets (6,8,8,8,5)
*last 5 sets were extremely horrible*
Great workout!

Alex Duncan said...

Part 2: Rested 4 hours


CTB CUs: All Unbroken

Missed one set while changing weights/dying

mhamilton said...

Part 1

A1: 115#
A2: all broken

Averagr 50secs per set

B1: 85#
B2: no measure recorded


Part 2

A1: unbroken until set 9-10
A2: 95# (too light)

ryandrew11 said...

Part 2:

scaled CTBs so that I could do all unbroken

A1. 5x3,6x7
A2. 65x5, 70x3, 75x2

joey warren said...

part 2: 5PM

CTB all UB
OHS @ 165lb all UB

pretty good weight got challenging maybe had 175 in me

Chris Dunkin said...

Part2: 155lb

failed on ohs's on minute 12, and minute 20. all c2b's unbroken.

Stephen B. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stephen B. said...

Last Friday, oct. 15 wod

PC/sprints: 210x5/all sprints complete***

Complex: 200/200/200/210/215

Burpees AFAP complete,
Ring holds :55/:46/:34

**Notes: cleans felt sloppy...missed second rep on second set as I wasn't nearly aggressive enough on third pull. Adjusted this accordingly and the rest were fine. Also, been slackin on mobility work lately and it's affecting my starting positions. Gonna clean this up.

Congrats coach and leighanne, and nice work on the DL.

Chris Castillo said...

A. 185#HPC

B. 135#HPC
-:49 119m -:52 124m

Feeling good didn't want to light my back up too much. Got a 6 hour plane ride tomorrow then compete Friday-Sunday.

Michael said...

Part 2
All Pull Ups unbroken and relatively easy
OHS @ 170 (bodyweight) felt better than I thought it would.. didn't get difficult until last 2 sets but still all sets under 20 seconds

Brent Maier said...


Pre Workout: Flipped a 7' tire twice! Talk about a beast!

Part I:
A: 70/75/80/85/91kg (200#) - HPC & BJ unbroken... Little blood under the fingernails but they are still attached!

B: 61/61/61/61/66kg (145#) - All Unb... Wow, last round about killed me.

Didn't have time for Part II today.

Brent Maier said...

Specs on the tire today is 788#. Now thats a tire!

Dustin said...

Part 1

HPC - 155, 155, 165, 165, 165.
Box Jumps - Unbroken

HPSnatch - 135x5.
Row Meters-109,109,103,103,108

Part 2

CTB Pullups - Unbroken.

**The last 3 sets definitely tested me mentally - felt good, that was fun**

Kyle F said...

Yesterday Tues, Oct 19
A2:10/10/9/8/8 (30 lb)
B1:20 lb as Rx'd
B2:11/10/10/8 (Standard HSPU)
C:15 sec X5

Today Wed Oct, 20
Part 1:
BJ's as Rx'd

PS: 95/105/115/115/115
Subbed SDLHP

No time for Part 2

Should have started heavier on PC but happy with today.

Heavy Evy said...

Part 1.
All UB and fast
HPC 155#
HPS 110#

Missed part 2, had to spend some time with my 10yr lady......she still hasn't forgot about the A-Team though.

Brandon said...

Part 2 - Not as Rx'd
OHS 155 UB all rounds
CTB: 1.5 rounds, regular chins 8.5

Notes: ripped hand even worse from the morning, but didn't want to quit. Couldn't hold the bar well enough to pull CTB. Gotta get it feeling better by Saturday.

Jesse J WellRock said...



Geoff Long said...

hpc: 125# - went better than expected
bj: for me relatively unbroken

hs: started with 105, but did not go well, so dropped to 95 - extension through back and not glutes
row sprint: did 15 seconds of sdlhp - 9, 9, 10, 10, 10 reps

CP-strength endurance not done yet

Jordan said...

A:50, 55. 50. 55, 55, 60kg
box jumps all unbroken
B:40, 40, 40, 42.5, 42.5kg
76, 78, 84, 78, 81 meters, damp 7

C: Bit off more that I can chew at the start. CTB a little too much for me today.
started at 60kg, did only 2 rounds unbroken before I was on a scaled program
7 rounds
8 CTB unbroken. Pullups were sloppy and uninspired, even hitting less numbers
8 OHS @ 50kg

Robin Lyons said...

95lb clean --fast off thighs
*read it wrong and did clean and box jumps both times...

10 CTB Chin ups unbroken
8 Hang Snatch #65 unbroken
*subbed the snatch for OHS

Danny Davis said...

A.1. HPC 135,140,145,150,155
A.2. ALL UNB with only one or two misses per set.

Brisk walk during 5 minute break.

B.1. HPS 95,100,105,110,110
B.2. Row Approx 85m for all sets. Damper 8

Bar speed began to fall off on 4th set of HPS. Stayed at 110 to maintain speed and technique.

All rounds unbroken. Close to 60 sec of work each round.

Anthony Skvarka said...

hang power = 135, 140, 150, 160, 165

subbed 15 reps kb swings due to minor hamstring issue all work completed in .45 sec. to 1m

hang power snatch = 95, 100,110,115, 120
Row Sprint = aprox 80 meters per round

work completed .40 to .50 sec.

Danny Davis said...

Part 2
Sets 1-5 115, Set6 120 Set7&8 125

All CTB Unbroken.

All sets on the minute.

Gord said...

A. 120/125/130/132/135
B. 88 for all sets

Anthony Skvarka said...

Part 2

As RX'd

Still nursing a minor hamstring issue. Went light on the overheads

95, 95, 95, 115, 115, 115, 135, 135, 135

Spider said...

Part 1:
145 for all sets (broken only on 5th set of cleans)

95# snatch (wasn't happy with the landing on the cleans, so I backed it off on the snatch)

Row sprints: 80-76-75-76-74m

Rested 20 minutes (couldn't come in twice)
OHS was 95# also. Could have gone heavier...

Gord said...

A. 120/125/130/132/135
Box jumps were awful
B. 88 x 5 set